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January 23 – Schlumberger cuts 5000 – Harley-Davidson quiets for 1100 – Union Pacific furloughs 3150 – BBVA Compass loses 1200 – Another 550 done at Motorola? – UPS delivers bad news to 500 – Polaris rides 460 out the door – 1000 more finished at Toyota – Microsoft layoffs & aftereffects – Beechcraft readies layoff plans – American Greetings condolences to 200 – ChannelAdvisor dumps 190 – Holy demolition, Batman! layoffs at DC Comics – Fannie Mae releases 100s – Starbucks to roast 1000 jobs? – Comerica to release 570

Mike: Yesterday proved to be a tumultuous day for layoff announcements and economic news. Microsoft disappointed with less than stellar earnings, but Google added some hope with positive earnings and they didn’t announce any large layoffs. Today should be a little quieter on the layoff announcement front, but with Harley-Davidson announcing the elimination of 1100 jobs, it will still be a disappointing day for many workers. Today’s economic calendar is light, but the earnings announcements will be active



Microsoft/Google/IBM News & Rumors


* While overall growth was 2%, Microsoft took a big hit with its client software, and a big reason for that was netbooks. Here’s what the company said:

Client revenue declined 8% as a result of PC market weakness and a continued shift to lower priced netbooks.

That’s an astonishing admission. It means that people are forgoing higher-priced laptops, and instead buying netbooks — and many of those netbooks are powered by Linux. So Microsoft loses out not only on sales of Windows, but also sales of Microsoft Office as well. Estimates are that 30% of all netbooks ship with Linux.

This is all the more reason why Microsoft needs to ship Windows 7 quickly, and will most certainly do it before the announced 2010 ship date. Windows 7 has been designed to work with netbooks, and Microsoft hopes it will be a Linux-killer.

via Microsoft layoffs: Netbooks sales are killing us – Computerworld Blogs.


* Most of Thursday’s Microsoft layoffs centered in Redmond

Most of the 1,400 jobs being eliminated Thursday by Microsoft are at the company’s Redmond campus.

Employees whose jobs are being eliminated are being notified by their managers.

Microsoft says that some open positions at the company will be filled by employees whose jobs are being eliminated.

Those who do not get jobs will receive “generous severance and outplacement services to help their search for a new job,” according to the company. The company is not detailing severance packages, although employees are eligible for a minimum of 60 days of pay, as well as severance pay that is calculated on tenure and level.

via Most of Thursday’s Microsoft layoffs centered in Redmond.


* You may have heard just last week that Microsoft’s Gamerscore Blog would cease operation. You may have also heard about the 1,400 job cuts at Microsoft today (with more to come). What didn’t seem like it was related is now clear. Some of the team on the Microsoft Gamerscore Blog were let go today.


* SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google Inc.’s fourth quarter wasn’t picture perfect, but the results looked good in an ugly recession.

Although Google suffered its first-ever decline in quarterly profit because of a $1.1 billion accounting charge, the Internet search leader fared far better than its peers and proved it has the discipline to curb its free-spending ways in tough times.

Even as the Google tightened its belt, its fourth-quarter revenue climbed 18 percent to $5.7 billion. It’s the first time since Google went public in 2004 that its quarterly revenue growth has been less than 30 percent, but it was still a double-digit increase in a backpedaling economy.

“It was a pretty impressive performance in this kind of downturn,” said Stanford Group analyst Clayton Moran.

via The Associated Press: Google delivers good-looking 4Q in ugly recession.


* Two days after reporting a 6 percent drop in fourth-quarter sales and a 12 percent increase in net income, IBM (NYSE:IBM) is laying off employees, although the company isn’t disclosing the scope of the cutbacks or where they are occurring. Postings on a Web site for IBM employees indicated that the IBM Software Group was being particularly hard hit.

The cutbacks came the same day that Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) announced plans to eliminate some 5,000 positions, including the immediate layoff of 1,400 workers.

An IBM spokesman confirmed the company is “re-allocating our skills and resources” and notifying some employees in the U.S. that their jobs are being eliminated. But the company made no announcement of the layoffs and the spokesman declined to say in what IBM organizations or facilities the cuts were being made. Some of the laid-off workers might find openings elsewhere within the company, he said.

via IBM Lays Off Workers, Keeps Silent On Scope Of Cutbacks – IT Channel – IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness.


* Alliance@IBM, the union-backed employee group, has confirmed more than 3,000 cuts at Big Blue.

While IBM said it will not comment on where the cuts are happening or how many, employees have told the Times Herald-Record local cuts are expected to be the most severe on Tuesday and Wednesday.

via IBM layoffs: U.S. toll now eclipses 3,000 – – The Times Herald Record.



General Economic News


* Today’s earnings news: Bloomberg – Earnings calendar


Mike: I’m thrilled that the main stream media is finally getting to the truth about unemployment numbers. Many others, myself included, have complained that the unemployment numbers released by the feds aren’t complete and paint a rosier picture. The following NY Times article gives a more complete description of the unemployment numbers.

* How bad was today’s jobs report? The unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent, its highest level since 1993 — and that understated the weakness in the labor market.

According to the Labor Department, the number of unemployed workers rose by 251,000 in November. But the number of people who were outside of the labor force — that is, neither working nor looking for work — rose by much more: 637,000. These people aren’t counted as unemployed in the government’s statistics, because they are not looking for work. Many of them, presumably, have stopped looking for work because they didn’t think they could find a good job.

If you take a broader measure — one that tries to account for them — you see a darker picture of the labor market. The share of all men ages 16 and over who are working is now at its lowest level since the government began keeping statistics in the 1940s. The share of women with jobs has fallen almost two percentage points from the peak it reached in 2000; at no other point in the past 50 years has the share of employed women has fallen so much from its peak.

The jobs report doesn’t account for the 637,000 people who dropped out of the labor force.


* DETROIT -(Dow Jones)- Harley-Davidson Inc. (HOG) dealerships that serve as retailers, repair shops and de facto clubhouses to legions of loyal owners are falling victim to the company’s mounting financial pressures.

At least a half-dozen have closed in recent months, hit by sinking sales as cash-strapped Americans forgo luxury purchases.

Dealers worry the shutdowns will begin to chip away at one of Harley’s most prized assets: its loyal customer base.

via Harley-Davidson Dealers Under Pressure In Tough Econ.


* The unemployment rate in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metropolitan statistical area was 7.8 percent in December 2008, above the year-ago estimate of 5.1 percent, according to a report released Friday by the state Employment Development Department.

This compares with an unadjusted unemployment rate of 9.1 percent for California and 7.1 percent for the nation during the same period. The unemployment rate was 12.1 percent in San Benito County, and 7.7 percent in Santa Clara County.

via Silicon Valley unemployment rises to 7.8% in December – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .


* Florida ranks as one of the lowest-paying states in the nation in what it pays unemployed workers.

Whether you lose a $30,000-a-year job or one that pays six figures, your maximum unemployment compensation breaks out to $6.88 an hour — less than what most fast-food restaurant workers make in South Florida.

The state’s $275 weekly maximum benefit hasn’t changed in 10 years and is making the economic downturn more painful for Florida residents as more join the unemployment rolls each month.

via Could you live on $275 a week? That’s Florida’s maximum unemployment benefit : State News : TCPalm .


Non Sequitur - Jan 23

Non Sequitur - Jan 23


Municipal News


* WHITE MOUNTAIN LAKE, Ariz. — The fire station in White Mountain Lake is closed and the entire staff of the fire district has been laid off indefinitely following an announcement that the district has a deficit of about $400,000.

via Arizona Fire District Laid Off; Station Closed – News.


* COSHOCTON – There will be fewer people helping those looking for jobs, applying for public assistance, seeking or paying child support or needing help through Children’s Service next month.

Four people will be laid off, including two part-time, a full-time and a temporary employee.

via JFS to lay off workers | | Coshocton Tribune.


* WESTBROOK (Jan 22, 2009): The city of Westbrook laid off nine employees Friday, with more budget cuts expected as the city attempts to make up for a $580,000 revenue shortfall.

via – Community News – Current Publishing, LLC.


* MONROE, N.C. — Forty Union County employees will lose their jobs on Friday in the first round of layoffs for Union County government employees. It might not be the last.

Along with the 40 jobs that are being cut, another 38 positions that haven’t already been filled will be eliminated. County leaders made the decision on where the cuts would come from in their Thursday meeting. It’s expected that the hardest hit area will be positions within the general government offices.

via News 14 | 24 Hour Local News | Charlotte | Union County slashing jobs to save budget .


* WINSTED — Teachers and students were in tears last week after it was announced that teachers and paraprofessionals would have to be laid off this year to make up for repeated cuts to the proposed 2008-09 school budget.

Superintendent of Schools Blaise Salerno met with staff members last week to discuss a proposed list of cuts, including several teaching positions and paraprofessionals, along with extracurricular programs, instructional supplies, textbooks, maintenance projects, field trips and a one-day staff furlough.

via Winsted schools rocked by layoffs .


* The state agency responsible for helping disabled Ohioans find jobs will cut a quarter of its rehabilitation staff through early retirements in the next 15 months to deal with deep budget cuts.

The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission expects to lose 153 rehabilitation counselors and staffers who run a program in which blind Ohioans stock vending machines and manage cafeterias.

via DispatchPolitics : State agency to cut 153 jobs; delay costly, critics say Columbus Dispatch Politics.


* EDCOUCH — Sixteen more Edcouch-Elsa schools employees lost their jobs this week as the district continues to cut costs in the face of a $5.6 million financial shortfall.


US and some Canada News –


* MILWAUKEE (AP) — Harley-Davidson Inc. said Friday it will cut 1,100 jobs over two years, close some facilities and consolidate others as it grapples with a slowdown in motorcycle sales.

The company also reported its fourth-quarter profit fell nearly 60 percent, and said it is slashing motorcycle shipments in 2009 to cope with reduced demand.

The iconic motorcycle maker said it will consolidate two engine and transmission plants in Milwaukee into its facility in Menomonee Falls, Wis. It will shrink its paint and frame operations in its York, Pa., plant and close its distribution facility in Franklin, Wis. Harley also said it will end its domestic transportation fleet operation.

via Harley to cut 1,100 jobs as 4Q profit falls – Yahoo! Finance.


* Universal Orlando laid off about 70 workers — less than 1 percent of its work force — in an effort to adapt to slowing business conditions.

via Universal Orlando cuts 70 jobs – Orlando Business Journal: .


* Denver-based Quantum Resources has suspended its Jay Oil Field production and laid off about half its employees as a result of the economic recession and dramatic fall in oil prices.

Quantum spokesman Logan Magruder said the company anticipates reactivating the field when economic conditions improve.

Quantum said 29 employees were affected by the layoffs. A year ago at peak production Quantum had 72 employees.

via Production suspended at Jay Oil Field | | Pensacola News Journal.


* On Jan. 8 company officials from Andersen Corporation announced that 450 workers were being laid off – that number just got larger.

Maureen McDonough, Andersen’s director of communications, said the company would be laying off an additional 150 production workers from the facility in Bayport, Minn.

via Andersen to layoff an additional 150 workers |  Pierce County Herald  | Ellsworth, Wisconsin .


* DURHAM (WTVD) — Auto parts maker AW North Carolina announced Thursday that it will idle about a quarter of its workforce at its Durham factory.

The move affects about 280 workers. AW is owned by a Japanese company and primarily supplies transmission parts and oil pumps to Toyota. It has a massive manufacturing facility in Treyburn.

via Durham auto parts maker idles workers – 1/22/09 – Raleigh News –


* Nichols Aluminum has laid off 55 employees, about 16 percent of its work force, company representatives confirmed Wednesday.

via Nichols Aluminum lays off 55 in Davenport /


* In another sign of the local effects of the economy being in a recession, the Starr Commonwealth and Montcalm School for Girls has laid off 10 employees locally and another unspecified number of employees corporate-wide.

via Starr Commonwealth lays off employees.


* Already, BNSF is shrinking its ready capacity. Rose said 2,000 workers are laid off and another 500 soon will be, 700 locomotives are stored away and 35,000 railcars are off-line. The company’s salaried workforce will get no merit pay hikes this year, he said, but a union contract gives wage earnings a 4.5 percent raise.

via Traffic World OnLine – Rail & Intermodal.


* A.O. Smith is cutting 13 positions at its Ashland City plant

via Cheatham County’s Largest Employer Lays Off Workers – Nashville News Story – WSMV Nashville.


* KEWASKUM – Facing a dreary economy and slowed sales, cookware manufacturer Regal Ware Inc. recently underwent a series of temporary and permanent layoffs.

The Kewaskum-based company on Wednesday also announced the retirement this month of a longtime official and a pair of promotions.

The layoffs affected a total of 26 administrative and production employees, Senior Vice President and Human Resources Officer David Lenz said.

via Temporary, permanent cuts hit Regal Ware .


* HSR Business to Business eliminated 12 jobs Monday, citing the loss of two clients and a generally weak economy.

via HSR agency trims workforce by 7 percent – Business Courier of Cincinnati: .


* Hewlett-Packard Co. is laying off nearly 100 workers at its manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico to reduce costs.

via HP to cut nearly 100 jobs at Puerto Rico plant – Taiwan News Online.


* Biopharmaceutical company Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc (LXRX.O) said it will cut about 102 jobs, or about 22 percent of its workforce, to conserve capital and focus on the development of its most advanced drug development programs.

via UPDATE 1-Lexicon Pharma to cut 102 jobs | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* American Greetings Corp. is closing 60 U.S. stores nationwide — including seven in Northeast Ohio — and cutting at least 200 more jobs as it continues to pare expenses during what has traditionally been its strongest quarter.

via American Greetings to cut 200 jobs, shut 60 retail stores – Business –


* NEW YORK ( — United Airlines, one of the leading U.S.-based carriers, said Wednesday it will cut an additional 1,000 jobs to reduce overhead costs.

The airline had previously announced it was cutting 1,500 positions in the second quarter of last year.

via United Airlines to cut 1,000 salaried and management jobs – Jan. 21, 2009 .


* LEESVILLE, La. — A modular building company based in Center, Texas, has laid off workers in Louisiana and Texas.

Ameri-Tech Building Systems chief executive officer Jim Donnan did not say how many people were laid off in Leesville, La., and in Center, Troy and Big Springs, Texas.

via Texas, La., layoffs at modular building company | Business news | – Houston Chronicle.


* PARACHUTE (KJCT) — Another local gas company says they are laying off employees, citing the economy and tighter regulations.  

Three hundred contracted employees of Williams, located in Parachute, will be losing their jobs over the next few months.

via – Grand Junction, Montrose – Weather, News, Sports | Layoffs mount in local gas industry.


* Hoboken University Medical Center is looking at laying off employees and cutting services in the near future to stay afloat, according to the hospital’s January newsletter.

The document leads off: “As Harvey Holzberg told everyone this week, Hoboken UMC may have to join the legions of hospitals across the nation, around the state, and up the block in making painful cuts to staff and services in order to remain fiscally stable during this global recession.”

via Hudson Reporter – News, Events, Classifieds, and Businesses in Hudson County, New Jersey.


* In an interview with, Avnet COO and Senior Vice President Rick Hamada did not specify exactly where the $50 million in reductions would come from. When asked if they would include layoffs or the closing of Avnet businesses, Hamada — who is also the acting president of Avnet Technology Solutions/Global during the position’s changeover from John Paget to Philip Gallagher ” said, “All of the above.”

via Economy Spells No Relief For Avnet – IT Channel – IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness.


* MARION – Sypris Technologies will close its Marion plant by the end of 2009, said Mark Kane, vice president of human resources for the Louisville, Ky.-based company.

The plant, which employs 82 workers, will be closed in phases, joining the company’s Kenton facility, which is to close by May.

via Sypris eliminating remaining 82 Marion jobs | | The Marion Star.


* Update: Bridgestone Corp. said Friday it will lay off about 800 workers at a tire plant in Tennessee as it phases out production of tires for cars and light tucks.

The plant, located in LaVergne, Tennessee near Nashville, will be restructured to focus solely on tire production for heavier vehicles, Bridgestone said in a statement published on its Website Friday.

via Bridgestone to cut 800 workers at Tennessee plant – MarketWatch


* Sun Microsystems Inc.’s latest round of layoffs will put 227 of its Denver metro-area workers of jobs by early April, according a notification the company sent to state officials Thursday.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based computer networking and software company said in November it planned to trim its work force by between 15 percent and 18 percent by late 2009, eliminating as many as 6,000 jobs worldwide.

via Latest Sun Microsystems layoffs include 227 Denver-area jobs – Denver Business Journal: .


* Hawker Beechcraft warned employees in a memo Wednesday that a second round of layoffs “could very well touch all areas and levels of the company.”

Hawker Beechcraft is “conducting an extensive review of our business in an effort to reconcile our first-quarter and full-year 2009 production needs with the size of our workforce,” vice president for human resources Rich Jiwanlal said in the memo.

It expects to finalize plans within the next few weeks, Jiwanlal said. At that time, it will provide more details of the reduction.

via Hawker Beechcraft announces that layoffs will likely hit all levels of company | Top Stories |


Mike: I have seen how these temporary layoffs can turn permanent quickly

* Bobcat Co., says it is extending a six-week shutdown of its two North Dakota plants by two weeks, citing the nation’s economic slowdown.

The West Fargo-based construction equipment manufacturer laid off about 2,000 employees at its plants in Bismarck and Gwinner in mid-December. They were due back to work Feb. 2.

via Ap |  The Jamestown Sun  | Jamestown, North Dakota .


* The Pratt & Whitney aircraft engine plant in North Berwick is looking to cut its hourly work force by 50, part of a cost-cutting measure linked to reduced manufacturing.

The workers, who are over 55 years old, are being offered a buyout package that includes a $5,000 payment and a week’s pay for each year of employment, according to company and union officials.

via Pratt & Whitney plans N. Berwick layoffs | Portland Press Herald.


* Trane plans to lay off about 100 workers in La Crosse on Feb. 2 due to the faltering economy, a company spokesman said Thursday.

via Trane to lay off 100 workers : La Crosse Tribune.


* On Jan. 8 company officials from Andersen Corporation announced that 450 workers were being laid off – that number just got larger.

Maureen McDonough, Andersen’s director of communications, said the company would be laying off an additional 150 production workers from the facility in Bayport.

via Andersen to layoff an additional 150 workers |  Stillwater Courier  | Stillwater, Minnesota .


* Update: A majority of the staff making up Canadian video game development studio EA Black Box, creators of the Electronic Arts’ skateboarding series, Skate, Skate 2, and Skate It, has been laid off.

Gamasutra reports that almost two-thirds of EA Black Box, which has also worked on NBA STREET Homecourt and most of the games in the Need for Speed series (everything from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 to Need for Speed Undercover) has lost their jobs, the total number of employees let go being upwards of 200 people.

via Massive Skate team layoffs: 200 employees lose their jobs – Network World.


* Autobytel Inc., the Irvine Internet auto marketing firm, is laying off seven more workers this month, according to a state Employment Development Department filing.

The Internet auto marketing firm started slashing its staffing last year to stem the flow of red ink.

via Autobytel has additional 7 layoffs – Handling Hard Times –


* Checks Unlimited will lay off up to 100 employees in Colorado Springs after consolidating check printing operations in Salt Lake City and Kansas City, Mo., as a result of consumers switching to electronic payment methods from personal checks.

via Checks Unlimited to layoff 100 workers | checks, company, unlimited – Top Stories – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO.


* Cooley Godward Kronish became the latest law firm to issue layoffs Jan. 22, eliminating 52 attorney jobs and 62 staff companywide.

In a memo to its employees, the law firm cited economic uncertainty but said the layoffs do not reflect overall weakness of the firm.

via San Diego Business Journal Online – business news for San Diego, California .


* WNET-Thirteen, PBS’s flagship station in New York, is on the verge of enacting significant staff and budget reductions for the coming year. The layoffs will also affect sister station WLIW-21 and the station’s parent public media organization

Neal Shapiro, President and C.E.O. of, told The Observer on Thursday evening that his organization, including the stations, will be cutting 8 percent of its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The cuts will be achieved, according to Mr. Shapiro, through cost-cutting measures (such as reductions in back-office costs) and by reducing the current staff by roughly 14 percent.

via Mobile: Unlucky 13: Significant Layoffs and Budget Cuts at PBS’s Flagship Station in New York.


* Tuesday, a wave of optimism accompanied the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th president. On Wednesday, that optimism was quickly tempered at Oxford University Press (OUP), after the nation’s largest university press laid off 60 people between its two offices in New York and Cary, NC. OUP president Tim Barton said the “cost-cutting exercise,” is “a result of the difficult economic environment impacting the publishing industry.”

The job cut is an uncharacteristic move for the historically stable press, which, throughout recessions, has rarely had go to layoffs. These are clearly unprecedented times, however, further evidenced today by Microsoft’s announcement that it will lay off 5000 workers over the next 18 months, the first job cut in the company’s history.

via Oxford U. Press Sheds 60 Jobs; Utah State U. Press on the Chopping Block? Nature’s New OA Initiatives – 1/22/2009 1:19:00 PM – Library Journal.


* EL PASO, Texas — In the next couple of weeks, hundreds of El Pasoans will find themselves without jobs because the weak economy is forcing some companies to close down.

Air System Components Inc. or ASC is another big company that’s reorganizing and moving some of its operations to Juarez.

via El Pasoans Bracing For Manufacturing Layoffs – News Story – KFOX El Paso.


* LAWRENCE, Kan. | The University of Kansas is cutting 11 jobs and not filling 110 others to satisfy a legislative mandate to cut 7 percent of its budget for the 2010 fiscal year.

via KU laying off 11, not filling 110 jobs – Kansas City Star.


* OTTAWA, Ontario–Publicly traded IP video manufacturer March Networks announced this week it has implemented a seven percent reduction in global workforce along with a six percent salary roll-back for all North American executives and staff. This follows another workforce reduction the company announced in November.

via March Networks announces more layoffs – Security Systems News


* Palo Alto – Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business has been struck by the recession as 49 staff members have been let go since the beginning of the year. Stanford University on the whole expects to cut its budget by 10% this year.



* Some nursing positions were eliminated, though hospital officials say staffing levels won’t be affected.

Citing the troubled economy, Frankford Hospitals Thursday announced it has eliminated 100 full-time employees including a small number of “clinical” nursing positions.

via  Frankford Hospitals lays off 100 .


* Polaris Industries Inc. has cut 160 salaried jobs and about 300 contract part-time and temporary positions. The cuts were spread across all product lines and multiple facilities. The cuts represent about 5 percent of the company’s employee base.

via Polaris cuts 460 jobs at multiple locations – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal: .


* Virginia-based MeadWestvaco Corp. announced today that it will shut its Consumer & Office Products’ envelope factory in Enfield by the end of March, leaving 190 workers jobless.

via Journal Inquirer > News > Envelope plant in Enfield to close:190 jobs will be eliminated.


* Lexicon Pharmaceuticals announced a new restructuring plan Thursday, which includes a 22 percent reduction in its workforce. The 102 positions cut will be primarily in basic research, early-stage discovery and support positions, the company’s statement said. 

via Lexicon restructures, cuts 102 employees–again – FierceBiotech.


Interline Brands Inc. has eliminated 85 full-time positions.

As a result of the layoffs, as well as several other expense control actions, the company expects to save about $12 million a year.


* MORRISVILLE, N.C. — ChannelAdvisor, a global provider of e-commerce services to retailers and other online sellers, is laying off up to 60 of its 290 workers.

The 19 percent work force reduction is part of a company-wide reorganization scheduled mfor a Friday announcement.

via Layoffs hit e-commerce services provider ChannelAdvisor ::


* A Sweden-based firm that makes products for the pharmaceutical industry will move its Albemarle County production line to Cardiff, Wales, taking 50 local jobs with it.

Biotage announced Thursday that it would start transferring its production overseas in stages. The move is slated to be finished by the fourth quarter.

via 50 face layoffs as Albemarle firm departs | Charlottesville Daily Progress.


* Looking to cut overhead and focus on its lead drug program, Connecticut-based Penwest Pharmaceuticals is reducing its staff from 60 to 49. The company says the layoffs will build on the decreases in spending on general and administrative, as well as research and development, expenses over the past year.

via Penwest sharpens focus, cuts jobs – FierceBiotech.


* Semi-trailer maker Wabash National Corp (WNC.N) said it would further cut its workforce by 5 percent to reduce costs, and that it sees non-cash goodwill impairment charges of about $66 million in the fourth quarter.

The company said it would cut 25 jobs, bringing the total headcount reduction to over 25 percent since 2007, and reduce the base salary its executive officers and the senior management team by about 10 percent.

via UPDATE 1-Wabash to cut 5 pct jobs, sees Q4 charges | Deals | Regulatory News | Reuters .


* Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Corp. is considering shedding more than 1,000 regular workers in Britain and North America as it fights its biggest ever crisis, according to a report.

The company aims to finalise the job cuts at its seven plants in North America and one in Britain by the end of the month, the business daily Nikkei reported, citing an unnamed senior Toyota official.

via AFP: Toyota may cut 1,000 jobs in Britain, US.


* Schlumberger Ltd., the world’s largest oilfield-services provider, said fourth-quarter profit fell 17 percent as a collapse in petroleum prices slowed exploration spending by customers. The company said job cuts “concern” 5,000 people worldwide.

via Worldwide.


