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April 6 – Motorola starts 2800 job cuts – Korean Ssangyong Motor to cut up to 2900 – Navistar’s last 345 laid off in Chatham – Ecco gives 1150 workers the boot – Mopani copper mine Zambia to lay off 1,500 – US job market weakens further in March – Sallie Mae to add 2,000 jobs to US

Mike: I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Sorry about the crunching style of the post, but Google Chrome keeps working poorly of late and Firefox seems to eliminate line spacing. One of these days a browser will work as expected.
As it turns out the day was relatively light for layoff announcements. It seems as if Mondays are about the quietest day for layoff announcements.  I keep hearing some pundits talk of the bottom being near for job losses, but the proof will be in the numbers.  My take is that the numbers will continue to deteriorate throughout the year with a leveling off when stimulus jobs get included. The fact remains that the country needs to create around 120,000 jobs a month just to break even, so a loss of 669,000 jobs last month means that nearly 790,000 were not available to fill or were lost. It will take more than road work and tax breaks to fill that void, but every job helps at this juncture. My view may be a little jaded after writing this blog for the past few months and seeing the facts twisted by government and the media.  Till Tuesday………….

Mike: I mentioned in Friday’s post that the continuing jobless claims number, which is now at a record, will start to shrink once people exhaust their extended benefits. The media will announce that the continuing claims number is declining, so the economy must be improving. Sadly, the media will miss the point that the continuing claims number is declining due to more people losing benefits, not because people are getting new jobs.

– Congress extended unemployment aid twice last year, allowing people to draw a total of up to 59 weeks of benefits. Now, as the recession drags on, a rolling wave of people who were laid off early last year will lose them.

Precise figures are hard to determine, but Wayne Vroman, an economist at the Urban Institute, estimates that up to 700,000 people could exhaust their extended benefits by the second half of this year.

via Extended Jobless Benefits No Match for Recession – Presidential Politics | Political News – .

Dwane Powell - Apr 6

Dwane Powell - Apr 6

* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:


Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News

ibm3– IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. were going over final details of a deal that would have seen IBM pay about $7 billion to acquire Sun. But IBM pulled the offer this weekend and Sun terminated IBM’s status as its exclusive negotiating partner. That has thrown the acquisition talks into doubt.

General Economic News

– “While we see a continued sharp fall in the ETI, the decline was not as strong as in the previous four months, suggesting that the most intense stage of job losses may be behind us,” said Gad Levanon, senior economist at the Conference Board.

“However, the drops in each of the eight components of the ETI in March signal that many more jobs will disappear over the next several months.”

via REFILE-US job market weakens further in March -Conf Board | Reuters .

– Mike: The below story is good news in the jobs front, but you would think that a company that receives billions in goodies from the taxpayer and has received preferential treatment for collections and interest rate regulations from Congress, would have had its jobs in its home country all along.  A few things to consider about Sallie Mae practices: once you consolidate your loans through them, you are NOT allowed to ever get a better interest rate or even choose another lender. If you consolidate at 10%, you CANNOT refinance if interest rates fall to 1%. If you are late with payments, Sallie Mae can garnish your wages, withhold Social Security or disability payments – military veterans included – and institute damaging late fees and other charges. You become an indentured servant to Sallie Mae, and this is all the courtesy of Congress and the special rules it gave to Sallie Mae. To see the extent of this damage firsthand, visit:

– RESTON, Va. (AP) — Sallie Mae said Monday that it will bring 2,000 jobs to the U.S. within the next 18 months as it shifts call center and other operations from overseas.

– Announcing the layoffs in early February, company officials said it was a temporary move prompted by world economic woes and falling demand for oilfield pipe. They won’t say how many people they’ve sent home or how long they might be out of work.

As of early April, union officials said, more than 786 of their 894 members had been laid off. The fraction of the plant’s 1,200 employees still working, union officials said, is largely maintenance and warehouse crews.

via Idled U.S. Steel plant has put northeast Texans in painful limbo | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Texas Regional News .

Mike: Wow, the brave and suddenly ethically minded FL legislature is “proposing” to change law and collect money from corporations that use tax loopholes, instead of just raises taxes on its citizens. Now that’s a change of pace. If tax loopholes exist for individual taxpayers, those would be closed immediately, but when corporations abuse the tax system, it takes years for legislators to close those loopholes. But then again, legislators of all stripes get most of their campaign financing from corporations, lobbyists and PACs, so they aren’t likely to bite the hand that feeds them, until now.

-TALLAHASSEE — Toys R Us could be forced to stop shielding its Florida income from taxes. American Airlines could pay taxes based on the number of flights that land in Florida. And Bank of America’s international banking division could lose a big tax break.

Those are just some of the effects of a sweeping Senate plan to close loopholes and update Florida’s corporate income tax code to bring in more money to fill the state’s $3 billion budget hole.

via Florida Senate proposes closing corporate tax loopholes – Legislature –

Jim Morin - Apr 6

Jim Morin - Apr 6

-Technology companies, grappling with a deepening recession, cut 84,217 jobs in the first three months of the year, a 27 percent increase from the fourth quarter of 2008 and the most since 2002.

via Challenger: Job cuts at tech firms jump 27% – Baltimore Business Journal:.

Government Layoff News

Mike: Many municipal and government layoff “alerts” show the possible extent layoffs, but those numbers are usually reduced to much lower numbers since these same locales either receive additional resources for the state/fed, or they simply decided to shame the taxpayer into paying more taxes. And then there is attrition and other employee concessions that shrink the intial “alert” layoff proposal to one that is much smaller in number.

When schools, in particular, threaten job cuts, the public usually approves additional taxes no matter the bloated nature  of the school budget.  The threat of losing teachers is enough for people to vote for more taxes even if they can’t afford that additional outlay, yet school boards aren’t likely to threaten the loss of administration positions because the public wouldn’t be as concerned, so school boards have to use the teacher layoff hammer. The school industrial complex has the resources to advertise thier demands and the knowledge to manipulate the taxpayer into paying more for less. I see that tactic used in NY where school taxes eat up a big check of property taxes (I paid $1700 in school taxes a year on a $120,00 home) and those yearly tax increases have not improved graduation rates, but it has improved the salary and retirement packages of administrators.

– More than 600 employees were notified Friday that they are part of a massive layoff in the Tucson Unified School District.

Of the district’s 3,800 certified employees, including teachers, librarians and counselors, 560 received notice that they’ll be getting their pink slips if the Governing Board approves the list Tuesday.

via 600-plus get layoff alerts from TUSD | ®.

– School Committee Chairman Carl Engel said Saturday that the Finance Committee’s support of an additional $98,000 for the schools and Town Meeting’s subsequent approval will prevent labor cuts in the district.

via Update: Approved Rockport budget seen avoiding school job cuts –, Gloucester, MA.

– On Tuesday, the County Board of Supervisors voted to cut the number of county personnel by at least 120 jobs, mainly within the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office and the Health Services Department.

via County lays off 120 | The Martinez News-Gazette.

– As the city tries to lower costs, ten battalion chiefs and captains from the Hoboken Fire Department were handed pink slips Friday, telling them they will lose their jobs by the middle of next month, reports The Jersey Journal.

via 10 Hoboken fire fighters to lose their jobs – Hoboken Now –

– Of the 22 positions, 17 will be cut through attrition, resignations, job sharing and leaves of absences. Officials notified five teachers Friday they would not have jobs next school year.

via Mason to cut 22 teaching positions | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com.

US and some Canada Layoff News

motorolaMobile communications equipment maker Motorola Inc. (MOT: News ), Monday revealed certain cost-reduction initiatives including 2,800 job cuts. In a regulatory filing, the company disclosed that it expects to incur about $110 million in the first quarter from these actions.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings, Pos Pre Announcements, Pos Pre Announcements , Positive Surprises, Negative Surprises, Hot Stocks, Stock Split Calendar, Stock Buybacks, Dividends, Negative, Positive PreAnnouncements,Surprises …..

navistar– CHATHAM, Ont. — Layoff notices have been issued to the remaining 345 employees at the Navistar truck plant in Chatham, Ontario.

The layoffs are due to take effect June 27th — three days before the workers’ current contract expires.

via CTV Toronto – Navistar to lay off final 345 employees in Chatham – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television.

international-paper2– CEDARBURG, Wis. — International Paper is closing its plant in Cedarburg, the company announced Friday. One hundred fourteen jobs will be lost.

via International Paper Closing Plant In Cedarburg – Money News Story – WISN Milwaukee.

international-paper3When the plant closes in early June, 92 workers will be let go, documents filed with the state’s dislocated worker unit show.

via Chesapeake plant closing costs 92 jobs | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

llbean– L.L.Bean will furlough all but 50 of its 200 workers at a Bangor call center next month under what the company calls an “extended lack of work program.”

“They will remain active employees with seniority and all benefits,” L.L. Bean spokeswoman Carolyn Beem told the Bangor Daily News Friday. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to reassess in the summer and bring them all back.”

via Mainebiz.

– Continental Automotive Systems expects to close its Elma plant by the end of 2009, but as operations wind down, the company has placed the facility on the market.

via Continental closing Elma plant – Business First of Buffalo:.

– WestPoint Home said yesterday that it will close its Elkin plant in June and cut 134 jobs.

via Elkin to lose 134 jobs: WestPoint to close plant in June, move offshore.

– GREENE – After three months in the state’s Shared Work program, The Raymond Corp. said Friday it has laid off about 10 percent of its North American work force because of a continued decline in the lift truck market.

via Raymond Corp. layoffs affect upstate workers | | Press & Sun-Bulletin.

– Officials say 16 information technology workers in Des Moines are included in the company’s decision to cut 480 jobs across the country.

via Nationwide Mutual job cuts reach Iowa —

– Ritz Camera Centers Inc., the bankrupt parent company of Wolf Camera, will close 300 stores nationwide – three in the Raleigh-Durham area – and will sell all of those locations’ merchandise in liquidation sales that started Saturday.

via Ritz to close three Triangle Wolf Camera stores – Triangle Business Journal: .

– Spokesman Chris Olsen says 56 of the plant’s 90 employees have been laid off. Twenty of the remaining workers will be retained to preserve the plant’s equipment and prepare the plant for a possible restart.

via Fort Dodge ethanol plant lays off 56 —

isilon Citing a “significant reduction” in information technology spending in the first quarter, Isilon Systems Inc. said it will cut 10 percent of its work force, or more than 30 people.

via Isilon Systems cutting 10 percent of workers – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): ..

newspaper4– DALLAS (AP) — The parent company of The Dallas Morning News said it will begin companywide layoffs Monday.

via The Associated Press: Dallas Morning News layoffs begin Monday.

– Momentive Performance Materials Inc. said it intends to cut 80 hourly and salaried workers at its 130-employee Willoughby quartz tubing, fiber-optics and lamp materials plant.

via Momentive to cut 80 jobs in Willoughby, taking work to Newark, Ohio, and to China – Business –

– WEST KINGSTON – APC by Schneider Electric laid off 30 more Rhode Island employees last week as the French-owned company undertook its third round of local job cuts since December.

via APC lays off 30 as job cuts continue – – Providence Business News.

– Lake Mary-based Faro Technologies Inc. has shed more than 100 jobs across the company in its second work force reduction in less than two months, officials said Monday.

via High-tech company cites recession, business falloff ––

manitowoc– The Manitowoc Co. Inc. said Monday that its cranes division has laid off 159 employees from its facilities in Manitowoc and Port Washington.

via Manitowoc Co. cuts 159 jobs in Manitowoc, Port Washington – The Business Journal of Milwaukee:.


Alston & Bird laid off 14 associates and 38 staff Friday. The firm also has pushed back the start date for its fall associate class from September to January and reduced its summer program from 12 weeks to nine.

via Daily Report – Lite Registration.

xstrata1TORONTO — Xstrata will shut down its Kidd Creek copper smelter in northern Ontario for eight weeks because of falling demand for sulphuric acid, a byproduct of the smelting process.

Xstrata Nickel has 175 employees at the smelter but says it is trying to minimize the number of layoffs by assigning them to other jobs within the facility or by encouraging them to take vacation time

via The Canadian Press: Xstrata to shut down Kidd Creek, Ont., smelter for eight weeks.

– Betts USA is closing its Florence site by June 30, eliminating 114 jobs.

via Betts USA closing Florence plant in June – Business Courier of Cincinnati:.

– Adams USA, a sports equipment manufacturer based out of Cookeville, has announced it will be closing its plant operation by the Memorial Day weekend. Some of the 32 employees may be able to transfer to the Cookeville plant, according to general manager David Wright, and those that are laid off will be eligible for unemployment benefits.

via Herald-Citizen Online Edition – Cookeville, TN.

– Today, the company’s 275 employees, many of whom have more than 20 years of service to the company, will produce the last pottery stamped with the Syracuse China name and actually made in Syracuse.

via Syracuse China plant clatters to a close today.

ecoquestEcoQuest International, which manufactures air and water purification systems, is closing its Greeneville plant and laying off 192 workers, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development said Monday.

via EcoQuest closing, assets bought by Dallas firm : Business : Knoxville News Sentinel.

– In March, more than 20 companies alerted the state in March that they plan plant closure or “mass” layoffs, putting nearly 2,500 workers out of work, state records show.

The 22 companies cutting jobs include: Android Industries LLC, a Belvidere maker of engine parts, 273 jobs starting May 22; Mettawa-based financial services provider HSBC, 214 jobs starting May 9; soybean processor ACH Food Cos., 246 workers in Champaign starting May 27.

via Layoff warnings: Illinois companies warn of layoffs in March —

newspaper5The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel laid off 26 full time and five part-time employees Monday to reduce expenses.

via Journal Sentinel lays off 31 workers – The Business Journal of Milwaukee:.

– TULSA, OK — The company that sells Caterpillar construction equipment in Oklahoma and parts of Texas has laid off more than 80 employees.

via – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – | Layoffs Hit Tulsa’s Warren Cat Dealership.

International Layoff News

ssangyongSsangyong will notify its unionised workers that it will fire 2,800-2,900 employees out of a total 7,200, the Maeil Business Newspaper reported in its early Tuesday edition without citing sources.

via Ssangyong Motor to cut 40 pct of workforce -paper | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters.

– Despite a healthy annual report last year posting 527 million kroner in profit after tax, Michael Ohrt Fernel, head of communications at Ecco, said that the company would have to let 1150 employees go because of the ‘general financial downturn and falling shoe sales’.

via Ecco gives workers the boot.

– Zambia’s second leading copper and cobalt producer Mopani Copper Mines has notified miners’ unions that it intends to declare 1,500 workers redundant this month, a union official said Monday.

– e2v technologies : In addition, the company said it would cut jobs in both UK and France and is seeking a buyer for its Lincoln-based microwave microelectronics business unit.

gavel4– LEADING IRISH law firm William Fry has made 17 staff redundant and introduced pay cuts of up to 10 per cent in response to the economic downturn.

via American Chronicle | Leading Law Firm Makes 17 Redundant .

– April 6 (Bloomberg) — Australian advertisements for job vacancies tumbled in March for an 11th month as employers scrapped hiring plans amid signs the economy has fallen into its first recession since 1991.

via Australian Job Advertisements Fall Record 44% on Year (Update1) – .

–  Romanian Air Traffic Administration, Romatsa will reduce headcount from 1,800 to 1,600 by year end, said the managing director of Romatsa Bogdan Donciu at the regional reunion on aviation security.

via Romatsa to slash 200 jobs by year end.

– CHANGES to the Federal Government’s Job Network have cost 17 Wimmera people their jobs.

via New job network costs 17 positions – Local News – News – General – Wimmera Mail Times .

Jacada Ltd. (JCDA: News ) announced various cost cutting measures including a 7% reduction in headcount worldwide, as well as salary reductions, to reduce expenses to align company operations with revenue expectations for 2009.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings,  …..

Hiring News and News You Can Use

– High street hardware chain Robert Dyas has agreed a last-ditch management buyout with its lenders which will save the business and 1,250 jobs.

via High Street Hardware Retailer Robert Dyas Management Buyout Rescue Plan Agreed With Banks Saves Jobs | Business | Sky News.

– Despite the tough economic conditions that face U.S. workers, Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced that it is looking for a few good men and women on an ongoing basis to fill customer service and sales positions at its Hampton Contact Center this year.

via S Sprint ‘Now Hiring’ at Hampton Contact Center.

– Raley’s is filling 130 jobs at its new supermarket in Petaluma. AccentCare is looking for caregivers and certified nursing assistants. And Lifetouch is hiring people to take school photos in Sonoma County.

– Herndon, VA (PRWEB) April 6, 2009 — announced today that it has concluded testing and launched the latest and completely redesigned version of its IT job board website.’s new website contains a cleaner facade which showcases its newly developed functionality for job seekers and employers.

via New Job Website Helps IT Professionals Find Jobs.

– TORONTO – (April 6) – Ontario’s first diamond cutting and polishing facility will be located in Greater Sudbury and will create about 50 new jobs in the community

– RESTON, Va. (AP) — Sallie Mae said Monday that it will bring 2,000 jobs to the U.S. within the next 18 months as it shifts call center and other operations from overseas.

via Sallie Mae to add 2,000 jobs to US in 18 months – Yahoo! Finance.

Mike: As it turns out the day was relatively light for layoff announcements. It seems as if Monday’s are about the quietest day for layoff announcements.  Till Tuesday…………..

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Non Sequitur - Apr 6

Non Sequitur - Apr 6



April 3 – Jobless rate jumps to 8.5 percent, 663,000 lose jobs – Shire to cut 260 – SR Technics to lay off 600 – 340 jobs lost: West Point Homes – MKS cuts 600 – Nationwide dismisses 480 – 330 jobs gone in Kansas City, Mo. – FedEx delivers bad news to 1,000 – Pratt and Whitney Canada dumps 1,000 – Disney slashes 1,900

Mike: A tragic ending to the week as people were killed in a Binghamton, NY hostage taking. The day started on a sour note with the unemployment rate spiking to 8.5% and the day ends with the horrifying death of many innocents.  Hopefully next week brings a period of good news. Till Monday…..
In the four months I have been posting to this blog, I have never seen a Friday that was so busy with layoff announcements both large and small. What proved to be an unwelcome act is the fact that a number of large companies waited until Friday afternoon to announce layoffs. Announcing bad news on a Friday is generally the habit of politicians trying to hide a scandal, the government disclosing that financial institutions need to be saved, or some other bad news item. This tactic, unfortunately, was used today by companies to hide their layoffs into the weekend. They must feel that their job cut news will be pushed aside by the time Monday arrives. If they announced this earlier in the week, they would have had the poor publicity with them throughout the week.
The news of the day follows…………..