* Franklin Resources Inc. (BEN:52.14, +0.54, +1.1%) confirmed Thursday that it plans to cut 4% of its global workforce. The cuts, announced to staff on Wednesday, amount to about 350 of the firm’s 8,600 employees.

via Franklin Resources to cut 4% of staff – MarketWatch .


* NEW YORK, Jan 22 (Reuters) – Playboy Enterprises Inc plans to cut jobs, consolidate online and print operations and take a writedown as the adult entertainment magazine struggles with a declining audience in a poor economy.

The Chicago-based publisher said it will report a fourth-quarter loss as a result of the the writedown of goodwill and other intangible assets, which it expects to be more than $100 million.

It did not say how many jobs would be cut.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* Union Pacific Corp. has furloughed about 3,150 train and yard employees, and more cuts could be made in the first three months of this year if business doesn’t pick up, officials said Thursday.


A Union Pacific freight train travels in Omaha on Wednesday. On Thursday, Union Pacific reported a 35 percent increase in net income during its fourth quarter.

A few hundred more jobs could be cut from the railroad’s work force of 47,000, including some at the railroad’s Omaha headquarters, spokeswoman Donna Kush said.

“It all depends on volumes,” she said.

The latest cuts leave about 18,060 train and yard employees still working, officials said.


* HOLYOKE – An estimated 30 city employees will lose their jobs next fiscal year if the city receives less state aid as predicted, Mayor Michael J. Sullivan said this week.

via Money Section.


* Two of the area’s major health systems, Rochester General and Unity, will cut jobs and may lay some workers off this year.

Officials at Rochester General today announced a $24 million budget cut plan that includes eliminating 30 management jobs and 210 other positions. Officials said 140 positions have already been cut through turnover and by eliminating temporary and agency staff. Of the 100 other jobs targeted, system officials hope to place some of those employees in other positions, but there could be layoffs.

via Local hospitals cut jobs | | Democrat and Chronicle.


* Sony plans to close two television factories and shed 2,000 jobs in its home country of Japan, according to a Bloomberg report Wednesday.

The report says CEO Sir Howard Stringer will make the announcement in a news conference but doesn’t say when.

via Report: Sony to cut 2,000 jobs, shutter two Japan TV factories | Business Tech – CNET News.


* Parker Hannifin Corp. is cutting 130 jobs at its New Haven plant, New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald said Thursday.

That will bring the workforce at the plant to between 450 and 500, McDonald said.

via Parker Hannifin to cut 130 jobs at New Haven plant | The Journal Gazette.


* New Customer Service Cos. Inc. is laying off dozens of workers at its Loudoun County headquarters and, as a result, will close its call center there.

The Sterling-based company will cut 57 workers March 15, according to a notice filed by the company with the Virginia Employment Commission.

via New Customer Service lays off 57 – Washington Business Journal: .


* 213 jobs at Wilsonville Movie Gallery Inc. announced it will lay off about 213 employees at one of its Wilsonville locations as part of its move to consolidate two distribution centers into one in Nashville, Tenn.

via Movie Gallery will cut –


* United Drug has said it is seeking to cut job numbers at its Irish businesses by just under 100 as part of a cost saving programme.

The company provides services to pharmaceutical retailers and manufacturers and is one of the biggest drug wholesalers in the country.

via RTÉ Business: United Drug to cut 300 jobs, 90 in Ireland.


* D/FW AIRPORT – United Parcel Service is eliminating 250 positions at its overnight sorting facility in North Texas, and another 250 jobs will be cut at a similar facility in Columbia, South Carolina.

In December, UPS announced it would eliminate 72 jobs at the UPS Air Cargo Distribution Center at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airpor

via UPS cuts 500 positions – half at D/FW Airport | Texas Cable News | | News for Texas | Local News: TV .


* Abercrombie & Fitch Co has laid off about 50 employees at its headquarters, a spokesman said on Friday, as part of what the teen retailer called its ongoing focus on managing expenses in the recession.

via Abercrombie lays off workers in ongoing process | U.S. | Reuters .


* Based in Norwalk, Conn., Xerox (NYSE: XRX) employs 1,750 in Wilsonville, home to the Xerox Office Group. On Jan. 15 Xerox laid off 50 Wilsonville employees, part of a corporate-wide 5 percent reduction in workforce.

via Xerox breaks even in Q4 – Portland Business Journal: .


* Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing has laid off 40 workers in the last few weeks, comprising about 25 percent of its work force.

via TH – Local News Article.Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing has laid off 40 workers in the last few weeks, comprising about 25 percent of its work force.

via TH – Local News Article.


* BLAKELY, Ga. — Channel 2 learned Thursday nearly all the people who work in the Georgia peanut plant linked to salmonella have lost their jobs.

The Peanut Corporation of America plant is in Blakely in southwest Georgia. All but three of the 46 employees at the Blakely Peanut Corporation of America plant were laid off, plant officials told WSB-TV Channel 2 Thursday.

via Georgia Plant Blamed For Peanut Butter Recall Lays Off Almost All Workers – Consumer News Story – WSB Atlanta.


* Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Biotage makes products in the medicinal chemistry area for the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and academic institutes.

About 50 jobs will be lost when the Charlottesville factory closes. Biotage said Thursday the transfer is expected to be finished by the fourth quarter.

via Factory in Albemarle Co. Closes; 50 Jobs Lost .


* Keihin Indiana Precision Technology in Greenfield has laid off 100 temporary workers and made other cuts amid reduced demand from its primary customer, Honda Motors.

via Honda supplier in Greenfield lays off 100 | | The Indianapolis Star .


* Domain name registrar has laid off 10% of its staff, according to a post on its company blog.

After growing last year, the company started to cut back on costs in October. But the cuts were not enough. cites razor small margins on domain names and intense competition, along with the faltering economy, for its woes.

via Domain Name Wire » News » Lays Off 10% of Staff – The Domain Industry’s News Source.


* Law firm Choate Hall & Stewart has laid off 15 lawyers and 23 non-legal staff members, or 8 percent of its workforce, citing the slumping economy, the firm confirmed Friday.

via Choate cuts 15 lawyers, 23 staffers – Boston Business Journal: .


* Motorola Inc. has filed notices with the state of Illinois on the upcoming layoffs of nearly 550 local employees.

The state’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has received two notices from Schaumburg-based Motorola dated Thursday. The Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or WARN, requires employers to give 60 days advance notice of mass layoffs.

via Motorola warns of 550 local layoffs —


* The Beat reports on layoffs at DC Comics and Diamond Comics, apparently due to the continuing economic crisis.  The most high-profile among them is Bob Schreck, who co-founded Oni Press, edited “Sin City” at Dark Horse, and edited “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” and “All-Star Batman and Robin” for DC. 

via Report: Layoffs at DC Comics, Diamond | Nerdage.


* NEW YORK – The company that operates two public television stations in New York City says it’s cutting 85 jobs because of the economic downturn. 

via – 85 jobs cut at 2 NYC public TV stations


* NorthShore Skokie Hospital said it would eliminate 150 full-time jobs, or nearly 14 percent of its workforce in the next two months.

via NorthShore Skokie Hospital to cut 150 jobs —


* Webster Financial Corp. said today it will cut 200 jobs and slash its quarterly cash dividend on common shares from 30 cents to 1 cent, as it steers through the recession and braces for even tougher times ahead.

via Webster Financial To Cut 200 Jobs —


* Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Fannie Mae, the mortgage-finance company under federal control, cut several hundred jobs today at its Washington headquarters as it adds workers elsewhere to combat rising foreclosures.

via Worldwide.


* Birds Eye Foods has cut more than 30 positions, nearly half of which are at the corporate headquarters in Rochester.

via –  Birds Eye Foods


* RIVERDALE, Iowa (AP) — Alcoa Inc. is cutting jobs at its Davenport Works plant in the Quad Cities as part of a worldwide reduction.

The aluminum producer says in a news release issued Friday that it will reduce its hourly work force by about 220 positions. Alcoa says the number of salaried employees affected hasn’t been finalized.

via Alcoa Cuts 220 Jobs In Iowa .


* Birmingham’s ABC 33/40 television station laid off about 20 full-time and part-time employees today, including sports reporter Melissa Lee and meteorologist Brian Peters, a station official confirmed.

via –Birmingham ABC affiliate lays off 20 staffers, citing declining ad income


* Chicago’s Starcom MediaVest laid off 80 staffers yesterday, AgencySpy has learned. A Starcom representative confirmed the cuts today, stating that the current economic climate is to blame.

via Starcom Lets 75-100 Go – AgencySpy.


* Another big round of layoffs is expected at Starbucks, possibly as many as a third of its corporate employees as well as district managers and field employees, Diane Daggatt, a managing director at McAdams Wright Ragen in Seattle, wrote in an e-mail to the brokerage’s customers today.

via Business & Technology | Big layoffs expected at Starbucks, brokerage says | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Comerica Inc. is set to cut another five percent of its work force in a move that will affect all business units in all geographic markets, including Texas.

via Comerica to trim another 570 jobs – Houston Business Journal: .


* JAE Oregon Inc. in Tualatin, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Japan Aviation Electronics Ltd. (JAE), laid off 26 of 157 employees this month and will cease production for a week each month in January, February and March, the company said Friday.

via Tualatin’s JAE Oregon Inc. lays off 26 –


* NORFOLK – Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters laid off 28 employees on Friday, just one in a series of cost-cutting measures the facility is taking to shore up finances.

via CHKD lays off 28 people, won’t thaw 90 frozen positions | |


* BOULDER, Colo. — Niwot-based Crocs Inc. this week cut 14 positions companywide as part of a continued “reorganization” of the shoemaker’s business, officials said.

via Niwot-based Crocs lays off 14 : Breaking News : Boulder Daily Camera.


* JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Officials with Hytrol Conveyor Company have announced the lay-offs of 100 employees, triggering concerns about Jonesboro’s economic outlook. Couch’s Barbecue, one of the oldest restaurants in Jonesboro, has had to make job cuts as well

via KAIT – Jonesboro, AR: Hytrol Layoffs Concern for Surrounding Businesses.


* An analyst says as many as 1,000 Starbucks Corp. employees could be laid off within weeks, according to published reports.

The layoffs could include one-third of corporate employees, district managers and field employees, according to an e-mail sent Friday by Diane Daggatt, managing director at Seattle-based brokerage McAdams Wright Ragen. No barista jobs were expected to be cut, she said.

via Starbucks may cut 1,000 jobs – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): .


* DETROIT — A person briefed on General Motors’ plans says one of the two remaining shifts at an assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, will be laid off starting in April.

The person asked not to be identified because the plans have not been finalized. The person says workers at the plant have been told about the cuts and an official announcement could come as soon as Monday.

via Reports Say GM To Cut 1 Of 2 Shifts At Lordstown Plant – Money News Story – WEWS Cleveland.


* BBVA Compass announced Friday it will cut 1,200 positions in its six-state footprint.

The cuts, which amount to 10 percent of its work force, will include 200 in the Birmingham area, a spokesman said.

via BBVA Compass cutting 1,200 jobs: Business News – MSN Money.


* McQuay International announced today it will temporarily lay off approximately 60 employees at its Auburn facility for 90 days. The layoff was voluntary, said McQuay spokesperson Chris Sackrison, and people will retain their health benefits during the three months.

“We’re not immune to the economy right now,” he said.

via – McQuay lays off 60 workers in Auburn.


* WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) – The first round of layoffs at the General Motors plant in Wyoming has been announced.

The facility on 36th Street will close at the end of this calendar year.

via WARN letter for 500 at Wyoming GM plant.


* Pinnacle Airlines Inc. is rolling back personnel and other expenses to keep its regional jets flying amid economic turbulence.

The Delta Connection and Northwest Airlink carrier is freezing executive pay, suspending 401(k) company matches and targeting 30 to 50 employees for layoffs.

via Pinnacle freezing executive pay, planning layoffs : Business News : Memphis Commercial Appeal.


* Now, for at least the third time in six months, more layoffs at Truseal Technologies in Barbourville.

The manufacturer of window and door sealants is laying off 25 workers. It’s a blow to each of the families of those employees, and the affect is far reaching.

via More Layoffs At Truseal Technologies.


* Hillel, which laid off six employees this week, has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy, reports the Washington Jewish Week. The organization lost $20,000 it had directly invested in Madoff, but also another $600,000 that is was supposed to receive next year from the Chais Foundation, which closed after losing all of its money with Madoff.

via Loose Change: Layoffs at Hillel, none at local Hadassahs and Jews push for healthcare | The Fundermentalist | JTA – Jewish & Israel News.


* Muzak Holdings LLC, the Fort Mill, S.C., provider of background music to businesses, confirmed today it has laid off “fewer than 30” of its 1,250 employees.

via Muzak confirms ‘fewer than 30’ layoffs |


* To cut costs, two of the state’s biotechnology companies — Baltimore’s Alba Therapeutics and Novavax Inc. of Rockville — have shed more than 40 jobs this month.

via Biotech cash crunch leads to layoffs at Alba, Novavax – Baltimore Business Journal: .


* Motorola has notified the state that it will lay off 77 employees at its Plantation facility, effective March 27. The company said it will no longer conduct new Windows mobile development at the facility.

via Motorola to lay off 77 in Plantation – South Florida Business Journal: 


* A big Nevada insurance company said today it’s cutting its workforce by about 14 percent.

Employers Holdings Inc., parent of Employers Insurance Company of Nevada, said the layoffs are in response to the economic downturn and are part of a restructuring plan following the company’s acquisition of AmCOMP Inc.

via Nevada workers’ comp insurer to cut 14 percent of jobs – Las Vegas Sun.


* RIVERDALE, Iowa — Alcoa is losing a battle to reduce costs and avoid layoffs. The world economy is hitting close to home at the Davenport Works, taking with it 220 hourly jobs at the plant.

via Alcoa cuts 220 hourly jobs at Davenport Works.


* NASHVILLE, Tenn.- There are more victims of the slumping auto industry. Almost 5,000 employees across the country, a few of them in the mid state are losing their jobs as a magazine that advertises cars for sale goes out of business. 

via NewsChannel – Nashville, Tennessee – Jobs Lost as Auto Magazine Goes Out of Business.



* HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (AP) – A southern Indiana furniture company is closing an assembly plant where about 70 people work.

OFS Brands announced Friday that that 1 of its plants in the Dubois (doo-BOYSS’) County city of Huntingburg would end operations by the end of March.

via Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports -Furniture company closing southern Indiana plant.


* FISHER, Ill. — The owner of an eastern Illinois plant that makes products for the steel industry says the facility will close, costing 98 people their jobs.

via Fort Mill Times | – E. Illinois factory closure will cost 98 jobs – Fort Mill, SC.


* THOMASVILLE, N.C. (AP) – A North Carolina wood products plant that has been in business for 75 years is closing because of a decline in its customer base.

    The High Point Enterprise reported Friday that Commercial Carving Co. will shut down next month.

    The company didn’t say how many workers it employed, but the newspaper reported Commercial Carving employed about 90 people last year.

via NC carving plant to close after 75 years | WNCT.


* MOUNT POCONO — Liz Claiborne will close its Mount Pocono distribution center sometime in March, leaving 350 employees without jobs.

The company made the announcement to its employees Thursday morning.

via Liz Claiborne plant in Poconos to close – – The Pocono Record.


* ELLENBORO, W.Va. — Parkersburg-based Simonton Windows has laid off 115 workers at its Ritchie County facility and 42 others at a plant in Paris, citing the slumping housing market.

via Daily Herald | Downstate window plant closing.


* ACA Co-operative Ltd. of Kentville is cutting more than 300 jobs at two of its Kings County poultry processing facilities, one of which is closing permanently.

via 300 poultry plant jobs gone – Nova Scotia News –


* Avnet Inc., a distributor of electronic components, computer products and embedded technology, will close its Texas operations and move them to Nogales, Sonora.

The Fortune 500 company will transition its assembly operations from Grapevine, Texas, to the Mexican border town over the next 18 months, the company said in a news release.

via AVT BRIEF: Texas distribution plant closing, relocating to Nogales.


* HOWELL, Mich. – The auto industry’s ongoing sales slump is being blamed for the closing of another small supplier in Livingston County.

International Paper Co. says it’s shuttering its corrugated container plant in Howell, resulting in the loss of 95 jobs.

via International Paper to shut down Howell plant —

International News


* KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia has banned the hiring of foreign workers in factories, stores and restaurants to protect its citizens from mass unemployment amid the global economic downturn, a government official said Thursday.

The government has also ordered companies to lay off foreign employees first if they must slash their work force, a Human Resources Ministry official said.

via Malaysia bans foreign hiring for factories, stores – International Herald Tribune.


* Mishcon de Reya has completed its redundancy consultation with 17 members of staff, including two partners, losing their jobs.

via Mishcons lays off 17 after redundancy consultation – Legal Week, legal news, comment, events and legal jobs.


* Superquinn is to cut 400 jobs and close a store in Dundalk as part of a cost-saving plan which, it says, has been forced upon it following “recent developments in cross-border shopping”.

via Superquinn to shed 400 jobs and close Dundalk store – The Irish Times – Wed, Jan 21, 2009.


* MANILA, Philippines – Intel Corp., the first US semiconductor firm that established a facility in the Philippines, will shutter its Cavite factory, laying off 1,800 workers and an undisclosed number of executives this year.

via GMANews.TV – Intel shutters RP factory, lays off 1,800 employees – Business – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA.


* ZURICH: UBS, the largest Swiss bank, said Thursday that it was planning a fourth round of job cuts at its securities division to downsize the fixed-income unit after record losses from the global financial crisis.

The bank, which is based in Zurich, will exit its real estate and securitization and exotic structured products businesses, Carsten Kengeter and Jeff Mayer, co-heads of fixed income, currencies and commodities, said in a memorandum dated Wednesday.

via UBS to cut more jobs at money-losing division – International Herald Tribune.


* Almost 700 jobs are set to be axed by a UK parcel carrier following a decision to restructure its delivery network, unions say.

via Parcel Firm Job Losses: Home Delivery Network Could Be Cutting 700 Jobs Say Unions | Business | Sky News.


* The drinks group Britvic Ireland is to shed 145 jobs over the next twelve months as part of a cost-cutting plan.

via Britvic Ireland to cut 145 jobs – Business, Ireland –


* The number of construction apprentices being made redundant during the economic downturn now stands at well over 1,000.

The total has nearly trebled over the past two months with only one in three finding a fresh site placement. And the industry’s training leaders are forecasting still more apprentice redundancies to come.

via Over 1,000 construction apprentices made redundant – 23/01/2009 – Contract Journal.


* Northcliffe’s Bristol News & Media division is understood to be planning up to 45 job cuts as speculation mounts that the Western Daily Press could in future rely on content supplied by other company titles in the region.

via Bristol News & Media plans up to 45 job cuts | Media | .


* ALMOST 1,000 jobs have been axed in the Rochdale area over the last nine months.

The shocking figures obtained by the Observer show for the first time the extent of the economic downturn on the local economy.

The statistics revealed that 980 workers were made redundant, with the majority of the jobs lost in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

via Jobless misery as axe falls on 1,000 – News – Rochdale Observer.


* Dutch-owned food firm Vion will eliminate 470 jobs at its Haverhill site in Suffolk, 200 at Malton in North Yorkshire, and 150 at Cambuslang in Scotland.

The job cuts in Scotland are due to the loss of business supplying food products to supermarket chain Marks & Spencer. The job losses in Suffolk and North Yorkshire are due to the restructuring of Vion’s abattoir and cooked meats businesses.

via Vion to cut 820 jobs – Food Business Review.


* QUITO — State oil company Petroecuador will carry out a restructuring plan that includes eliminating 1,500 jobs, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said, adding that just $3 billion will be earmarked for the firm this year to fund ongoing projects.

via Latin American Herald Tribune – PetroEcuador to Cut 1,500 Jobs.


* SJ Berwin today became the latest law firm to announce job cuts as the City’s leading legal advisers brace themselves for a recession. Up to 50 jobs could go.

via SJ Berwin to cut up to 50 jobs as downturn worsens – Times Online .


* Tata Steel’s Corus Plc, Europe’s second-largest steel company is planning a major revamp at Ijmuiden steel plant in the Netherlands, which could lead to nearly 1,000 workers losing their jobs due to decline in sales in the global steel industry, caused by the current economic slowdown.

via : Corus to cut 1,000 jobs in the Netherlands.


* Crisis worsens in civil engineering sector, while SMEs express doubts over latest bank bail out

The bloodbath in the civil engineering sector worsened this week as Buro Happold and Faber Maunsell followed Arup’s cull of 400 UK staff last week.

A source close to Faber Maunsell said 16% of UK employees – about 500 people – faced the chop. A spokesperson said this figure was “inaccurate” and that the figure was closer to 4%, but refused to give the actual figure. Senior salaries at the firm are also understood to have been frozen and bonuses reduced.

via Buro Happold and Faber Maunsell plan swingeing job cuts – Building.


* Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Sotheby’s in Amsterdam will cut two-thirds of its 60 employees, according to a Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, citing director Mark Grol.

via Arts and Culture.


* INDUSTRIAL property investor Goodman Group will slash up to 175 positions across its global business as it aims to cut overheads by about 20 per cent a year.

The positions make up about 16.5 per cent of its “headcount” and will either be restructured or made redundant, group chief executive Greg Goodman said on Thursday.

via Goodman slashes jobs across the board | Herald Sun.


* Spain’s unemployment rate, which was already the highest in the eurozone, hit 13.9% in the last quarter of 2008.

During the period, 3.2 million people were out of work, which was nearly 1.3 million more than in the same three months of the previous year.

via BBC NEWS | Business | Spain’s jobless rate hits 13.9%.


* More job losses in the consulting sector were announced today with Buro Happold to cut 10% of global staff and 4% job cuts at Faber Maunsell.

via Jobs cut at Buro Happold and Faber Maunsell .


* Stirling Council has announced that up to 170 posts could be cut as part of a financial review to save £5m annually and deliver better frontline services to the community.

via Council To Axe Up To 170 Jobs To Save 5m (from The Herald ).


* A CONCRETE plant will shut with the loss of 55 jobs after efforts to rescue it failed.

Marshalls, in Llay, near Wrexham, will lose 20 workers today with the rest leaving next month company bosses said.

via Marshalls’ Wrexham concrete plant to shut – Daily Post North Wales



Hiring News


* HOUSTON (Reuters) – Unemployment lines across the United States are growing, but demand for workers in the oil patch remains healthy with exploration and production companies still hiring workers in anticipation of the next leg up in oil and gas prices.

Even so, the sector got a surprise last week when ConocoPhillips (COP.N), the third largest U.S. oil company said it planned to cut 4 percent of its workforce, or about 1,300 jobs in a bid to control costs. But smaller peers like Devon Energy Corp (DVN.N) say so far they have no plans to take similar action.

“We have over 150 jobs to fill,” Chip Minty, spokesman for Oklahoma City-based Devon, said. “We are hiring, but we are watching our budget.”

via U.S. independent oil companies hiring-for now | Reuters .


* In a time when so many businesses are closing their doors, the US Census Office in Fresno is doing something out of the ordinary…opening.

“Our business ultimately is to count everybody in the district for the purpose of the census which is carried out every ten years,” David Hess, Local Census Office Manager, said.

via KMPH Fox 26 Central San Joaquin Valley News Source in Fresno, California Entertainment, News, Sports and Weather | Fresno Census Bureau Now Hiring.


* EL PASO, TX — (Marketwire) — 01/23/09 — TeleTech Holdings, Inc., one of the largest and most geographically diverse global providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, today announced it will be adding approximately 1,000 customer service positions to its TeleTech@Home workforce in January.


Mike: The layoff news came fast and hard at the end of the day with some big news from Schlumberger, Harley-Davidson and BBVA Compass. Good thing the weekend is here and the job less announcements should be minimal. I’ll update this post throughout the weekend with any job loss announcements, but let’s start the weekend with a little humor and song. The first video is especially entertaining. Don’t you want your TARP?.………..





Ed Stein - Jan 23

Ed Stein - Jan 23


Hillary Clinton frees the State Department, and Barack Obama moves to close Guantanamo.

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more about “Fox News Fear Imbalance | The Daily S…“, posted with vodpod




January 22 – Jobless claims rise to 589,000 – Tyco cuts 2500 – Intel: up to 6000 jobless – 2000 more gone at GM – Huntsman releases 1175 – Nokia slams 1000 – OHSU trims 1000 – UAL to discharge 1000 – How many jobs cut at IBM? – Microsoft to layoff 5000 – Eaton to chop another 3200 – Yahoo to end 3000 jobs? – SUN sets on 1300 jobs – F5 minus 7% – Black day for 200 at Black Box

Mike: Good day to all. Today’s much anticipated news will likely revolve around earnings releases from Microsoft and Google, as well as the  Jobless Claims  numbers.  Yesterday, a few earnings reports were better than expected, as in the case of Apple, but the layoff announcements didn’t slow their brutal pace. If today’s earnings news and the  Jobless Claims  numbers improve, the outlook for jobs may also improve in the near term, or at least we can hope that’s the case.
Update: As the news indicats, the numbers were worse than expected for Microsoft, jobless clains and housing starts
* NEW YORK ( — The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits rose last week to a 26-year high, according to a government report released Thursday.