– Authorities say a man blocked the rear entrance of an immigrant services center with his car, then went through the front door and started shooting. The shooting ended when he committed suicide.

via Binghamton, N.Y., gunman kills 13 – Los Angeles Times.

Mike: Good day to all. Today we see the March monthly unemployment Employment Situation report, which is expected to show a month to month loss of 650,000 jobs. Yesterday’s jobless claims report came in at a higher level (669,000) than expected, so that may also prove to be the case with Employment Situation report.
– WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent in March, the highest since late 1983, as a wide range of employers eliminated a net total of 663,000 jobs.

The Labor Department’s report is fresh evidence of the toll the recession has inflicted on America’s workers and companies.

The latest tally of job losses, released Friday, was slightly higher than the 654,000 that economists expected. The rise in the unemployment rate matched expectations.

via Jobless rate bolts to 8.5 percent, 663K jobs lost – Yahoo! Finance.

Mike: Below the Unemployment Rate graph is a headline that distorts the real unemployment numbers. The reason I say that is because unemployment was calculated differently in 1983 than it is now. So how can they compare the two years when you are using different methods to calculate the unemployment rate?

Here again are the real unemployment numbers as opposed to the reported reported numbers. I do this on a monthly basis to remind my regular readers that unemployment is worse than reported by the government and to inform my new readers of the same. The following graph from John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics shows REAL unemployment, or unemployment including “discouraged workers” (which were counted in the unemployment numbers prior to 1998) is over 19%! So when you hear main stream media and government officials spout that the unemployment rate of 8.5% is still lower than the 10.8% which occurred in 1983, you will know they are misleading you.

The following graph from John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics shows REAL unemployment near 20%:

* The SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated “discouraged workers” defined away during the Clinton Administration added to the existing BLS estimates of level U-6 unemployment :
Chart of U.S. Unemployment

WASHINGTON – The nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent in March, the highest since late 1983, as a wide swath of employers eliminated 663,000 jobs.

via Jobless rate bolts to 8.5 percent, 663K jobs lost – Yahoo! News.

Mike: Here are two versions of what’s to come in the job market. I tend to trust Bill Gross more than most because he has been more on target about other financial matters:

Naroff: Worst of job losses may be over

“Way too many jobs are being cut at this point,” says Joel Naroff, chief economist at TD Bank. But we may have seen the worst of the job losses this year. “They’re not going to be great as we move through the spring,”

via MarketWatch TV & Radio podcast.


Bond guru Bill Gross sees the unemployment rate jumping to double digits before it improves, and even then the economy will evolve into something we haven’t seen before.

“Perhaps the more staggering number, in my opinion, is the five million jobs lost over the last 15 months,” Gross told CNBC. “That’s a lot of jobs, and a lot of jobs to recoup. Obama’s goal, of course, is three and a half million jobs, either regained or saved. We’ve got a long way to go.”

via Bill Gross: Joblessness Will Get Worse Before It Improves – General * US * News * Story –

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Walt Handelsman - Apr 3

Walt Handelsman - Apr 3

* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:


Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News

ibm1– BINGHAMTON — The gunman who went on a murderous rampage in a roomful of immigrants today was himself an immigrant – one who may have been distraught over a recent job loss.

via Hinchey: Shooter was laid off from IBM | | Press & Sun-Bulletin.

ibm2– STERLING FOREST — Assemblyman Gregory Ball, R-C-I-Patterson, said Thursday that another $50 million has been tucked into a state budget bill for retention of IBM jobs in New York, even after the company announced the layoff of scores of New York employees.

General Economic News

– WASHINGTON, April 3 (Reuters) – U.S. employers slashed 663,000 jobs in March, lifting the unemployment rate to 8.5 percent, the highest since 1983, official data showed on Friday in a report underscoring the growing distress in the labor market.

via US March payrolls fall 663,000,jobless rate 8.5 pct | Reuters .

. The Institute for Supply Management reported Friday that its March non-manufacturing index moved to a reading of 40.8, from 41.6 in February. March’s reading remained contractionary.

via DATA SNAP: Non-Manufacturing Sector Shrinks Again In March.

Ben Bernanke Speaks
12:00 PM ET


– LOS ANGELES (AP) — Free granite countertops, swimming pools and landscaping aren’t going to convince anyone who’s afraid of losing a job to buy a home. But what about a promise to pay your mortgage if you get laid off?

With the unemployment rate at a 26-year high and home sales still in the dumps, a growing number of homebuilders and even some real estate agents are trying to coax buyers with a kind of mortgage unemployment insurance.

Major builders offering job loss mortgage payment plans include Lennar Corp., Pulte Homes Inc., The Ryland Group Inc. and Toll Brothers Inc.

“We’re literally adding at least one builder a day throughout the country,” said Todd Ludlow, senior vice president of Rainy Day Foundation, a nonprofit organization that administers the programs for many builders.

Builders can pay anywhere from $450 to $900 per customer for the coverage. Some absorb the cost as they would any other sales promotion, while others pass it on to buyers, Ludlow said.

via The Associated Press: Layoff insurance latest carrot for homebuyers.

– WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A record 32.2 million people — one in every 10 Americans — received food stamps at the latest count, the government said on Thursday, a reflection of the recession now in its 16th month.

via One in 10 Americans gets help from U.S. to buy food | U.S. | Reuters

– SALEM — Layoff notices were handed out at City Hall yesterday, as the mayor continued to close a budget gap caused by a midyear cut to local aid.

via City workers laid off –, Salem, MA.

Mike: Isn’t it comforting to know that the billions of taxpayer dollars given to BOAare going to their offshore recruiting and hiring efforts as they slash the US workforce that has bailed them out from certain collapse? Taxpayers must wake up at some point and demand accountability from institutions who have been given trillions of dollars. Politicians continue to mortgage your children’s future with these taxpayer gifts to financial institutions, yet they don’t demand transparency or accountability.

– Boosted by acquisitions of Countrywide Financial and Merrill Lynch, Bank of America’s offshore operations have grown sharply in the past two years, exceeding 14,000 employees in India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Philippines and Costa Rica, documents obtained by the Observer show.

Government Layoff News

Mike: The following is just another indication of how school boards are out of control and have a severe tendency to coddle superintendents. It’s similar to one of the many boards of directors that increase the salary of the CEO while the company’s value is destroyed. Perez at Kodak or even the smaller story of Watts cuts jobs, boosts exec team’s pay – Boston Business Journal: are just a couple of examples of boards gone wild. Boards want to coddle superintendents and CEOs, since they may be in that position some day and they want the same outlandish overcompensation. Until the voter stands up to these crony school boards, this crony relationship will continue to be a detriment to better educated children.

– After axing 86 jobs because of a budget deficit, the Plainfield School Board approved a pay hike and a new contract for the district’s superintendent last week.

via 86 jobs cut, but raise for superintendent :: Plainfield Sun :: News.

– The Chelsea Soldiers’ Home is laying off up to 20 employees to absorb pending budget cuts.

via Chelsea Soldiers’ Home to lay off up to 20, reduce services – The Boston Globe.

– Higley Unified School District’s governing board Wednesday eliminated 38 fulltime jobs and 1 part-time position and decided that about a dozen teachers and an assistant principal will have to accept other positions if they want to stay on board next year

via Higley schools cutting 40 jobs, 6 due to surge in absences.

– Mary Charles, communications director for the city, confirmed that 141 current positions and 189 vacant positions were eliminated as a result of the city implementing its newly passed budget for fiscal year 2009-10.

via Kansas City, Mo. cuts 330 jobs – Wichita Business Journal:.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has added 107 more employees to its growing list of layoffs. The newest cuts include math and science coordinators and English as a Second Language assistants.

via CMS trims 107 more |

US and some Canada Layoff News

dianey– In a sign that the recession is cutting into Disney’s park business even deeper than originally thought, the Walt Disney Co. today said it eliminated about 1,900 jobs at its domestic parks through job cuts and attrition.

via Disney slashes 1,900 jobs at domestic parks | Company Town | Los Angeles Times.

federal-express-FedEx Corp. has confirmed that the company has cut 1,000 jobs worldwide, including 500 in its headquarters city of Memphis, Tenn. The cuts include some at its plant in Winston-Salem, although the company would not say how many. Dell also cut an unknown number of jobs at the Winston-Salem plant in March

via FedEx confirms 1,000 layoffs – The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area:.

pratt-whitney-canada– United Technologies Corp.’s Pratt & Whitney Canada unit will cut 1,000 jobs, or about 10 percent of the small-engine maker’s worldwide workforce, as business-jet production slows.

nationwide1– Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has eliminated 480 information technology jobs, including 150 in Central Ohio, the company said Friday.

via Nationwide makes more job cuts – 480 out – Business First of Columbus: .

aig1AIG subsidiary 21st Century Insurance said Thursday that it had laid off about 7% of its workforce — nearly 500 workers — and that it was losing its Long Beach office and three other locations.

via AIG subsidiary 21st Century Insurance is downsizing – Los Angeles Times.

shire– Biopharmaceutical company Shire plans to close its Owings Mills plant in phases over three years and lay off 260 workers as it discontinues in-house manufacturing of drugs to treat attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders and gastrointestinal diseases, a company spokesman said Thursday.

via Shire drug company to close Owings Mills plant —

dell– WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A newspaper reports that a computer maker has made another round of job cuts at its North Carolina plant, this time slicing 50 contract jobs.

via More jobs cut at NC Dell computer plant – North Carolina & Regional – Wire – The Sun News.

cascadeCascade has taken several steps as a result of the financial crisis including: reducing its global work force by 20 percent, trimming 10 percent of executive salaries, instituting a hiring freeze and more.

via Cascade posts a loss for its fiscal 4Q –

house– Approximately 340 Panhandle residents learned Friday morning that they’re losing their jobs as West Point Homes in Chipley announced it’s closure.

via – 340 jobs lost: West Point Homes Chipley is closing .

mks1– MKS Instruments Inc. on Friday said it cut 600 jobs during the first quarter and reduced its first-quarter outlook, saying the difficult economy continues to hurt customer demand.

– Struggling with declines in retail sales and membership, along with a 30 percent drop in its endowment, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts laid off 33 employees Thursday.

via Boston MFA lays off 33, eliminates 54 jobs – Boston Business Journal: .

-Insight Enterprises Inc. announced late Thursday it has layed off 270 people, or about 8 percent, of its North American work force.

via Insight announces 270 layoffs as market softness continues – Phoenix Business Journal: .

– Samson Rope Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance rope, is cutting about 10 percent of its workforce in its Ferndale and Lafayette, La., facilities. Of the 27 positions that have been eliminated, about 20 were in the Ferndale plant

via The Bellingham Herald / News Update / Ferndale rope manufacturer to cut jobs .

– The Catholic college acknowledged this week that 18 workers were laid off earlier this month.

via Sacred Heart University cuts 18 jobs – The Connecticut Post Online .

– San Diego Internet online upstart Veoh Networks said yesterday it has replaced its chief executive and cut 25 employees, or 36 percent of its work force, in an move to streamline operations.

via Veoh Networks changes CEOs, eliminates 25 jobs.

– The job cuts will affect 16 employees in Virginia, including three at a regional sales office in Richmond, Altria spokesman David Sylvia said yesterday.

via Altria unit trimming sales jobs | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

– Thus far, Nelson said, it has eliminated 25 full- and part-time jobs. The membership decline is blamed on the economy.

via Grand Rapids YMCA cuts jobs due to economy, membership decline; construction delayed at Southeast site – Grand Rapids News – .

Galbreath manufactures waste handling equipment, including dumpsters, for its parent company Wastequip. The plant in Ider currently has 28 employees.

via The Times-Journal.

whirlpool– Rumors the past few days about additional white-collar cutbacks at Whirlpool Corporation have turned into reality. A Whirlpool spokesperson has confirmed what a newstipper told WSJM News earlier on Thursday — 15 employees in Southwest Michigan have been terminated

via WSJM AM 1400 & FM 94.9 – Whirlpool Cuts 15 Jobs In Southwest Michigan.

international-rectifier– TICONDEROGA — International Paper Co.’s Ticonderoga mill, which employs 600, will shut down for two weeks in the middle of May because of a slowdown in business due to the poor economy.

via In Brief — Page 1 — Times Union – Albany NY.

– MUSCATINE, Iowa — Hon Industries announced additional layoffs Thursday at its facilities across the country, including its Muscatine office furniture plants.

via Muscatine’s Hon Industries announce more layoffs.

– TULSA, Okla. (AP) – Sixty-three employees at the John Zink Co. facility in Tulsa will be laid off during the next 60 days.

via KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: Telemundo – 63 John Zink Co. employees in Tulsa being laid off.

– APAC Customer Services said Thursday it will lay off 95 workers at its Green Bay call center.

via Update: APAC to lay off 95 from Green Bay call center | | Green Bay Press-Gazette.

– KAHULUI – Kahului Zippy’s has laid off 47 workers less than a year after it opened its first Maui restaurant in August, officials have confirmed.

via 47 laid off at Zippy’s in Kahului – | News, Sports, Jobs, Visitor’s Information – The Maui News.

– ANMOORE — Twenty-seven employees at the GrafTech facility in Anmoore will be laid off this week, company officials say.

via Anmoore Plant to Lay Off 27 Workers – WBOY-TV –

tv1– A total of 22 employees were laid off Thursday at KMPH (Channel 26) and KFRE (Channel 59).

sun3– Despite a strong alternative energy market, the recession is prompting BP Solar to cut operations and jobs worldwide, including 140 positions at its Frederick plant.

via BP Solar cuts 140 Frederick jobs.

Bowling Green State University will lay off 15 to 20 classified staff members in a budget-cutting move.

via 1330 WFIN News with Tom Sheldon and Scott Jennings – Findlay Ohio.

newspaper3-The Pensacola News Journal announced today that they are cutting 84 jobs in their printing operation. The PNJ will outsource the print production of the paper to the Mobile Press-Register.

via PNJ Cuts 84 Jobs, Moving Paper Printing To Mobile Press-Register :

– MICHIGAN CITY – Sullair Corp. has laid off a number of people from their jobs, effective Thursday.

– Temperature-controlled trucking company Frozen Food Express Industries Inc. says the economic recession has negatively impacted the company, and it expects revenue and earnings for the first quarter to fall below levels attained last year.

via Frozen Food Express cuts jobs – Dallas Business Journal: .

– Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group, headed by Jay Welker, has let go of roughly 40 private bankers and wealth advisors in Northern California and has eliminated their posts,

via Wells Fargo Cuts NoCal Wealth Group : Wall Street Letter.

ohio-u– ATHENS, Ohio (WSAZ) — 89 people have been laid off so far at Ohio University; none of them have been faculty members.

via 89 Jobs Cut at Ohio University.

u-of-hawaii– The University of Hawaii at Manoa announced a plan late Thursday to cut jobs as the school faces a projected budget deficit of $33 million.

via UH Manoa Cutting Jobs Ahead Of Fall Semester | – News, Sports, Weather | Education .

bombardier2– Bombardier Aerospace will cut another 10 percent of its overall work force — about 3,000 employees — including 470 jobs at its Learjet facility in Wichita, the company said Thursday.

via Learjet to cut 470 jobs in Wichita | Wichita News – Kansas News | Wichita Eagle.

meadwestvaco– On Thursday, 80 hourly workers at the MeadWestvaco paper mill in Covington learned they will be laid off on April 20 “for at least a month,” according to the company.

via MeadWestvaco to lay off 80 workers from Covington plant –

– A Florida-based sign company that picked this inland city as the site of a new plant after catastrophic storms devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005 closed its Monroeville operation this week, laying off some 50 workers


– Family-owned Walker Manufacturing this week laid off 10 percent of its work force and announced a three-week plant shutdown this month to cope with a declining economy.

via Walker lays off workers | | The Coloradoan,.

– KV Pharmaceutical Co. notified state regulators it was laying off five employees in Plantation and nine employees in Largo.

via KV Pharmaceutical lays off 14 Fla. workers – South Florida Business Journal:.

gavel3– Law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP — with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs — has laid of 93 non-legal staff across the country and is cutting pay for some lawyers, who could be the next to get pink slips.

via Law firm Hogan & Hartson cutting jobs, pay – Denver Business Journal:.

– MAGNOLIA, Ark. (AP) – Officials with Albemarle Corp. say the chemical company will temporarily lay off about 70 employees from its three production plants in Magnolia.

The Shaw Group, which provides support services to Albemarle, says it also has laid off an unspecified number of workers.

via WXVT-TV Delta News – More Local News and Weather | Albemarle, support company lay off Ark. workers.

hamilton-sundstrand1– Hamilton Sundstrand laid off about 300 workers Thursday in Connecticut and other locations, part of parent United Technologies Corp.’s previously announced plan to cut 11,600 jobs worldwide in 2009.

via Hamilton Sundstrand Lays Off About 300 —

– TULSA, Okla. (AP) – Sixty-three employees at the John Zink Co. facility in Tulsa will be laid off during the next 60 days.

via KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7, Telemundo – 63 John Zink Co. employees in Tulsa being laid off.

– MONROEVILLE — A Florida-based sign company that picked this inland city as the site of a new plant after catastrophic storms devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005 closed its Monroeville operation this week, laying off some 50 workers and filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to court records.

via 50 workers laid off at Monroeville sign plant –

– Santa Fe-based Thornburg Mortgage Inc. on Friday announced layoffs of 130 of its approximately 150 staff members.

via NM: Thornburg Mortgage lays off majority of staff –

– Teachers and administrators at Lake College in Redding say they were laid off Tuesday, and haven’t been paid in eight weeks. Some even tell Action News they were let go without exit interviews or final paychecks.

via North State College Lays-Off Employees – CBS 12 Action News.

– Employees at the Sherwin-Williams Co. plant here were told Thursday that their paint roller and paint tray-making facility will be closed permanently due to lagging sales and deteriorating economic conditions.

via SHW BRIEF: Sherman-Williams plant in Deshler to close.

– The U.S. arm of Dutch consumer-goods maker Unilever said Friday it is closing its Breyers packaged ice cream plant in Framingham, Mass., that employs 201 workers.

via Unilever to close plant with 201 workers –

– Layoff notices were also circulated to management staff and those not covered under the collective agreement.

In total, approximately 280 plant workers are being let go and 65 office employees.

via The Canadian Press: All remaining employees at Chatham truckmaker given layoff notices.

International Layoff News

aviva2Update: LONDON: Norwich Union Life, a part of British insurance group Aviva, will be cutting close to 1,700 positions, both permanent and contract, in the UK by the end of 2009.

via Aviva unit to slash 1,690 jobs in UK– Jobs-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times.

sr-technics– LONDON/WASHINGTON–SR Technics Wednesday said that approximately 600 employees will be laid off from the company’s soon-to-close Dublin facility on Friday, April 3.

rbs– April 3 (Bloomberg) — Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc said it will cut more jobs as the bank indicated former Chief Executive Officer Fred Goodwin is considering a request to return part of his 703,000-pound ($1 million) annual pension.

The job cuts will be in addition to 2,700 previously announced by RBS, Britain’s biggest government-controlled bank said before today’s annual shareholders meeting in Edinburgh. Deputy CEO Gordon Pell and Parliament’s Scottish Affairs Committee have sparred over job loss estimates in recent weeks.

via RBS to Cut Jobs as Goodwin Considers Pension Payback (Update2) – .

– LONDON -(Dow Jones)- British Airways PLC (BAY.LN) Friday said it is cutting a further 300 jobs as part of a voluntary redundancy scheme.

“We are pleased with the take up and 300 people will leave the airline under this scheme at the end of May,” a British Airways spokesman said in an emailed statement.

via British Airways To Cut 300 Jobs By End May – EasyBourse actualité.

– The National Australia Bank has announced it will slash 113 full-time branch positions in a bid to cut costs.

via NAB to cut 113 jobs – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

– A castings manufacturer in Bendigo, in central Victoria, will cut 22 jobs because of the slowing economy.

via 22 jobs to go at castings factory – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

– As Bosai prepares to release 100 persons from its workforce in Linden, Personnel and Industrial Relations Superintendent Peter Benny said that this was one of the most difficult decisions for the company.

via Stabroek News – Bosai to release 100 workers starting next week .

gm– (Bloomberg) — General Motors Corp.’s South African unit will cut 700 jobs by June after vehicle sales dropped by more than a third this year

via General Motors South Africa Will Cut 700 Jobs by June (Update1) – .

-The retailer is negotiating around 480 redundancies with unions in the two countries. In Finland, four remaining Markantalo shops will be converted into its core Gigantti brand.

via DSG to cut jobs and shut Scandinavian sites – Times Online .

Fifty-three jobs have been lost out of a workforce of 102 at JH Birtwistle and Co, based on Grane Road, Haslingden.

via Half of jobs go at JH Birtwistle – Business – News – Manchester Evening News.

– These three men are among 62 Toowoomba workers facing job losses after the Federal Government effectively shut down their three employers.

via Sixty-two jobs lost | News | Toowoomba Chronicle | Toowoomba Chronicle.

– Hughes Christensen in east Belfast said up to 90 of its 400 employees faced redundancy.

via Belfast engineering firm axes 90 workers – Ireland, Breaking News –

– The Donegal Gaeltacht has been dealt a massive jobs blow as one of the country’s leading snack food firm’s announced plans to shed a fifth of its workforce.

via The Press Association: Gaeltacht food firm to axe 123 jobs.

– In order to meet the current market situation in the pulp and paper industry, Eka Chemicals has launched a program to optimize sodium chlorate production in Europe which will result in the permanent closure of the plant in Mo i Rana, Norway. 31 employees will lose their jobs, as the company informed Lesprom Network.

via Eka Chemicals to close sodium chlorate production plant in Mo i Rana, Norway – Lesprom Network.

Hiring News and News You Can Use

Hanford contractors say they are making quick work of identifying candidates for at least 600 positions they expect to fill in about the next six weeks with federal money to stimulate the economy.

via Hanford contractors announce hiring plans | The News Tribune – Northwest | Seattle-Tacoma News | South Puget Sound’s Destination.

– FREDERICK – Laboratory supplier Life Technologies Corp. said on Thursday that it will add 50 jobs in Frederick.

via Laboratory supplier to add 50 jobs in Frederick —

– Despite the recession and a 6.2 percent unemployment rate, Kansas is looking outside as well as inside the state to fill thousands of job openings.

Next week representatives from the Kansas Department of Commerce will attend a job fair in Omaha, Neb. It’s not uncommon for them to go to other states to recruit, commerce department spokesman Joe Monaco said.

There are at least 22,000 positions available in Kansas, including 12,000 posted online in the last 15 days, Monaco said.

“There are quite a few jobs still to be filled throughout the state,” he said.

via Kansas Commerce Department looking for workers to come to Kansas –

Mike: A tragic ending to the week as people were killed in a Binghamton, NY hostage taking. The day started on a sour note with the unemployment rate spiking to 8.5% and the day ends with the horrifying death of many innocents.  Till Monday…………..

Tom Toles - Apr 3

Tom Toles - Apr 3


April 2 – Jobless claims jump to 669,000 (the highest since 1982) – Record 5.73 million remain on unemployment – Bombardier to chop another 3,000 – Swiss Re cuts 1,150 – Kohler taps 455 for layoffs – Postal Service to stamp out 1,490 jobs in 3 states

Mike: Today brought us increasing unemployment claims and record continuing claims, but improved factory orders. Consumer loan delinquencies increased,  but accounting rules were changed to protect banks and other financial institutions. As a result, the stock market shot higher, but hundreds of thousands lost their jobs. It wasn’t be a few months ago that increased jobless numbers would have crashed the markets, but the market has become less concerned about jobs and more concerned about accounting tricks. If accounting tricks lead to more jobs then the changes are positive from that standpoint, but if they merely gloss over earnings and allow for CEOs to collect larger bonuses, then those changes have accomplished little. Time will tell.

Tomorrow brings us another important employment indicator; the Employment Situation. The consensus is a loss of 651,000 jobs for the month of March, but with today’s increased jobless claims number, the Employment Situation may also spike higher. Till tomorrow……….
Mike: Today’s Jobless Claims number will be the unemployment story of the day. The consensus is for another 655,000 claims, but with the euphoria in the stock market believing that the worst is behind us, this number may be expected to improve. When Jobless Claims is released at 8:30, we’ll know where things stand

First-time claims for state unemployment benefits rose a seasonally adjusted 12,000 in the week ended March 28, hitting the highest level since October 1982, the Labor Department reported Thursday. These initial claims totaled 669,000, a level that is up 72% from the same period in the prior year.

via Initial jobless claims rise to highest level since 1982 – MarketWatch

Mike: It looks like yesterday’s higher ADP number correlated to the higher jobless claims number today. The Challenger, Gray & Christmas number looks at potential future layoffs, but if weekly jobless claims increase then the future layoff numbers are also to likely increase. In fact, the Challenger, Gray & Christmas number showed improvement last month, but jobless claims numbers continued to increase. 

For some odd reason, the 669,000 jobless claims number was higher than expected. Did these economic experts think that companies wouldn’t continue to shed jobs at a record rate? Just because a few more homes were built and a few more cars were sold isn’t reason to think that employment is improving. I’m not surprised that the continuing claims number keeps increasing at record levels, since unemployment benefits are continually extended. Once those extensions expire, the continuing claims number will likely decrease, so that number isn’t as good an indicator as it was when unemployment benefits were capped at 26 weeks. However, the ongoing increase in continuing claims does indicate that jobs remain difficult to find

Here are yesterday’s job cuts announcements to see if there is any correlation between the jobs cut number from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. who said the number of planned job cuts announced by U.S. employers fell for the second straight month in March by 19.3 percent to 150,411 (Number of planned job cuts dips), and the ADP report which showed “private sector employers cut 742,000 jobs from payrolls in March,” ( ADP: Economy lost 742,000 jobs in March), which was 80,000 more than expected. One report shows improvement, while the other shows worsening. One of them will be a better indicator when compared to today’s Jobless Claims number. Update: Looks like the ADP number is the better indicator.
* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:



Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News


msft– April 1 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp., facing criticism for recruiting foreigners while making job cuts, is seeking fewer guest-worker visas this year as the pace of hiring slows.


– Last week we saw IBM (IBM) publish an open call to big cloud computing players to make their components work together… and Microsoft (MSFT) retort that IBM has no basis to speak on behalf of the industry.

But the two rivals are both in New York and under the same roof at the Cloud Computing Expo, and together they’re making peace over the issue, or at least agreeing to a cease-fire.

via IBM And Microsoft Bury The Hatchet On ‘Open Cloud’... Sort Of (IBM, MSFT).


google– Mountain View, Calif. – Confirming rumors, Google (NASD: GOOG) on Tuesday announced the launch of Google Ventures, a new $100 million venture capital fund that it will be used to invest in early-stage companies.

via Google Launches $100 Million Venture Capital Fund | Digital Media Wire.


Mike: The following isn’t quite to the point of European workers protest, but it’s a start.

ibm– A Somers resident and 40-year IBM veteran laid off earlier this year from the Armonk-based computer giant will be outside Big Blue’s Somers campus at 11:30 a.m. today to protest what he calls age discrimination in the medical insurance packages offered terminated workers.


General Economic News

Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET
– April 2 (Bloomberg) — The number of Americans filing unemployment claims unexpectedly rose to the highest level since 1982 last week and those staying on benefit rolls jumped to a record as companies kept cutting jobs to trim costs.

Initial jobless claims swelled by 12,000 to 669,000 in the week ended March 28, topping 600,000 for a ninth straight time, after a revised 657,000 the prior week, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The number of people staying on benefit rolls soared in the prior week to 5.73 million.

via U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose by 12,000 to 669,000 Last Week – .

Factory Orders
10:00 AM ET
– The 1.8 percent increase in new orders reported by the Commerce Department followed a 3.5 percent decline in January — an indication that orders were falling more slowly. New orders for durable goods such as appliances and autos were up slightly more than previously reported.
– NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Monster Employment Index fell 4 points in March, and is now down 29% year-over-year, indicating a continued deceleration in online recruitment activity at the end of the first quarter.
Mike: It’s nice to know that we are ruled by government organizations and agencies that just make up and change accounting rules as they go along. If I ever get audited by the IRS, I will say that there really isn’t any problem with the way I value assets because I changed the rules to make it more beneficial to my tax return
– WASHINGTON (AP) — The board that sets U.S. accounting standards on Thursday gave companies more leeway when valuing assets and reporting losses, providing a potential boost to battered banks’ balance sheets.

The independent Financial Accounting Standards Board voted to adopt new guidelines under the so-called mark-to-market accounting rules, which require companies to value assets at prices reflecting current market conditions. The board was meeting at its headquarters in Norwalk, Conn.

via FASB gives firms more leeway in valuing assets – Yahoo! Finance.

Mike Luckovich - Apr 1

Mike Luckovich - Apr 1


– The delinquency rate during the fourth quarter across multiple types of closed-end consumer loans increased to 3.22 percent, according to the ABA’s consumer credit delinquency bulletin. The delinquency rate is the highest ever recorded since the ABA began tracking the rate in the mid 1970s.

Delinquencies increased from 2.65 percent during the fourth quarter in 2007 and 2.90 percent during the third quarter of 2008.

The ABA also noted that credit card delinquencies, which aren’t included in its composite delinquency rate because they are not closed-end loans, increased to 4.52 percent during the fourth quarter. The delinquency rate for credit cards was 4.38 percent during the final quarter in 2007 and 4.20 percent during the third quarter of 2008.

via Consumer loan delinquencies rise in 4th quarter – Yahoo! Finance.


Government Layoff News


usps– CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service says it’s closing three mail processing centers and eliminating about 1,490 jobs in West Virginia, Indiana and Arizona.


– Hours after Portland police unions rejected a proposal to freeze wages for a year, city officials announced that they will lay off an undisclosed number of police officers. 

via Portland Announces Police Layoffs After Unions Reject Wage Freeze – 4/01/09 11:17 AM EST.


– STOCKTON – At the end of a specially called meeting before an audience of about 300 at Franklin High School, the Stockton Unified school board voted 4-3 Wednesday night to eliminate 163 classified positions, 62 of which are vacant.

via SUSD axes 163 support staff jobs.


– FLINT, Michigan — The Flint School District will lay off 257 teachers at the end of the school year.

via Flint schools to lay off 257 teachers at end of school year – Flint News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – .


– The town is eliminating a total of six full-time positions plus part-time spots, and the staff cuts will affect every department — from parks and recreation to streets maintenance and planning.

via Telluride Daily Planet > Archives > News > Town cuts staff, services as tax revenues drop.


– The Clayton County school board eliminated 19 administrators this week — saving the district about $900,000.


US and some Canada Layoff News


bombardier– MONTREAL — Bombardier Inc. is slashing 10 per cent of its workforce, or about 3,000 jobs, as it adjusts to the impact of the global economic crisis.

The Montreal-based company said today it will have to slow down production rates of its aircraft, particularly its business jets, in order to cope with slowing demand.

via Bombardier to cut 3,000 jobs.


ak-steel– ZANESVILLE – Layoffs and reduced schedules are expected to continue at AK Steel’s Coshocton and Zanesville plants.

Alan McCoy, vice president of government and public relations, said there were 150 employees on a layoff last week -75 from each plant. This week there were a total of 145 on a layoff at both plants -60 from Zanesville and 75 from Coshocton.

via More layoffs, reduced schedules at AK Steel | | Coshocton Tribune.


– PLEASANT PRAIRIE – Permacel, which manufactures industrial tape, is to close by Sept. 30, putting some 100 employees out of work.

via Kenosha News | Pleasant Prairie factory to close by Sept. 30.


international-paper1– International Paper will close its lumber mill near Franklin and reduce employment in other departments, laying off nearly 160 workers, the company announced Wednesday.

via Franklin lumber mill to close; nearly 160 to be laid off | |


goodrich– TUSCALOOSA | BFGoodrich plans to lay off 50 hourly workers at its Tuscaloosa plant effective Monday.

via BFGoodrich to lay off 50 in city | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL.


kohler– Kohler Company announced a workforce reduction of 455 positions at its corporate headquarters in the Village of Kohler Thursday.  The cuts include 357 production and 98 administrative positions.


– WHARTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Sixty five workers are out of a job after a coal mine shutdown in Boone County.

The general manager of Long Branch Energy, Greg Patterson, tells that the company has ceased operations at its number 25 mine in Wharton.

via Boone County Coal Mine Shut Down, 65 Jobs Lost.


schnitzer-steel– Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. on Thursday said it has cut more than 500 jobs and another 350 contractors as it reduced production to meet ever-dwindling demand.


– Celebrity blogging company Buzz Media has cut 20% of its workforce.

The cuts amount to around 15 employees, leaving a total of 75, and come only weeks after the company (previously known as Buzznet) raised a round of $12.5 million.

via Buzz Media cuts 20% of workforce.


– Internap Network Services Corp. said late Tuesday that it will cut 45 jobs, or 10 percent of its work force, to bring down its operating costs.

via Internap to trim 45 employees, 10 percent of total –


boa–  Jobs Cut at B of A/Merrill Muni Groups – 04.02.2009 – Bond Buyer Article.


autodesk – The company said it would announce details of the new cost-cutting plan next month. Autodesk also reiterated its fiscal first-quarter outlook Thursday.

via Autodesk names finance chief, plans to cut more jobs – MarketWatch .


rite-aid– Rite Aid will shut down its distribution center in Newnan, Ga., and cut 297 jobs by the end of September to “improve operational efficiency.”

via Rite Aid closing Newnan facility, to cut 297 jobs – Atlanta Business Chronicle: .


– A total of 50 employees would be permanently laid off by Sept. 11.

via Tekonsha plant to cut 50 jobs | | The Enquirer.


– The layoffs will affect around 20 employees of the Owings Mills-based technology company’s work force of 200. The first round of job cuts were made in January, the company said.

via Avatech Solutions sheds jobs, cuts salaries – Baltimore Business Journal: .


– The downturn in the economy and, presumably, cutbacks in spending levels by clients, led Havas’s MPG to lay off 10% of its 460-strong U.S. workforce today (Thursday). Most of the cuts took place at the agency’s headquarters in New York, though Boston and Chicago were also affected.

via Havas’s MPG Cuts U.S. Workforce 10% – Media Buyer Planner.


– As part of a company-wide restructuring in North America, Europe and Asia, Dorel Industries will reduce its workforce at its Cannondale bicycle factory in Pennsylvania by two-thirds this year.


– A local company that makes plastic components for a variety of industries laid off nearly 40 workers last week, though the company president said he hopes the move is temporary.

via Layoffs hit home in Verona.


gavel2– Mayer Brown has announced that it is cutting 45 attorneys and 90 administrative staffers across its US offices.

via BREAKING: Mayer Brown Cuts 135 Lawyers, Staff Across U.S..


cornell1– ITHACA – Layoffs at Cornell University have been proceeding piecemeal over the past several months, with a total of 121 non-faculty, non-union employees laid off or receiving notice of a layoff to take effect before the end of the fiscal year.

via Cornell non-faculty and non-union layoffs total 121 | | The Ithaca Journal.


– Residential building product maker Ply Gem Industries Inc. will cut around 160 jobs and trim expenses by $6 million, the company’s latest cutbacks to deal with the slumping housing market.

via Ply Gem to cut 160 jobs, shift others – Triangle Business Journal: .


– According to a Twitter post from Evan Hansen, the Web site’s editor-in-chief, the company laid off 3 out of 25 full-time staffers or 12 percent of its workforce.

via lays off 12 percent of staff | Digital Media – CNET News.


newspaper2– RICHMOND – The Richmond Times-Dispatch has laid off 59 workers and cut 31 vacant positions in response to declines in advertising revenue.

via Richmond newspaper eliminates 90 jobs – WTKR.


smurfit-stone– Packaging giant Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. is closing a corrugated container plant in Mansfield in May as it works to stay afloat under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

via Smurfit-Stone closing Mansfield plant, cutting 91 – Business First of Columbus: .