The Labor Department said that initial filings for state jobless benefits rose 62,000 to 589,000 for the week ended Jan. 17.

via Jobless claims surge to 26-year high – Jan. 22, 2009 .



Microsoft/Google/IBM/etc. News & Rumors


* Microsoft Earnings and Revenues Take a Big Hit; 5,000 to Be Laid Off (Plus the Full Press Release)


* NEW YORK/BOSTON (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp is expected to post a quarterly profit that misses its own target and announce thousands of job cuts this week as the global economic slump hurts even the technology industry’s biggest players.

When the leading software maker reports fiscal second quarter results on Thursday, investors are likely to press for comments on its outlook and on Yahoo Inc, whose search business has been the object of Microsoft’s desires.

The report comes against a backdrop of a wounded global economy that has stifled demand for everything from personal computers to business software and video games, all markets in which Microsoft is a significant player.

via Microsoft expected to cut jobs as profit weakens –


* Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp., reporting second- quarter earnings today, may announce its first companywide job cuts as the software maker trims costs amid slumping demand.

The company will probably cut full-time positions, contract workers and outside vendors, said Heather Bellini, an analyst at UBS AG in New York. Microsoft will probably slice 5 percent to 7 percent, or $1.37 billion to $1.92 billion, from annual operating expenses, she estimates.

via News.


* With the PC market having tanked along with the rest of the market, Microsoft is seen as unlikely to be able to live up to the financial forecast it issued in October.

In a further sign of just how rough the economy is, Microsoft is also expected to announce shortly its plans for a significant, companywide layoffs. Although Microsoft has cut jobs in a particular unit or location in the past, it has managed to navigate through all past downturns without having to resort to such broad job cuts.

via PC sales slump to bite even Microsoft | Microsoft – CNET News.


Mike: That Vista was a problem for Microsoft is not surprising at all. They should have shelved it before it started and just tweaked XP:

Windows Vista has been trouble for Microsoft perhaps since the operating system’s beginning. And this last quarter was certainly no exception. Despite a dip in client software revenue, however, one analyst says the workforce reduction Microsoft detailed on Thursday is healthy — at least from enterprise IT shops’ perspective.

When Microsoft released its earnings report on Thursday, the company indicated not only that it would lay off up to 5,000 workers or 5 percent of its total headcount but also that software client revenue — as in Windows Vista — sank by 8 percent.

via Vista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs | InfoWorld | News | 2009-01-22 | By Tom Sullivan, InfoWorld .


* MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — After a decade of mostly feel-good stories, Internet search leader Google Inc. is expected to join in the economy’s tale of woe with its fourth-quarter earnings report and commentary about the state of the online ad market.

The results, due out after the stock market closes Thursday, will likely reflect the slowest growth since Google went public in 2004, and help explain why management has been pulling a variety of financial levers to boost profits.

via Ahead of the bell: Google 4Q growth likely to slow –


* This should be put in the “rumor” file immediately because it is based on one anonymous source inside Yahoo!.

Yahoo!’s (YHOO) new CEO, Carol Bartz, has told her board that she does not need outside help from consultants to restructure the company. Previous CEO Jerry Yang had brought in Bain.

via 24/7 Wall St.: Rumor: Yahoo! (YHOO) Will Cut 3,000 Jobs Or $850 Million.


IBM JOB CUTS ARE HAPPENING in SWG and Sales and Distribution in the US and Canada 1/21/2009!

Comment 1/21/09: IBM Atlanta – Entire team has been RA’ed. after the usual announcement we made a good quarter blah blah. -Anonymous-

Comment 1/21/09: I am one of the chosen for the resource action -Anonymous-

Comment 1/21/09: Tivoli Software Developer Atlanta – End of life the TSOM product All but two employees were RA’d -anon-

via Job Cuts Comments.


* A day after releasing a record-setting earnings report, IBM began cutting jobs — up to 1,400 by some estimates.

The company confirmed generally that a job action was under way on Tuesday, but refused to provide details.

Employees did report that an unspecified number of layoffs happened on IBM’s Rochester campus, though IBM would not confirm or deny that.

via Rochester, MN.


* The site details that IBM employees nationwide are anxiously waiting for the company to publicly announce the number of job cuts likely to take place in the United States and indeed, the discussion section of the site is buzzing with comments from people claiming to have been laid off.

via Rumors Rage Regarding IBM Layoffs – Tom’s Hardware.


* The Humboldt Redwood Co. is laying off about 30 workers and shutting its Scotia fencing operation for an indeterminate period.

via Layoffs at Humboldt Redwood announced –


* Sun Microsystems Inc. officials confirmed Thursday that the networking and storage company has notified 1,300 employees they would be laid off as part of a previously announced workforce reduction.

It was not immediately known how many people at Sun’s Broomfield campus — where 2,380 people work — might be affected. Spokeswoman Dana Lengkeek said the company is not providing a breakout by location.

via Sun notifies 1,300 people of layoffs : Local Business : Boulder Daily Camera.


General Economic News


  • Thursday –   Housing Starts – Housing starts measure initial construction of residential units (single-family and multi-family) each month. 

* Update: Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) — U.S. builders probably broke ground in December on the fewest houses since record-keeping began as sales and credit dried up, economists said before a government report today.

Housing starts fell 3.2 percent last month to an annual rate of 605,000, the lowest level since the Commerce Department started compiling data in 1959, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey. Building permits, a sign of future projects, also probably dropped to a record low.

via Worldwide.


  • Thursday –  Jobless Claims  – This is the week’s big job number. With the effect of the holiday shortened weeks behind, this number should better reflect current job losses. The consensus estimate is for job losses of 610,000.

* Update: Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) — The number of Americans filing first- time claims for unemployment benefits matched the highest level in 26 years as firings forced more workers to seek government assistance in a deepening recession.

Initial jobless claims increased by 62,000 to 589,000, more than forecast, in the week ended Jan. 17, from a revised 527,000 the prior week, a Labor Department report showed today in Washington.

via Worldwide.


* NEW YORK (AP) — Disappointing results at Microsoft Corp. and increasing concerns about the nation’s banks sent Wall Street sharply lower Thursday, extending a new streak of stock volatility into a third day. The Dow Jones industrials fell more than 200 points.

Microsoft surprised investors by reporting its fiscal second-quarter earnings early — and the news was not good. The software giant posted an 11 percent drop in profits and said it will slash 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

via Wall Street tumbles on Microsoft report, bank woes – Yahoo! Finance.


* The steep decline in the stock market last year triggered an erosion of foundation wealth, with many grant makers losing nearly one-third of their assets, according to a new Chronicle survey of some of the nation’s largest philanthropies.

For the 57 grant makers that provided financial data for 2007 and 2008, endowments declined a median of 29 percent. (A table showing this data is available to Chronicle subscribers.)

Foundations with investments in bankrupt or hard-hit companies, of course, fared much worse. For example, the Starr Foundation, in New York, which held a significant portion of its portfolio in American International Group stock, lost $1.7-billion – almost 57 percent of its assets.

via Many Foundations Have Lost Almost One-Third of Their Assets, Chronicle Study Finds –


* Wednesday marked the last day for most workers at Chrysler’s Mopar parts distribution center in Newark, according to union officials and workers.

The facility, which supplies parts to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers in the region, has been winding down operations since the closure last month of Chrysler’s assembly plant at the same site.

The plant’s closure, which came a year earlier than expected, resulted in the loss of more than 1,100 jobs. Chrysler also employed more than 100 at the Mopar facility, and workers there had the same options as those at the assembly plant: transfer to another Chrysler location, take a buyout package or retire.

via Mopar workers finish up in Newark | delawareonline | The News Journal.


* Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s exports plunged by a record in December, signaling companies will be forced to shut factory lines and fire more workers, driving the economy deeper into recession.

Exports plummeted 35 percent from a year earlier, the sharpest decline since 1980, the earliest year for which there is comparable data, the Finance Ministry said today in Tokyo. The December drop eclipsed a record 26.7 percent decline set the previous month. Economists predicted a 30.3 percent contraction.

via Japan.


Mike: A couple days ago, National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers, said that the unemployment rate wouldn’t hit 10%.(Summers says does not see jobless topping 10 percent | Reuters )    Yet in Michigan it has already exceeded 10% and this is just the beginning of layoffs across a wide range of professions. While Michigan could be an exception to the Summers’s 10% top, it may also be a bellwether for the rest of the country. Let’s hoe that the new administration is a little more honest with the people it serves than the one that recently departed, but it’s not looking that way, yet.

Michigan’s unemployment rate hit double digits in December and rose to its highest level in a quarter century.

With employers shedding workers throughout the economy, the state’s December jobless rate jumped to 10.6% from November’s 9.6%, the state’s Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth said Wednesday.

via Michigan’s jobless rate hits 10.6% | | Detroit Free Press.


* Nearly a year ago, Gov. Rick Perry trumpeted $90 million in savings to businesses by temporarily suspending some of the burden of paying unemployment insurance taxes — money meant to replenish the unemployment compensation trust fund.

The suspended tax was reinstated this month, but officials said it won’t be enough to bridge the gap between the $414 million the state expects to be in the fund Oct. 1 and the $861 million it’s supposed to have.

via Texas jobless fund likely to have $447 million shortfall | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle.


* Faced with overwhelming financial losses during this economic crisis, more and more investors and financiers are committing suicide, now known as “econocide.” Bob Orr reports from Washington.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Municipal News


* City Manager Greg Johnson said that a code enforcement officer and a senior accountant were laid off as part of budget reductions. A vacant position for an assistant planner remains frozen.

US and some Canada News –


* Amid speculation it may be close to reporting its first quarterly loss in 22 years, Santa Clara computer chip maker Intel Wednesday said it will lay off at least 5,000 employees — including an undetermined number in the Bay Area — and shut five manufacturing plants.

As part of a corporate-wide restructuring, the world biggest chip maker said it will cease plant operations in four locations — Santa Clara, Hillsboro, Ore., Penang, Malaysia and Cavite, Philippines.

via Intel to lay off 5,000, close five plants – San Jose Mercury News.


* ROSEAU, Minn. – Polaris Industries Inc. has cut production of its Ranger utility vehicle at its plant in Roseau and laid off more than 110 employees.

The maker of snowmobiles, ATVs and other leisure vehicles has been battered as the economy turned to recession and discretionary spending has tapered off.

via Polaris: More than 100 workers laid off.


* More than 50 people have been laid off at the Las Vegas Strip’s newest resort. Wynn Design and Development announced they are reducing the workforce at Encore from 129 to 76 employees.

via Las Vegas Now | Dozens Laid Off After Encore Opening.


* Almost three hundred people in Alberta are being laid off from steelmaker Evraz because of the slumping economy. About one hundred people are to be laid off at operations in Calgary, another seventy five are getting notice in Red Deer and one hundred and twenty will be out of work in Camrose.

via AM 770: News. Talk. Sports. – Local News .


* Colville Tribal Enterprise laid off 230 workers Friday from the mill that is one of Omak’s largest employers. CEO Troy Johnson says he hopes prices will rise in the spring.

The tribe’s lumber mill, Precision Pine, continues to operate with more than 120 employees.

via KPQ -Wenatchee – Omak mill closes.


* This is a list of 2009 Orange County layoffs. It is based on official notices filed with the state Employment Development Department, public announcements by companies and independent reporting by the Orange County Register.

via Orange County layoffs | county, orange – Money –


* Layoffs in the Canadian legal community are picking up steam with the announcement yesterday that Toronto-based Cassels, Brock & Blackwell let 38 support staff go, about 7% of its total workforce.

via Cassels Brock cuts staff – FP Legal Post .


* NEW YORK (AP) — Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., which owns the Calvin Klein, Izod and Van Heusen clothing brands, said Wednesday it will close 175 stores and lay off 400 employees due to the recession.

via The Associated Press: Phillips-Van Heusen lays off 400, shuts 175 stores.


* Electrolux will close its Webster City vacuum plant later this year and move roughly 85 jobs to plants in Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, the company announced Wednesday.

via Electrolux to cut Webster City plant, 85 jobs | | The Des Moines Register.


* Dana Corp. has laid off 60 of its hourly and salaried employees from its manufacturing plant in Humboldt.

The reductions leave a total of 225 workers at the plant, which manufactures axles for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

via Dana Corp. lays off 60 in Humboldt | | .


* REGINA — Steel maker Evraz Group SA confirmed Wednesday that it has issued layoff notices to about 400 employees across Western Canada because of the slumping economy.

via –Evraz cuts 400 jobs in Western Canada


* Patriot Coal Corp (PCX.N) said it will idle its Remington and Black Oak mines and scale down activity at it Rocklick facility, resulting in about 400 job cuts. The US coal producer said its Remington complex mine produced 1 million tons of thermal coal in 2008, but lower mining recovery had resulted in a higher cost structure.

via UPDATE 1-Patriot Coal to close some mines, cut 400 jobs | Industries | Energy | Reuters .


* A big employer in our area cuts jobs again, announcing the closing of 2 more local plants on Wednesday. This time, Tyco Electronics is closing the Carlisle location in Cumberland County and the Emigsville plant in York County by the end of March.

A spokesperson for the company, Mike Ratcliff, tells CBS 21 News that 25-hundred jobs will be cut worldwide, but he won’t say how many people in our area will be out of a job. Ratcliff says the demand for the company’s products have dropped 16-to-19 percent over the last year.

via Tyco to Close 2 More Plants – CBS 21 .


* Woodcraft Industries Inc. in St. Cloud is the latest employer to cut employees from its staff, although it is giving little information about how many people it let go.

via Woodcraft cuts jobs, doesn’t say how many | | St. Cloud Times.


* Pineville, LA (AP) – International Paper’s Pineville Mill is temporarily laying off 180 employees. Company officials say that the Mill’s number five paper machine will go through a six-week downtime, beginning January 24th.

via KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana |More Layoffs for Pineville paper mill.


* Twenty-seven employees of WASHEX, a manufacturing plant that has been in Wichita Falls since 1973, were laid off Monday, according to President Bob Montgomery.

“It’s the economy. We hope to build our backlog back up and that it is a temporary situation. If the economy turns around, and we see orders, we would try to hire them back,” Montgomery said.

via Plant cites economy, slumping orders for decision : Local : Times Record News.


* Dana Corp. has laid off 60 of its hourly and salaried employees from its manufacturing plant in Humboldt.

The reductions leave a total of 225 workers at the plant that manufactures axles for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

via Dana Corp. lays off 60 from plant in Humboldt | | .


* The Holden Arboretum will lay off more than a dozen employees to cut costs because of a sharp reduction in its endowment.

via Holden Arboretum to lay off 13 workers as endowment investments suffer –


* Three-dozen Jeld-Wen employees in Bend got the word Wednesday they won’t have scheduled hours for an undetermined amount of time.

via Central Oregons News, Weather and Sports Leader – Jeld-Wen laying off 51 Bend workers.


* US firm Cooley Godward Kronish has axed 52 lawyers and 62 staff, reports The Recorder. 

The 725-lawyer firm has laid off associates, including some who had just started at the firm in the autumn, and three special counsel. The practice areas most affected by the layoffs are among those being hardest hit in the economic downturn – corporate, transactional and public securities.

via Cooley lays off 114 as cutbacks continue – Legal Week, legal news, comment, events and legal jobs.


* Eight people were laid off from Madison’s Clear Channel radio stations Tuesday, according to sources close to the matter.

via news: Clear Channel lays off 8 in Madison.


* Children’s Place Retail Stores Inc (PLCE.O) said it will cut about 350 jobs as it relocates its e-commerce business, citing lack of space at its present center.

via UPDATE 1-Children’s Place to relocate e-commerce biz, cut jobs | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* F5 Networks would cut 5 percent to 7 percent of its workforce at the end of the second quarter as part of its restructuring plan, resulting in charges of $4.5 million to $5.5 million, a company executive said in a conference call with analysts.

via UPDATE 2-F5 Networks Q1 profit up, Q2 outlook solid; to cut jobs | Industries | Autos & Transport | Reuters .


* BETHLEHEM | FLSmidth Inc. plans to trim its global work force by 600 workers across three locations, including local operations, in response to the economic downturn.

The exact number of local employees to be affected was not immediately clear.

CEO Christian Jepsen said Wednesday the company is identifying which positions to cut and expects to know more details by Jan. 30.

via FLSmidth Inc. to cut 600 jobs worldwide –


* Comerica Inc (CMA.N), a large U.S. regional bank, on Thursday said it barely broke even in the fourth quarter, plans to cut 5 percent of its workforce by the end of March and will freeze salaries for higher-paid employees.

via UPDATE 1-Comerica barely breaks even, cutting jobs | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters .


* Bolivar — Eighty workers at the Tracker Marine plant in Bolivar will be out of work by March with the company’s decision to consolidate boat-building at its Lebanon plant, Tracker officials said.

via Tracker Marine closing plant in Bolivar | | Springfield News-Leader.


* Harry & David’s retail store at the Bend Factory Outlets will shut by the end of next month, as the Medford-based fruit and gift basket seller has decided not to renew its lease, officials said Wednesday.

via Central Oregons News, Weather and Sports Leader – Harry & David closing Bend Factory Stores outlet.


* NEW YORK (Reuters) – Microsoft shocked Wall Street on Thursday with disappointing results and said it would slash up to 5,000 jobs and stop offering profit forecasts for the rest of the fiscal year.

The world’s top software maker blamed the weakness of the PC market and the popularity of low-cost netbook computers for the miss. Its shares fell 8 percent in early trading.

via Microsoft to cut up to 5,000 jobs | Technology | Reuters .


* NEW YORK (AP) — Chemicals maker Huntsman said Thursday it will cut 1,175 jobs, close a plant in the United Kingdom and cut capital spending to slash costs as demand for its products falls amid the recession.

The job cuts, which represent more than 9 percent of its work force, are expected before the end of the year.

via The Associated Press: Huntsman to cut 1,175 jobs, close UK plant.


* Eaton Corp., the Cleveland-based maker of circuit breakers and fuel pumps, plans to slash 5,200 more jobs worldwide amid weak demand after already shedding 3,400 workers last year.

The two rounds of reductions represent about 10 percent of the workforce, and the company began notifying employees yesterday, spokeswoman Kelly Jasko said in a phone interview.

via Worldwide.


* Update: Williams-Sonoma Inc.’s plan to cut 1,400 jobs is necessary to achieve long-term visibility and shows just how much the home furnishing sector is suffering, an analyst said Thursday.

Late Wednesday, the San Francisco company said it planned to cut the jobs by the end of the month and close a call center and a distribution center in an effort to save an estimated $75 million.

via Ahead of the Bell: Williams-Sonoma cuts jobs –


* Jones Apparel Group Inc. announced today that it is looking for annualized cost savings of $33 million as it sheds jobs and makes other belt-tightening moves.

New York-based Jones Apparel, which has some financial offices in Bristol, Bucks County, also said it would be recommending a cut in the quarterly dividend from 14 cents to 5 cents a share, and cutting 2009 capital spending to $45 million, from about $70 million last year.

via Jones Apparel to cut jobs, trim dividend | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/22/2009.


* YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) — A Washtenaw County-based air freight and maintenance company says more work force reductions are planned.

WJRT-TV reports Kalitta Air LLC of Ypsilanti will cut an undisclosed number of positions and most will be contract employees. The cuts come on top of the roughly 200 jobs that were cut in December and will be made by month’s end.

via – Michigan air freight company plans more layoffs


* Comerica Inc. said this morning it plans to eliminate 570 jobs or 5% of its workforce in the first quarter and freeze the salaries of its top 20% of employees this year.


Though the job cuts are spread across the regional bank’s operations, many of them are expected to occur in Michigan, which has about 7,000 of Comerica’s slightly more than 10,000 workers.

via Comerica to cut workforce by 5% | | Detroit Free Press.


* Barnes & Noble’s elimination of about 100 jobs at its corporate headquarters last week reportedly were due to “the reduction in store openings and consolidation of functional areas within the retail and online operations.” However, the cuts apparently have also spread to the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Sterling Publishing. An estimated 15 people have been cut from Sterling’s New York office.

via News Item Barnes & Noble-Job Cuts Extend-To Sterling Publishing.


* Digg CEO Jay Adelson this morning is announcing that the social media site is laying off a “very small” portion of its workforce, but will also be hiring a new direct sales force and head of sales to drive the company to profitablity this year.

The overall job cuts at the 75-person company will be “microscopic in size,” Adelson said to me, later confirming a figure of “about 10%.” He reiterated that Digg this year is focusing on profitability and growth, and for the first time is building out its own advertising support structure, “which we’ve never really focused on before.”

via Digg announces 10% layoffs, still aiming for profitability this year | Webware – CNET.


* EDMONTON – Suncor’s decision to slash capital spending will cut into as much as $185 million in revenues from two Alberta-based companies.

Flint Energy Services Ltd. said Thursday it will immediately begin laying off construction workers as the company responds to an expected loss of $100 million to $150 million in revenues this year compared to 2008.

via Suncor spending cuts lead to oilsands layoffs .


* HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) — A manufacturer of customized rubber and plastic products has laid off 16 workers, citing the industrywide downturn as a result of the economy.

via 16 laid off at Rubberlite – The Herald Dispatch.


* O’Reilly Media, the technology company and Internet advocate, laid off 30 employees last week in an effort to restructure the Sebastopol-based tech publisher.

Company spokeswoman Sara Winge told the media that “We’re being hit by the economic malaise.”

via News Item O’Reilly Media-Lays Off 14%-Of Workers.


* ST. MARYS, Ohio — Auto supplier AAP St. Marys Corp. says it plans to lay off about 100 of its 475 workers next week.

via Ohio Auto Supplier To Lay Off 100 Workers – Automotive News Story – WEWS Cleveland.


* MASON CITY, Iowa — The Globe Gazette in Mason City has laid off nine full-time employees and will leave six open full- and part-time positions unfilled.

via Mason City Newspaper Cuts 15 Positions – Des Moines News Story – KCCI Des Moines.


* Layoffs announced by the parent company of EA Tiburon in December will be felt at the Maitland studio, according to Gamasutra, an online video game industry news and employment site.

EA officials would not comment on the layoff reports by Gamasutra.

The Web site reported “multiple staffers” have been let go at the Maitland studios, the primary home of the company’s EA Sports which produces Madden NFL, NBA Live, NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NHL Hockey and NASCAR franchises.

via Online site: Layoffs at EA Tiburon – Orlando Business Journal: .


* San Diego-based Akesis Pharmaceuticals is calling it quits, opting to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after anlayzing data from its sole remaining development program.

via Akesis shutters program, files for Chapter 7 – FierceBiotech.


* Akron, Ohio–The recessionary economy has forced Sterling Jewelers Inc. to layoff 114 employees at its home office in Akron, Ohio, the company announced on Wednesday.

via Sales slowdown forces Sterling layoffs.


* The U.S. recession struck the Browns this week with 15 employees laid off, 12 receiving the news Wednesday and three Tuesday.

Economic woes were given as the reason for the layoffs, which were not performance-related. One person was let go from each of the front-office support staff departments, including the team’s legal counsel, the director of youth development, the media information director, the events and special projects manager and a staff writer for the team’s Web site.

via – Team blames economy for layoffs of 15 staffers .


* The Spartan Light Metal Products production facility in Sparta recently conducted a series of lay-offs. Actually, an extensive series of lay-offs that started in November that have gradually picked up speed.

The current action taken by Spartan Light Metal Products  has displaced approximately 170 employees at the Sparta facility.

via Spartan Light Metals lay-off 170, more possible – Chester, IL – Randolph County Herald Tribune.


* WAUTOMA – Cummins, Inc. announced Thursday that it will close its Wautoma plant by the end of March.

187 people will be laid off as a result of the closure. The plant makes emission control devices for the company’s diesel engines.

via Cummins closing Wautoma plant.


* Citing the uncertain economy, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP laid off 52 attorneys in a further sign of economic distress buffeting law firms.

via Cooley Godward lays off 114 people – Triangle Business Journal: .


* Circuit City Stores Inc. will eliminate as many as 1,903 positions reporting to its corporate headquarters when the retailer closes its doors for good.

About 1,500 to 1,600 of those jobs are in the Richmond area, a company spokesman said today.

via Up to 1,903 Circuit City jobs to be eliminated | Richmond Times-Dispatch.


* Liberty Mutual Group announces it will eliminate the Wausau brand, Thursday morning.

The company announced today that it will drop the Wausau Insurance brand, and will restructure some of it’s staffing within the Wausau offices.  Some people may lose their jobs, others have a chance to re-apply in other positions.

According to employees, they were given eight weeks notice before changes will be made.

via WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather & Sports – -Liberty Mutual Group to eliminate Wausau Insurance brand.


* Nokia’s (NOK) fourth-quarter results saw a steep 69% drop in net profit on the back of declining sales.

The European tech bellwether now sees industry mobile device volumes down by 10% this year. Earlier, Nokia had projected a 5% decline.

The cell phone manufacturer also reduced its dividend and stated that it will eliminate nearly 1,000 positions as part of its cost-cutting measures.

via NOK Sees Steep Fall in 4Q Profit .

* Indianapolis-based Ice Miller is eliminating about 2 percent of its staff positions. Firm spokeswoman Joy Fischer told Indiana Lawyer that the cuts will eliminate 14 positions from a variety of support areas. However, the firm is not cutting attorney positions. She could not be reached for further comment on Tuesday.

via – Ice Miller Latest Law Firm to Cut Staff Positions .