-Findlay Industries Inc., a Pulaski County maker of truck cab interior components for Volvo Trucks North America, will close by May 1, putting more than 100 people out of work.

via Volvo partmaker Findlay to close plant in Pulaski Co. –


– Chances are, you don’t subscribe to magazines like you used to. As more people do that, it’s killing companies that print many national magazines. Now, 347 local jobs are about to go at the Quebecor World plant off Highway 51



International Layoff News



bombardier1– A slump in demand for corporate jets has forced plane maker Bombardier to slash 3,000 jobs, including almost 1,000 in Northern Ireland.

Canadian-owned Bombardier, best known for its Learjet executive plane, confirmed this morning it was reducing its global workforce by 10%. This is on top of 1,360 job cuts announced in February, including 300 in Belfast.

via Corporate jet taboo forces Bombardier to shed 3,000 jobs | Business | .


swiss-re– Reinsurance giant Swiss Re said it planned to cut 10% of its workforce – equivalent to around 1,150 jobs – as part of an efficiency drive.

The Zurich-based company, which has its main UK office at the “Gherkin” tower in the City of London, did not disclose where the jobs will go or how many staff were employed in the UK. It also has an office at Folkestone, Kent.

via The Press Association: Insurance company to cut 1,150 jobs.


aviva1– UK insurer Aviva, which owns Norwich Union, is to cut 1,100 jobs during 2009 as part of an efficiency drive, it has said in a statement.


beneteau– Shares in Beneteau fall as much 5.1 percent after daily Le Figaro reports the French boat maker may cut between 700 and 800 jobs to adjust to a 50 percent fall in orders since January.


– Former workers at the UK arm of US car parts firm Visteon have occupied a factory in Enfield, north London, the Unite union says.

They are also protesting at a plant in Essex, while 80 workers are still taking part in a sit-in at a factory in Belfast which began on Tuesday.

via BBC NEWS | Business | Car plant workers occupy factory.


– Prime Minister Karim Masimov said the state holding company Samruk-Kazyna will reduce its workforce by half, cut pay by an average 30 percent and that its subsidiary companies will slash their payrolls by 15 percent.


– Another 95 redundancies are to be sought at engineering firm FG Wilson’s three plants in Co Antrim.

via NI engineering firm seeks 95 further redundancies – The Irish Times – Wed, Apr 01, 2009.


– STAFF AT both Shaws and Haddens, Carlow have been left reeling with the news this week that ten of the stores’ longest serving staff will lose their jobs.

via Employees shocked as Shaws and Haddens demand redundancies .


– Julius Baer Holding said Wednesday it plans to lower overall operating expenses by up to 15% with measures that include job cuts at its flagship private bank.

via Julius Baer eyes job cuts in bid to slash costs.


– Filtrona Filters in Bedesway, Jarrow, which employs 365 staff, is blaming a worldwide decline in the tobacco market for axing 233 workers.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Tyne | Cigarette filter maker axes jobs.


– JOBS are being axed at Merseytravel – including nearly half its tunnels police force and the potential loss of a Mersey ferry.

via Liverpool – News – Liverpool Local News – Merseytravel announces plans to axe jobs in reorganisation.


– British home shopping and education supplies firm Findel (FDL.L) is closing its loss-making Cotswold Company and Letterbox brands as part of a streamlining that will lead to about 60 job losses.

via UPDATE 2-Findel cuts 60 jobs as closes Cotswold, Letterbox | Global Industries | Autos & Transport | Reuters .


– Salzburg window- and door-fitting manufacturer MACO announced today (Weds) that 440 of its 700 employees would begin six months of part-time work effective immediately.

via Austrian Times – Home > Business > Maco cuts half workforce to part-time.


– National Australia Bank Ltd will cut more than 50 personal banking staff from branches around the country, most of them in NSW, while adding a net 60 jobs to its business banking operations.

via Business Spectator – NAB sacks more than 50 personal banking staff.


– Johnstons of Elgin are to cut 40 jobs at their textiles mill, which employs more than 250 workers, in the town’s Mansfield Road.


Hiring News and News You Can Use


– The U.S. Department of Energy says it will hire as many as 3,000 workers to clean up the Savannah River Site, a nuclear weapons complex with a legacy of radioactive contamination.


– WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. – Wisconsin Rapids is getting a new factory that is expected to create about 400 jobs.

Mayor Mary Jo Carson said Energy Composites Corp. plans to begin construction on the 350,000 square foot plant as soon as this spring.

via Wisconsin Rapids plant to create 400 jobs —


– Consumers would shop more if they weren’t so worried about losing their jobs.

Or so goes the thinking behind an increase in marketing campaigns aimed at taking the risk out of spending.

From cars to suits, airline tickets to gym memberships, companies are gearing their advertisements toward people who have been recently laid off or fear they may soon be in the unemployment line.

via Businesses offer security to make the sale ––


– Walgreens is offering free health care services through its Take Care Clinics for routine illnesses suffered by certain laid off workers and their families who don’t have health insurance. However there are some catches.

via Walgreens clinics offering free service to certain laid off workers | Health Matters | STLtoday.


– Speaking at Ivy Tech Community College today, Gov. Mitch Daniels said seven companies will invest more than $22.6 million to add over 500 jobs to the area.


Mike: One blog reader left the following in the comments area, but I’ll post it here, too:

Join us on May 6, 2009, from 8am-3pm at the Chase Center on the Riverfront for The Delaware Job Hunters Education and Networking Event. This important and timely event is being held to provide education to Delaware job seekers to improve their job search skills and gain a competitive edge in today’s job market. The event will also provide attendees the opportunity to meet with local companies to learn about job opportunities. This is a FREE event.

To register for the event call Joyce Dungee Proctor at 302-504-9922 or visit and click on seminars and choose the Delaware Job Hunters event to register.


Mike: Tomorrow brings us another important employment indicator; the Employment Situation. The consensus is a loss of 651,000 jobs for the month of March, but with today’s increased jobless claims number, the Employment Situation may also spike higher. Till tomorrow………………………


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Jeff Stahler - Apr 2

Jeff Stahler - Apr 2



April 1 – American Woodmark cuts up to 600 – YRC plans to slash 600 – BCBS FL to cut 300 – Modelo cuts 1,200 MX brewery jobs – Pending home rise 2.1% – Private-sector cut 742,000 jobs in March, yet: Employers announced fewer job cuts in March – Jobless rates rise in all US metro areas

Mike: It was a very active day for layoff announcements and economic reports. The economic reports showed both some economic  improvement and some decline, but it depends on the report you read. Auto sales were still depressed, but better than expected. Home sales data were a little better in February than January, but still far below that same sales in 2008. While these reports show a decrease in decline, there is little to be cheerful about, yet the market seemed pleased, which is good for those holding market investments. Tomorrow brings the always anticipated Jobless Claims  number.  Till then……..


Mike: Wedsneday presents a variety of economic reports related to job creation. Those reports include, Motor Vehicle Sales , Construction Spending, and MBA Purchase Applications.  Onto the news.…………….


Mike: I am not often surprised by politicians lack of ethics,  but I am surprised when it comes to the number of well-paid, high level politicians who seem to have every excuse imaginable  for not paying their share of taxes. Below is the latest Obama cabinet nominee who was unable to prepare an accurate tax return. You would think that these people would have the best of CPAs to do their taxes, but instead they seem to hire H&R Block trainee failures. On the bright side, if you ever have to explain a tax issue with the IRS, you can say that you weren’t aware of the matter, just like Daschel, Sebelius and Geithner. After all, if those high ranking, intelligent, powerfully connected politicians don’t understand the tax code, then how are you expected to be able to do so. If you can’t trust a politician to pay their full taxes, how can you trust them to look out for your best interests? I don’t think you can.

WASHINGTON – Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius recently corrected three years of tax returns and paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding “unintentional errors” — the latest tax troubles for an Obama administration nominee. The Kansas governor explained the changes to senators in a letter dated Tuesday that the administration released. She said they involved charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.

via Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes.

* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:


Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News

General Economic News


– The Commerce Department said Wednesday that February construction activity dropped 0.9 percent, less sharply than the 1.5 percent decline economists expected. Total construction has been falling since October. The level of activity is at the slowest pace in nearly five years.
– The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday said its seasonally adjusted index of pending sales for previously occupied homes rose 2.1 percent — in line with expectations — to 82.1 in February from January’s record low of 80.4.
– General Motors Corp. led the slide with a 45 percent U.S. sales plunge compared with a year earlier, while Ford Motor Co. reported a 41 percent drop. Sales at Toyota Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC both dropped 39 percent, while Honda Motor Co. reported a 36 percent decline.


Bill Day - Apr 1

Bill Day - Apr 1



– NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. mortgage rates set fresh record lows last week, fostering demand for refinancing that drove home loan applications to the highest level since mid-January, data from the Mortgage Bankers Association showed on Wednesday.

Mike: You can take your pick from the two reports below. One indicates job losses are slowing and the other indicates the pace of job loss is increasing:

– The steady barrage of layoff news that has rocked the economy may finally be slowing, according to a report released Wednesday by an outplacement firm.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. reported that the number of planned job cuts announced in March fell for the second straight month.

via Challenger: Employers announced fewer job cuts in March – Yahoo! Finance.


– WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. labor market worsened again in March, as private-sector firms cut 742,000 jobs in March, signaling another terrible employment report on Friday, according to the ADP employment index released Wednesday. The report comes two days before the Labor Department reports its estimate for nonfarm payrolls.

via Private-sector cut 742,000 jobs in March, ADP says – MarketWatch


– WASHINGTON (AP) — Unemployment rates moved higher in all of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas in February with Indiana’s Elkhart-Goshen and North Carolina’s Hickory-Lenoir-Morgantown registering the biggest annual increases.

AP – Carolyn Lindsey, 47, of Washington, attends a preparatory class at an unemployment center in Washington, on Monday, March …

The U.S. Labor Department reported Wednesday that all 372 metropolitan areas tracked saw their jobless rates rise in February from a year earlier.

via Jobless rates rise in all US metro areas in Feb. – Yahoo! Finance.


– NEW YORK (CNN) — Nearly 40 unemployed New Yorkers threw phones, smashed pinatas and played “pin the blame on the boss” Tuesday at the “Unemployment Olympics” in New York City.

Jobless participants gathered at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s East Village for the event, created by recently laid-off computer software worker Nick Goddard.

“It’s just a lighthearted event for people to come out and have good time,” Goddard, 26 told CNN.

Former employees, from laid-off hedge fund workers and bankers to people who lost advertising and entertainment jobs, competed in themed events such as the “race towards unemployment.”

via At ‘Unemployment Olympics,’ they go for the silver lining –



Government Layoff News


-MANATEE — The U.S. Postal Service announced Tuesday that it will move some mail processing from Manatee County to Tampa, eliminating 59 jobs and adding to the 11 percent local unemployment rate.

via 59 postal jobs cut; operation moving – Lakewood Ranch Herald –


– VISTA, Calif. — Fifteen City of Vista employees have lost their jobs in the second-round of layoffs so far this calendar year, it was reported Wednesday.

via City Of Vista Lays Off 15 More Employees – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego.


– Bellefontaine Neighbors — As part of a $7.2 million cut to next year’s budget, the Riverview Gardens School District announced Tuesday plans to eliminate 121 jobs — including nearly 100 teachers — before school starts this fall.

via 04/01/2009 – Riverview Gardens School District cuts nearly 100 teachers – .


– The Champaign County School District has laid off over 80 members of its staff this year. According to Illinois State Law, schools are required to complete a Reduction in Force (RIF) within 45 days of the end of the current school term.



US and some Canada Layoff News



yrc– The nation’s largest trucking company, YRC Worldwide, parent of Akron-based Roadway, says it will cut as many as 600 nonunion support staff and corporate jobs in coming weeks to reduce costs as the recession continues to take a toll on business.


american-woodmark–  Hardy declined to say how many Moorefield employees are losing their jobs. However, in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said its actions would affect 600 jobs. The furloughs in Oklahoma will leave 100 workers jobless, according to Tulsa news reports.


alliancebernstein– AllianceBernstein Holding LP (AB.N) said Tuesday it had cut 237 jobs, or 4.7 percent of its worldwide staff, in the first quarter of 2009, with more layoffs planned in the second quarter as the company seeks to contain costs in the economic slump.

via UPDATE 1-AllianceBernstein cut 237 jobs in Q1, more on way | Industries | Financial Services & Real Estate | Reuters .


blue-cross-blue-shield– Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida Inc. said Wednesday it is cutting 300 employees, or about 5 percent, from its statewide workforce.


-PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A steel company gave notice Tuesday that it plans to lay off up to 225 workers in Portland, citing a slowdown in business.

Officials with Evraz Inc. say the layoffs are likely to begin over a two-week stretch beginning in late May.

via Central Oregons News, Weather and Sports Leader – Ore. company WARNs of 225 job cuts.


– About 225 ATK Launch Systems employees were laid off Monday effective immediately, according to a company spokesperson. Another 75 had opted to take early retirement.


– The economic slowdown has affected one of the largest employers in Maple Ridge, as E-One Moli Energy laid off 220 employees Monday.

The employer met with each of its workers on three shifts Monday and informed them of the decision.

via Maple Ridge News – Maple Ridge battery maker lays off 220 workers.


– This affects 177 employees at the business, the notice said. The reason cited is “economic,” and the notice said the closing occurred March 26.


vitesse– Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. is laying off about 60 of its roughly 500 employees, the company said in a release.

The Camarillo company makes high-speed semiconductors for networks. It said the cut of 12 percent of its global workforce is designed to reduce operating expenses.

via Pacific Coast Business Times – Vitesse cuts 60 jobs.


– About 50 salaried and hourly workers at MEMC learned Tuesday they no longer have jobs. The company has tried to achieve the reduction through voluntary means, a spokesman said, but some are leaving involuntarily.

via Breaking News-Herald Democrat.


– Club Car laid off 50 workers globally today, 40 from its facility in Evans, the company announced this afternoon.


– BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A greeting card company has laid off more than 50 employees as it ends its manufacturing operations in Bloomington.

via Greeting card company cuts 50 jobs in S. Indiana | | The Indianapolis Star .


sun– BP Solar will eliminate 140 jobs at its manufacturing facility in Frederick, the company announced Tuesday.

via BP Solar cuts 140 jobs at manufacturing facility in Frederick.


– The pain of the auto industy crisis hits a Michigan plant. Hydro is closing its aluminium tubing plant in Adrian, Michigan, affecting over 100 employees.

via Adrian’s Hydro plant to close – 3/31/09 – Toledo News –


– Exide Technologies has announced it is temporarily closing its lead-acid battery formation facility in Florence  The move will affect 38 employees.

via Florence plant closing today | | The Clarion-Ledger.


sun1* Sun Microsystems Inc. handed out 1,500 layoff notices to its global workforce on Tuesday, including 24 employees in Bellevue.

via Sun Microsystems to lay off 24 in Bellevue.


– The eastern Wisconsin company, Thilmany Papers, says it will cut production starting in May, eliminating about 30 jobs and reassigning 15 other workers.

via WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports –WI papermaker announces layoffs.


deere– MOLINE, ILL. — Deere & Company announced Tuesday that 40 employees of the John Deere Ottumwa Works will be placed on indefinite layoff in April due to reduced market conditions for the factory’s products. The layoff affects production workers with the least seniority.

via Deere announces Ottumwa layoffs : News : KTVO3 .


cessna* WICHITA – More layoffs and a two-week plant shutdown are in the works at Cessna Aircraft, the company told employees Tuesday.

via Cessna planning more layoffs | Aviation | Wichita Eagle.


– The outsourcing could affect nine full-time and part-time employees and three student employees if it is deemed more cost effective than the current distribution system.

via UNM Press cuts jobs, targets outsourcing – New Mexico Business Weekly: .


– Mayor Ron Tendick said local plant managers notified the city of Jacksonville on Tuesday that EMI will lay off about 100 workers from the remaining work force of 123 by mid-July. Their jobs will be outsourced, Tendick said.

via EMI to cut about 100 jobs in Jacksonville – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.


– Muller Martini Manufacturing Corp., a manufacturer of book binding machinery, will lay off 79 workers in its Newport News plant by May 29 due to a sharp decline in orders.

via Book binding manufacturer to lay off 79 NN workers —


– Since the beginning of the year, Media Recovery/Shockwatch, now operating corporately as MRI, has let 27 of its employees go.

via MRI lays off 27 workers.


tv* WBTW News 13, the CBS affiliate covering Myrtle Beach, cut seven positions on Monday as other media outlets owned by its parent company, Media General, also laid off employees to save costs in the down economy.

via Coastal business | News 13 cuts seven positions – Business – The Sun News.


xstrata* About 175 workers at Xstrata Copper’s Kidd Creek Metallurgical Site will be affected by an eight-week shutdown starting April 13 because of weak demand for sulphuric acid.

via Xstrata shutdown impacts 175 – Timmins Daily Press – Ontario, CA .


–  BRADFORD, Pa.—W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery says it will lay off 78 workers in the second set of job cuts this year for the north-central Pennsylvania company.

via Cutlery company W.R. Case & Sons to lay off 78 – The York Daily Record.


– OTTAWA, April 1 (Reuters) – Fuel cell developer Ballard Power Systems (BLD.TO) (BLDP.O) is eliminating 39 positions, or about 8.5 percent of its 450 staff, to reduce costs as it faces increased pressure from the global economic downturn.

via Ballard eliminates 39 jobs in cost-cutting move | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters .


hospital– Skaggs Regional Medical Center in Branson has recently eliminated 53 jobs.

via Branson Daily News :: News :: Skaggs eliminates 53 jobs.


gavel– Robinson & Cole, the Hartford-based law firm, said it will trim its staff by 30 positions — including 11 lawyers — across the firm’s seven offices in the Northeast.

via Robinson & Cole Law Firm Cutting 30 Jobs in Northeast – Capitol Watch.



gavel1– Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell has cut 10 percent of its total workforce, including about 6 percent of its lawyers, the national law firm with substantial presence in Dallas said Wednesday.



– A struggling auto parts maker has cut 49 jobs in Auburn, a company official confirmed Monday.

via Parts maker slices 49 jobs | The Journal Gazette.