* To meet state budget restrictions, Kansas University will eliminate 11 currently filled jobs and not fill 110 open positions on its Lawrence campus.

via / KU eliminating 11 jobs and not filling 110 open positions.


* Interstate Hotels & Resorts has laid off 45 of its corporate employees as part of a cost-saving program.

The Arlington-based hotel real estate investor and management company (NYSE:IHR) said most of the cuts were made at its headquarters, which previously employed 225 people.

via Interstate Hotels & Resorts lays off 45 – Washington Business Journal: .


* Citing a drop in demand for its tires, Bridgestone Americas Inc. said today it plans to lay off about 644 more employees at its La Vergne manufacturing plant starting in mid-March.

About 385 of the cuts are related to the company permanently ceasing production of tires for cars, pickups and SUVs. Another 259 workers who make tires for commercial trucks and buses also will be temporarily laid off and could be called back in the future.

via Bridgestone cutting 644 jobs in La Vergne | | The Tennessean.


* Despite having just posted a solid year of sales and operating profits, East Hartford-based Pratt & Whitney plans to cut 150 hourly workers from its payrolls through buyouts and layoffs by Monday, company and union officials said today.

via Pratt cutting 150 hourly workers, 100 in CT | Hartford Business.


* EA Lays off Hundreds at Black Box Today

By Brian Crecente, 1:00 PM on Thu Jan 22 2009, 5,992 views

Electronic Arts today laid off as many as 150 to 200 people today as part of the company’s ongoing cut backs announced back in December, sources tell Kotaku.

These latest rumors come on the heels of word that there was a company-wide meeting today held at EA Canada to discuss the current state of the industry and the future of the company.

via Disturbance In The Workforce: EA Lays off Hundreds at Black Box Today.


* Angus-Palm Industries, which has two local manufacturing plants, has placed most of its workers on a four-day week in reaction to the nation’s recession, according to Jay Roths, the company’s general manager here.

He said that Angus-Palm also has laid off about 20 percent — or about 84 workers — from among the 420 personnel it employed here last summer, leaving it with about 336 employees.

via The Greeneville Sun – News Story – Angus-Palm Lays Off 20% Of Workers, Goes To 4-Day Week.


* Oregon Health & Science University will eliminate up to 8 percent of its 12,400 jobs as it comes to grips with a funding gap estimated between $30 million and $35 million.

OHSU President Joe Robertson told staff on thursday that the financial situation will result in the loss of at least 500 jobs and as many as 1,000.

via OHSU may cut 1,000 jobs – Portland Business Journal: .


* Fuel prices caused the parent company of United Airlines to lose $5.35 billion in 2008, and the airline will cut 1,000 additional jobs by the end of 2009.

via United Airlines parent loses $5B, will cut 1,000 jobs – Wichita Business Journal: .


* DETROIT (AP) — The worsening U.S. auto sales slump claimed another 2,000 workers Friday as General Motors Corp. announced layoffs at three more car factories.

The company said it will cut shifts at car factories in Lordstown, Ohio; Orion Township, Mich.; and Oshawa, Ontario, starting in February due to slowing demand for their products.

via GM to lay off 2,000 more workers at 3 factories – Yahoo! Finance.


International News


* MANILA (AFP) — Up to 60,000 jobs could be lost in the Philippines’ key electronics sector after Intel Corp. shut a facility and Texas Instruments announced a number of lay-offs, an official said Thursday.

Intel, the world’s biggest computer chip maker, announced plans Wednesday to close plants in Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States, with the loss of 1,800 jobs in its assembly test facility in Cavite province south of Manila.

via AFP: Philippines fears 60,000 IT job losses after Intel shutdown.


* Australia largest industrial property investment trust, Goodman Group Ltd, has reported that it will cut up to 175 jobs, around 16.5 per cent of its headcount, as part of plans to target a 20 per cent reduction in overheads on an annualised basis.

via Business Spectator – Goodman Group to cut up to 175 jobs.


* As many as 500 jobs could go at London Metropolitan University as the university faces a clawback of more than £50 million of funding – according to the lecturers’ trade union.

via Times Higher Education – London Met may cut 500 jobs, UCU claims.


* Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) — UBS AG, Switzerland’s largest bank, is planning a fourth round of job cuts at its securities division to shrink the fixed-income unit after record losses from the global financial crisis.

The Zurich-based bank will exit its real estate and securitization and exotic structured products businesses, Carsten Kengeter and Jeff Mayer, co-heads of fixed income, currencies and commodities, said in a memo dated Jan. 21.

via Worldwide.


* Sony said Thursday it plans to cut another 1,000 temporary workers in Japan and close one of two domestic TV plants.

Sony also will offer early retirement packages to its regular, full-time workers in an effort to cut 30 percent of its personnel costs in its TV business by March 2010. It refused to give a head count but said they are part of the 8,000 job cuts announced earlier.

via Sony forecasts first annual net loss in 14 years – Yahoo! Finance.


* OC Oerlikon Corp., the world’s biggest maker of spinning machines, is eliminating more than 2,000 jobs, adding temporary workers to a job-cut program designed to counter a textile and automotive slowdown.

Oerlikon began cutting more than 1,000 jobs last year. Most of the total reduction will be completed by the end of the first quarter, spokesman Burkhard Boendel said today in an interview. More details will be provided soon, he said.

via Europe.


* The Home Delivery Network (HDNL) is planning to slash nearly 700 jobs across its business as it looks to cut costs and make efficiency savings.

via Home Delivery Network to cut almost 700 jobs – 22/01/2009 –


^ Amsterdam — TomTom will cut 115 jobs, reducing its global workforce by seven percent, excluding Tele Atlas, as a result of the current economy.

The job cuts are part of a “cost cutting program aimed at aligning its cost structure to reflect to the current challenging consumer spending environment,” TomTom said in a statement.

via TomTom Cuts Jobs – 1/22/2009 9:18:00 AM – TWICE.


Hiring News


* A motorsports engine product manufacturer will add 55 new jobs at its Aberdeen plant after closing a facility in Tijuana, Mexico.

Gov. Haley Barbour and state and local officials gathered Wednesday to announce the new jobs at the Holley Performance Products plant. The Aberdeen facility and the Mexico plant both made Flow Tech Headers and the company decided to consolidate production.

via WREG-TV Memphis – Holley Performance to add 55 new jobs in Aberdeen.


* Syracuse, New York (WSYR-TV) – While many places are cutting back, the U.S. Census is adding on, looking to hire 700 people here in central New York — and the starting pay is good, at more than $12 an hour.

Needless to say, the positions are filling up fast.

via Local U.S. Census Bureau hiring; positions filling fast – NewsChannel 9 WSYR .


* Tampa-based HomeBanc ( and its parent company HomeBancorp, Inc., which has plans to hire 15-25 new employees to help process and underwrite the strong volume of mortgage applications expected in the months ahead. The new hires will double the size of HomeBanc’s residential mortgage staff.


Mike: A dramatic day for job loss announcements that started with Microsoft and its 5000 layoffs and ending with UAL and 1000 less jobs. The unemployment numbers came in worse than expected at 589,000 claims and housing starts are at record lows. Needless for me to say, it was a bad day all around in the economic department. I don’t thin tomorrow will be able to match today’s brutal layoff numbers, at least I hope not. 

It will be vital that the Obama administration try to stop the job loss bleeding by at minimum lengthening the eligible weeks that those laid off can collect benefits and to make those benefits tax free. Another suggestion is to allow benefits to those that performed contract work  and part-time workers. Once the economy gets back on its feet, those changes can be  reversed, but it’s imperative that unemployment benefits allow those who lost jobs through no fault of their own to at least know that have a small check coming in each week. Some will argue that it becomes more of a welfare benefit than a true unemployment benefit, I would say that these are unprecedented times and that deserves unprecedented responses. If the big dogs at the big banks can continue to draw unworldly salaries at the taxpayer expense, even after driving their companies and the world economy into the ground, the laid off worker should be able to get through these difficult and troubling times with a small sense of security. Oh, and then make sue the culprits of this economic crime are brought to justice, but that’s a rant for later.

I wish you all a good evening and till tomorrow, I’ll end with a laugh or two………


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Mike Luckovich - Jan 22

Mike Luckovich - Jan 22




January 21 – Intel to delete up to 6000 – Ericsson to disconnect 5000 – Tyco ends 2500 – Williams-Sonoma exits 1400 – UAL to dump 1000 – Microsoft to cut 8000? – Sony to ax 2000 more? – Lights out for 330 at Yankee Candle – Angie’s List recommends 90 job cuts – Piper Aircraft cuts 150 – Deere dumps 120 – 240 gone at DuPont – 340 gone at Tonawanda GM – IBM to chop 1000s this week?


Mike: Good day to all and best wishes to the Obama administration.  They have their hands full, so hopefully they pull the right economic levers to help soften a likely hard economic landing. IBM beat earnings estimates yesterday and didn’t announce any layoff intentions, which is good news for now, although they did see a lessening of demand late in the quarter.
* SAN FRANCISCO – In what promises to be a dismal year for tech spending, IBM Corp. packed a wallop of a surprise with its 2009 profit guidance: the numbers were so far ahead of Wall Street’s forecast they were initially met with disbelief.

The Armonk, N.Y.-based company predicted at least $9.20 per share in profit in 2009, a full 45 cents per share better than the average estimate of analysts polled by Thomson Reuters. The forecast is an extremely bullish statement by IBM. It reflects the company’s belief that it can outmaneuver the financial crisis by focusing on services and software deals that carry big profit margins, but also help businesses cut costs by offloading some of their tech chores.

via IBM sunny about 2009 despite dreary forecasts – Yahoo! News.

Microsoft and Google announce earnings on Thursady and if they can produce decent results, the layoff carnage may slow some for the techs.




Microsoft/Google/IBM and others News & Rumors


* EAST FISHKILL — Storm clouds are gathering over IBM’s facilities here, where employees say they have more confirmation that the ax is about to fall.

The workers, who requested anonymity, say “a huge layoff” will come in three waves – office workers and engineers on Friday, and factory workers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

via Employees: IBM layoffs to happen in three-day wave – – The Times Herald Record.


We’re getting numerous instant messages, pings and posts about IBM layoffs going down today. The exact number of layoffs–or even if the job cuts are material enough for Big Blue to disclose–is unknown.

The official site for the IBM Employees Union–Alliance@IBM–has a bevy of individuals telling their pink slip tales.  The news comes just a day after IBM surprised Wall Street with a strong fourth quarter. Calls to IBM weren’t immediately returned. The Alliance@IBM site blares:

via IBM job cuts underway | Between the Lines | .


* SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google Inc. is giving up on selling print ads for the ailing newspaper industry, ending a 2-year-old attempt to extend its dominance of Internet marketing into another medium.

The retrenchment announced Tuesday is part of a cost-cutting campaign aimed at boosting Google’s profits as the deepening recession eats away at Google’s bread-and-butter business of selling ads on its own Web site and thousands of other Internet destinations.

via The Associated Press: Cost-cutting Google scraps newspaper ad program.


* Microsoft Corp. is set to report earnings for its fiscal second quarter on Thursday after the closing bell. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst opinion related to the period.

OVERVIEW: Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people )’s interest in acquiring Web search competitor Yahoo Inc. (nasdaq: YHOO – news – people ) cooled during the quarter, though Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer maintained that the software maker would be interested in some other sort of search deal.

via Earnings Preview: Microsoft to post 2Q results –


* Microsoft is putting the brakes on its rapid facilities expansion in the Puget Sound area as the company navigates a bleak economy.

An internal Microsoft plan calls for delays of certain construction projects. A source, who asked not to be named while discussing internal matters, provided The Seattle Times with details of the plan via e-mail and said it had been approved by Microsoft Chief Financial Office Chris Liddell in December.

via Microsoft | Microsoft to delay starting new construction on Redmond campus | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Heading into the (Microsoft) report, options traders have piled into put positions, as the stock’s Schaeffer’s put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) of 0.79 ranks above 89% of all those taken during the past year. What’s more, the International Securities Exchange (ISE) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) 10-day put/call ratio is higher than 80% of all those taken during the prior 52 weeks, underscoring this preference for bearish bets.

via Options Update: Microsoft Attracts Heavy Put Volume Ahead of Earnings .


* Microsoft is expected to announce thousands of job cuts this week as the global economic slump hurts even the technology industry’s biggest earners.

The leading software maker is likely to post a quarterly profit on Thursday that misses its own target, meaning investors are sure be concerned over the company’s outlook and on Yahoo, who Microsoft has been in talks with over the company’s search business.

via – Slow Economy Expected To Force Job Cuts At Microsoft


* Being an international company with their hands in nearly every aspect of modern computing and Internet services, Microsoft has found that they are not immune to a weak economy, and apparently job cuts are in order. This is prompted by missed profit targets and a significantly lower than expected profit for Q4. Sliding sales in business software, video games, desktop PCs and more, all of which Microsoft plays some part in, have affected the company enough to warrant cutting upwards of 8,000 jobs within the next few months. That represents up to 8% of their workforce, which is significant for a company as large as Microsoft.


* As Microsoft employees in Redmond brace for the possibility of layoffs, it’s worth noting that job cuts aren’t unprecedented for the company. However, in the past they’ve been on a much smaller scale than some people are anticipating now.

In 1996, for example, Microsoft let 120 workers go from its floppy disk assembly facility in Bothell, according to this 1996 New York Times story. The reason, as you might expect, was waning demand for the medium. “People who were doing a very good job for us simply were not busy enough,” a Microsoft executive told the newspaper at the time.

via A history of Microsoft layoffs, starting with the floppy disk – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.


* Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — U.S. regulators are examining Apple Inc.’s disclosures about Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs’s health problems to ensure investors weren’t misled, a person familiar with the matter said.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s review doesn’t mean investigators have seen evidence of wrongdoing, the person said, declining to be identified because the inquiry isn’t public.

via Worldwide.


General Economic News


  • Wednesday –  ICSC-Goldman Store Sales  and Redbook . Both readings are related to retail sales and are an important guage to consumer spending, which accounts for about 2/3 of the US economy.
  • Thursday –   Housing Starts – Housing starts measure initial construction of residential units (single-family and multi-family) each month. 
  • Thursday –  Jobless Claims  – This is the week’s big job number. With the effect of the holiday shortened weeks behind, this number should better reflect current job losses. The consensus estimate is for job losses of 610,000.

(The economic calendar information is available from Economic Calendar)


Mike: The story below shows the true sacrificing nature of these bank executives. After taking their company to the brink of bankruptcy and receiving a $45 billion taxpayer bailout, they took it upon themselves to refuse their usually ungodly bonuses. Mr. Pandit’s 2008 salary is merely $ 573,813.00 Vikram S. Pandit Profile – But don’t feel to sorry for Mr. Pandit and his meager salary, since earlier in the year he received $216 million: Vikram Pandit’s payout from Citigroup: $216 million – International Herald Tribune.


* NEW YORK (AP) — Citigroup’s top three executives have passed up bonuses, as the banking giant works to return to profitability after five straight quarters of losses.

Chief Executive Vikram Pandit, Chairman Win Bischoff and Chief Financial Officer Gary Crittenden have declined incentive and retention awards that were offered to members of the bank’s executive committee, Citigroup said in a filing Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

via Citigroup’s top 3 executives decline bonuses – Yahoo! Finance.


* NEW YORK (AP) — A key gauge of homebuilders’ confidence sank to a new low this month, as the deepening U.S. recession and rising unemployment erode chances for a housing turnaround.

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo housing market index released Wednesday dropped one point to a record 8 in January. The index was at 9 for the previous two months.

via Homebuilder sentiment index hits new record low – Yahoo! Finance.


* The bankruptcy this month of LyondellBasell Industries may not be the last for the struggling chemical industry.

Other large chemical makers including Ineos Group, Chemtura Corp. and Georgia Gulf Corp. could also be forced to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, analysts said, raising the threat of more hardship for Texas’ massive chemical sector.

Speculation has centered on those companies because, like LyondellBasell, they are shouldering large debts and have seen liquidity tighten amid a sharp industrywide downturn in business that began in late 2008.

via Chemical industry awash in gloom | Business | – Houston Chronicle.


* DETROIT (AP) — The target date for General Motors Corp. to get its second installment of government loans passed last week, but a top company executive says he expects the money to arrive in the next several days.

Fritz Henderson, GM’s president and chief operating officer, said without the second installment of $5.4 billion, the company would run out of cash long before March 31.

via GM official says cash could run out by March 31 – Yahoo! Finance.


* Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — De Beers, the world’s largest diamond producer, may cut the amount of rough gems offered to its customers by 50 percent until April after U.S. retail sales slumped over Christmas.

Retail sales in the U.S., the world’s largest diamond market, dropped 15 to 20 percent over Christmas and “underperformed” compared with the company’s expectations, said Varda Shine, the head of Johannesburg-based De Beers’s marketing unit. The drop in full-year U.S. sales was in “the high single digits,” Shine, 45, said in a speech, a copy of which was e-mailed today.

via Africa.


* MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — In the West Texas oil patch, they can see the downturn coming at them from miles away like a pickup truck kicking up a dust cloud on the horizon.

With crude dropping below $40 a barrel from a high of around $150 over the summer, oil and gas companies in the Lone Star State are cutting back on drilling, the layoffs are beginning, and the boom of the past few years appears to be drawing to a close.

The boom may not necessarily give way to a bust. But the days of plentiful jobs, big paychecks and shiny new pickups and SUVS seem to be numbered.

“It’s been a good ride up, but we’re bracing ourselves for the ride down,” said Midland City Manager Courtney Sharp, who expects a drop in tax revenue next month because of slumping sales in the city of about 98,000.

via The Associated Press: Texas oil country sees the downturn coming.



Municipal News


* Jan. 31 set for closing of 2 county title offices

Mr. Quilter announced a consolidation of those offices in December as part of a cost-cutting move that is to include at least eight layoffs. The cuts are in response to the county administration’s call for a 5 percent reduction from all departments, which also has caused cuts in other offices.

via — .


* West Genesee School Superintendent Christopher R. Brown outlined for community members Tuesday night what programs and positions would be cut as the district faces an anticipated drop in state aid and tries to balance the 2009-10 budget.

via West Genesee school layoffs, program cuts outlined.


* Smyrna City Council voted Tuesday night to eliminate some additional city jobs early this year in order to save the city money.

The council, which had earlier agreed to cut 16 positions, cut an additional 15 on Tuesday. The overall cuts include 15 landscaping jobs and 8 in the sanitation department.

via Smyrna cuts 15 more jobs |


* ANNAPOLIS, Md. (Map, News) – State Senate President Mike Miller says Gov. Martin O’Malley will propose laying off 700 state employees.

Miller says O’Malley’s budget secretary, Eloise Foster, has briefed him on the governor’s budget proposal.

via Md senate leader: O’Malley plan has 700 layoffs –


* EAST HARTFORD — A grim economic forecast has prompted the town to eliminate 19 positions from the budget, including the jobs of eight employees who face immediate layoffs.

via Journal Inquirer > Towns > East Hartford > East Hartford cuts 19 positions; eight town employees laid off.


* The city of Vacaville issued layoff notices to five employees in the Community Development Department today, city officials announced.

via City of Vacaville announces layoffs – The Reporter.


* BOSTON — It could be a rough road ahead for more than 3,400 people in Massachusetts. The state Department of Mental Health has laid off almost 100 case managers.

via Mental Health Case Managers Laid Off – Health News Story – WCVB Boston.


* A sluggish housing market has led to the “limited layoffs” of two full-time county building inspectors and two full-time administrative aides.

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners OK’s the layoffs Tuesday night. The employees could get their jobs back if the economy turns around.

via County OKs layoffs | | Livingston Daily.



US and some Canada News –



* Yankee Holding Corp. and its subsidiary The Yankee Candle Co. said Tuesday that the company is slashing 330 jobs as part of a restructuring plan that includes closing its 28 Illuminations retail stores.

via Yankee Candle parent to close stores, cut 330 jobs – BusinessWeek.


* Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — Cia. Vale do Rio Doce, the world’s second-biggest nickel miner, may announce further cuts to its Canadian nickel operations to contend with falling demand and to pressure workers in contract negotiations, analysts said.

via Canada.


* Indianapolis-based business-rating service Angie’s List says it is eliminating a total of 90 jobs.

Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle said in a statement Tuesday that the company will lay off 50 data acquisition and processing employees. The company also will not fill 40 vacancies in other divisions.

via Indy’s News Center – 93.1 WIBC Indianapolis – Live. Local. First..


* Philips Electronics will close its 96-employee supply center in Auburn, the state Employment Security Department said Tuesday.

via Business & Technology | Philips Electronics laying off 96 in Auburn | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Another company in the Flathead is falling to hard economic times. FH Stoltze Land and Lumber Company says they are shutting down their Columbia Falls sawmill effective February 2nd.

The shutdown is expected to last at least six weeks, laying off 45 to 50 employees. There will be additional layoffs as logging and planing operations finish.

via KPAX – Missoula, Montana – News, Weather, Sports -Columbia Falls sawmill shutting down.


* Tracker Marine Group is closing the Bolivar plant within the next two months, affecting as many as 80 employees, according to a press release from the the company’s corporate office in Springfield. The number could be lower, the company says, because employees at the Bolivar facility will be given consideration for available positions at other company sites.

via Bolivar Herald-Free Press – Bolivar, Missouri – Neighbor Newspapers > News > Tracker Marine closing Bolivar plant.


* Delphi Thermal Systems in the Town of Lockport has had 175 temporary layoffs last week.

The layoffs were a result of changes in the plant’s production schedule, Delphi spokesperson Claudia Piccinin said. Delphi adjusts its workforce based on customer demand. Piccinin said the schedule changes every week.

via Niagara Gazette – LOCKPORT: More layoffs at Delphi.


* About 340 hourly workers at General Motors’ Town of Tonawanda engine plant will be laid off starting Jan. 26, due to reduced production demand from the automaker, spokeswoman Nina Price said.

via About 340 to be laid off at GM Powertrain plant in Tonawanda : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News.


* According to a statement received by News 3 on Tuesday, 53 workers with Wynn Design and Development were laid off last Friday. Wynn Design and Development is the design and construction affiliate of Wynn Resorts.

via Wynn design/development affiliate lays 53 off.


* Royal Technologies, a plastics processing company in Hudsonville, laid off a portion of its workers last week — but a company official would not reveal Monday exactly how many workers had been let go.


* Sega has laid off an undisclosed number of employees from its North American division, the video game software developer has just confirmed (while we’re waiting to hear back on exactly how many in the San Francisco office were let go, IGN puts the number at 30). It said in a written statement:

via Sega America Lays Off Staff .


* Piper Aircraft Inc. officials say the company has laid off 150 employees and will stop taking installments of a $32 million incentive package from Indian River County and the state.

via Piper confirms it has laid off 150 workers – Breaking News –


* GRANITE CITY, Ill. – A southwestern Illinois steel company that recently announced it was shedding 363 jobs says it will lay off off an additional 206 workers.

Amsted Rail says it will lay off the latest group of employees in mid-March. The Granite City steel foundry once known as American Steel has filed a notice with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

via Steel company announces next round of layoffs /


* COWICHAN — Things just keep getting worse for the forest industry as Catalyst Paper announced more layoffs at the Crofton Mill.

Catalyst announced Monday that to match production with orders, it will take curtailments at its Crofton and Elk Falls mills as well as its Snowflake, Ariz. mill.

via Alberni Valley News – Your Best source for Local Community News delivered in print or online.


* PETOSKEY, Mich. – The Odawa Casino Resort in Petoskey has laid off 80 full-time employees because of rising costs and the weakening economy.

The Petoskey News-Review reports the casino announced the layoffs on Monday. Thirty-seven workers volunteered to lose their jobs.

via Petoskey’s Odawa Casino Resort lays off 80 workers —


* Kalitta said the move is about keeping solvent and preserving the company’s presence in Oscoda. It is possible, he added, because the company has very little debt, enabling him to park most of its fleet of 20 aircraft.

via Iosco News: Kalitta will lay off most contract workers by month’s end.


* Dan Klores Lays Off 12

Some 12 publicists were just laid off from Dan Klores Communications — which represents the likes of Prince, Brandy, the New York Daily News, Ashlee Simpson, and Rudy Giuliani — officially ending the PR industry’s reputation as the last great hope for laid off journalists.

via Dan Klores Lays Off 12 / Jossip.


* McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. — JLG Industries announced Tuesday a fourth round of work-force reduction since July, this time for about 100 white-collar workers.

via Pennsylvania: JLG to lay off 100 more.


* Deere & Co. told employees at the company’s Davenport Works on Tuesday that 120 non-salaried workers will laid off indefinitely, effective Feb. 16.

Another 70 employees will be allowed to transfer to East Moline Harvester Works, company spokesman Ken Golden said.

via Deere lays off 120 at Davenport plant /


* STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — Wireless equipment maker LM Ericsson on Wednesday reported profits dropped 31 percent in the fourth quarter, citing restructuring charges and weaker handset sales, and said it would slash 5,000 jobs.

via The Associated Press: Ericsson reports profit drop, to cut 5,000 jobs.


* Amsted Rail will layoff 206 more workers March 16.

The Granite City steel foundry, originally known as American Steel, has filed a notice with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

via Amsted Rail to layoff 206 more workers in Granite City – Metro-east news – Belleville News-Democrat.