– While the distributor of news releases to media outlets eliminated jobs, it’s hiring in other areas, so the total loss represents less than 2% of its total U.S. work force of about 750 people, said Rachel Meranus, vice president of public relations.

via Crain’s Cleveland Business: PR Newswire eliminates ‘handful’ of Cleveland jobs amid broader cuts .


opnext-inc– Opnext Inc. said Wednesday it plans to cut 10 percent of its global work force, reduce executive salaries and director cash compensation by 10 percent, and trim general employee salaries by 5 percent.

Fremont-based Opnext (NASDAQ:OPXT), a designer and maker of optical subsystems, modules and components, said it will also eliminate cash bonuses for fiscal year 2009 and salary increases in the current fiscal year and suspend its matching contribution to the 401(k) plan.

via Opnext cutting staff, salaries, perks – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .


– According to a statement issued by the La Jolla-based biopharmaceutical firm, the seven-person staff reduction is intended to provide the company additional time to evaluate strategic alternatives, including a possible sale.

via Therapeutic Inc. Cuts Workforce To 3 Employees – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego.


newspaper The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is reporting today that it has made what it called a “significant” work-force reduction to keep pace with rapidly declining advertising revenues.

via WHMI 93.5 FM Radio Station for Livingston County Michigan with News, Traffic, and Weather Service for Howell and Brighton.



David Horsey - Apr 1

David Horsey - Apr 1



– Workers at L.S. Starrett Co. learned Tuesday some of them will be laid off this week, although company officials said the final number has not yet been determined.

via Mount Airy News – L S Starrett cutting work force locally.


– About 50 salaried and hourly workers at MEMC learned Tuesday they no longer have jobs. The company has tried to achieve the reduction through voluntary means, a spokesman said, but some are leaving involuntarily.

via Herald Democrat.


– Talent Plus, a Lincoln human resources consulting company, said it reduced its workforce by 16 full-time equivalents, a 12 percent reduction. 

via – Lincoln, Nebraska – News – Business.


– Stroh Die Casting Co. plans to lay off 12 employees at its Milwaukee factory by May 29.

via Stroh Die Casting plans to cut jobs – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


– Churchill Corporation (CUQ:CA) says work is drying up in the Alberta oilsands, forcing it to cut 35 per cent of subsidiary Triton’s workforce despite a recent 104 per cent jump in revenues in the division.

via Churchill Corporation cuts subsidiary Triton’s workforce – Daily Commercial News.


– According to a media release, 48 employees were let go. In December, 27 employees were laid off at the manufacturing plant.

via Yankton Press & Dakotan > Archives > Community > Gehl Cuts 48 More Jobs.


– Agfa HealthCare plans to close its facility in Hartland, leaving 35 employees without jobs.

via Agfa HealthCare to close Hartland facility – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


newspaper1– The California Media Workers Guild unit representing workers at the troubled San Francisco Chronicle said late Tuesday that the paper’s management had received about 120 applications for voluntary termination from the union’s rank and file as of 5 p.m. on March 31.

via About 120 San Francisco Chronicle staffers apply for buyouts – San Francisco Business Times: .


– Shapiro told AllThingsD today that the company has laid off 25 people, putting its total headcount somewhere in the “mid-40s,” which is a far cry from the 110 employees that Veoh had before the last round of cuts.


– More layoffs at Condé: The company confirms that it trimmed staff at Condé Nast Digital, but wouldn’t share numbers. Gawker says “20 or more employees” were laid off. Specifically, we’ve heard that was gutted, but the cuts were across all of the digital group.

via More Cuts At Condé Nast Digital.


– Some 32 Oneida Ltd. employees are being laid off as a result of a licensing agreement the company announced it made in January and finalized this week with Robinson Home Products Inc., a spokesman said.

via Oneida to lay off 32 workers in licensing agreement deal – Utica, NY – The Observer-Dispatch.


hospital1– ROCHESTER — Frisbie Memorial Hospital announced Tuesday it laid off two dozen employees and reduced hours for more than 100 others, citing economic concerns.

via Frisbie Hospital lays off 24 – Fosters.


aig– VESTAL – American International Group reportedly laid off an undetermined number of workers Tuesday, though company executives could not be reached to confirm the details.

via Reports: AIG laying off employees | | Press & Sun-Bulletin.


– RENSSELAER — Fujicolor Processing notified the state today it will close a film manufacturing plant with 145 employees in Rensselaer County by July 1.

via Fujicolor plant in Rensselaer closing; 145 to lose jobs.


international-paper– 123 employees at the lumber mill will lose their jobs, while the reductions at the sheet plant and converting center will affect approximately 35 employees.

via International Paper closing mill in Franklin, Va. – Memphis Business Journal: .


– Approximately 90 employees will be impacted with the closing in the upcoming weeks of the Maysteel plant in Columbus.

via : Beaver Dam Daily Citizen Online.


– Lynn S. Anderson, a spokeswoman for the firm, said the facility employs about 150 hourly workers and 25 salaried employees.



International Layoff News



sun2– BP is to axe 620 jobs from its solar power business – more than a quarter of that workforce – in a move it said was part of the long-term strategy to “reduce the cost of solar power to that of conventional electricity.”

via BP axes 620 jobs from solar power business | Environment | .


corona– MEXICO CITY, March 31 (Reuters) – Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo (GMODELOC.MX) is slashing 1,200 jobs as the global economic downturn hits beer sales, the company said on Tuesday.

via Mexican brewer Modelo cuts 1,200 jobs amid crisis | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters .


– Bosnia’s largest steel maker ArcelorMittal Zenica will suspend up to three quarters of its workforce in April, giving them slightly above half pay, union and company officials said on Tuesday.


– The owner of Southampton docks is to make 60 workers compulsorily redundant at the city’s container port terminal.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Hampshire | City port axing 60 jobs at dock.


– More than 180 people in north Devon have been told they could lose their jobs at a door manufacturing factory.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Devon | Door factory change hits 185 jobs.


– Sacked workers made redundant at failed Ford car parts manufacturer Visteon are vowing to continue a sit-in at the west Belfast factory.

The US owned plant closed yesterday with the loss of more than 200 jobs after administrators were called in.

via Devastated Visteon staff stage sit-in as 200 jobs go in factory shutdown – Local & National, News –


– More than 300 workers will finish up at Brisbane’s Fisher and Paykel refrigerator factory on Thursday, as the company prepares to shift operations to Thailand.

via Fisher and Paykel workers to be laid off.


– A factory in Lancashire which claims to be the largest CD manufacturing facility in the UK is to close down with the loss of 260 jobs.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Lancashire | Jobs cut as CD factory shuts down.


riotinto– ts announced 35 jobs will be lost from its Hunter Valley Operations, the Mount Thorley-Warkworth super-pit, and the Bengalla mine.

via Rio announces job cuts in Hunter Valley mines – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


– Swiss airline maintenance firm SR Technics Group said Wednesday it will make 600 workers at its Dublin Airport facility redundant at the end of the week.

via Swiss air maintenance co. cuts 600 jobs in Ireland –


– BRUSSELS, April 1 (Reuters) – Unemployment in the euro zone jumped more than expected in February to 8.5 percent, data showed on Wednesday, underlining the speed of economic deterioration a day before the ECB meets on interest rates.

via Euro zone Feb unemployment jumps more than expected | Currencies | Reuters .


– KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, an Austrian motorcycle, in which Bajaj Auto holds 31.72 per cent stake, plans to cut down its workforce by almost 50 per cent, reports The Austrian Times.

via KTM to cut workforce by 50 per cent n trim its output by 25 per cent – WheelsUnplugged Automobile Industry News .


– Brazilian beef processor Independencia SA [INDALI.UL] is shutting three units and laying off 1,400 workers in response to lower demand for beef and falling prices, the privately-owned company said on Wednesday.



Hiring News and News You Can Use


– Q-Edge, an electronics assembly company based in Plainfield, Ind., is planning to bring a significant operation to Alliance Global Logistics Hub in Fort Worth.

via Q-Edge to bring 500 jobs to Fort Worth – Dallas Business Journal: .


– Up to 75 jobs are to be created when a supermarket opens its doors in Oswestry.

via Supermarket Morrisons to create jobs in Oswestry : Shropshire Star: .


– JAY – A grant exceeding $254,000 from the U.S. Department of labor will assist approximately 73 workers affected by layoffs at Wausau Paper.

“Today’s grant will provide affected workers with supportive services, such as career counseling and retraining in new occupational fields that will enhance their eligibility for re-employment,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis in a news release.

via – Grant will help some laid-off workers.


– GAFFNEY, S.C. — Snak-Time Foods in Gaffney said it will be expanding its Cherokee County operation, adding 40 jobs.

Kara Borie, a representative of the South Carolina Department of Commerce, said that the company is planning to invest $800,000 into its Gaffney facility.

via Cherokee Co. Company Adding 40 Jobs – News Story – WHNS Greenville.


– APX Alarm, one of the nation’s largest residential security alarm companies, announced today that it will be adding more than 200 new permanent positions with a majority based at its corporate headquarters.

via APX Alarm Adding More than 200 Full-Time Jobs.


– The NEA will help deliver about $700 million of investment in National Grid’s electricity transmission system, creating more than 500 jobs in New England over the next five years.

via National Grid Helps Create 500 New Jobs l


– Local merchandiser MainGate Inc. announced plans this afternoon to expand its west-side headquarters and production operations, which should create 75 jobs by 2013 – Indianapolis Business Journal – Story Detail.


– Convergys Corp. plans to hire 350 people for its Orlando contact center, which would bring its total workforce locally to about 1,700


Mike: It was a very active day for layoff announcements and economic reports. The economic reports showed both some economic improvement and some decline, but it depends on the report you read. Auto sales were still depressed, but better than expected. Home sales data were a little better in February than January, but still far below that same sales in 2008. While these reports show a decrease in decline, there is little to be cheerful about, yet the market seemed pleased, which is good for those holding market investments. Tomorrow brings the always anticipated Jobless Claims  number.  Till then……..



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Tom Toles - April 1

Tom Toles - April 1




March 31 – Sun confirms 1500 gone this week – Commerzbank to dump 2,200 – Cardinal Health to slash 1,300 – Dutch KPN to cut 1,400 jobs – 700 dismissed at Forest City – Online Job Demand Down 100,000 in March – US home price drops set records – Walgreens offers free health care to laid-off workers – 3M dumps another 1,200

Mike: Mike: A very difficult day for many who lost their jobs,  from SUN in the morning to 3M in the afternoon. Till Wednesday……………
Today’s economic calendar showed retail sales Retail sales rose last week  and consumer sentiment U.S. consumer confidence barely above record low, but there were no job reports this day. There was also Obama at G-20 summit , which should be an interesting show, since many European countries think the US is crazy to go into so much debt, while they have some spending controls.  They won’t be playing nice with Obama at this summit. 

Mike: The following article shows how the reported unemployment numbers are skewed to the low end, which misleads the public into thinking that the employment situation isn’t as bad as they think it is. I’ve harped on this quite a bit, so it’s good to see that some of the mainstream outlets are starting to recognize the growing problem of the unreported unemployed. 

  •  As a self-employed contractor, Bender is not only ineligible for unemployment benefits; she doesn’t even get counted in the government’s unemployment statistics. “It’s scary to think that I’m completely not tracked and have no access to benefits,” says Bender. “And it’s scary as hell to think that I’m at risk of falling through the cracks.”
* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:


Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News


 * Microsoft delivered the coup de grâce Monday to its dying Encarta encyclopedia, acknowledging what everyone else realized long ago: it just couldn’t compete with Wikipedia, a free, collaborative project that has become the leading encyclopedia on the Web.


General Economic News


9:45 AM ET
* U.S. business activity contracted in March for a sixth consecutive month, reaching the lowest level in almost three decades, as companies struggle in the second year of the recession.

The Institute for Supply Management-Chicago Inc. said today its business barometer decreased more than forecast to 31.4, the lowest since 1980, from 34.2 the prior month. Readings below 50 signal a contraction.

via ISM-Chicago Purchasers’ Index Decreases to 31.4 (Update1) – .


* U.S. consumer confidence rose slightly in March but remained near record lows as the economy remained weak and job prospects grew increasingly uncertain.

Reuters – A shopper reaches into his wallet in Burbank, California November 28, 2008. REUTERS/Fred Prouser …

The Conference Board’s sentiment index inched up to 26.0 this month from an upwardly revised 25.3 in February. The original February reading of 25 represented an all-time low for the index, which dates back to 1967.

via U.S. consumer confidence barely above record low – Yahoo! Finance.



 * Home prices sank by the sharpest annual rate on record in January, and the pace continues to accelerate, but there were a handful battered metro areas where price declines slowed, according to data released Tuesday.

AP – In this Jan. 25, 2009 file photo, a price reduced placard hangs below the sale sign outside an …

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller index of home prices in 20 major cities tumbled by a record 19 percent from January 2008. It was the largest decline since the index started in 2000. The 10-city index dropped 19.4 percent, also a new record.

via US home price drops set records in Jan. – Yahoo! Finance.


 * Online advertised vacancies dropped 100,000 to 3,248,000 in March, according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series (HWOL)(TM) released today. The March loss follows sharp drops of 507,000 in December and 506,000 in January and a very modest dip of 6,600 in February. This has resulted in a decline of over 1,120,000 advertised vacancies, or over 25 percent, in the last four months.

via The Conference Board :: The Conference Board Reports Online Job Demand Down 100,000 in March.


  •  At the heart of President Obama’s approach to foreign policy has been a promise to end the “unilateral” strategies of his predecessor and heal bruised relations with America’s allies.

But as Obama makes his presidential debut on the diplomatic stage at the Group of 20 summit in London this week, he faces leaders from both Europe and Asia who have rejected some of his most important proposals for rescuing the global economy, including his call for more stimulus spending.

via Obama at G-20 summit: Popular president, unpopular plan – Los Angeles Times.


  •  Retail sales in the United States rose slightly in the week ending March 28, the International Council of Shopping Centers-USB reported Tuesday.

Sales were up 1.1 percent for the week but dropped 0.2 percent compared to the same week a year ago, the report said.

via Retail sales rose last week – MarketWatch .



Dana Summers - Mar 30

Dana Summers - Mar 30


Government Layoff News


  •  Monday afternoon 121 members of the Santa Rosa County Education Support Staff learned they would not be returning next year as the school district continues to make cuts.

via Schools cut 121 support staff members | staff, school, teachers – Breaking News – Santa Rosa Press Gazette.


  •  Akron Public Schools will eliminate 17 administrative jobs to save more than $1.6 million a year.

via – APS to cut 17 posts .


  •  BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Educators laid off at a Louisiana school for juvenile delinquents criticized the job losses on Monday, telling a panel of officials the school has lost key personnel with experience handling often volatile classrooms.

via Educators laid off at La. school for delinquents – AP –


  •  The City School District will cut 287 jobs, including more than 251 teachers, under a $687 million budget proposed for the 2009-10 academic year.

via Rochester schools plan to drop 287 jobs | | Democrat and Chronicle.


  •  Circuit Court Clerk Pat Frank told her employees via an Internet video Monday that some of the office’s 900 employees will lose their jobs in the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. The employees who don’t lose their jobs will have their salary cut.

via Circuit Clerk Looking At Job Cuts, Furloughs.


  •  The reduction in force affects about 101 non-tenured teachers and 40 paraprofessionals in North Chicago School District 187, said Superintendent Lauri Hakanen.

via North Chicago to cut 101 teaching positions :: News Sun :: News.


  •  Ten Maumee City Schools employees have been notified that their jobs are ending. — .


  •  The Tulare County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to lay off employees to cut spending.


US and some Canada Layoff News


sun11* Sun Microsystems is laying off about 1,500 employees this week in a follow-up to a restructuring plan announced a few months ago, the company confirmed Monday.

via Sun Confirms 1500 Jobs Cut This Week – Business Center – PC World.


cardinal-health* NEW YORK (AP) — Cardinal Health Inc. said Tuesday its clinical and medical products unit will eliminate 1,300 jobs, with most of the cuts made over the next six months, as hospitals cut back on equipment purchases.

via The Associated Press: Cardinal Health to cut 1,300 jobs at clinical unit.


3m* 3M Co., Minnesota’s largest manufacturing company, is cutting its worldwide workforce by another 1,200 jobs, or 1.5 percent, in response to the global recession.

Fewer than half of the job cuts will be in the United States, but several hundred will be in Minnesota, Jacqueline Berry, a 3M spokeswoman, said today.

via 3M cuts another 1,200 jobs.


3m1* 3M Co. today confirmed it has laid off 1,200 employees as part of a previously announced work force reduction.


kinetic-concepts* Kinetic Concepts Inc. said Monday that the company is planning on laying off 4 percent of its work force, or 300 employees, worldwide.

via KCI will eliminate 300 positions worldwide – San Antonio Business Journal: .


  •  The filing shows that Forest City slashed its full-time staff by 487, or 15%, to 2,845 from 3,332 a year ago. Forest City pared its part-time staff by 233 jobs, or 37%, to 392 as of Jan. 31 from 625 a year earlier.


  •  Electronics maker Sparton Corp (SPA.N) said it plans to close its facility in London, Ontario, Canada, affecting 24 salaried and 63 hourly employees, due to underutilization caused by significantly lower customer volumes.

via UPDATE 1-Sparton to shut Ontario facility, cut jobs | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


fla-orthopedics* Miramar-based FLA Orthopedics Inc. filed notice today with the state that it’s slashing 163 manufacturing jobs between May 29 and Sept. 30.

via Lay-offs: FLA Orthopedics Inc. to furlough 163 in Miramar — South Florida


  •  Brush Engineered Materials Inc. said Monday it has increased the scope of job cuts it announced in February, trimming an additional 5 percent of its work force as one of several cost-cutting measures aimed at responding to global economic downturn.

via Brush Engineered Materials to cut 5% more jobs – Business –


chrysler2* Chrysler’s financial arm said Tuesday it is eliminating 80 jobs as the parent company attempts to cut costs and restructure to stave off bankruptcy.


  •  Dyax Corp (DYAX.O) said it cut 60 jobs, effective immediately, to focus on the commercialization of its lead product candidate, and would take a charge of about $2 million in the first quarter.

via UPDATE 1-Dyax cuts 60 jobs; sees Q1 charge | Industries | Healthcare | Reuters .


cessna* Cessna Aircraft Co. announced Tuesday it will be laying off more employees, according to KAKE TV.

Bob Stangarone, vice president of communications with Cessna, says the layoffs will be companywide and affect all pay categories.

The number of layoffs will be announced next month, following the first-quarter report from Cessna’s parent company, Textron Inc. The company has already laid off 4,600 workers, including 4,000 in Wichita.

via Cessna to lay off more workers – Wichita Business Journal: .


newspaper46* The Florida Communications Group Monday laid off 53 employees and eliminated 12 open positions due to continuing declines in the local advertising market, executives said.

via Media General Lays Off 53 Today In Tampa Offices.


newspaper47* According to the website for the Charlottesville based newspaper, six jobs were eliminated, four in the newsroom and two in advertising.


tv1* Seattle’s KING 5 TV laid off about 15 people Monday, a few weeks after its corporate parent announced that it would reduce its workforce to cut costs.

via KING 5 TV lays off 5 percent of workers – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): .


hospital7* One of this areas largest hospitals is being affected by the worsening economy. Maury Regional Medical Center will lay off a small number of employees and freeze salaries to help cope with the downturn in the economy.

via WDXE Radio – Lawrenceburg, TN.


  •  Bonfils Blood Center announced Monday it eliminated 44 jobs and closed two of seven donor centers in the Denver Metro Area because of the economic downturn.

via Bonfils cuts 10% of staff, closes donor centers : Breaking News : Boulder, CO.


  •  Western Forest Products has unexpectedly cancelled its harvesting contract with Port Hardy’s largest logging company, putting 30 workers out of work and raising questions about the future of logging on northern Vancouver Island.

via Cancelled logging contract costs 30 Port Hardy jobs .


  •  An already decimated workforce in Greene County took another hit, when EcoQuest International laid off more than 60 employees. 

via EcoQuest Sold: More Than 60 People Laid Off | TriCities.


  •  Since mid-March, another 50 hourly workers have been put on temporary layoff, bringing the total to about 360 or just over 10 per cent of Essar Algoma’s usual 3,500-member workforce. The last pink slips were handed out last week, said spokesperson Brenda Stenta.

via Essar lays off another 50 workers – The Sault Star – Ontario, CA .


  •  GE Solar, a branch of the General Electric Company, has announced the layoff of the second and third production shifts as well as some engineering staff at the its Newark, Delaware manufacturing site.  About 86 employees were released, down from 200 total workers.

via 86 laid off by GE Solar in Delaware facility – Photovoltaics International.


  •  Sixty-three Austin-area employees will lose their jobs starting in May as homebuilder TOUSA Inc., which filed for bankruptcy last year, winds down its operations nationwide, citing the “severe” economic environment.

via Florida builder cuts jobs as it seeks buyer for Texas operations.


hilton-hotels* Hilton Hotels Corp. is cutting an undisclosed number of jobs at its Memphis headquarters as part of a companywide “transformation.”

via Coffee Break: Hilton is cutting jobs in Memphis : Employment : Memphis Commercial Appeal.


a-air1* American Airlines’ regional affiliate American Eagle will be laying off 75 pilots, said Andrea Huguely, a spokeswoman for AMR Corp., the parent company of American.

via American Eagle to cut 75 pilot jobs – Dallas Business Journal: .


  •  Quidel Corp (QDEL.O), which provides rapid diagnostic tests, said it would cut about 10 percent of its workforce from all areas of business to reduce costs and take a restructuring charge in the first quarter.

via UPDATE 1-Quidel to cut 10 pct jobs, sees Q1 charge | Reuters .


  •  LAKE CITY — Lake City business leaders are hearing indications that Federal Mogul, a major employer in the city with about 350 workers, has begun layoffs and is continuing with its workforce adjustments.

The automotive parts supply company is not releasing information and calls to its Southfield, Mich., headquarters were not returned.

via Rochester, MN.


  •  Canaccord said it will shed 75 broker positions in the coming months out of a combined 375 across the country.

via Canaccord to cut 20 pct of brokers in Canada | Industries | Financial Services & Real Estate | Reuters .


  •  The Flushing, New York-based company, attributing the new cost-cutting measure to the weakened global shipping industry, announced that it would slash its workforce to 52, along with a proposed 33% reduction in annualized office rent expense. Pursuant to cost saving initiative affecting 23 employees, the company expects about 27% reduction in annualized personnel expenses.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings, Pos Pre Announcements,PreAnnouncements,Surprises …. .


  •  The move will affect 38 employees, according to the company, which cited the ongoing recession as the primary reason for the closing.

via Florence plant closing today | | The Clarion-Ledger.


gavel33* In a second round of layoffs since December, Reed Smith is letting go 26 attorneys and 74 staff members in its United States and United Kingdom offices due to a slowdown in its transactional practices.

via Reed Smith Cuts 100 Lawyers & Staff | ABA Journal – Law News Now.


wausau* The latest machine closure, expected to take place by May 31, will lower the company’s specialty products segment’s annual production capacity by 28,000 tons, or 10 percent, and impact 96 jobs, Wausau said.

via UPDATE 1-Wausau Paper to close paper machine in Maine, cut jobs | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters .


alcoa2* MASSENA — Alcoa announced today that the company will cut about 170 jobs from its East Plant here, formerly the Reynolds plant.

via Watertown Daily Times | Alcoa announces 170 job cuts at Massena plant.


vassar* Vassar will reduce its workforce by 3 percent, through an unspecified number of job cuts, buyouts and attrition, and will suspend faculty searches and contracts for adjunct instructors, Catharine Hill, the president of the school, said yesterday in a letter to alumni. The school raised tuition and fees 4.5 percent, to $51,470, and will increase financial aid, Hill said.

via Vassar Will Raise Tuition, Cut Jobs After Endowment Falls 21% – .


  •  We’ve confirmed that hi5, the third largest social network in the world, is laying off employees today. hi5’s VP of Marketing, Mike Trigg, wouldn’t say how many employees were being let go but we’ve received multiple independent tips that the social network laid off 50% of its staff.



International Layoff News



commerzbank* Commerzbank AG, Germany’s second- biggest bank, reached an agreement with labor representatives on plans to eliminate 2,200 head office jobs in Frankfurt as part of the integration with Dresdner Bank.


kpn* Dutch computer services firm Getronics, part of telecoms company Royal KPN, said Tuesday it plans to cut around 1,400 jobs – 10 percent of its work force – to save money and adapt to weak market conditions.

via Dutch KPN to cut 1,400 jobs at Getronics unit –


sandvik* Engineering group Sandvik AB on Tuesday said it was slashing 490 jobs in Sweden because of weak demand for its products.

via Sandvik engineering group cuts 490 jobs –


  •  British rail network services company Jarvis Plc (JRVS.L) said operating results for its year to end-March would be below previous management expectations and it was to cut 450 jobs, but net debt will be lower


  •  PROGRAMMED Group says it has noticed reduced demand for its maintenance services in some sectors, and has made some staff in the Workforce and SWG divisions redundant.

via Programmed Maintenance Services restructures, cuts staff in SWG and Workforce .


  •  British radio maker Sepura Plc (SEPU.L) said on Tuesday it would cut 45 jobs in a restructuring to cut costs and take a related charge of 1.3 million pounds that would hurt its full-year results.

via UPDATE 1-Sepura to cut 45 jobs, sees FY results in line | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters .


  •  Cedyna Financial Corp., a credit card unit of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. that’s starting business tomorrow, plans to cut jobs and close data processing centers as consumer spending falls.


  •  ABOUT 25 people are to lose their call centre jobs at a leading Peterborough-based travel firm.

via Thomas Cook to cut 25 temporary call centre jobs – Peterborough Today .


  •  UK dairy company Yeo Valley has confirmed that 103 jobs will be cut across three locations as it seeks to adjust to the downturn in the market and bids to remain competitive.

via UK: Yeo Valley Cuts 103 Jobs due to Dairy Market Downturn – Food Industry News .


  •  NAIROBI, March 31 (Reuters) – Kenya’s leading brewery, East African Breweries (EABL1.NR), said on Tuesday it will cut an unspecified number of jobs due to rising costs and lower sales.

via Kenya’s East African Breweries to cut jobs | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters .


  •  240 jobs are to go in Co. Wicklow, it emerged this afternoon, as veterinary product company Schering-Plough announced the closure of its plant in Bray.

via 240 jobs to be cut at Bray plant – Ireland, Breaking News –


  •  C&D Foods has announced 29 redundancies at its Edgeworthstown plant where it employs a total workforce of 312.

via RTÉ News: 29 jobs to go at petfood plant.


riotinto1* Mining giant Rio Tinto has confirmed it will shed 70 jobs from its coal division as part of a global organisational review to slash 14,000 jobs worldwide.



Hiring News and News You Can Use



  •  LaBarge Products Inc. is hiring 48 new employees to work on a new $27 million military contract to build combat system repair equipment.

via LaBarge Products adds 48 jobs – St. Louis Business Journal: .


  •  A nearly 800 wind turbine project planned for Garfield and Columbia counties would create about 75 permanent positions and hundreds of construction jobs, some of which may seep into neighboring counties like Benton and Franklin.

via Wind turbine project brings jobs to region – Mid-Columbia News | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news .


  •  A ribbon-cutting on the future of the Capital Region was held Monday. It was all about Nano-Fab East, a new $150 million building at the NanoTech Complex near Washington Avenue Extension and Fuller Road in Albany.

via WTEN: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports – NanoTech investment promises 600 new jobs.


  •  Officials here Monday hailed Disney’s decision to move its cruise ship Disney Wonder’s home port to Los Angeles, saying that such move would create thousands of jobs and generate millions of U.S. dollars in tax revenue at a time of economic hardship.

via Disney cruise ship to bring jobs, visitors to Los Angeles area_English_Xinhua .


  •  As the White House questions the viability of GM (NYSE:GM) and Chrysler, Smith Electric Vehicles is getting ready to build a new truck assembly plant in Kansas City that will produce zero-emission commercial trucks by the third quarter of this year.

via Baltimore Renewable Energy Examiner: New Electric Truck Plant to create 120 jobs.


  •  EDMUNDSTON, N.B. — The New Brunswick government says it will provide forgivable loans to Primus Telecommunications Canada for each of the 113 new jobs to be created at an expanded customer contact centre in Edmundston, N.B.

via The Canadian Press: N.B. to provide loans to Primus Canada for 113 new jobs at contact centre.


  •  Uncle Sam wants you, to apply for a government job.

It’s estimated that by 2016, 40% of all current federal employees will retire, creating a huge shortage.

Plus, the economic stimulus package passed by the federal government is expected to create 120,000 more jobs in just three years.

via Federal Government Needs Job Applicants – WABI TV5.


  •  GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — Hundreds of people still are needed for local 2010 Census jobs.

via Genesee County Census jobs still available – Flint News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – .


  •  GM, which is trying to regain consumers’ trust as it works with the government to avoid bankruptcy, calls its program Total Confidence. Through April 30, GM will offer to make as many as nine car payments of as much as $500 for car purchasers in the event they are laid off within the first two years of buying the car. It will also offer to cover any underwater portion on a financed vehicle that is later traded in for another GM vehicle.

Ford’s plan, Ford Advantage, will cover up to 12 months’ worth of payments in the event of unemployment. The maximum payment it will cover is $700 per month, and it’s valid on all purchases through June 1.

via GM, Ford roll out incentives for unemployed – Los Angeles Times.


  •  The nation’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens, and its Take Care Health Systems launched an initiative to offer free health care services to all of its current and future patients who lose their jobs after Tuesday and have no health insurance.


Mike: A very difficult day for many who lost their jobs,  from SUN to 3M. With all that bad news, let me end the day with a laugh. Till Wednesday……………


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Michael Ramirez - Mar 30

Michael Ramirez - Mar 30



March 27 – IBM jobs cut fallout continues – GM hiring, but wages cut in half – Johnson Controls to cut jobs, close 10 plants – Disney To Eliminate 800 Jobs – Wal-Mart axes 650 in Columbus, OH – Tyson chops 580 OK jobs – Amazon shuts centers, 210 affected – Merck readies job axe

Mike: Good day. It was a busy day for layoff announcements, especially for a Friday. 
A couple of economic reports showed the state of the consumer Consumer Sentiment and  Personal Income and Outlays , both of which showed some improvement
Mike: There are a great deal of daily layoffs, so if I have missed any that you would like posted, send me a note at, or leave a note in the comments area. Thanks….

Also, I still plan to move this site to , so drop by, take a look and send along any suggestions that will improve your experince on this site. Thanks again. Enjoy your weekend……………..
* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:



Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News


Mike: If you’re interested in following the IBM layoff saga along with employee comments and updates, visit .

ibm17* Copy of letter regarding outsourcing, from Senior DPE – Hartford Insurance Account

“Starting next week several Hartford delivery teams will be working directly with fellow IBM team members from India to begin the second phase of our Global delivery solution planned for the Hartford account. The teams will be engaged in a multi-week effort to facilitate knowledge transfer to prepare for migration of specific work activities to global delivery counterparts later in 2009. Your continued support and leadership is critical to ensure our overall success and to ensure we continue to deliver high quality cost effective solutions that IBM committed to the Hartford. Please ensure you and your teams actively support this effort.”

via Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701.


ibm18* International Business Machines Corp. came under fire from labor organizers Thursday on reported plans that it will cut 5,000 jobs and send work to India while seeking federal stimulus funds.

via Labor slams IBM for job cuts while seeking stimulus – San Francisco Business Times: .


ibm20* At least 334 employees in Research Triangle Park were affected by IBM’s layoffs this week, according to documents filed with the state.


google4* Update: Google Inc. is planning to cut scores of jobs after saying it hired too many people into overlapping jobs.

“When companies grow that quickly it’s almost impossible to get everything right—and we certainly didn’t,” said Omid Kordestani, Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) senior VP for global sales and business development in a blog posting on Thursday. “In some areas we’ve created overlapping organizations which not only duplicate effort but also complicate the decision-making process.”

via Google to cut scores of jobs – Dayton Business Journal: .


apple14* Staffers at Apple’s (AAPL) flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City confirm that as of Thursday at 8 a.m., customers are now permitted to buy unlimited quantities of iPhones without an AT&T contract — the very thing the company was working so hard to prevent in late 2007 when the devices were being snapped up in large quantities to be unlocked and re-sold in overseas markets.


General Economic News


* WASHINGTON (AP) — The government says consumers increased spending for a second straight month in February even though their incomes slipped due to continuing massive layoffs.

The Commerce Department reported Friday that consumer spending edged up 0.2 percent in February, in line with expectations. That follows a huge 1 percent jump in January that was even better than the 0.6 percent rise originally reported.

But the report says incomes fell by 0.2 percent in February, the fourth drop in the past five months, declines that reflected the sizable number of job layoffs that have been occurring because of the recession.

via Consumer spending up for second straight month – Yahoo! Finance.

* The Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers said its final index of sentiment rose to 57.3 in March from 56.3 in February. This was a touch above economists’ median expectation of a 56.6 reading, according to a Reuters poll.

via U.S. consumers’ mood improves slightly in March – Yahoo! Finance.




* The 7,631 United Auto Workers who accepted early retirement and buyout offers this week from General Motors Corp. — more than 53 percent of whom work in Michigan — will make room for laid off workers to reclaim their jobs.

More importantly for GM, the departures give the automaker room eventually to hire new workers at half the hourly wage, a key to helping the company slash costs and comply with a $13.4 billion federal loan package. The loans require GM and Chrysler LLC to bring wages in line with those paid by foreign automakers at plants in the United States.

via Buyouts at GM open door for hiring at lower wages | | The Detroit News.


Mike: As I’ve said on numerous occasions, the current reported unemployment rate is less than actual unemployment, which could add another 5-8% to the total.

* Michigan’s jobless rate climbed to 12 percent, the highest in the country. South Carolina registered the second-highest at 11 percent and Oregon came in third at 10.8 percent.

North Carolina came in fourth with an unemployment rate of 10.7 percent, the highest there on records dating back to 1976. California and Rhode Island tied for fifth place at 10.5 percent each. That was an all-time high for Rhode Island. The seventh state with a jobless rate above 10 percent was Nevada at 10.1 percent.

via Seven states see jobless rate top 10 percent – Yahoo! Finance.


Government Layoff News


Mike: Wow, a state where government officials are taking an active role in sacrificing for the good of the citizens they represent! You don’t see that very often. I know NY legislators wouldn’t be thinking in terms of a salary reduction, since they wouldjust raise taxes or fees to cvover any budget shortfall.


* LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Lawmakers, the governor and other state elected officials would take a 10 percent pay cut starting in 2011 under a measure that won approval Thursday in the Michigan Senate.


* Lake Zurich Unit District 95 approved the dismissal of 91 staff members including tenured and nontenured teachers, administrators and other employees on Thursday night.

via Daily Herald | Lake Zurich District 95 to cut 91 jobs.


* Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold plans to save nearly $6 million a year by scrapping more than 100 vacant government positions.

via Arundel’s Leopold proposes slashing 100 vacant jobs – Baltimore Business Journal: .


* The school board cut 222 jobs as part of a $14 million package of cuts and tabled a proposal to study the feasibility of a parcel tax a little before midnight Wednesday.

via PVUSD cuts 222 jobs amid news of potential additional losses in state funding – San Jose Mercury News.



Mike Luckovich - Mar 26

Mike Luckovich - Mar 26


* Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is cutting its workforce by 106 positions.


US and some Canada Layoff News


johnson-controls* MILWAUKEE (AP) — Johnson Controls says it will cut jobs and close 10 plants as part of a restructuring effort that will cost between $200 million and $215 million.

The Milwaukee-based maker of auto parts and building systems did not say how many employees will be affected or which plants will close. It says it will take the charge in its fiscal second quarter ending this month. The company expects to finish the restructuring in 2010.

via The Associated Press: Johnson Controls to cut jobs, close 10 plants.


johnson-controls1* Auto-parts supplier Johnson Controls (JCI Quote – Cramer on JCI – Stock Picks) plans to cut jobs, close 10 manufacturing plants, and record an estimated second-quarter pretax restructuring charge of $200 million to $215 million as it battles a slump in vehicle production.