* The economic downturn in the nation’s automotive industry has hit even the largest employer in Van Wert County. Eaton Corporation in Van Wert began giving lay off notices Tuesday to approximately 125 hourly workers.

* The Hearst Corp., owner of the Seattle P-I, officially notified the newspaper’s employees late last week that if no one buys the paper, it expects all P-I jobs — both union and nonunion — to be eliminated.

Those jobs will end March 18 at the earliest, though they could last through April 1, according to a letter sent Friday to the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild by P-I editor and publisher Roger Oglesby, as required by the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Managers received a similar letter Saturday.

via P-I employees notified of possible layoffs.


* ASHUA – SkillSoft Public Limited Co. plans to lay off 120 employees by April 30 and take a charge of $1.6 million, the company disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday.

via – New Hampshire news, business and sports – Skillsoft to idle 120 workers company-wide – Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009.


* MISHAWAKA — The recreational vehicle market downturn, with an assist from the current economy, has claimed another company.

More than 40 people at Elixir Industries learned last week that they would be without a job soon.

via South Bend Tribune: Elixir plant to lay off workers.


* Shipping and property company Alexander & Baldwin Inc. said it will eliminate about 60 nonunion jobs, or 10 percent of the work force, at one of its units as it looks to lower costs to deal with the economic downturn.


*SAN DIEGO – In its second staff reduction in two months, San Diego’s Metabasis Therapeutics said Tuesday that it will cut 38 jobs, or 43 percent of its work force.

via Metabasis announces 38 more job cuts.


* Lee’s newspapers include the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson and Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff.

Chairman and CEO Mary Junck says the company is cutting costs, eliminating more than 10 percent of its work force during the quarter, with additional cuts recently announced.

via Tucson, Flagstaff newspapers face job cuts – Phoenix Arizona news, breaking news, local news, weather radar, traffic from ABC15 News | .


* Filene’s Basement, the landmark merchant that claims to have invented the bargain, today said it is planning to close nearly one-third of its 36 stores, including one in Framingham.

The chain, famed for its annual “Running of the Brides” gown sale, has been unable to negotiate rent reductions at 11 locations and plans to shutter those stores by the end of February, according to Julie Davis, general counsel of Retail Ventures Inc., the private parent company that owns Filene’s Basement.

via Filene’s Basement to close 11 stores – Daily Business Update – The Boston Globe.


* The closure of the last three Milwaukee-area Circuit City electronics stores will occur around the end of March and result in the loss of 160 jobs, according to notices filed with the state of Wisconsin.

Circuit City Stores Inc. announced last week that the bankrupt Richmond, Va.-based chain would close its remaining 567 stores, including its Greenfield, Brookfield and Racine locations. The retailer is liquidating its assets after it was unable to find a buyer that would keep the stores operating.

via Milwaukee-area Circuit City closures to cost 160 jobs – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


* Squire Sanders & Dempsey has laid off additional staffers, possibly in a move to become a more attractive potential merger partner.

Squire Sanders’ Miami office laid off “a couple runners, some staffers and a few people in accounting,” according to the office’s managing partner, Alvin Davis. He told the National Law Journal that he does not know whether the firm laid off staffers elsewhere.


* MATSON Navigation has become the latest US-based shipping employer to cut its workforce after announcing the loss of 60 non-union positions and a pay freeze. 

via Matson Navigation sheds US jobs – .


* Cummins Inc. will close a Wautoma, Wis., plant that makes emission-control devices for the company’s diesel engines.

About 180 people will be laid off when the Cummins Emission Solutions plant is shuttered by the end of March, Columbus, Ind.-based Cummins (NYSE: CMI) said in a news release.

via Cummins closing Wisconsin plant – Business First of Louisville: .


* Wescast Industries Inc. a manufacturer of exhaust systems announced last week that it would be restructuring its North American operations significantly, which will see the loss of about 140 jobs.

via Wescast Industries closes a plant in Wingham – Lucknow Sentinel – Ontario, CA .


* OTTAWA — March Networks (TSX:MN) is cutting seven per cent of its workforce and all executives and staff of the Internet video and business analysis technology firm will take a six per cent pay cut.

The company said Tuesday the moves, which follow earlier cost-cutting measures, will “reduce operating expenses in order to mitigate the risks associated with the current economic environment.”

The Ottawa-based firm, which had 304 employees and contractors as of April 2008, said it the moves will reduce annual operating expenses by about $3.2 million.

via The Canadian Press: March Networks cuts 7 per cent of workforce, management take pay cut.


* Nuvell Financial Services LLC will lay off 59 employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a warn letter to the Texas Workforce Commission said Tuesday.

via Nuvell Financial Services to lay off 59 – Dallas Business Journal: .


*Seats Inc., a Reedsburg supplier of seating products for the automotive and other industries, has notified Wisconsin officials that it is permanently closing its facility in Richland Center, resulting in the loss of 45 jobs.

via Seats Inc. to lay off 45 in Richland Center – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


* CORPUS CHRISTI — The voice mail is short but to the point. “The office is closed, and we are no longer taking any applications.”

That’s the message at the S&B Engineers and Consultants office off Interstate Highway 37. The Houston-based company laid off 25 employees last week at its local office, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

via Engineering firm to lay off 25 : Corpus Christi Local Business | Caller-Times | .


* Sega of America is the latest games maker to issue layoffs, the company confirmed to Edge Tuesday.

Following rumors that 30 employees have been laid off, a rep for Sega said in an e-mail, “Sega of America has grown at pace with the booming videogame industry, but at this time of economic recession, harsh retail landscape, and the reality of business challenges to profitability, we must take steps to reduce our cost structure and ensure long-term success.”

The rep confirmed that “around 30 people” were laid off.

via Confirmed: Sega Cuts Staff | Edge Online.


* JANESVILLE — A struggling economy has forced the Janesville-based Angus-Young Associates to lay off 36 percent of its staff.

Before the layoffs of nine people, the architectural, engineering and interior design firm employed 25 in Janesville.

via Nine laid off at Angus-Young — GazetteXtra.


* LOWVILLE — About 30 workers at the FiberMark plant here have been laid off, according to a union official.

“It’s really a sign of the times,” said James H. Ridgeway, north country representative of the United Steelworkers Union.

via Watertown Daily Times | About 30 employees laid off by FiberMark plant in Lowville.


* The Tulare County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Jan. 13 to make deep, lasting cuts to its health department. The decision eliminated 480 health positions, laid off about 200 health employees ñ including eligibility specialists, social workers, medical staff and administrators – closed one adult mental health location and health clinics in Lindsay and Tulare. Administrators said the cuts would save the county an estimated $10 million.

via Mineral King Publishing – The Exeter Sun & The Lindsay Gazette.


* Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD.TO) said on Wednesday its investment banking arm, TD Securities, is closing its Tokyo office and downsizing in Sydney to centralize operations in Singapore.

The Canadian bank will move its Tokyo operations as well as Sydney’s sales and trading operations to Singapore, from where it will serve existing clients.

via UPDATE 2-TD Securities to close Tokyo, downsize Sydney | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters .


* ASHLAND — Darex and Pro Tool Manufacturing has laid off 12 full-time employees, or 15 percent of the industrial and professional tool sharpener-maker’s staff.

via 12 jobs cut at Pro Tool in Ashland.


* SPX Chairman and Chief Executive Chris Kearney said the maker of cooling towers for electric plants and equipment used in oil and gas production would cut at least 400 more jobs this year, bringing its total reductions over 2008 and 2009 to 1,700 people or about 10 percent of its staff.

via WRAPUP 3-United Tech cautious on ’09, SPX sees more layoffs | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters .


* FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) – The Brown Shoe Company in Fredericktown has laid off 59 workers.

Only 43 jobs still remain at the business.

via The Official KFVS12 and Heartland News Web Site | Brown Shoe Company lays off 59 workers.


* REGINA — Evraz Inc. is laying off about 400 workers across Western Canada, including about 100 in Regina.

A company official said workers at the company two-inch line and 24-inch lines would be affected by the decision.

via Evraz to lay off employees .


* Food Lion LLC announced today it has eliminated approximately 80 positions that either worked or reported directly to its Salisbury corporate headquarters.

Of the 80 people, 41 worked at either the Harrison Road or Executive Drive offices in Salisbury.

via – Area – Food Lion lays off 80 .


* Decreasing patient volumes and loss of investment income during the economic downturn led the layoffs of 47 Memorial Medical Center employees Tuesday.

via The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA – Memorial blames economy for 47 layoffs.


* Nokian Tyre plc has responded to reduced demand with a raft of job cuts and temporary layoffs.

The company’s car and van tyre group has eliminated a total of 232 jobs, of which 106 are to be covered by pension arrangements. In addition, a further 440 people will be temporarily furloughed in 110 batches over a nine-week cycle, plus 62 more are to be laid off until further notice.

via Tirereview – Global Tire News .


* More than 100 Evatone employees — roughly half of its work force — are being targeted for layoffs as the Largo company moves through bankruptcy reorganization.

Fifty-seven workers were told last week they will lose their jobs following the sale of Evatone’s optical disc department to a Texas company. According to a filing with the state, Evatone warned of cutting 107 jobs by mid March.

via Largo’s Evatone warns of up to 107 layoffs – St. Petersburg Times.


* Supervisors, mechanics and fuel workers are among the latest ABX Air employees to get layoff notices.

Thirty workers and their families are impacted in this cycle of layoffs at the DHL Air Park in Wilmington.

via 30 air park jobs axed.


* ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Timeshare companies are taking a beating because of the economy and it’s costing Central Florida residents their jobs.

Hilton Grand Vacations, which is headquartered in Orlando on Metrowest Boulevard (see map) has laid off full-time employees from its staff of 3,500.

Eyewitness News reporter Robert Maxwell has learned that there were 187 company wide layoffs at the Hilton Grand Vacations.

via Hotel Lays Off Workers Amid Expansion Plans – News Story – WFTV Orlando.


* NEW YORK ( — United Airlines, one of the leading U.S.-based carriers, said Wednesday it will cut an additional 1,000 jobs to reduce overhead costs.


* Integris Health officials Tuesday said they have laid off 73 of the company’s roughly 9,000 statewide employees in an effort to reduce expenses because of the nation’s economic downturn.

via Integris Health lays off 73 |


* Wal-Mart will cut 48 positions at a call center near Bartlesville and move the positions to Arkansas.

via Tulsa World: Wal-Mart cutting 48 posts near Bartlesville .


* II-VI Inc. said today it laid off around 70 local employees after the laser optics manufacturer encountered falling demand for its products that are geared to non-military markets.

via Butler County laser optics company lays off 70 workers – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review .


* SUFFERN — Bon Secours Charity Health System has begun laying off an unspecified number of workers.

The jobs are being eliminated as part of a “centralizing and consolidation of functions,” said hospital spokeswoman Deborah Marshall. Hospital officials would not say how many workers would be laid off

via Bon Secours lays off employees – – The Times Herald Record.


* Hawker Beechcraft Corp. employees were informed Wednesday that plans for a new round of job reductions will be completed in the coming weeks.

Reductions are expected to affect all areas and levels the company, but details on the number of jobs to be cut have yet to be finalized.

via Hawker Beechcraft confirms more layoffs on the way – Wichita Business Journal: .


* Mining giant BHP Billiton announced plans Wednesday to slash 6,000 jobs — including about 550 at a mine near Miami, Arizona — as it rushes to cope with plummeting demand because of the global financial crisis.

via BHP to cut 550 jobs at Miami mine | ®.


* Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP has laid off 65 staff members, including some of its D.C. employees at 1333 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

The law firm, founded in 1945 in Texas, did not break down numbers of how many people were laid off at each U.S. office. All positions eliminated were administrative-type jobs, according to Sheila Turner, spokeswoman for the 983-attorney firm.

via Akin Gump lays off 65 staffers – Washington Business Journal: .


* EBENSBURG — Fourteen full-time nursing positions at Laurel Crest, Cambria County’s nursing home, have been eliminated in the wrapup of work-force reductions at the facility.

The cuts are in addition to 39 ancillary job cuts – through both attrition and layoffs – at the nursing home in the fall, and bring the facility’s work force into line with the staff needed for the reduced patient load, officials said.

via The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA – Laurel Crest eliminates 14 nursing jobs.


* Toledo building supply giant Owens Corning Inc. on Wednesday announced plans to trim production at one of its factories in Newark, a move sparked by the nation’s rough housing market.

Company spokesman Jason Saragian said the Newark plant that produces insulation will lose 93 production days this year. The revised work schedule recently was ratified in a vote from the Glass Molders Pottery Local 244 union.

via Owens Corning cutting production in Newark – Business First of Columbus: .


* Thrane & Thrane is laying off nearly 15 percent of its workforce despite sales of its products performing in line with forecasts, the company announced Jan. 21.     Uncertainty in the global financial market was cited as a motivating factor behind the decision.

The mobile satellite and radio communication systems manufacturer said it is cutting 90 positions from its 700-strong workforce. Most of the lay-offs will be in production.

via Market Uncertainty Leads to Thrane & Thrane Layoffs :: Satellite Today.


* LOS ANGELES, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co said on Wednesday it sent voluntary buyout offers to 600 executives at its domestic theme parks to cut costs amid an economic meltdown that has depressed attendance and prompted the company to deeply discount Walt Disney World stays.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* DuPont will close part of its Old Hickory plant by the end of March, laying off about 140 regular employees and from 80-100 contract workers, the company announced today.

The company will cease production of polyester products at the facility and will cut one of three production lines for non-woven fabrics used in medical gowns, drapes and wipes, DuPont spokesman David Hastings said.

via DuPont OId Hickory plant to lay off up to 240 workers | | The Tennessean.


* SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Intel Corp. said Wednesday it is consolidating its manufacturing operations as a part of a restructuring bid that will affect thousands of jobs from the U.S to the Philippines.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 employees will be affected, though some may be offered posts at other facilities, the company said.

The world’s largest chip maker is closing two assembly test facilities in Penang, Malaysia and one in Cavite, Philippines and will halt production at a plant in Hillsboro, Ore. It will also end wafer production at a facility in Santa Clara, Calif. All five are older factories, the company said.

via Intel to cut jobs as it consolidates manufacturing – Yahoo! Finance.


* Retailer Williams-Sonoma Inc. will lay off 1,400 people, close a call center in Pennsylvania and a warehouse in Tennessee, hoping to save $60 million.

The San Francisco company (NYSE: WSM) will shut a 38,000-square-foot call center in Camp Hill, near Harrisburg in central Pennsylvania. It will also shut down a 500,000-square-foot warehouse in Memphis.

via Williams-Sonoma to lay off 1,400 people – San Francisco Business Times: .


* FAIRVIEW – Tyco Electronics is reducing its local workforce as part of job cuts across the company but won’t say how many people are losing their jobs.

The company employed 96,000 people as of the end of September and is reducing employment by 2,500 workers by the end of March, said spokesman Mike Ratcliff. That works out to 2.6 percent of total employment.

via Tyco reducing workforce | | Asheville Citizen-Times.



International News



* BHP Billiton will axe 6000 people from its global workforce amid the economic downturn.

The company said today it would cut its 101,000 strong global workforce by about six per cent in response to world-wide economic conditions.

via BHP Billiton job cuts | 6000 jobs go worldwide.


* UP TO 100 workers at a company in Co Clare – a quarter of the entire workforce – are to lose their jobs. The remaining employees will have to take a 5 per cent cut in pay.

Molex, a 70-year-old global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fibre optic interconnection systems, held a series of staff briefings at its Shannon facility yesterday. While the company has not confirmed how many jobs will be lost, sources say up to 100 workers will be let go.

via Clare factory planning to lay off 100 employees – The Irish Times – Wed, Jan 21, 2009.


* ABOUT 30 workers have been laid off at Longbridge – as the firm sheds its Chinese banner to become MG Motor UK Ltd.

The Chinese-owned company has laid off up to 30 temporary contract workers. They are among staff who transferred from the Shanghai Motor Technical Centre in Leamington – a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC/Nanjing – to Longbridge.

via Thirty Longbridge workers laid off as MG car firm sheds Chinese title – Birmingham Mail.


* Ericsson is making another 5,000 staff redundant as part of a $1.2bn cost reduction programme, despite reporting better than expected fourth quarter results.

The Swedish firm said sales had risen 23% and earnings per share were ahead of expectations.

However, the firm said a further 5,000 jobs would be going across the group worldwide, with about 1,000 going in Stockholm. The move extends a cost-cutting programme started last year – Ericsson cut 4,000 jobs – although the company has been shedding staff for years.

via Ericsson makes another 5,000 redundant despite solid quarter | 21 Jan 2009 |


* Intel announced Wednesday a plan to shut down its more than two-decade-old factory in the Philippines, local media reported.

The company made the announcement via email sent to its employees on Wednesday morning, the Philippine Daily Inquirer said in an on-line report.

via Intel to shut down factory in Philippines – People’s Daily Online.


* TWO hundred jobs are to be lost at a North Yorkshire meat factory as part of a restructuring operation by its parent company, it was revealed yesterday.

Workers at the Malton Bacon Factory were shocked by the announcement that 200 people – about a tenth of the plant’s workforce of nearly 2,000 – would be axed at the factory, as part of owner Vion’s plan to cut 820 jobs across its UK operations.

via Meat factory to lose 10% of workforce (From The Northern Echo).


* Addleshaw Goddard has asked 19 partners to leave the firm, it was announced internally last night (20 January).

The cuts, made as the firm battles to cope with the economic downturn, will see all 19 partners leave the firm within the coming months.

via Addleshaws asks 19 partners to leave the firm – Legal Week, legal news, comment, events and legal jobs.


* Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — U.K. unemployment rose at the second- fastest pace since 1991 in December as the worsening recession prompted companies from retailers to automakers to cut jobs.

The number of people receiving jobless benefits rose 77,900 to 1.16 million, the highest level since January 2000, the Office for National Statistics said today in London. The median of 28 forecasts in a Bloomberg News survey of economists was 81,000.

via U.K. & Ireland.


* Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — J Sainsbury Plc, Britain’s third- largest supermarket chain, plans to cut at least 200 jobs at its London headquarters to reduce management expenses.

via U.K. & Ireland.


* MILAN, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Italian Internet company Tiscali SpA plans to cut 250 jobs at its domestic unit, the company said Wednesday in a statement.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* SURREY, ENGLAND – TT Electronics, the parent company of TT EMS, will lay off 700 workers this year, the company said today.

via Circuits Assembly – TT Electronics to Cut 700 Jobs.


* Adanac Molybdenum Corp. (AUA.TO: News , AUAYF.PK) said Tuesday that it has implemented measures to curtail its business operations and substantially reduce its operating costs in connection with its overall restructuring.

The company said the initial phase of its restructuring included, among other things, reducing employees by about 70%, substantially reducing contractors, demobilizing the Ruby Creek site, eliminating or substantially reducing services provided to the company and repaying a portion of the company’s indebtedness to its Senior Secured Creditors.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings, Pos Pre Announcements, Pos Pre Announcements , Positive Surprises, Negative Surprises, Hot Stocks, Stock Split Calendar, Stock Buybacks, Dividends, Negative, Positive PreAnnouncements,Surprises …. .


* JOHANNESBURG (AFP) — South Africa’s fourth largest gold producer DRDGOLD said Tuesday it was cutting 1,335 jobs after shutting down one of its mines east of Johannesburg.

via AFP: South African gold miner cuts 1,335 jobs.


* LUANSHYA, Zambia, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Zambia’s Luanshya Copper Mines (LCM) has laid off all of its 1,740 miners after it halted operations in November following a fall in copper prices, officials said on Wednesday.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* Mitsubishi is the latest Japanese car-maker to announce it will suspend some of its production lines and slash wages.

The company is also cutting one third of its contract workforce in Japan.

Mitsubishi says the shutdowns at some of its Japanese plants will begin next month, and will last for up to a fortnight.

via Mitsubishi jobs cut, wages slashed to combat crisis – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


* Sony Corp.  plans to close one of its two television factories in Japan and cut more than 2,000 full-time jobs,

via Sony to shut TV plant in Japan, cut 2,000 jobs: report – MarketWatch .


* VICTORIA’S ailing automotive sector was dealt another blow yesterday after industrial giant CSR announced plans to close one of the state’s oldest manufacturing facilities.

The Viridian automotive glass facilities at Geelong and Laverton that were acquired by CSR two years ago will cease production in June at a cost of 115 full-time jobs.

via CSR shuts two plants | Herald Sun.


Hiring News


* BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) Wells Fargo is hiring 200 to 300 temporary workers to help process an increasing number of mortgage refinance applications.

Mortgage rates have dropped to around 5 percent and experts say they could fall even lower later this year.

via Wells Fargo hiring; mortgages being refinanced | North Dakota News.


* The Carowinds amusement and water park plans to hire more than 2,100 seasonal employees and is taking applications for all departments.

The 112-acre park, off Interstate 77 at the S.C. line, will open its 37th season March 28. Applicants must be at least 15 years old. Positions are available in food and beverage, rides, games, merchandise, admissions, marketing, aquatics, security, warehouse, cash services and guest services.

via Carowinds to hire more than 2,100 workers |


* The Columbus City Council Tuesday voted to lift a hiring freeze, enabling the Columbus Police Department to hire seven additional officers.

In November, in response to the flailing economy, the council discussed ways to save money, including limiting travel requests for employee training to essential trips. The council never voted to put a freeze on hiring, but one essentially was implemented, with no new personnel hired that weren’t already budgeted.

via Commercial Dispatch Online.


* Selma city officials indicate the hiring process for two vacant Selma Police Department officer positions, as well as one new patrol officer, is on track and that all three of the officers should be on the streets by March.

via Selma Enterprise.


* Jefferson Transit needs to hire 28 people to work during the Hood Canal Bridge closure period that begins May 1 and could last six weeks.

“The most important part of being a bus driver is not whether you can handle a big rig, it’s whether you can handle people,” said Mike Pollack, Jefferson Transit’s project manager for the Hood Canal Bridge Closure Mitigation Plan. “I can teach anyone how to drive a bus. If you aren’t a people person, it’s not for you.”

via Jefferson Transit hiring drivers for bridge closure plan.



Mike: The layoff news was disturbing today with thousands let go from numerous companies. With earnigs season underway, this trend should continue for another week or so and then possibly cool for a period of time. The big tech earnings announcements tomorrow from Google and Microsoft will be closely watched tomorrow and I’ll bring you the announcements as they arrive.

If any of you have suggestions on how I can improve your time on this site, or if you would like this site designed to enable more commenting, pass them along for consideration. Thanks.

As usual, let me end today’s posting with a little humor………



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Mike Luckovich - Jan 21

Mike Luckovich - Jan 21















January 20 – IBM posts strong earnings; no job cuts? – BOA to cut 4000? – Update: Clear Channel to cut 1850 – Bell Alliant hangs up on 500 – Warner Bros. slashes 800 jobs – 900 gone at Rohm and Haas – 150 less at Clipper Windpower – AA trims 170 in KC – 15,000 to go at Germany’s Metro – Billiton removes 6000

Mike: Today is Inauguration Day and I wish Mr. Obama good fortune and godspeed in addressing the deteriorating economic picture.He will need the help of many to solve the crises at hand, since it took so many to get us to this point. Hopefully he pushes the correct buttons and that positive results are soon to follow. If the economy and employment begins to improve in late 2009 or early 2010, then that would be considered a very successful start for his presidency. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has to have the assistance of congress to quickly pass his proposed legislation, but as congress has shown with the passing of the $700 billion bailout funding bills, that it is not up to the task of passing  effective legislation. Let’s hope that congress changes course and becomes more of a representative body that is accountable to the voter and not the campaign funding lobbyists

The inaugural speech:


Mike: As always, if you know of layoff news or announcements that have not made this list, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll post them.


Microsoft/Google/IBM and other News & Rumors


* RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – IBM (NYSE: IBM) discloses fourth-quarter earnings after the markets close today, and many Big Blue workers as well as several analysts expect the world’s largest technology firm to announce big layoffs.

One e-mailer to The Skinny simply noted: “Here it comes.”

“IBM is famous for its aggressive cost-cutting, and some analysts believe big job cuts could be coming,” The Associated Press wrote in its IBM earnings preview. “IBM has declined to comment on any possible layoffs.”

via It’s IBM earnings day – Is big layoff announcement coming? ::


* Microsoft tightens its belt, but still no layoffs announced

Microsoft is not renewing leases on a number of its Seattle area properties and is postponing construction on several planned buildings to help trim costs, the Seattle Times is reporting.

The Microsoft bean cutters also allegedly have looked at other services (catering, composting, the Connector wifi bus) they could chop to save money, the Times said. But right now those “perks” seem safe. (Whew — I was really sweating over the Corporate Shuttle getting cut!)

via Microsoft tightens its belt, but still no layoffs announced | All about Microsoft | .


* The recession had to hit the biggest IT companies, too, including Microsoft. The titan is considering “significant workforce reductions” across multiple divisions, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal last week. Citing unnamed sources it claimed were familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the newspaper said the company is considering “significant workforce reductions” across multiple divisions, but it did not specify the number of workers who would be affected.


* Bank of America is expected to make several thousand employees in its capital markets businesses redundant, starting this week, executives familiar with the matter said.