Market Activity The number of job cuts wasn’t specified.

via Johnson Controls to Close Plants, Cut Jobs | Industrials | Financial Articles & Investing News |


wal-mart* Wal-Mart delivered good news to two of its optical labs Friday, but it comes at the expense of the retailer’s Lockbourne operation, which will be shuttered, laying off 650 employees.


tyson* Tyson Foods Inc. said Friday it will close a meat processing plant in Ponca City, Okla., meaning the possible elimination of 580 jobs.

via Tyson to shut Okla. plant, affects 580 jobs –


amazon* The Seattle retail online biggie Amazon. com Inc. will soon be closing its three US distribution centers – in Munster, Indiana; Red Rock, Nevada; and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The company’s decision to close down the distribution centers, the first time since 2006 that Amazon has decided to close a warehouse, implies that nearly 210 employees will either be laid-off or transferred to other nearby units.

via to close three US distribution centers | TopNews United States.


fairchild-semiconductor* San Jose, Calif.-based Fairchild Semiconductor (nyse: FCS – news – people ) says it’s closing the factory in Mountain Top, Luzerne County, about 90 miles north-northwest of Philadelphia. But Fairchild says it will maintain a small office in the area for technology and product line functions.

via Fairchild Semiconductor to close Pa. factory –


hospital5* SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif.—The health care company that owns Barton Memorial Hospital at Lake Tahoe and clinics in Carson City and the Carson Valley says it is being forced to eliminate 43 jobs.


hospital4* Roughly 86 more employees are planned to be cut from the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.

via The Med to layoff 86 more, total of 230 positions lost – Memphis Business Journal: .


pill4* And with Merck and Schering-Plough destined to merge later this year, the job cuts are due to step up a notch. If the current round is part of the previously announced restructuring plan, they’re just a warm-up for an expected 16,000 or so additional cuts.


* More than 140 employees of the University of Florida would lose their jobs under worst-case budget plans being prepared by various UF colleges.

via A worst-case budget for UF cuts 140 jobs | | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, FL.


cooper-standard* Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc. is cutting about 600 global salaried employees as it reorganizes into a regionally-focused corporate structure, the supplier said today. About 130 of the cuts are in southeast Michigan.


* Another 156 workers at Longview-area Trinity Rail Car plants were notified Thursday that they soon will be out of work.

Representatives of Trinity Tank Car’s Longview operations told their employees of the company’s plans to idle two local manufacturing facilities. Trinity Tank Car is a division of Dallas-based Trinity Industries.

via Plants cut 156 more employees.


*STAUNTON — The Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Central Blue Ridge will cut two full-time positions, reducing its staff to two part-time positions as of Wednesday.

via Big Brothers-Big Sisters cut staff | | The News Leader.


* Atlantic Video Inc. has swung the ax for more than half its staff.

The D.C.-based media production company laid off 34 of its 63 staff members earlier this week. Getting pink slips were people in accounting, post production, human resources and other administrative positions. The 29 who remain mainly work on the company’s two main contracts, ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” and “Around the Horn.”

via Atlantic Video makes deep staff cuts – Washington Business Journal: .


* Industrial manufacturer Myers Industries Inc (MYE.N) said it would close its manufacturing facility in Fostoria, Ohio in the second quarter, affecting about 50 jobs.

via UPDATE 1-Myers Industries to close Ohio plant; cut 50 jobs | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


summer-infant* Friday, personal products distributor Summer Infant, Inc. (SUMR: News ) said it has implemented certain debt reduction and cost-cutting measures, including reduction of about 10% of its workforce.

via RTTNews – Breaking News, financial breaking News, Positive EPS Surprises, Stock research …. .


* STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Citing an impending 34 percent cut in its operating funds, the Staten Island Museum has “consolidated” some jobs, laying off two veteran staffers. A third retired and a fourth will follow suit in June.

via Staten Island Museum, with budget cut, lays off 2 –


dianey1* ORLANDO, Fla. — Nearly 800 jobs are being eliminated at Walt Disney World, sources told WKMG-TV.

The layoffs have been ongoing for weeks, and more workers were laid off on Thursday, WKMG reported. The cuts have mostly targeted salaried workers.

via Sources: Disney To Eliminate 800 Jobs – Jacksonville News Story – WJXT Jacksonville.


* Liberty Aerospace Inc. laid off 14 people this week as the weak economy continues to take its toll.

The Melbourne-based aviation manufacturer laid off 30 workers in January.

via Liberty Aerospace lays off 14 workers | | FLORIDA TODAY.


* Eighteen laid-off employees were working their last day Friday at Topeka Metal Specialties, bringing to 46 the number of workers let go there this year, said human resources director Chris Cross.


* Verona plastics company Engineering Industries Inc. laid off nearly 40 workers on Wednesday because of what company leaders called a “dramatic and unexpected drop” in customer orders.



* WELLSBURG – A Wellsburg paper plant could lay off up to 30 workers early next month in a move a union official blamed on a declining economy.

via Paper Plant To Lay Off 30 – News, Sports, Jobs – The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register.


northern-az-u1* Northern Arizona University will cut 45 jobs and close four satellite campuses as a result of cuts in state funding.

via NAU to lay off 45, shutter 4 campuses.


gavel27* Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP this week cut 25 lawyers and 35 non-legal staff, citing unprecedented economic challenges, the law firm confirmed Friday. The firm also said it was deferring the start dates of first-year associates from September to March 2010.


* According to notices filed with the state’s Department of Workforce Development this week, 174 employees at the company’s Lima Road division will be laid off sometime in June, along with 52 workers at its machining division at the same time.

via F.W. Foundry files notice for 226 layoffs | The News-Sentinel – Fort Wayne IN.


* Key Technology, Inc. announced today it is taking a variety of cost reduction initiatives during fiscal 2009 to maintain profitability for the fiscal year. These cost reduction initiatives include a planned reduction of approximately 7% in its global workforce.

via Key Technology Announces Cost Reductions to Address Current Economic Conditions – MarketWatch .


* Bob Silva of Bob Silva Ford in Chowchilla said 22 people were let go Wednesday. Silva says banks continue to tighten lending and consumers are afraid to make big-ticket purchases.

via Silva Ford Workforce Cut in Half | KSEE 24 NEWS Central Valley’s News Station: Fresno-Visalia | Local News .


insite-vision* Insite Vision Inc. (ISV: News ) announced a restructuring to support its focus on identifying and developing ophthalmological products for unmet eye-care needs. The company’s restructuring resulted in the elimination of 15 positions or 52% of its employees.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings, Pos Pre Announcements, Pos Pre Announcements , Positive Surprises, Negative Surprises, Hot Stocks, Stock Split Calendar, Stock Buybacks, Dividends, Negative, Positive PreAnnouncements,Surprises …. .


rockwell-automation* Rockwell Automation Co., the Milwaukee industrial manufacturer, said it began laying off employees at two Northeast Ohio facilities and at plants worldwide “in response to declining economic conditions,” according to a spokesman


pill5* Evotec says that 50 positions out of 420 will get eliminated from the entire organization in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.

via News: Evotec Cuts Workforce with New Focus on Forging Discovery Partnership. .


hospital6* All told, 15 jobs were lost, including two in Massachusetts, a company spokeswoman said.

via Cambridge Heart cuts 15 jobs to reduce costs – Daily Business Update – The Boston Globe.


* The Minnesota Orchestral Association will make budget cuts that mirror those made in recent days and weeks by other Twin Cities arts institutions, but appear less severe than recent reductions at other major U.S. symphony orchestras.

via Minnesota Orchestra to cut budget, staff, salaries.


* Shiloh Industries Inc. has temporarily laid off 83 workers and cut 4 jobs, according to a notice filed with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

via Shiloh Industries lays off 83 workers, cuts 4 jobs in Valley City – Business –


trw* TRW spokesman John Wilkerson said about 25 people have been laid off

via Mesa’s TRW cuts jobs, shortens work week.


ic-corp1* IC Corp. has laid off about 170 workers at its school bus manufacturing plant in Conway, a spokesman for parent company, Navistar International Corp., said Thursday.

via :: Northwest Arkansas’ News Source.


lionsgate* For the second time in six months Lionsgate has eliminated 8% of its staff.

Sources confirmed that 45 jobs were lost Friday. In November, the studio shed 41 positions.

via More layoffs at Lionsgate.


* The recession and mortgage meltdown have forced Antioch to lay off 20 more employees to reduce a budget deficit that threatens its fiscal reserves, City Manager Jim Jakel said Friday.

via Antioch lays off 20 more employees – San Jose Mercury News.


gavel28* A spokeswoman for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher confirmed that the firm has laid off 36 staff members across its nine U.S. offices.

via The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times : Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Cuts 36 Staff.


* In addition to salary reductions, Burton laid off less than 5% of its staff in North America, bringing the company’s total headcount in North America to 663. After staff reductions, Burton currently employs 418 employees at its headquarters and factory in Vermont, 17 employees at DNA Distribution in Ohio and 154 employees at its California offices. Globally, Burton employs 962 people.

via Burton cuts salaries and staff – ESPN.


daido-metal* A Japanese manufacturer plans to close its Bellefontaine factory in July, eliminating 290 jobs.

Daido Metal Bellefontaine LLC said in a filing this week with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services that its plant on Greenwood Street in the northwest Ohio city will shut July 1.

via Daido Metal closing Bellefontaine plant, cutting 290: Business News – MSN Money.


* TERRE HAUTE — Aleris Blanking and Rim Products plant at 500 S. Ninth St. is closing permanently, eliminating 50 jobs.



International Layoff News



flextronics* MORE than 140 staff at Flextronics are facing redundancy this Friday after a review of the firm’s operation in Raheen concludes.


pacific-brands1* Pacific Brands announced yesterday it would end manufacturing at two of its plants, resulting in 38 job losses in Christchurch and 51 in Palmerston North.

via 3 News > National > Story > More redundancies announced in textile industry .


* Pursuit Dynamics Plc (PUDY.L), a UK-based maker of PDX fluid processing reactors, said on Friday it would stop work at its Brooklands PDX plant on June 30 and cut a number of jobs to cut operating costs.

via UPDATE 1-Pursuit Dynamics to stop Brooklands plant, cut jobs | Deals | Mergers & Acquisitions | Reuters .


patria* Finnish state-owned arms maker Patria said in a statement Thursday it would cut 43 jobs and lay off a further 31 workers until further notice.

via NewsRoom Finland.


* FORTY more jobs are being lost at a Wrexham factory.

Breakfast cereal Kellogg’s are to cut the posts at its factory on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

via Forty jobs lost at Wrexham Kellogg’s factory – Daily Post North Wales.


* In the interest of a more efficient management strategy, the company is carrying out a staff reduction of around 6%.

via portfolio | Hungary’s Zwack to cut staff .


* Sagicor Financial Group today sent home more than 40 workers as part of what the company says is a comprehensive organisational restructuring.

via Go Jamaica :: Sagicor staff cuts :: News .


wind6* Clean energy project investment manager Climate Change Capital said on Thursday it was reducing the headcount at its offices in the U.S. and Britain.

via Climate Change Capital cuts staff in U.S., Britain | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* Friday, industrial plant engineering and equipment supply company KHD Humboldt Wedag International Ltd. (KHD: News ) reported a loss for the full-year 2008, reflecting a fair value loss on the preferred shares of former subsidiaries and a loss from contract terminations.

 In addition, the company expects to reduce about 50% of its staff and forecasts a dramatic decrease in 2010 revenues on international financial crisis.

via RTTNews – Breaking News, financial breaking News, Positive EPS Surprises, Stock research …. .


societe-generale* Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) said it will cut around 10 percent of staff from its private banking arm in Asia excluding Japan due to volatile market conditions.

via UPDATE 1-SocGen’s private bank to cut 10 pct staff in Asia | Industries | Financial Services & Real Estate | Reuters .


* The company yesterday said it had made an unspecified number of staff redundant because of lower demand for services and the amalgamation of some divisional activities and functions.

via Property services firm trims staff to survive economic crisis | The Australian.


korea-gas-corp* South Korea’s state-run Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) said Thursday that its board of directors has decided to cut 305 jobs all at once, amid stiff opposition from its labor union.

via KRAGF State-run gas firm KOGAS to cut 305 jobs.


* The Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) on Thursday night announced that it will be terminating a number of jobs in its stevedoring work force come next Tuesday March 31.

via… Shipping Association of Jamaica to cut jobs – Yet another group of workers will be joining th….


koenig-bauer* NEW YORK Koenig & Bauer AG President and CEO Albrecht Bolza-Schuenemann resigned today from all offices at the German press manufacturer during a supervisory board meeting, at which the company announced orders had declined 20% year to year and revenue of 1.5 billion euros represented a 10% decline.

Attributing the results to collapsing worldwide demand, KBA said it will eliminate approximately 800 jobs, or 10% of its work force.

via KBA’s CEO Resigns, Work Force Cut After Loss .


rossignol* Restructuring continues apace at Rossignol group. Hit hard by a drop in sales (or a serious miscalculation in demand according to the trade unions) the group plans to fire 450 staff, 275 of them in France.



Hiring News and News You Can Use



* CornerStone Associates LLC, the Alabama general agency for MassMutual, plans to hire as many as 50 new employees in Birmingham.

via CornerStone hiring up to 50 workers – Birmingham Business Journal: .


marvel* With more than 5,000 crime fighters and villains in its library, Marvel Entertainment is looking for some help in adapting those characters into films.

Comicbook giant is readying to assemble a group of scribes who will pen scripts for various properties Marvel wants to develop.

via Marvel’s hiring writers – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety.


* DOWNTOWN TOLEDO – Toledo city administrators told city council members Thursday afternoon they’re in the process of hiring five new auditors to collect back taxes.

via City to hire 5 auditors.


* TruGreen, the nation’s largest lawn care services provider, has announced plans to increase its workforce and hire about 2,300 new full-time employees as the company enters its peak season. Recruiting efforts are in high swing as TruGreen hosts career fairs and group-recruiting orientation sessions in branches nationwide.

via TruGreen :: TruGreen to Hire 2,300 Employees this Spring.


* Despite tough times in the freight hauling business, a unit of the local logistics firm Trans-Trade Inc. is expanding in a big way.

via Alliance Brokers tripling staff – Dallas Business Journal: .


* A Danish company called Vestas broke ground Wednesday in Brighton, Colo., on the first of three plants it plans to build in the state, a project that will cost $350 million and bring 1,500 new jobs with it.

Vestas is the manufacturer of the large, white wind turbines that have been showing up with increasing frequency on both land and sea.

via Winds Of Change Bring Jobs To Colorado – CBS News.


Mike: It was a busy day for layoff announcements, especially for a Friday.

The weekned is upon us and the NCAAs continue. Below are a few videos discussing tonight’s games. Go Syracuse! Till Monday…………..

Syracuse / Oklahoma

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Kansas /Michigan State

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Gonzaga / North Carolina

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Louisville / Arizona

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more about “Sports Video –“, posted with vodpod







Dilbert - Mar 27

Dilbert - Mar 27




March 26 – Jobless claims rise to 652,000 – Continuing claims at record 5.56 million – IBM to cut 5000 jobs in US, moving 4000 to India – GM: 6000 UAW accept buyouts – Agilent to chop 2,700 – Heidelberger trims 2,500 more jobs – University of Alabama to dismiss 1,000 – Hundreds lose jobs at Disney World – Plantronics to cut 670

Mike:  Jobless Claims will be the news of the day. 


* The Labor Department said Thursday that first-time claims for unemployment insurance rose to a seasonally adjusted 652,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 644,000. That is slightly above analysts’ expectations.

The total number of people claiming benefits are up 122,000 to 5.56 million, significantly higher than economists’ projections of 5.48 million.

via More than 5.5 million are getting jobless benefits – Yahoo! Finance.


*  The number of people collecting state unemployment benefits has reached yet another new record, jumping 122,000 to a seasonally adjusted 5.56 million in the week ending March 14, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The four-week average of these claims rose 123,750 to 5.33 million, also a new record. For the week ending March 21, first-time claims for benefits rose 8,000 to 652,000, a level that is 78% higher than the same period in the prior year.

* Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:



Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News


Mike: While companies are designed to improve the bottom line, there should be some recourse  for the taxpayer when a company decides to move thousands of jobs overseas. IBM has received US government contracts worth $1,622,287,510 in 2008 and $328,358,670 so far in 2009 ( It would be interesting to know what percentage of those government contracts are spent on IBMs overseas operations


ibm14* A short two months ago, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano sent an e-mail to employees, thanking them for sprinting Big Blue past the $100 billion revenue mark for the first time ever.

“We had a strong fourth quarter and a great 2008,” he wrote. “I want to thank you for everything you have done to help achieve this impressive performance.”

Palmisano praised two units in particular – Global Business Services and Global Technology Services – that delivered pre-tax profit growth of 32 percent.

On Thursday, about 4,000 U.S. employees in Global Business Services – a unit that includes IBM Sterling Forest in Orange County, IBM Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County and IBM Research at Ossining – will be laid off, and their jobs will be sent to India, according to Lee Conrad, national coordinator for Alliance@IBM, a union-backed group.

via IBM layoffs to hit Orange County, Dutchess County – – The Times Herald Record.


ibm13* IBM (IBM.N) will cut about 5,000 jobs in the United States, adding to similarly large cuts in the past few months, sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.

The job cuts will account for over 4 percent of IBM’s U.S. workforce, which totaled around 115,000 at the end of 2008. The sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the issue, said the cuts will mostly be in IBM’s global services business, which includes outsourcing and consulting services.

via UPDATE 2-IBM to cut 5,000 jobs in U.S. – sources | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters .


Mike: The following site has plenty of comments about the IBM layoff that you may find interesting.


ibm15IBM (IBM) is planning to cut a large number of U.S. jobs from its services business, moving their workload to IBM employees in India, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing “people familiar with the situation.”


ibm12* The severance package IBM Corp. is expected to give employees selected for a layoff includes a lump sum severance payment as well as counseling and financial planning services.

IBM is expected on Thursday to lay off as many as 4,000 to 5,000 employees in its Global Business Services Unit, according to the Alliance@IBM.

via IBM plans lump sum severance for those laid off.


* TORONTO — IBM Canada Ltd. is cutting an unspecified number of jobs across the country, according to a spokesman for the computer and software company.

Mike Boden told The Canadian Press that IBM Canada is in the midst of cuts that will affect “a wide range of jobs and positions,” from executives to customer service staff.

via The Canadian Press: IBM Canada spokesman says company cutting jobs across the country.


google2* SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google Inc (NasdaqGS:GOOG – News) is cutting its sales and marketing team by roughly 200 employees, saying it had over-invested in certain parts of the company.

Reuters – A man walks past Google Inc. headquarters in Mountain View, California, May 8, 2008. REUTERS/Kimberly White …

The move is the Web search leader’s latest effort to cut costs amid a tough economy and a broad slowdown in advertising spending. In January, Google laid off about 100 recruiters and it said up to 40 people would be laid off in February, when Google pulled the plug on its radio advertising effort.

via Google to cut 200 jobs from sales force – Yahoo! Finance.


General Economic News


Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET

* WASHINGTON (AP) — For a 10th straight week, the number of people who are continuing to claim jobless benefits increased, fresh evidence that the labor market remains weak despite other hopeful signs that the recession may have bottomed out.

New claims for unemployment benefits last week rose to a seasonally adjusted 652,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 644,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. The total number of people claiming benefits jumped to 5.56 million, worse than economists’ projections of 5.48 million, a ninth straight record and the highest total on records dating back to 1967.

via Jobless claims set new record; GDP down more in 4Q – Yahoo! Finance.


8:30 AM ET
* March 26 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. economy shrank in the fourth quarter more than previously estimated, leading to the biggest plunge in corporate earnings in a half century and underscoring why companies are slashing payrolls this year.




* DeWitt, NY — The owners of the New Process Gear plant in DeWitt have agreed to meet with federal officials to discuss a last-minute aid package that could keep the auto parts factory from closing, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Tuesday.

via Federal aid package could keep New Process Gear from closing.


Mike: I have to give the French credit for being involved with their worker rights!

* Pithiviers, France — Workers at a factory operated by the U.S. firm 3M today released the French manager they had held hostage for more than 24 hours until a deal on conditions for laid-off staffers was reached.

* SEATTLE – A local developer is offering a unique incentive to catch the interest of potential buyers.  

For the next two months, Stellar Developments is offering anyone who buys a condo at Thornton Place in Northgate a guarantee that if they lose their job, they won’t lose their new home. 

via Condo buyers offered layoff protection plan | Business | | News for Seattle, Washington .


* It’s been nearly two weeks since Gov. Rick Perry told Washington to take its stimulus and shove it.

(Or, more accurately, to take our stimulus and shove it.) The unemployment insurance funds he rejected include Texans’ tax dollars, which will just be redistributed to other states if the Legislature doesn’t come up with a way to keep them.

For the sake of workers, and business owners alike, let’s hope they do. The debate is still raging in Austin, though. And my question is, besides politics, why?

via Falkenberg: Perry’s logic on stimulus is misleading | Front page | – Houston Chronicle.


Government Layoff News


* OTTAWA — A smaller bureaucracy at City Hall, with 44 more people laid off on Wednesday, will deliver better service for Ottawans, the mayor and city manager say.

via More jobs cut at City Hall; manager says services will improve .


* QUINCY — Quincy, IL – Like many businesses Quincy Notre Dame is facing some tough decisions.

School officials notified staff and students earlier this week it has to cut three teachers and will not fill a fourth open teaching position.

via Notre Dame plans staff cuts : News : KHQA .


* WATSONVILLE — The Pajaro Valley school board cut 222 jobs late Wednesday.

The custodians, school secretaries and other classified staff will join the nearly 200 teachers who received pink slips earlier this month.

via Pajaro Valley school board cuts 222 jobs – San Jose Mercury News.


* GREENSBORO  — Guilford County Schools Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green announced today he is proposing eliminating nearly 100 positions from next year’s budget. 

via Guilford superintendent previews proposed cuts : : Greensboro, North Carolina.


* STUART — The Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court has laid off nine workers in response to a steep decline in revenue from court fees and traffic fines.



US and some Canada Layoff News


agilent* Agilent Technologies Inc (A.N) is reducing its workforce by 2,700 people, or 14 percent, in response to a steep reduction in revenue expected for 2009 due to the weak economy and “no prospects for a meaningful recovery in the foreseeable future.”


* The plant, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, employed about 170 employees, many of whom are unionized. About 130 were called back to work last month.

via Mountain Top plant closing today | News | – The Standard Speaker.


* Cindy Robinson has been working for Alatech for two decades, and says this is all she knows.

She says, “This is the only thing that I’ve done for 20 years, it would put three of my family members out of work because my husband and daughter work here too.”

Soon that could be taken away from her and fellow co-workers. Alatech holds a contract with AID, but AID is considering not renewing its contract with the Eufaula plant, and is moving its business overseas.

via Eufaula-based company lose its contract to overseas labor / News 4, Your News Leader, 4 Warn Desktop Alert, Dothan, Wiregrass, WTVY Marketplace .


* The move, which affected about 150 employees, is the latest effort by the wealth manager to cut costs following layoffs of less than 10% of its branch support staff and several hundred rookie brokers in December and February, respectively.

via Merrill Cuts, Shifts Jobs Of Some Wealth-Management Managers.


* Man Group Plc, the largest publicly traded hedge-fund manager, said it will cut its workforce by about 15 percent after fiscal year profit dropped and assets under management declined by a third.

via Man Group to Cut Jobs as Profit Falls, Assets Drop (Update1) – .


* Guthrie would reduce its $28 million budget by 14 percent — about $4 million — for the fiscal year that begins April 1. Those savings would come from senior-management pay cuts, a weeklong furlough for the theater’s nonunion employees, some layoffs and a reliance on presenting outside shows on the theater’s proscenium stage instead of producing them in-house.

via Guthrie Theater to cut jobs, salaries to slice $4M from budget –


gm5* In addition to the temporary layoffs, the plant is planning to make more longer term cuts.

“Right now we currently have approximately 130 employees on “indefinite layoff” and as we go through the year, we anticipate another 100-110,” explains Graham.

via Corvette Plant Employees Laid Off Again .


gm6* More than 6,000 UAW members have accepted buyout and early retirement packages offered by General Motors Corp., which will allow the struggling automaker to reduce its hourly ranks as part of its restructuring plan, the Free Press has learned.


newspaper40* BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—The Bakersfield Californian will lay off 26 staffers and implement a 5 percent company-wide pay cut as the newspaper tries to balance its budget amid shrinking advertising revenue.

via Bakersfield newspaper to lay off 26 workers – San Jose Mercury News.


halliburton1* Halliburton this week laid off another untold number of workers at its Grand Junction facility.

via Another round of layoffs at Halliburton.


* CORVALLIS — The Children’s Farm Home in Corvallis will lay off nine people as part of a workforce reduction announced Wednesday by Trillium Family Services.

via Farm home lays off nine – News , Local | Albany Democrat-Herald.


electrolux* More layoffs have been announced at Hamilton County’s largest employer. Electrolux Home Products announced that 129 people will face temporary layoffs at the washer and dryer plant in Webster City effective this Monday, March 30. With this latest announcement, 369 people have been laid off since at Electrolux since last November.

via Radio Iowa: Electrolux lays off more workers in Webster City.


owens-corning2* BETHLEHEM — Owens Corning put 60 workers at its Selkirk plant on furlough Tuesday.

via Owens Corning furloughs 60 — Page 1 — Times Union – Albany NY.


newspaper41* The Globe needed 50 newsroom employees to take buyouts by last Friday but only 24 have signed up. Employees have a week to rescind after applying for the buyout and the final deadline is tomorrow.

via 24 Globe employees accept buyout –


* MANSFIELD — Swedish-owned Sandvik Mining and Construction USA will shutter its Mansfield plant in October and lay off its 90 employees in three phases, starting in May, company officials said Wednesday.

via Mansfield plant closing to cost 90 jobs | Arlington |


* Broken Arrow, OK – Natural gas compression unit manufacturer Exterran says it will close its plant in Broken Arrow by the end of May, resulting in the loss of 150 jobs.

via Broken Arrow Plant Closing|NewsChannel 8.


* Automotive supplier Columbus Components Group has decided to part with 135 employees starting next month, according to a published report.

via Columbus auto supplier shedding 135 jobs | | The Indianapolis Star .


* The Statesman Journal newspaper reports that the notice was issued in compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires employers to alert community leaders of mass layoffs.

via Salem onion plant closing, 120 jobs lost | KPIC CBS 4 – News, Weather and Sports – Roseburg, OR – Roseburg, Oregon | Business .


* The University of North Carolina at Greensboro will be forced to make job cuts.

Chancellor Linda Brady sent a letter to employees recently alerting them of potential layoffs. The university said more than 100 jobs would be cut if the state ordered a 7% budget cut.

via UNCG to Make Job Cuts Due to Budget Cuts – WGHP.


* MacLean said officials hope to see 47 faculty members resign or take early retirement and then those employees won’t be replaced.

via Queen’s University cuts programs, 47 faculty jobs.


oil-rig1* In a sign of a deepening pullback in the oil industry, Trican Well Service Ltd., one of Calgary’s largest oilfield services companies, has laid off 200 people, or 13 per cent of its workforce, in response to low activity levels.

via Trican slashes payroll by 13% .


* Thirty-two of the approximate 400 employees at the Chittenango plant were laid off this week, said Jeff Nguyen, site manager. Twenty-six of them were in manufacturing and six of them were office employees.

via Chittenango factory lays off 32 people.


* Trinity Industries notified its employees today of the company’s intent to idle two manufacturing facilities. The layoff affects 156 hourly and administrative employees.

via More layoffs for East Texas railcar company.


pill3* And it announced a new round of job cuts that includes the company’s CEO Kenneth Chahine and other executives.

via Avigen chops execs and readies liquidation plan – FierceBiotech.


* Job cuts at three companies in Indiana will put 400 more Hoosiers into the unemployment line.

via 400 jobs cut in three Ind. cities | | The Indianapolis Star .


* About 200 jobs will be eliminated at the Pennsylvania site, Fairchild said.

via Fairchild Semi to close 2 sites, cut 200 jobs – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .


newspaper43* NEW YORK (Reuters) – The New York Times Co laid off 100 employees on Thursday and cut salaries for the rest of the year by 5 percent, and said it might cut newsroom jobs at its namesake newspaper if it cannot get union employees to agree to a similar cut.

via New York Times lays off staff, seeks pay cuts | Entertainment | Industry | Reuters .


* Plantronics Inc. plans to cut about 670 positions and close its manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China to improve profitability of its Bluetooth headset product line, the company said Thursday.


dianey* Disney, which is Central Florida’s largest employer with about 62,000 “cast members,” refused to say Thursday how many jobs it has eliminated. But one person familiar with some details of the cuts said he was given an estimate of 450.

via Disney World layoffs: Hundreds lose jobs at Disney World —


u-of-alabama* HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) – The University of Alabama System chancellor says its three campuses will shed some 1,000 jobs over the next 18 months because of a deepening budget crisis.

via WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |University of Alabama to cut 1,000 jobs.


* Marian University announced Thursday that it will cut 15 jobs in the 2009-10 school year and reduce hours for 23 other positions as part of a plan to cut its operating budget by 10 percent.

via Marian to cut 15 jobs, $1 million from operations | | Fond du Lac Reporter.


navistar2* CONWAY, Ark. – A school bus plant owned by Warrenville, Ill.-based Navistar has laid off 170 more workers in Arkansas.

via Navistar plant lays off 170 in Arkansas —


gavel24* The Dechert law firm said Thursday it has laid off 125 lawyers and staff firmwide due to the economic slowdown.

via Dechert lays off 125 – Philadelphia Business Journal: .


gavel25Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge is laying off about 60 people

via 125 Laid Off at Dechert; 60 Cut at Edwards Angell | ABA Journal – Law News Now.


gavel26* Clifford Chance (CC) has announced a new round of redundancies in its New York office, with 24 associates to be laid off from transactional practice groups.


* WACO – A spokesman for Trane has confirmed that 80 employees at its McGregor facility have been laid off. Severance packages and outplacement support is being provided to those being laid off.

via KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen | McGregor manufacturer lays off 80.


* * Impinj, a Seattle maker of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, has laid off 23 employees, cut back its contract workers, and is making unspecified cuts in spending in response to the economic downturn.

via Impinj lays off 23: Business News – MSN Money.


* The United Steelworkers expects to see as many as 30 workers laid off at a Wellsburg paper plant in early April.

via Union: WVa paper plant to lay off about 30 workers –


gsk* According to Mary Ann Rhyne with GSK, employees from the Customer Response Center in RTP were let go.  Rhyne also said the lay offs were part of the cuts that were announced in November.

via GSK Lays Off Employees At RTP Location – Wake County –


* Hollywood-based TOUSA Inc. filed notice today with the state that it plans to cut 67 construction jobs between May 22 of this year and Dec. 31, 2010.

via TOUSA Inc. to cut jobs: Hollywood-based TOUSA Inc. filed notice Thursday with the state that it plans to cut 67 construction jobs by end of 2010. — South Florida


* MUNSTER — About 50 workers will lose their jobs this spring when the distribution center here closes, company officials said Wednesday.


Entropic Communications, which makes networking chips that can connect home electronic products connected by coaxial cable, said it is cutting 55 employees or 18 percent of its work force as part of a restructuring effort.


International Layoff News


* Printing press maker Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG on Thursday announced plans to cut as many as 2,500 more jobs as it deepens a cost-cutting drive amid a slump in demand fueled by the global economic crisis.


* BHP Billiton Ltd (BHP.AX)(BLT.L) has cut about 400 jobs held by outside contractors at coal mines in Australia, the Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU) said Thursday.

via BHP cuts about 400 Australian coal mine jobs-union | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters .


* Crystal producer Swarovski announced yesterday (Weds) it would lay off 600 workers this year and 500 more later on at its Tyrol headquarters facility.


* MORE THAN 500 teachers who provide English language support to foreign nationals will lose their jobs as a result of budget cutbacks.


* A food packaging factory is to close with the loss of 62 jobs, only a year after it was rescued.

Anson Packaging, which is based at Wrexham’s Queensway industrial estate, has issued redundancy notices after a consultation period.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North East Wales | Packaging factory set for closure.


* Fears are growing that 70 jobs may be lost at the Dell-owned subsidary Alienware’s facility in Co Westmeath.

via Dell-owned firm expected to cut 70 jobs – The Irish Times – Wed, Mar 25, 2009.


* The La Martinière group plans to cut 44 jobs in France as a first step to reduce costs over the next three years.

via La Martinière to cut 44 jobs |


* Since October, the Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Office (UPSVaR) in Zvolen (Banska Bystrica region) has been notified of a total of 1,250 planned lay-offs in the region’s districts of Zvolen, Detva and Krupina, TASR was told on Thursday.

via Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej republiky.


One thousand workers, out of the current workforce of 3,500 are, therefore, expected to go home with the bulk of them coming from the Eastern railway line. Revenue generation of the company has dropped to its lowest ebb of 10% over the past years. As a result of this, management could not pay the End of Service Benefit to some of the workers who were laid off sometime ago.

via Ghanaian Chronicle – Online : The current time is 6:44:12 AM on 3/26/2009.


* Polestar is set to shed around 90 jobs with the planned closure of its Worcestershire-based polybagging facility Newspac and a reduction in finishing staff at its flagship gravure site in Sheffield.

via Polestar to cut 90 jobs at Newspac and Sheffield | | Business News and Jobs from the Business, Finance and Mergers and Acquisition Sector.


UTi did not specify how many jobs have been eliminated and a company spokesman was not immediately available early Thursday. The company said the cost cuts would reduce operating costs for fiscal 2010 by about $50 million.

via UTi posts 4Q loss on charges, lower volumes –


* Fishing company Sealord today confirmed it will transfer fish processing to a freezer-trawler and move to a single shift and the loss of 130 jobs at its Nelson fish plant.

Hiring News


* Liberty National Life Insurance Co. has established a branch office in Jacksonville and will interview job applicants April 8.

via Liberty National hiring for Jacksonville branch – Jacksonville Business Journal: .


* Liberty National Life Insurance Co. plans to hire 650 commissioned-based sales agents, including 100 people in the Richmond area

via Liberty National plans to hire 100 in Richmond area | Richmond Times-Dispatch.


* Lafarge is recalling 50 fulltime workers laid off six weeks ago from the cement plant in Bath, southeast of Napanee.

via Mix 97 | News Team » Blog Archive » Lafarge recalls 50 laid off workers in Bath.


* For Andersen, that meant recalling 180 of the 560 workers it laid off in January.

via Andersen recalls 180 workers because of window tax credit.


* ELLENBORO, W.Va. — Simonton Windows is recalling 80 of 115 workers who were laid off from its Ritchie County operations in January.

via Charleston Daily Mail – West Virginia News and Sports – Business – Simonton recalls 80 laid-off workers in W.Va.


* Kansas City has been chosen by a U.S.-British consortium for an assembly plant expected to employ 200 people manufacturing all-electric powered delivery vans, according to government officials.

via Electric jolt: 200 jobs coming to KC | Dollars & Sense.


* Enterprise Rent-A-Car is opening a customer claims call center with about 200 fulltime jobs in Gainesville on June 1, the company confirmed Wednesday.

via Call center to bring 200 jobs | | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, FL.


* The project is expected to create more than 200 construction jobs, according to airport officials.

via Airport Projects Bringing More Than 6,000 Jobs – Phoenix News Story – KPHO Phoenix.


* Holiday Inn Express and Suites will open for business today (March 26) in Lake Zurich.

via New Lake Zurich hotel provides 75 jobs for area :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Lake Zurich Courier .


* Another company plans to manufacture solar panels and put hundreds of people to work. Toledo and its suburbs are poised to harvest the power of the sun by making millions of solar panels. First Solar and Xunlight are taking off. Yesterday, a third major manufacturer announced it would set up shop in Perrysburg.




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Thank you for signing our petition at and supporting all of those who slipped between the cracks of the Cobrastimulus provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Judging from the comments on our petition website, the situation for many of us is bad and getting worse. While we have seen some improvements in COBRA subsidies for residents of some states (New York recently expanded the subsidy to cover small employers) , we have not seen any national expansion aimed at extending coverage in any other way. 
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