The cuts, most of which are expected to be in New York, come three weeks after BofA acquired Merrill Lynch. They reflect the consolidation of the bank’s sales and trading businesses under the control of Tom Montag, who joined Merrill last year from Goldman Sachs.

According to a Merrill executive, the capital markets headcount of the combined banks is expected to be reduced by between 30 and 40 per cent, meaning the number of job cuts could reach about 4,000. Banc of America Securities employs between 4,000-5,000, while at least as many are believed to work in Merrill’s capital markets divisions, bank executives said.

via / UK – BofA set for further job cuts.


* IBM is expected to announce thousands of US job cuts, either along with fourth quarter results due out later today or within the next few days.

IBM’s fourth quarter results are expected to reflect how badly the company has been hit by the uncertainty about technology spending in the global economic downturn.

via IBM job cut announcement imminent | 20 Jan 2009 |


* Today we hear word that more of the 1,000 cuts announced back in December at Electronic Arts are about to hit.

The latest rumor is that Blackbox, the folks behind the Need for Speed franchise and others, are next on the chopping block, with the layoff axe cutting into the studio as early as this week.

From all that we’ve gathered and seen over the past month or so, it looks like the cuts announced back in December are a trimming of most departments and studios, rather than deep cuts in any one place.

via Rumor: Announced EA Layoffs Coming to Blackbox.


* IBM on Tuesday reported fourth-quarter fiscal 2008 revenue of US$3.28 per share, a 17 percent increase year-over-year, but said total revenues for the quarter dropped 6 percent to $27 billion.


General Economic News


Mike: Today’s big economic news in the jobs front will take place after 4:00 pm when IBM reprots earning and possible layoff plans. For a list of today’s earnings reports, see:  US Earnings: Company Earnings Calendar – Yahoo! Finance.


Mike: As the below article indicates, the financial condition of other states is so poor that New York state looks like a nice place to live, financially. Being from upstate, I know how bad it would have to get to keep people from moving to other states. While New York can be a great place the live, the combined property, income and sales taxes are outrageous.

* In what may prove a silver lining in the latest economic black cloud, New York lost fewer residents to other states in 2007-8 than during any year in at least a generation.

Between July 1, 2007, and July 1, 2008, New York recorded a net loss of 126,000 residents to other states — meaning 126,000 more people moved out than moved in — according to an analysis by demographers at Queens College.

Some 257,000 people moved away during those 12 months, the analysis showed, about half the peak of 521,000 in the same 12 months spanning 2005-6. It was the first time the number dipped below 300,000 since the Census Bureau began measuring the annual flows in 1982.

via As Economy Stalls, Fewer New Yorkers Moving Out of State –


* Highly skilled graduates are negotiating a changed recruiting landscape as they seek work in a technology industry roiled by uncertainty and job cuts.

While there is a perceived hiring freeze at many major local tech employers, such as Microsoft, candidates with the right skills are still finding placements, though it’s taking longer.

“Microsoft is still hiring, but they’re being really selective in who they hire,” said Andrew Putnam, who expects to finish his doctorate in computer science at the University of Washington in March and is looking for an opening at Microsoft or another major tech name.

via Business & Technology | Lower demand for MBA and tech grads, but jobs are out there | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — China’s official urban unemployment rate jumped for the first time since 2003 and may climb to an almost 30-year high as exports slump and a slowdown deepens in the world’s third-biggest economy.

Registered unemployment rose to 4.2 percent as of Dec. 31, Yin Chengji, spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said in a transcript of a press briefing in Beijing today. It was 4 percent three months earlier.

via Asia.


* Chrysler LLC and Fiat SpA (F.MI) announced a potential partnership that would give the Italy-based Fiat a 35% stake in the third-largest U.S. based auto maker.

Fiat would give Chrysler access to its latest technologies including powertrain, components and fuel-efficiency systems in lieu of a cash investment, the two companies said Tuesday. The deal would allow both companies to access each other’s distribution networks in their respective markets.

via 2ND UPDATE: Chrysler, Fiat Seek Alliance; Sign Non-Binding Pact.


* A report prepared for the U.S. Conference of Mayors forecasts that Houston will shed some 43,800 jobs in 2009, a decline of 1.7 percent.


– Municipal News –


* Palm Beach County school administrators are offering a telling caveat to anyone hired by the district this school year: “There would be no assurances for next year,” said Chief Operating Officer Joe Moore.

“We’re trying to put everything in place so we can protect people who’ve been with us for a while.”

via Palm Beach County school district braces for likely layoffs in 2009-10.


* Due to a drop-off in development fees, Washington County’s Department of Land Use and Transportation’s current planning section has instituted a hiring freeze and is implementing a reduced work week. The drop-off in development fee generation is the result of a slowdown in construction activity.

via Article Details – Daily Journal of Commerce..


* Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. presented the county’s proposed 2009 budget last Thursday, Jan. 15, including plans to eliminate 219 positions, freeze all salaries, and seek the county’s 3,500 unionized employees to pay a portion of their medical benefits and prescription drug costs.

via Essex County plans cuts and freezes, along with a $14 million tax increase .


* Nashville-based Choice Food Group Inc. is shedding 65 Nashville workers, according to the Tennessee Department of Labor.

via Nashville’s Choice Food Group to cut 65 jobs: Business News – MSN Money.


* Excela Health has announced the furlough of 70 management and staff positions – the equivalent of 60 full-time jobs – as the region’s health care market shows signs of increasing stress.

The layoffs represent less than 2 percent of the network’s 5,000 employees, according to Excela, which announced the reduction late Friday, and employees have been offered severance based on length of service.

via Excela Health to lay off 70; Butler Memorial furloughing 18 – Pittsburgh Business Times: .


* Fort Worth-based ACME Brick temporarily will close its McQueeney plant near Seguin next month because of the downturn in residential construction, according to a report in the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise.

ACME said it will begin closing the plant at the end of February, and it will remain closed until at least mid-2010.

The number of workers affected wasn’t disclosed, and a company spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment late Monday.

via ACME Brick to close plant.


US and some Canada News –


* Slightly a month after announcing the closing of its plant in North Manchester, Dexter Axle announced plans to close another plant.

The firm’s Elkhart plant will close by July. The plant employs 90 workers.

Dexter human resources director Jessica Shetterly said the July closure is part of a plan to consolidate four northern Indiana plants into two at Albion and Fremont.

via The Wabash Plain Dealer Online.


* By the end of January, Wheaton Franciscan Health Care will eliminate approximately 100 more positions, bringing the total number of layoffs at the hospital system to 250 since September, officials said Monday.

via Wheaton adds to system layoffs – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


* RAVENSWOOD, W.Va. (WSAZ) — At least 120 workers at Century Aluminum will be laid off at the end of the month, according to the Ravenswood Mayor.

Lucy Harbert tells these workers were part of a line that is no longer in production, but the company was hoping to find other work inside the plant for these workers.

via 120+ Layoffs Announced at Century Aluminum.


* SHADY GROVE, PA. — A spokesman for Franklin County’s third-largest employer confirmed Monday that the number of jobs being cut at its plant more than doubled since the announcement a month ago.

Manitowoc Crane Group told 305 production workers and 10 salaried employees on Friday that they were being laid off due to a decreased demand for mobile cranes.

via News: Manitowoc doubles layoffs to 315.


* Skittish boat buyers and a scarcity of loans for dealers have halted the steady growth in the state’s boat-building industry, bringing grim reports of layoffs and bankruptcies along the state’s 400 miles of prized coastline.

The most recent setback came Friday, when Pearson Composites dismissed nearly half its work force amid slumping sales. The Warren-based company, founded in 1968, is down to 60 employees

via Pearson lays off half its workers, citing sales drop | Portsmouth | | The Providence Journal .


* Sailboat maker Pearson Composites has laid off nearly half its workforce, as the economic downturn dries up orders for recreational craft.

Fifty of the company’s 110 employees were dismissed on Friday. Pearson, founded in 1968, at one time had as many as 150 workers. “It’s saddening,” Chief executive officer Patrick T. Burke told The Providence Journal today.

via Orders drying up, Warren boat builder lays off 50 – Projo 7 to 7 News Blog | Rhode Island news | The Providence Journal 


* Sioux Falls-based Egger Steel Company said today it plans to layoff 22 employees or about 20 percent of its workforce before the end of January.

via Egger Steel in Sioux Falls to lay off 22 | | Argus Leader.


* GRENADA, Miss. (AP) – Grenada Lake Medical Center has laid off 14 employees.

Hospital CEO Chip Denton says none of employees worked directly with patient care. He says the hospital is trying to protect patient care positions.

via WREG-TV Memphis – GLMC lays off 14 employees.


* VANCOUVER — B.C. Ferries has laid off some of its managers and sent others back to sea — all due to tough financial times and falling ridership, according to internal memos obtained by The Province.

A bulletin sent to the fleet Tuesday by chief operating officer Mike Corrigan names 12 employees — some of them senior managers — who “have left the company” and says that “over the next few weeks, further adjustments in roles and responsibilities may be required.”

via B.C. Ferries lays off managers over tough economic times .


* Rohm and Haas Co (ROH.N) said on Tuesday it plans to cut 900 jobs, freeze employee salaries and restructure its manufacturing base, in a bid to tackle the slump in demand and widespread market weakness.

The chemical maker, which is in the process of being acquired by Dow Chemical Co (DOW.N), said the moves build on the restructuring actions the company announced in June 2008. At the time, Rohm and Haas said it would reduce production and cut about 925 jobs.

via Rohm and Haas plans to cut 900 jobs | Reuters .


* Tandy Brands Accessories (TBAC.O) will slash about 17 percent of its salaried headcount as part of its cost-cutting efforts and realign its operations to focus on key products such as belts, small leather goods and gifts.

via UPDATE 1-Tandy Brands to cut 17 pct jobs; realign ops | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters .


* GLENDON | Air Products and Chemicals Inc. is sharply reducing operations at an electronic chemicals plant here, eliminating about 40 jobs.

via Air Products to cut 40 jobs, scale back operations at Glendon manufacturing plant –


* LONDON, Jan 20 (Reuters) – Alcan, the aluminium unit of mining group Rio Tinto, plans to cut another six percent of output and will shed 1,100 employees to cut costs following a slide in metals prices, the firm said on Tuesday.

The move by the Canada-based firm will bring the total production cuts to 450,000 tonnes, or 11 percent of total annual capacity.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* BREWER, Main — A local automotive parts company that employs 127 people in eastern Maine announced that it will be completely phased out by mid-2010 in yet another ripple effect of the sagging national economy.

via Brewer auto parts plant to close in 2010 – Bangor Daily News.


* Interwoven, a known player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market, has recently announced a round of layoffs for 2009.

To reduce costs, the company plans to eliminate approximately 70 positions across all functions and cut down on using contractors and consultants. The company had 1,012 employees worldwide as of December 31, 2008.

via Interwoven Layoffs: About 70 Positions to be Cut – CMSWire.


* Clayton Homes, the nation’s largest maker and financer of prefab and mobile homes, is laying off 135 workers from its manufacturing facility in Giles County — about 1 percent of the county’s total workforce.

via Clayton Homes cuts 135 jobs in Giles County – Nashville Business Journal: .


* MADISON, Wis. – The publisher of the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times in Madison says it will cut 12 positions.

via Madison newspapers to cut 12 positions —


* Update: Bose Corp., a Framingham company known for its audio products, confirmed news reports that it is cutting 1,000 jobs, or about 10 percent of its work force, as it seeks to adapt to a global economy in recession.

via Bose confirms layoffs – Daily Business Update – The Boston Globe.


* SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) — Spartanburg-based Milliken & Co. plans to close a textile plant in Barnwell County later this year, putting about 120 people out of work.

via Layoffs to begin Thursday at Milliken plant / – Augusta, North Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Thomson, Lincolnton, Waynesboro, Edgefield, Barnwell and more .


* Platte County is about to lose almost 200 jobs.

According to American Airlines spokesperson Tami McLallen, on Friday, Jan. 16, American Airlines will lay off 170 workers at its main overhaul base at Kansas City International Airport as part of a planned staff reduction.

via American Airlines to lay off 170 employees in K.C..


* BLUE HILL, Maine — Hoping to stem an ongoing financial crisis, officials at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital announced Tuesday that they have laid off 15 staff members.

via Blue Hill hospital lays off 15 – Bangor Daily News.


* WESTFIELD – H.B. Smith Co. will soon stop making boilers at its Westfield factory after 156 years in business.

“We’re just suffering from the times,” said company chief operating officer Wayne R. Walker.

via H.B. Smith to stop making boilers –


* Epic Energy Resources Inc. said Tuesday that it plans to cut about 6 percent of its overall work force in an effort to reduce operating expenses.

The Woodlands-based Epic and its subsidiaries, Carnrite Group, Pearl Investment Co. and Epic Integrated Solutions, have about 220 full-time employees, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That would mean about 13 jobs would be cut.

via Epic to cut 6 percent of work force – Houston Business Journal: .


* CEDAR RAPIDS – Employees at Clipper Windpower in Cedar Rapids report the company has laid off a large number of workers. The number mentioned by those workers is 150 out of a total work force of between 300 and 400 workers.

via Clipper WindPower Employees Report Big Layoff | KCRG-TV9 Cedar Rapids, Iowa | Local News .


* NASHUA – SkillSoft Public Limited Co. plans to lay off 120 employees by April 30, 2009, and take a charge of $1.6 million, the company disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday.

via – New Hampshire news, business and sports – SkillSoft plans layoffs – Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.


* Time Warner Inc’s (TWX.N) Warner Bros. Entertainment on Tuesday said it would cut about 800 jobs, or 10 percent of its worldwide staff in coming weeks.

via UPDATE 1-Warner Bros. to cut 800 jobs in coming weeks | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* More than 150 workers at the Norfolk office of Cox Auto Trader Inc. will lose their jobs by March 20, the company said in a filing with state of Virginia.

via In report, Cox Auto Trader says it will lay off 153 | |


* Bank of America has sent a warn notice to the Texas Workforce Commission informing it of 85 layoffs at the company’s Preferred Services unit located at 1401 Elm St. The job cuts take effect March 10.

via BofA announces 85 Dallas layoffs – Dallas Business Journal: .


* San Diego-based Metabasis Therapeutics has joined the ranks of the restructuring. The company says it will reduce its workforce by about 43 percent, or 38 employees. As part of the restructuring, Metabasis will focus on the company’s product candidates, MB07811 for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and MB07803 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, as well as on advancing its glucagon antagonist program.

via Metabasis shrinks workforce, hunts for new partners – FierceBiotech.


* TORONTO — Canadian regional telecom group Bell Alliant said Monday it will cut about 500 management jobs, or about 5% of its total work force, to reduce costs and help the company make decisions more quickly.

The cuts represent about 15% of Bell Aliant’s management, the company said.

via Bell Aliant to cut 500 management jobs .


* TORONTO (AP) — Bell Canada said Tuesday it is offering retirement incentives to 1,500 qualifying union workers in the latest move by Canada’s largest telecom operator to streamline and cut operating costs.

via The Associated Press: Canadian telecom offers buyouts to 1,500.


* France isn’t immune to the layoffs that Yahoo began last year. reported Tuesday that 52 of the country’s 251 employees will lose their jobs, citing Agence France-Presse.

via Yahoo layoffs to spread to France | Digital Media – CNET News.


* IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — An eastern Idaho car dealership has closed two stores and laid off 35 people.

via Fort Mill Times | – E. Idaho dealerships close doors – Fort Mill, SC.


* GRANITE CITY, Ill. — A southwestern Illinois steel company that recently announced it was shedding 363 jobs says it will lay off an additional 206 workers.

Amsted Rail says it will lay off the latest group of employees in mid-March. The Granite City steel foundry once known as American Steel has filed a notice with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

via Fort Mill Times | – Steel company announces next round of layoffs – Fort Mill, SC.


* SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Clear Channel Communications is laying off 1,850 employees as the nation’s largest owner of radio stations grapples with the economic meltdown.

The cuts by San Antonio-based Clear Channel represent about 9% of the company’s total work force.

via KFDA – NewsChannel 10 / Amarillo, TX: – Clear Channel cuts 1,850 jobs, 9 pct of work force.


* Dow Chemical will eliminate approximately 60 jobs at its South Charleston facility, company officials said.

The cuts include a variety of positions. The 60 workers will remain on the job through February, though a few employees might be asked to stay around a little longer, according to Jennifer Heronema, the company’s spokeswoman.

via Charleston Daily Mail – West Virginia News and Sports – Business – BREAKING NEWS: Dow cuts 60 jobs in South Charleston .


* Omaha, NE – Alegent Health announced it will cut 245 fulltime jobs by March 3rd. That’s in addition to 40 jobs and 7 vice president positions that are being eliminated.

via Action 3 News – Omaha, Nebraska News, Weather, and Sports | Alegent Cuts 47 Jobs; 245 More Gone By March 3.


* Eaton Corp. announced Tuesday it’s laying off 31 white-collar employees at its Marshall proving grounds as part of a companywide 10 percent reduction in workforce.

Another 25 professional and administrative workers at the company’s truck business headquarters in Kalamazoo County’s Charleston Township also are losing their jobs, as are four members of the company’s flight operations center at W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek.

via Eaton Corp. laying off 60 workers in area | | The Enquirer.


Mike: The following layoffs don’t affect salaried workers? So there will be plenty of managers, but many fewer hourly workers. Managers will now be able to manage more managers. Makes sense to me. I guess they don’t eat their own until they have to.

* The General Motors Powertrain-Tonawanda Engine plant plans to lay off 30 percent of its workforce

The layoffs apply to non-salaried workers. The company has not said what the impact will be on salaried employees.

via GM engine plant announces layoffs – Business First of Buffalo: .


* Ameriprise Financial said today it will lay off 300 of its Minneapolis workers.

The news comes roughly one week before the financial advice company is scheduled to release its fourth quarter earnings. The cuts are part of a larger restructuring, but a spokesman for the Minneapolis-based company wouldn’t say how many more people companywide are affected.

via Ameriprise to cut 300 jobs in Minneapolis –


* Stanford’s athletic department is projecting a $5 million loss in revenue over the next three years and is considering cutting staff and eliminating some sports teams, The Associated Press has learned.

via – Stanford May Cut Sports Programs, Jobs 


* Tracker Marine Group is closing the Bolivar plant within the next two months, affecting as many as 80 employees, according to a press release from the the company’s corporate office in Springfield. The number could be lower, the company says, because employees at the Bolivar facility will be given consideration for available positions at other company sites.

via Bolivar Herald-Free Press – Bolivar, Missouri – Neighbor Newspapers > News > Tracker Marine closing Bolivar plant.


* EASTMAN, Ga. (AP) – The company that makes Goo Goo Clusters candy is closing its plant in Eastman and will relocate 250 jobs from eastern Georgia to Tennessee.



International News


* Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) — Brazil eliminated jobs at a record pace in December as companies scaled back production to adjust for slower economic growth and less consumer demand.

Latin America’s largest economy cut 654,946 government- registered jobs, the most since the series began in 1999, the Labor Ministry said today in a report distributed in Brasilia. The 1.45 million jobs created last year, compared with 1.62 million in 2007, trailed the government’s goal of 1.8 million.

via Latin America.


* TOKYO (AFP) — Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Corp. is considering shedding 3,000 more temporary workers at its domestic plants due to worsening sales, a report said Tuesday.


* US MEDICAL insurance company Cigna is to close its east Galway base with the loss of 180 jobs over the coming months.

Cigna HealthCare, a division of the US Cigna Corporation, has attributed the economic downturn to its decision to wind up its Irish branch in Loughrea, Co Galway.

via US medical insurance firm to lose 180 jobs in Galway – The Irish Times – Tue, Jan 20, 2009.


* FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Carmaker BMW AG said Tuesday it would reduce the working hours for some 26,000 German employees as part of efforts to slow production amid a deepening economic downturn.

The Munich-based company said management and employee representatives have agreed to expand production cutback measures to include shorter work times at selected plants in Germany. It will also reduce the number of temporary workers.

via BMW to reduce work hours for 26,000 employees – Yahoo! Finance.


* LONDON (AP) — Luxury goods maker Burberry Group PLC reported Tuesday a 30 percent rise in revenues in the final three months of 2008, but said it plans to lay off more than 500 workers in its British and Spanish operations.

via The Associated Press: Burberry 3Q revenue up 30 pct, cuts over 500 jobs.


* Greek cooler maker Frigoglass (FRIr.AT) said on Tuesday it plans to cut its workforce in a domestic unit and close its Polish factory as part of a plant restructuring programme.

The world’s largest maker of drink refrigeration equipment said it would reduce its workforce at its Kato Achaia plant by 120 employees, out of a total of 210 workers, through a voluntary redudancy scheme.

via Frigoglass to cut jobs in Greece, Poland | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters .


* Hugo Boss AG plans to dismiss as many as 150 of the company’s more than 2,800 employees in Germany, the Financial Times Deutschland reported, citing an unidentified company spokesman.

via Germany.


* Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Japan’s biggest zinc smelter, forecast its first annual loss in more than a decade and will cut 20 percent of its workforce.

via Asia.


* Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — Metro AG, Germany’s largest retailer, will cut 15,000 jobs as part of a plan to increase profit by 1.5 billion euros ($2 billion) over four years.

via Germany.


* Finland’s Nokian Tyres said in a statement it would launch another round of statutory cooperation procedure talks, adding the aim was to cut about 50 jobs and to lay off temporarily about 230 people.

via NewsRoom Finland.


* Denton Wilde Sapte has joined the ranks of London firms launching redundancy consultations, with up to 80 jobs at risk across the firm’s London and Milton Keynes, U.K., offices.

via – Denton Wilde Sapte to Make Job Cuts With 80 Under Threat .


* RETAILER David Jones will cut 150 jobs from head office and administration, after it cut its profit growth and sales forecasts.

via David Jones to cut 150 jobs, reduces sales forecast | Markets |


* Jan 20, 2009 (Dow Jones Commodities News via Comtex) — PERTH (Dow Jones)-Global Miner BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP.AU) said Wednesday it will cut around 6,000 workers because of weakening demand for its products and the uncertain economic outlook.



Hiring News


* COLUMBUS — Uncle Sam is looking to hire area residents to help conduct the 2010 U.S. Census in and around Columbus.

The U.S. Census Bureau office in Lincoln is recruiting potential employees and encoura

via Census seeks 2010 counters – News – Local – The Columbus Telegram – Columbus, Nebraska’s Community Newspaper.


Mike: The international layoff news was even worse than the US news today. The new presindent’s task is a large one and he will have to make improvements quickly to keep unemployment at manageable levels. Earnings announcements continue tomorrow and if earnings are improved, as were IBMs today, the layoff news may slow. On that note, let’s end the day with  a little humor.



Rob Rogers - Jan 18

Rob Rogers - Jan 18


Mike: In case you missed yesterday’s news………


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January 19 – UBS to deposit 5000 on the streets – Herman Miller shelves 1000 – Microsoft/IBM/Google rumors quiet – Modine cuts 170 – Cerberus to chop 10%? – Kohler sinks 188 – Bose cuts 1000

Mike: Since today is Martin Luther King Day the markets are closed and the layoff announcements may be tame. Tuesday is Inauguration Day and the federal government is closed, so they may not be able to act financially irresponsible again until Wednesday. There are a few important economic numbers out this week and they are detailed in the General Economic News section of this post. Also, some highly anticipated earnings reports will be announced this week, including: Microsoft, Google and IBM.


Although the US has the benefit of Martin L uther King Day to hold back some layoff announcements, there will still be many announcements from other countries that are being greatly impacted by this worldwide recession. For a look at the international jobs picture, see the International News section of this post


See The Layoff List for January 16, 17, 18  for recent layoff announcements.


Mike: Since many readers may have the day off in remembrance of Martin Luther King, I urge you to take a few minutes to read Karl Denninger’s  Heh CONgress – Wake Up! Market-Ticker. His impassioned, well laid out, detailed description of how the spending of $1.2 trillion in bailout funds are not being accurately accounted for by the fed is rather informative and disturbing. The American public, at the hands of Congress, is being asked to fund the bailouts of banks, investment houses, failed government mortgage lenders, and insurance companies to name a few, but the American public is not being told who is getting what and for what purpose. Can you imagine going to a bank and telling them you want $100,000 to bailout your failed and corrupt business, but you won’t tell the bank how you will spend the money and if or when you will pay it back? I’m sure the banker would either have you escorted from the premises or call the nearest psychiatric hospital to see if you had escaped. Yet the taxpayer bails out these failing businesses and they won’t tell you were the money is going and even the fed isn’t willing to tell you where these funds are being sent and for what purpose.   Heh CONgress – Wake Up!  will walk you through this maze of deception.




Microsoft/Google/IBM News & Rumors


Mike: The only news from the group is that they all report earnings this week: IBM reports on Tuesday, and Microsoft and Google report on Thursday

* Microsoft ‘town hall’ meeting will cap week of layoff suspense

By Todd Bishop on January 19, 2009 at 9:43 PST

Microsoft has alerted employees to a “town hall” internal meeting with CEO Steve Ballmer “and other senior leaders” scheduled for Friday morning, following its Thursday afternoon earnings release. For the record, the company says it routinely holds these types of town hall meetings after it reports earnings.

via Microsoft ‘town hall’ meeting will cap week of layoff suspense – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.



General Economic News


  • Wednesday –  ICSC-Goldman Store Sales  and Redbook . Both readings are related to retail sales and are an important guage to consumer spending, which accounts for about 2/3 of the US economy.
  • Thursday –   Housing Starts – Housing starts measure initial construction of residential units (single-family and multi-family) each month. 
  • Thursday –  Jobless Claims  – This is the week’s big job number. With the effect of the holiday shortened weeks behind, this number should better reflect current job losses. The consensus estimate is for job losses of 610,000.

(The economic calendar information is available from Economic Calendar)


* NEW YORK – Officials at state unemployment offices say they’ve never seen anything like it: Layoffs are happening so fast that those seeking unemployment benefits are overloading state computer systems, jamming phone lines, and making it necessary for administrators to hire temporary workers.

In some states, it’s so bad officials suspect that only half the calls are getting through. Frustrated, the unemployed are e-mailing anyone they can find at the state agencies or are just hitting redial on their phones, sometimes hundreds of times. The problem will get worse before it gets better, say some officials.

via Jobless Claims Overwhelm State Offices | Flathead Beacon.


* Unemployment is expected to top 10 percent in 70 areas, from already hard-hit cities like Detroit and Cleveland to places that had until recently been prosperous like the Riverside-San Bernardino area in California. Other big cities like Denver and St. Louis are expected to see unemployment rise above 9 percent.

Ithaca, N.Y.; Fairbanks, Alaska; and St. George, Utah, are among the handful of the nation’s 363 metropolitan areas expected to see employment remain flat or increase slightly.

via Report: New York to lead US cities in job losses – Yahoo! News.


* OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says the U.S. is engaged in an “economic Pearl Harbor.”

In an interview that aired Sunday on “Dateline NBC,” the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said the nation’s economic situation is not as bad at World War II or the Great Depression, but it’s still pretty severe.

via Buffett says US in ‘economic Pearl Harbor’ – Yahoo! Finance.


* Warren Buffett’s Dateline Interview with NBC’s Tom Brokaw: The Complete Transcript

via Warren Buffett’s Dateline Interview with NBC’s Tom Brokaw: The Complete Transcript – Warren Buffett Watch –


* SANFORD — Gary Latham said it feels like Christmas in January as Circuit City pulls the plug on 567 stores, resulting in madhouse sales brought on by the bankruptcy.

“There were terrific deals,” Latham told News 13. “Got a printer, iPod, three-in-one. Couldn’t be beat. Even got little speakers for my laptop.”

“It’s kind of crazy. People are everywhere,” said Santino Lamancusa, also shopping at the Circuit City in Sanford. “Some of the stuff is kind of a deal, other stuff still expensive.”

via Shoppers Flock To Circuit City For Liquidation Deals – Central Florida News 13.


* Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) — The euro-area economy will contract this year for the first time since the currency was introduced a decade ago, the European Commission forecast, cutting its outlook for the region.

The economy of the 16 countries sharing the euro will shrink 1.9 percent in 2009, the Brussels-based commission said today, revising a November estimate for growth of 0.1 percent. The forecast is more pessimistic than the 0.5 percent contraction predicted by the European Central Bank last month.

via Worldwide.


* If a new forecast is on the money, there will be pink slips a plenty in 2009 in some of the nation’s major cities.

According to an IHS Global report, commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Miami area will lose 85 thousand jobs and have an unemployment rate of more than 8 percent by the end of 2009. More than 80 thousand jobs will be cut in Chicago and more than 164 thousand workers are expected to receive pink slips in Los Angeles 2009; in part because of the huge drop in home prices which has put a major hole in California’s economy.

via – 80 Thousand South Floridians To Lose Jobs In 2009 .


Mike: I admire the British because they seem to have a better grasp of economic reality than their American counterparts. You’re not likely to hear this kind of dour, yet truthful description of the US economic picture. As an example, Larry Summers, the new director of the National Economic Council, says that the unemployment rate will stay below 10%, ( – Summers: Obama to keep jobless rate below 10%.) but the true unemployment number, after accounting for the discouraged worker , is already at 12%. Realism does not reside in Washington D.C., but there is a sense of realism in London

* THE number of jobless will soar to 3.4 million as the credit crunch deepens, experts warned yesterday.

Official figures out this week will show the scale of the growing financial crisis, with more than two million now out of work following redundancies across the country. Peter Spencer is quoted “Without additional Government intervention a deep recession could evolve into a depression.”

via Daily Express | UK News :: Jobless toll ‘will soar to 3.4 million’.


– Municipal News –


* MASHPEE — Because of the slumping economy, Albert Todino will not get a pay raise over the next three years — and he is fine with that.

Todino, Mashpee’s deputy police chief, agreed not to seek his annual raise after meeting with town officials during contract negotiations that wrapped up last week, Todino and town officials said.

The 30-year veteran police officer is one of a number of municipal workers on Cape Cod who will forgo pay raises as towns struggle to weather the current economic recession.

via – Municipal employees feel pay pinch.


* NANTUCKET — Faced with a ballooning budget deficit of nearly $4 million, the town administration has proposed laying off 17 municipal employees across all departments.

In addition town employees could be asked to forgo raises, contribute more to their health insurance and be subject to as many as three weeks of mandatory unpaid furloughs under the budget plan presented to the selectmen last week.

via – Nantucket considers laying off 17 workers.


* Clifton Springs, N.Y. — In trying to bridge a $2.1 million shortfall, the Midlakes Board of Education may cut 11 positions for the 2009-10 school year.


US and some Canada News –


* BOISE – Another round of cutbacks is affecting workers at the Boise Micron Technology plant.

At least 90 workers across a number of construction unions got word of the cutback Thursday.

Seventy-four members of Local 296 of the Plumber and Pipefitters union were let go, according to union spokesperson Rod Clay.  The laborers were doing subcontract construction work for Micron through another company.



* Today is the first day of the temporary layoffs at the Potash Corporation. 

940 employees were given temporary layoff notices in December. 

PCS spokesperson Rhonda Speiss says not all of the 940 employees are off work for the full period through March 15th.  

There are more layoffs on the way in the mining industry.  Mosaic issued indefinite layoff notices to 1000 workers effective February 15th in Esterhazy and March 8th in Colonsay.

And Agrium Potash Mine in Vanscoy has issued precautionary notices to 380 staff, that if they go ahead, will happen March 11th.

via Saskatoon – Its All About Your Community. – Potash Layoffs Start Today.


* COPENHAGEN, Jan 19 (Reuters) – Danish engineering group FLSmidth (FLS.CO) on Monday said it would reduce staff levels by 600 employees because the economic slump has meant declining investment levels in both the cement and minerals industries.

The reduction is expected to primarily affect project centres in Valby, Denmark, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

via FLSmidth says to cut 600 staff in Denmark, U.S. | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters .


* Azure Dynamics, a developer of hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, has announced a restructuring and cost reduction plan designed to address the realities of the current economy and marketplace while meeting the demand for energy efficient commercial vehicles.

The Azure plan includes an approximate 25% reduction in its current workforce along with expected reductions in all discretionary expenses and a focus on actions to offset recent component cost increases.

via AZDDF Azure Dynamics announces restructuring plan.


* Leesville, La. -The country’s economic swoon has impacted at least one business in Leesville. Ameri-Tech Building Systems laid off approximately 50 percent of their workforce — equaling approximately 100 employees — by the end of business Friday afternoon.

via Ameri-Tech layoffs impact about 100 – Leesville, LA – Leesville Daily Leader.


* Excela Health has announced the furlough of 70 management and staff positions – the equivalent of 60 full-time jobs – as the region’s health care market shows signs of increasing stress.

The layoffs represent less than 2 percent of the network’s 5,000 employees, according to Excela, which announced the reduction late Friday, and employees have been offered severance based on length of service.

via Excela Health to lay off 70 – Pittsburgh Business Times: .


* State Street Corp. was hit with $800 million in charge-offs during the fourth quarter and warned in a regulatory filing Friday it had another $9.1 billion in unrealized losses tied to soured investment securities and commercial-paper obligations on its books.

The Boston-based financial services giant said nearly half — some $306 million in charge-offs during the quarter — are tied to a restructuring plan that will cut jobs and reduce other operating expenses. The cuts were not detailed in Friday’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the company said it expected to be finished with the downsizing by the end of the first quarter.

via State Street: $9B in potential losses, layoffs to come – Boston Business Journal: .


* ZEELAND — Herman Miller Inc. will lay off 500 hourly employees this week, with most of the layoffs at plants Zeeland, Holland and Spring Lake.

The widespread chill in the office-furniture industry led the company to seek voluntary buyouts, layoffs and cuts to temporary jobs late last year.

The company had sought 600 job cuts in December, but got 1,000 workers willing to leave.

via Herman Miller Inc. ends up cutting 1,000 workers, with 500 hourly employees gone by week’s end – West Michigan Business News –


* Digital radio technology developer iBiquity has had to trim its workforce to conserve resources.

Company President/CEO Robert Struble announced to employees last Thursday there had been “necessary layoffs,” according to a statement in which he said: “We are saddened to see these good people go.”

The company declined to say how many positions were cut, whether they were technical positions or how many total employees it has now at its Columbia, Md., Detroit and New Jersey offices

via iBiquity Cuts Workforce .


* Update: Clear Channel Communications Inc. plans to lay off 7 percent of its workforce on Tuesday in an effort to save $400 million, according to The Wall Street Journal .

The company, which employs 20,000 people across the United States, will layoff 1,500 people, mostly in ad sales, and will also implement other cost-cutting measures, including replacing some locally-produced radio shows with syndicated content, the Journal reports.

via Report: Clear Channel to cut 1,500 jobs – Los Angeles Business from bizjournals: .


* Albertsons has notified the state that it will be closing its store at 2801 S. Orange Ave

The company also plans to close stores in Ocala, where 107 people will be let go; Tallahassee, where 110 employees will be laid off; and West Palm Beach, where 87 employees will lose their jobs, according to state records.

via Albertsons plans local layoffs – Orlando Business Journal: .


* Odawa Casino Resort is laying off employees for the second time in five months.

On Monday, the second-largest employer in the area announced that it would lay off 80 of its employees — 37 of those being voluntary.

via Petoskey News-Review – Breaking News – Update: Odawa Casino Resort lays off 80 of its workers.


* Opus Corp. issued layoff notices to eight employees in its Northern California office that includes Sacramento.

via Opus Corp. lays off eight in Northern California – Sacramento Business Journal: .


* A St. Louis Archdiocese official has confirmed that 25 part-time and full-time employees were laid off late last week.

All the layoffs came within the curia, the agencies and offices of the archdiocese that assist the archbishop in his pastoral and administrative duties. Those departments include the communications, human resources office and finance offices.

via Layoffs at the St. Louis Archdiocese | Civil Religion | STLtoday.


* Update: Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices will shed 1,100 more jobs and cut salaries as it tries to reduce costs in a tough economic environment, the company has said.

The company will lay off 900 at all levels of its product business, and will shed a further 200 positions through attrition and by divesting its handheld business, according to spokeswoman Hollis Krym. The cuts affect 9 percent of AMD’s work force of 12,000, and come on top of hundreds of job cuts the company announced last year.

via Reseller News > AMD to cut 1,100 jobs and slash salaries across company.


* A decline in business due to the dour economic climate prompted Dix & Eaton, the region’s largest public relations firm, to lay off staff last week.

Scott Chaikin, Dix & Eaton CEO, said in a phone interview this afternoon that the company had let go “less than 15” employees, but he declined to disclose the specific number of job cuts. He described most of those cut as administrative personnel and “less than a handful” as direct client services staff.

via Crain’s Cleveland Business: Dix & Eaton reduces staff due to dour economy .


* Dozens of Chicago-area Washington Mutual bank branches are closing. The brand is expected to disappear completely in the region by the end of the summer.

JP Morgan Chase bought WaMu in September, and found itself with more branches than it knew what to do with. Chase and WaMu branches stand cheek-by-jowl in many Chicago-area neighborhoods. Now Chase will shutter 57 WaMu locations by late March Chase spokesman Tom Kelly says the affected branches already have notices in their windows.

via City Room™ – Business – Chicago-Area WaMu Branches to Close .


* Update: General Electric aims to cut up to 11,000 jobs from its GE Capital unit, or 15 per cent of the division’s workforce, as the conglomerate reduces exposure to a stricken financial services industry.

The cutbacks are part of GE Capital’s plan to shed $2bn (€1.5bn, £1.4bn) in costs this year. Other GE divisions – from aviation to healthcare – are also cutting staff as GE seeks $5bn in total savings. The final job cut tally is expected to exceed 20,000, out of GE’s 315,000 people globally, including 75,000 at GE Capital.

via / UK – GE unit to shed up to 11,000 workers.


* TICONDEROGA — Inter-Lakes Health slashed 15 jobs and reduced six others to part time Monday morning as a reaction to a weak economy and rising costs.

The jobs cut were in the clerical and support/maintenance staffs at Moses-Ludington Hospital and Heritage Commons nursing home, owned by Inter-Lakes in Ticonderoga.

via The Press Republican – Article: Inter-Lakes Health cuts 15 jobs.


* John Laing is also deciding whether to halt sales on projects and shut down some of its U.S. offices, the company told Reuters.

Funding issues have reportedly put at least one area project on hold—a 180-unit condominium building in Hollywood called the Madrone.

The number of job cuts made was not disclosed. John Laing had close to 200 employees in Orange County.

via Orange County Business Journal Online.


* BOISE – Micron is cutting back on the use of 74 Boise subcontractors, according to the union representing plumbers and pipefitters.

A spokesperson for Union Local 296 says Micron met with contractors last week to deliver the news. The jobs involved installation and updating manufacturing tools at the Boise plant.

via Subcontractors cut from Micron plant | KBCI CBS 2 – News, Weather and Sports – Boise, ID Boise, Idaho | News .


* The Boston Globe is cutting up to 50 jobs from its newsroom.

In a memo to employees, Globe editor Marty Baron said buyouts would be offered to all newsroom and employees by the end of the month. If too few people take buyouts, Baron said there would be layoffs.

via BUSINESS NEWS: Boston Globe to cut 50 jobs | | Courier-Post.


* RACINE, Wis. – Modine Manufacturing Co. says it will cut about 170 employees and contractors, or about 25 percent of the work force at its Racine headquarters.

Modine’s products include components for heating and cooling systems in the automotive and industrial markets.

via Modine to cut 170 jobs at Racine headquarters —


* NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, owner of automaker Chrysler LLC, may cut nearly 10 percent of its worldwide staff, Financial News said citing people familiar with the situation.

“In today’s challenging economic environment, we, like many other private investment firms, are considering a variety of options,” a Cerberus spokesman told the online publication owned by Dow Jones. “Any action we take will, of course, be consistent with the best interests of our investors.”

via Cerberus may cut 10 percent of workforce: report | Deals | Reuters .


* Struggling Trans World Entertainment Corp. has laid off 25 people at its Albany headquarters, a company official said today.

via Trans World cuts 25 jobs in Albany — Page 1 — Times Union – Albany NY.


* MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Murfreesboro workers employed by an international boat company learned Monday they will need to look for a new job.

Genmar Stratos said they are laying off a portion of their 500 employees at the Murfreesboro facility.

via Murfreesboro Plant Lays Off 100 Workers – Nashville News Story – WSMV Nashville.


* OKLAHOMA CITY — A major Oklahoma employer is cutting its work force, company officials announced Monday.

Integris Health said the job cuts would come among support personnel and managers, not doctors and nurses.

via Major Okla. Employer Announces Layoffs – Oklahoma City News Story – KOCO Oklahoma City.


* The recession continues to take a heavy toll on the Kohler Co., where company officials confirmed Monday that 188 employees were laid off in the fourth round of job cuts to hit the company since October.

The affected workers, who are part of the company’s global power group and corporate operations, were let go Friday, according to company spokeswoman Kristine Cristina. They include 112 production employees and 76 administrative workers.

via Kohler lays off 188 | | Sheboygan Press.


* Bose Corp., the audio giant known for its Wave radio, is slashing 1,000 jobs, the company announced today.

The Framingham-based company said the layoffs amount to about 10 percent of its total work force. The cuts will be made from “select areas, including manufacturing.”

via Audio giant Bose to cut 1,000 jobs –



International News


* Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) — UBS AG will announce job cuts on Feb. 10 and the bank plans to reduce staff worldwide by 5,000 by the end of the year, Zurich-based Sonntag newspaper said, citing its own research.

“On Feb. 10 we’ll announce fourth-quarter results and, as always, update,” on human resources, UBS spokesman Serge Steiner said in a telephone interview today. “We cannot confirm what the Sonntag wrote.”

via Europe.


* Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) –Stora Enso Oyj, the world’s second- largest papermaker, fell to the lowest level in 12 years after saying “significant” cuts will continue in the first half and announcing layoffs that may affect more than 5,000 workers.


* HELSINKI, Jan 19 (Reuters) – Engineer Metso Oyj (MEO1V.HE) said on Monday it would cut up to 1,400 jobs in its Finnish operations, with most job cuts planned at its forestry unit, which makes gear for the struggling paper makers.

via Worldwide.


* Up to 40 jobs will be cut at a central Queensland coal mine in the latest case of downsizing in the industry.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) says contracting company Thiess will cut up to 40 jobs from the Burton Downs mine, west of Mackay.

via Up to 40 job losses expected at Qld mine | General | National News |


* TAIPEI, Taiwan — Wintek Corp., the world’s second- biggest maker of flat panels for mobile phones, said it eliminated about 8 percent of its workforce and halted production at a factory in Taiwan after a decline in orders.

via Wintek cuts 8% of workforce, halts flat-panel factory in Taiwan – The China Post.


* The financial firm GE Money has announced plans to shed a further 100 jobs in Dublin and Shannon.

via GE Money to cut 100 jobs in Dublin and Shannon – Business, Ireland –


* Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) — BASF SE, the world’s largest chemical company, reduced production at plants and said it may cut additional jobs after demand deteriorated “significantly.”

More than 1,800 workers face shorter days as factories are operating at less than 75 percent capacity, on average, the Ludwigshafen-based company said in a statement today. The shares slid 79 cents, or 3.3 percent, to 22.97 euros in Frankfurt trading as of 1:11 p.m. local time.

via Germany.


* Finnish media house Sanoma said in a statement Monday it would cut up to 200 jobs in its newspaper division.

via NewsRoom Finland.


* London, Jan 19 – Administrators of a Findus frozen food factory in the UK said on Friday they had cut 359 jobs.

Administrator Zolfo Cooper said it had made all but 28 of the staff at the plant in north east England redundant after the factory was closed following a fire.

via Administrators of UK Findus Food Factory Cut 359 Jobs – Food Industry News .


Hiring News


* The tri-state area is poised to get some major relief from the effects of the national recession in one of the biggest economic development deals in Dubuque history.

IBM is coming.

International Business Machines Corp., a global force in the technological world, wants to locate in downtown’s Dubuque Building and bring 1,300 jobs with an average wage of $45,000 per year to the area in a matter of months.

via TH – Local News Article.


* The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District could help create more than 2,500 jobs this year in the local construction industry if the district receives a requested $180.4 million slice of the proposed federal $825 billion economic recovery spending plan, a district official said.

via MMSD envisions 2,500 new jobs – JSOnline.


Mike: This day was much quieter than most days the past two weeks, but there were still some substantail layoff announcements. Tomorrow the action should pick up as companies release earnings and layoff announcements if earnings aren’t what’s expected. Till tomorrow, I’ll leave you with a little humor…………


Jeff Stahler - Jan 18




January 16, 17, 18 – Hatteras Yachts sinks 330 – Saks sacks 1100 – Honda dumps 3100 temps – PolyOne done for 370 – MasterBrand cuts 415 – WellPoint exits 1500 – Blue Cross rejects 1000 in MI – Circuit City to bag 30,000 – AMD deletes 1100 – Hertz drives out 4000 – GE Capital minus 7500 to 11,000 – Sweetbay sours 700 – Clear Channel goes dark for 1500

Mike: There was little action on the layoff front this weekend, thankfully, but the job related announcements will begin again in ernest on Monday. It”s Sunday, so time for some football and relaxation. Back on Monday…………..
Friday, January 16 news:
Mike: Hopefully today’s layoff news is less active that this past midweek’s news. The economic calendar contains a few tid bits of employment news, but no straight-up numbers. The  Industrial Production number will show how the nation’s factories are performing. A poor number indicates slowing output and as a result, slowing of hiring. The below graph shows the latest trends:
Index of Industrial Production

Index of Industrial Production


Update: WASHINGTON (AP) — A record plunge in gasoline prices pushed overall consumer prices down for the third straight month in December, closing out a year in which the change in inflation was the smallest in more than a half-century.



Microsoft/Google/IBM and other News & Rumors


* ADOTAS — Microsoft could be the next in line for layoffs.

Google, Motorola and Nortel all announced some type of restructuring this week in the face of the downturn, whether it be layoffs, other cost cutting measures or bankruptcy. But Microsoft is the one everyone is still waiting on, though others just want to be “giddy like school girls.”

via Microsoft considering ’significant’ layoffs » Adotas.


* Analyst: Microsoft likely to cut 6-8 percent of staff

In a report issued this morning, analyst Sid Parakh of Seattle’s McAdams Wright Ragen forecasts that Microsoft is likely to cut between 6 percent and 8 percent of its work force.

via Analyst: Microsoft likely to cut 6-8 percent of staff.


* We’ve been following Internet rumors that Microsoft (MSFT) would cut employees on January 15, a frenzy of speculation kicked off by a December report on the Mini-Microsoft blog. We were braced for impact, but yesterday no job cuts were announced.

via Jan 15 Comes And Goes For Microsoft With No Layoffs (MSFT).


* SEATTLE — Blogs have been abuzz since the Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported Microsoft is exploring “significant workforce reductions.”

Microsoft isn’t talking, but analysts are.

Analyst Rob Helm’s full-time job is to analyze Microsoft. He said the downturned economy and a flat PC Market are to blame for the rumor.

“In the end it’s going to be fewer jobs at one of the world’s greatest companies and it’s going to be really tough on everyone in our area,” he said.

via Report: Microsoft exploring ‘significant’ cuts | KOMO News – Seattle, Washington | Technology .


Vodpod videos no longer available.


* Utility workers are gearing up for a fight over coming consolidation efforts following last summer’s takeover of Keyspan by National Grid.

The head of the Utility Workers of America Local 369 is warning that National Grid is planning to eliminate scores of operation centers around the region, leading to possibly hundreds of job losses.

via Union head says National Grid to cut jobs –


General Economic News


* His tool-and-die job at the General Motors stamping plant on 36th Street SW will disappear soon, along with nearly 1,500 others.

Dozens of other men and women sat at a long table at the downtown headquarters of The Rapid, the area’s bus system, filling out applications for 10 part-time jobs.

The lucky ones will be chosen from more than 400 applicants.

“It just seems like nobody’s hiring,” said Scott Shipaila, 42, of Hudsonville, a former auto parts store manager. “You do the applications and the follow-up calls, and you never hear anything.”

via More than 400 apply for 10 part-time jobs at Rapid job fair in Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – .


The following links show the expected reults for each indicator:

Updat: Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — U.S. industrial production fell twice as much as forecast in December as companies pulled back to try to weather the global economic slowdown. Auto output fell to the lowest in more than a quarter century.

Output at factories, mines and utilities dropped 2 percent, after a revised decline of 1.3 percent in November that was more than double the previously reported decrease, the Federal Reserve said today in Washington. Plant use matched the lowest level since 1983.

via Economy.

Update: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Consumer confidence rose slightly in January but remained at comparatively depressed levels, with expectations of a deep and long recession persisting, a survey showed on Friday.

The Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers said its preliminary index reading of confidence for January rose to 61.9 from December’s 60.1.

via Consumer sentiment improves a little in January | Reuters .

Update: WASHINGTON (AP) — A record plunge in gasoline prices pushed overall consumer prices down for the third straight month in December, closing out a year in which the change in inflation was the smallest in more than a half-century.

via Gasoline price plunge pushes consumer prices down – Yahoo! Finance.


* As if the constant barrage of troubling macroeconomic news was not enough to tip you off, now something truly appalling has come to our attention. No, it isn’t the new unemployment statistics, credit spreads, the latest report on retail sales, declining home prices, or even producer prices, but the newest sign of economic weakness comes from the reports out of the world’s second largest brewer SABMiller plc (SBMRY.PK). The maker of some of the best selling adult beverages reported that shipments have fallen in the third quarter with demand dropping most in the U.S. and European markets.


* LA Area Port Traffic Collapses in December

by CalculatedRisk on 1/15/2009 09:05:00 PM

Both imports and exports declined sharply in November, but just wait until we see the December trade numbers. Based on LA area port traffic numbers released today, trade volumes collapsed in December.

via Calculated Risk: LA Area Port Traffic Collapses in December.


* Longtime local eateries like Ponderosa, 1490 E. Apple, and Ruby Tuesday, 1710 E. Sherman, are out of business. And some other restaurants and specialty shops, hanging on to see if a brisk holiday season could put them in the black, are following suit.

But it’s not as bad as some might think.

Rumors have been circulating that many other well-known Muskegon businesses have closed or are on the verge of closing, prompting local chamber of commerce officials to surmise that the negative psychology of Wall Street has hit Main Street — at least in Muskegon.

via Muskegon restaurants, retail shops buckle under economy – Muskegon News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – .


* Besieged by laid-off workers looking for help, Florida’s unemployment system is drawing fire from clients who say the state agency running it can’t handle the demand.

People seeking aid from the Agency for Workforce Innovation say the office’s phone lines are constantly busy or go unanswered and that clients are often disconnected once they get through. They say the state’s Web site — the preferred method for filing a claim — can be so sluggish that it becomes virtually useless.

Even those who do get registered aren’t guaranteed success, which means a longer wait for that first check.

via Number of jobless bog down unemployment system —


* Three weeks ago, Patricia Smith’s unemployment check didn’t come in the mail.

So, the Lansing woman tried to contact state officials to check on her money. She dialed and dialed – sometimes dozens of times a day – but could never reach an employee at the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency.

“I would constantly redial. One day, I hit redial for four hours. That’s no joke,” said Smith, 53, who lost her job as an administrative assistant and customer service representative last fall.

via Unemployment overload: Calls inundate system | | Lansing State Journal.


* For the last couple months, Shawn O’Donahue and a group of architects casually bounced around the idea of working together.

They had the experience and the synergy, but were gainfully employed with other firms. When the economy turned south, that quickly brought into focus what their next move should be: start their own firm.

via Article Details – Daily Journal of Commerce..



 Strange Brew - Jan 16

Strange Brew - Jan 16



Municipal News


* When he submits his budget next week, O’Malley will ask the legislature to approve between 500 and 1,000 layoffs, aides said, in an executive branch work force of more than 70,000.

via Governor plans to lay off hundreds of state workers —


* MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — The Berkeley County Commission is eliminating four jobs and leaving four other positions vacant as it tries to avoid a projected $1.5 million budget deficit.

via W.Va. county cuts 4 jobs to avoid deficit – The Herald Dispatch.


* SUNDERLAND, Vt. — The Orvis Co. is laying off 38 people at its Sunderland headquarters and its Manchester fishing rod manufacturing plant.

And Plasan Carbon Composites of Bennington is planning to lay off 92 employees.

via Orvis Announces Layoffs In Vermont – News Story – WPTZ Plattsburgh.


* The state now has fewer people to monitor sex offenders, drug dealers and other felons walking the streets on probation. The Department of Corrections is laying off 66 probation officers to save money. The lay offs are raising concerns about public safety.

via Probation Office Cuts .


* CHULA VISTA — Sweetwater Union High School District employees have been offered a retirement-incentive plan as officials try to eliminate a potential $18 million deficit.

Superintendent Jesus M. Gandara sent a memo outlining the package to the district’s 6,000 employees yesterday. They would be expected to retire between June 13 and July 26.

Despite the offer, which could be withdrawn if too few workers sign up, layoffs still may loom.

via Early-retirement deal offered to 6,000 school workers.


* KANSAS CITY (AP) – A proposed Kansas City budget would eliminate up to 400 city jobs, increase taxes and cut funding in almost all departments.

Mayor Mark Funkhouser released the budget yesterday.

via Proposed KC budget will cut 400 city jobs


* LANCASTER — Twelve city positions will be cut from the 2009 budget. The cuts include five firefighters, five unfilled police department positions and two other unfilled city jobs.



US and some Canada News –


* Parker Hannifin Corp. has laid off about 40 people from its Mayfield Heights headquarters, the company confirmed this afternoon.

via Crain’s Cleveland Business: Parker Hannifin lays off 40 at headquarters .


*  Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Saks Inc., the U.S. luxury clothing chain, said it will cut about 1,100 corporate and store positions, 9 percent of its total workforce, because of the deteriorating economy.

The company also said it eliminated merit-based wage increases this year for all employees and suspended its matching contribution to the 401(k) retirement-savings plan.

via Worldwide.


* Auburn Hills-based auto supplier Continental Automotive Systems plans to cut about 10 percent of its North American workforce over the next few months.

About 24 jobs will be cut locally, mostly at manufacturing sites, as the company eliminates positions related to the restructuring of its powertrain components division that followed its merger with Siemens VDO last year.

via Continental Automotive to cut 10% of North American workforce – Detroit Business News and Information – Crain’s Detroit Business .


* Hatteras Yachts laid off more than half the workforce at its New Bern plant on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of a companywide restructuring plan to stay afloat.

The company cut 330 workers, said Bill Naumann, Hatteras Yachts chairman, and is redesigning its business model “to make us more nimble.”  The cuts included employees in management and in production jobs.

via Hatteras Yachts cuts 330 workers | hatteras, yachts, workers – Local – Sun Journal.


* About 73 employees at Waynesboro’s Mohawk Industries will be laid off, Councilwoman Lorie Smith confirmed Thursday.

In addition to the layoffs, the carpet backing manufacturer will leave idle two of the plant’s machines, Smith said. Although Smith said she is not surprised by the announcement, she said the city needs to help those that no longer have a job.

via 73 Mohawk Industries employees to lose their jobs | | The News Leader.


* According to several major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, Smurfit Stone plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in the coming weeks.

The company operates a paper mill in Florence County.

via Local paper mill may file for bankruptcy : News : WPDE .


* Los Angeles-based is not immune to the stormy economy, and told socalTECH Thursday that is cutting 18 percent of the firm’s workforce, or a total of 38 people, including some managers.

via Oversee Cuts 18 Percent |


* Intimate apparel maker Maidenform Brands Inc. said Thursday that it plans to cut 24 jobs – representing 9 percent of its corporate staff – and lowered its 2008 earnings estimate, as weak consumer spending continues to batter retailers.

via Maidenform Brands lowers estimate, to cut 24 jobs –


* Charming Shoppes Inc (CHRS.O), a retailer of women’s plus-size apparel, said it will slash about 225 jobs as part of its cost-cutting efforts.

via UPDATE 1-Charming Shoppes to cut jobs; take Q4 charge | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters .


* Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound producer PolyOne will cut about 370 jobs and close at least one plant in a cost-savings move amid a prolonged demand slump, the US company said on Thursday.

The Cleveland-based company said it will close its Niagara facility in Ontario, Canada, cut back other production, eliminate 370 positions and reduce the work schedules of another 100-300 employees “as a result of recent unprecedented declines in demand due to the deteriorating global economic climate”.

via PolyOne to cut 370 jobs, close plant in Canada.


* Construction delays and design flaws at Oswego County’s $200 million ethanol plant set the project about a year behind schedule and led the owners to file for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, company officials said.

via Northeast Biofuels, in Volney, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy –


* ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. — An Adams County cabinet plant will close in March 2009, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc. announced Thursday.

The plant employs about 415 workers.

via Adams County Cabinet Plant Closing – Money News Story – WGAL The Susquehanna Valley.


* The bad news in the newspaper business continued to mount on Thursday as The Star Tribune of Minneapolis filed for bankruptcy protection.

Star Tribune management warned last month that it would seek bankruptcy protection if it did not win a series of labor concessions on wages and other matters by Friday. Talks with the major unions broke down last week and had not resumed.

via Bankruptcy Protection Filing at Minneapolis Star Tribune –


* NEW YORK In a note today to members of the Boston Newspaper Guild — responding to the Boston Globe’s announcement that it seeks to eliminate 50 positions through buyouts or layoffs — its president, Dan Totten, asserts that any further cuts at the Boston Globe should be suffered by management, not editorial staffers.

via ‘Globe’ Union: Management Can Go Cut Themselves .


* PORTLAND– A Tigard, Ore.-based charity that sends doctors and medical supplies to areas throughout the world has laid off nine people.

Medical Teams International spokeswoman Marlene Minor says the nine people, which represent 10 percent of the organization’s staff, were part of a small administrative core.

via Medical Teams Intl. announces layoffs.


* Mercy Health Partners on Thursday said that as many as 90 employee layoffs could occur by the end of March, a move it said was prompted by economic conditions.

That number includes 31 Licensed Practical Nurses the hospital earlier announced would be laid off at all three of its Muskegon hospitals.

via 90 layoffs expected by March at Muskegon’s Mercy Health Partners – Muskegon News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – .


* COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department has laid off 17 workers and ordered other employees to take three days off without pay because of budget cuts.

via | S.C. parks, tourism agency lays off 17 workers.


* FORT PIERCE — Vernon D. Smith, who founded Riverside National Bank 27 years ago, has retired from the independent financial institute, just as the bank with a heart on its logo cut 35 positions.


* BUCYRUS — Timken laid off 40 full-time employees Monday. More cuts are planned.

“We have notified our associates that 20 more full-time employees will be laid off at the end of this month,” said Lorrie Crum, spokesperson at Timken’s Canton office. “The layoffs are open-ended.”

via Dozens lose jobs in Bucyrus | | Mansfield News Journal.


* O’Reilly Media laid off 30 employees on Thursday in a restructuring effort intended to help the influential Sebastopol tech publisher weather the economic downturn.

via Sebastopol’s O’Reilly cuts 30 jobs | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA.


* ONEONTA _ Hartwick College cut 14 administrative and support staff jobs Thursday, citing projected budget losses in endowment earnings and gifts, among other economic stresses.

via The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY – The Newspaper for the Heartland of New York – Oneonta News, Oneonta Sports – ’Wick cuts 14 staff.


* Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) has cut 31 support staff after a redundancy consultation lasting two months.

The consultation began on 14 November and involved 175 employees of the firm.

via Field Fisher cuts 31 jobs as consultation ends – 16 January 2009.


* Seattle Layoff Update: Cardiac, Medio, Varolii, Vulcan, and WatchGuard Slash Jobs

Gregory T. Huang 1/16/09

Unfortunately, this is fast becoming a weekly roundup of job losses. About the only bright side is that Microsoft hasn’t announced any layoffs—yet. But the following Seattle-area companies have all confirmed significant staff cuts this week (see the updated Xconomy Seattle layoff litany here):

via Seattle Layoff Update: Cardiac, Medio, Varolii, Vulcan, and WatchGuard Slash Jobs | Xconomy.


* OCALA – Fire truck manufacturer E-One had another round of layoffs on Thursday, but the exact number of those left out of work remained unclear.

via E-One lays off more workers | | Star-Banner | Ocala, FL.


* WINSTON-SALEM (AP) — A North Carolina bank says it will eliminate jobs this year because of an executive mandate for lean operations.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported today that BB&T said it didn’t know how many positions would be eliminated. Spokesman Bob Denham said the reductions would be primarily through attrition and retirement.

via BB&T to cut jobs this year : : Greensboro, North Carolina.


* For some county and city residents, the New Year began with the worst possible news.  GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, located in Albemarle County, has laid off approximately 50 employees.

via C-Ville: This Just In.


* In the face of an ongoing slump in law firm revenues, Center City’s Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll said today that it had laid off secretaries and other administrative staff.

via Ballard Spahr has support staff layoffs | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/16/2009.


* WellPoint Inc., the parent of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, said it will eliminate 1,500 jobs throughout its operations in order to reduce its administrative costs.

via WellPoint plans to cut 1,500 jobs – Business Courier of Cincinnati: .


* NEW YORK (Reuters) – WellPoint Inc (WLP.N) said on Friday that it would eliminate about 1,500 positions, or about 3.5 percent of its workforce, to reduce administrative costs, becoming the latest U.S. health insurer to cut jobs in the face of the weakening economy.


* Brenner Tank in Fond du Lac underwent layoffs Thursday.

Human Resources Manager Dawn Marie Polakoski confirmed the layoffs occurred, though how many workers were let go is not being released.

via Brenner Tank announces layoff, number impacted not released | | Fond du Lac Reporter.


* Japan’s S.E.S. Co. Ltd. has filed for bankruptcy protection under a rehabilitation law with 14.27 billion yen ($158.4 million) in liabilities.

The company made some headlines in recent times. Last year, S.E.S. reportedly shipped the world’s first 450-mm tool–a next-generation wafer cleaning system, according to sources. The first 450-mm tool, which is said to be a R&D prototype, was reportedly going to South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., according to sources.

via – Fab-tool maker S.E.S. files bankruptcy .


* The Winterthur Museum near Greenville has laid off 14 full-time employees and has decided to eliminate 15 jobs that were already vacant.

via – Jobs Eliminated At Delaware Museum .


* The Sheridan Press, 450 Fame Ave., Hanover, will lay off about 35 composition and editorial employees effective Jan. 31.

via Sheridan to lay off 35 people – The York Daily Record.


* Sears Holdings Corp. is laying off 19 employees at the Sears Logistics Services Inc. shipping and warehouse operation in the Hanover Industrial Estates.

via SHLD Nineteen at Sears plant laid off.


* San Diego’s Cymer said yesterday it will lay off 100 workers, cut salaries for remaining employees and eliminate the company’s contribution to retirement accounts in the wake of steep declines in orders for semiconductor equipment.

via Layoffs, pay cuts ordered at Cymer.


* BENNINGTON — Plasan Carbon Composites is planning a series of “staged layoffs” that will affect 92 employees at their Shield Drive plant while Orvis Co. laid off 26 people from its home office in Sunderland on Thursday and 12 people from its fishing rod manufacturing plant in Manchester.

via Layoffs come to Plasan, Orvis: Rutland Herald Online.


* Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plans to cut up to 1,000 jobs and make other budget cuts this year in another blow to the state’s economy.


* After recently saying it could return a second production shift to its San Antonio plant by April, Toyota overnight said it will continue running a single shift until demand for its Tundra full-sized pickup improves.

via San Antonio News, Weather, Sports : | Express-News.


* Varian Inc. plans to cut 240 regular employees and 80 temporary positions, and close some facilities.

The company did not give details of the cuts and facilities to be closed.

via Varian to cut 320 jobs – San Francisco Business Times: .


* SEATTLE, WA (2009-01-16) The Governor and lawmakers face a six billion dollar (and growing) shortfall in the next two year budget cycle. But some cuts are already being made to keep the current budget in the black. As a result, Washington State is about to lose nearly half of its taxpayer-funded drug treatment beds.

via kplu NewsRoom.


* Circuit City Stores Inc., the nation’s second-biggest consumer electronics retailer, said Friday it had run out of options and will be forced to liquidate its 567 U.S. stores. The closures could send another 30,000 people into the ranks of the unemployed.


* FOUNTAIN — McCormick Sawmill laid off 13 people in the last three weeks or so, but these layoffs can’t be attributed entirely to the faltering U.S. economy.

Certainly, the timber industry is hurting, but what hurts more in Fountain is that the town’s largest employer lost $318,000 in an embezzlement case that sent Alice Clark to jail for 15 months.

via Ludington Daily News – News.


* Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort today (Friday, January 16) reduced its workforce by 8.6 percent. The reduction impacted both salary and hourly employees.

via –


* The downturn in the U.S. publishing industry is spilling over into the retail sector. After dismal holiday sales, which dipped by 5.2% in the nine-week run-up to Christmas, the beleaguered U.S. retailer Barnes & Noble has laid off 100 employees at its corporate headquarters in New York – a 4% reduction in staff. According to The New York Times, CEO Stephen Riggio said in a statement that this “was the first time in the company’s history that it had cut jobs.”

via – Barnes & Noble announces layoffs


* One of Chippewa Falls’ largest employers, TTM Technologies, is cutting about 14 percent of its workforce nationally, citing weak demand for printed circuit boards.

Most of the company’s layoffs, 374 full-time and 55 temporary employees, will come from the closure of TTM’s Redmond, Wash., plant.



* SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Advanced Micro Devices Inc. plans to cut 1,100 jobs, 9 percent of its global staff, as the slumping chip maker retrenches during a slowdown in sales of personal computers.

via The Associated Press: AMD to cut 1,100 workers, 9 pct of staff.


* Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Pfizer Inc., the world’s biggest drugmaker, may fire almost a third of its U.S. sales force, or as many as 2,400 workers, in a plan under consideration by senior management, people familiar with the discussions said.

Pfizer, based in New York, is trimming its U.S. sales operation to save money as top-selling products lose patent protection. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Kindler may detail cost-cutting plans at an investor presentation Jan. 28, said Barbara Ryan, a Deutsche Bank analyst in Greenwich, Connecticut, in an interview last month.

via Worldwide.


* The Milipitas, Calif.-based company, which once called Ottawa home to one of two corporate headquarters and employed 11,000 local people at its peak, said it had cut approximately 20 jobs from its Ottawa facility.

JDSU’s local plant currently has about 400 employees working and both research and development and customer service, said spokespers

via Ottawa Business Journal.


* Harry & David, one of the icons of Oregon businesses, is feeling the pinch of the economy — just like the rest of us.

As reported this morning in the Medford Mail Tribune, the southern oregon “gourmet food and gift retailer” has laid off about 10 percent of its workforce of 1,100 nationwide.

via Harry & David lays off 10 percent of workforce – Northwest Headlines – The Oregonian –


* Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — Hertz Global Holdings Inc., the second-largest U.S. rental-car company, will cut more than 4,000 jobs to reduce costs as businesses and consumers slow travel because of the North American recessions.

via Worldwide.


* Hertz Global Holdings Inc said on Friday that it would cut more than 4,000 jobs in a worldwide restructuring through the first quarter due to falling demand, and the car rental company’s shares fell nearly 9 percent.

via Hertz to cut more than 4,000 jobs | U.S. | Reuters .


* John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital laid off three non-union employees Thursday and has plans to further reduce its workforce by 36 union employees.

via JFK Memorial Hospital reducing work force | | The Desert Sun.


* Six months after purchasing Seco Manufacturing in Redding, Trimble Navigation is downsizing in response to diminishing global demand for its products.

The Sunnyvale-based company announced this week a 10 percent reduction to its work force, which will leave Trimble with about 3,700 employees, company spokeswoman LeaAnn McNabb said Thursday.

via Redding’s Seco Manufacturing cuts work force : News : Redding Record Searchlight.


* The scientific instruments maker Varian is bringing out the budget axe with plans to chop 320 full-time and temp workers and shutter some of its facilities. Varian is also freezing salaries and implementing restrictions on new hires and spending. The company made the moves as it announced preliminary first quarter earnings of 50 to 54 cents, well below the Street’s expectations of 63 cents a share.

via Varian slashes 320 jobs, shutters facilities – FierceBiotech.


* PEMBERVILLE — Pemberville’s Modine Manufacturing Co. has confirmed it is closing its Wood County plant and permanently laying off 65 workers.

via — Modine sets closing plan for Pemberville factory.


* PolyOne, a polymer production company and one of the industrial anchors of Niagara Falls, Ont., will be closing its doors later this spring.

Workers at the Chippawa Creek Road plant were told of the pending closure late Thursday, Niagara Falls officials said. The company employs 50 people.

via N.F., Ont. plant closing claims 50 jobs – Business First of Buffalo:


* SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. — Despite new jobs and businesses in the Upstate, another plant is closing down due to the economic crisis.


The 75 employees of the plant are being offered opportunities at the company’s other plants.

via Spartanburg Plant To Close – Greenville News Story – WYFF Greenville.


* NEW YORK (Reuters) – General Electric Co (NYSE:GE – News)’s GE Capital unit will cut between 7,000 and 11,000 jobs, the CNBC television channel reported on Friday, citing sources.

GE had said it would reduce costs at GE Capital by about $2 billion this year, according to the report.

via GE Capital to cut up to 11,000 jobs: report – Yahoo! Finance.


* Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — General Electric Co.’s finance arm may cut 7,500 to 11,000 jobs, or at least 10 percent of its workforce, because of the global financial slump, people familiar with the company’s plans said.

The reductions are part of GE Capital’s announced plan to reduce expenses by $2 billion this year, said the people, who didn’t want to be identified because the numbers aren’t public. The savings goal also includes expenses such as office closings.

via Worldwide.


* The ax has fallen at Federated Media Publishing, the online advertising company founded by former journalist John Battelle. Seven of the company’s 90 employees were laid off Friday.

via Federated Media announces layoffs, shift away from display ads | Webware – CNET.


* The radio and billboard company with the largest presence in Tampa could scale back operations and lay off employees, according to a report Friday that Clear Channel Communications Inc. is looking to shed about $400 million in costs.

Layoffs could happen Jan. 20, the New York Post reported, and take place in Clear Channel’s radio, outdoor advertising and international divisions.

via Report: Layoffs looming at Clear Channel – Tampa Bay Business Journal: .


* NEW YORK (Reuters) – Clear Channel Communications Inc, which operates radio stations and outdoor advertising space, plans to lay off about 7 percent of its U.S. staff, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The newspaper, citing a person familiar with the situation, said the move will affect about 1,500 employees — mostly in ad sales — of the 20,000 work force in the United States.

via Radio, ad company Clear Channel cutting 1500 jobs: report | Entertainment | Industry | Reuters .


* ORLANDO, Fla. — One of America’s largest time-share companies has eliminated another 1,000 jobs during the past month.

Orlando-based Westgate Resorts once employed about 11,000 people. President David Siegel said it was down to about 7,000. The cuts were nationwide and some jobs were eliminated through attrition.

via Fort Mill Times | – Time-share company has more layoffs due to economy – Fort Mill, SC.


* The RAB, citing the economic slowdown, has cut 10% of its staff, or five jobs. The news was preceded by a fake e-mail purportedly from RAB President-CEO Jeff Haley that contained an inaccurate list of executives who were being laid off and false information about their salaries.

via RAB sets layoffs, CEO victim of e-mail hoax – Related Stories – NAB SmartBrief.


* ALBUQUERQUE (AP) – Advent Solar in Albuquerque has announced 55 layoffs. The company laid off nearly half its work force last spring — 68 people.

Monday, it said the additional 55 layoffs resulted from a tight credit market that makes it impossible for the company to raise the money it needed to move from development to manufacturing.

via – Advent announces more NM layoffs.


* Lord Corp., a homegrown Erie company located now in Cary, N.C., announced Friday that 11 of its employees in northwestern Pennsylvania will be laid off.

Those layoffs are part of a larger job-cutting move that will eliminate about 3 percent of the company’s 2,600 worldwide work force.

via Lord announces layoffs at Erie, Crawford plants.


* Rio Tinto, parent company of Kennecott Utah Copper, one of the largest copper producers in the nation, is cutting its Utah work force by 241 workers.

The company said Friday it will lay off 66 employees and 175 contractors at several divisions including Kennecott Utah Copper, Kennecott Land, Kennecott Exploration and the Rio Tinto service functions.

via Rio Tinto to slash Utah workforce by 241 – Daily Herald / Utah Valley Local News.


* Making what its president called “a tough decision” to cut staff in hopes of avoiding deficits or programming cuts, the Orange County Performing Arts Center announced Friday that it has eliminated seven full-time and three part-time jobs, while mandating cost reductions across all departments. The lost jobs represent a 6% reduction in the full-time workforce of about 100.

via OC Performing Arts Center lays off 10 | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times.


* Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome said Friday it has laid off an undisclosed number of lawyers and support staff as it adjusts to the economy and less demand for its services.

via Blank Rome lays off lawyers, support staff – Philadelphia Business Journal: .


* REEDSBURG — Grede Foundries announced Wednesday that it is laying off approximately 140 employees at its Reedsburg plant, which is nearly 25 percent of its workforce.

via : Reedsburg Times Press.


* National bank Wells Fargo & Co. said Thursday it will not retain 175 employees from Wachovia who do not fit Well Fargo’s employment eligibility requirements.


* Carrollton Specialty Products will be closing its Moberly plant this summer, leaving about 200 people without a job.

The company provides specialty packaging and hand assembly for greeting-card companies, and its biggest customer, Hallmark Cards Inc. of Kansas City, alerted the company last week that it would be drastically reducing its orders for this year, Carrollton Specialty Products CEO Erin Boster said.

via Moberly plant closure will leave 200 jobless .


* A Columbus manufacturing plant will close in March due to “the current and foreseeable economic conditions in the auto sector.”

TWB Co., a manufacturer of laser-welded steel sheets for General Motors, Ford, Subaru and BMW, among others, will idle its Indiana manufacturing plant and move operations to its plan in Monroe, Mich., according to a press release from the compan

via Columbus welding company closing; 41 jobs to be lost.


* In what is becoming a familiar story, professional building supply company 84 Lumber has gone through another round of store-closings and eliminated about 185 jobs between those sites and its headquarters in Washington County.

via 84 Lumber closes more stores, cuts jobs.


* In the latest instalment of corporate downsizing, Penn West Energy Trust confirmed Friday it has cut a number of senior management positions to bring costs in line.

via Oilpatch layoffs: Penn West cuts senior management slots .


* PEKIN — After cutbacks this fall, an additional 14 employees of MGP Ingredients Inc. in Pekin were subject to temporary layoffs on Tuesday, according to Vice President of Corporate Relations Steve Pickman.

via Pekin Times – News.


* Boise Inc. spokeswoman Karen Punch on Friday said additional job cuts are planned for the St. Helens mill.

“We have identified some additional job eliminations beyond what we have announced in November, and we’re in the process of communicating those to employees this week,” Punch said.

via Boise plans more job cuts .


* The oil company ConocoPhillips, citing a steep decline in oil and gas prices, said it would cut 4 percent of its work force, or about 1,300 jobs, and said it expected big write-downs on some of its exploration and production assets.


January 17 News


* Albertsons has notified the state that it will be closing its store at 1901 Military Trail, in West Palm Beach, and laying off 87 employees.

The company also plans to close stores in Ocala, where 107 people will be let go; Tallahassee, where 110 employees will be laid off; and Orlando, where 77 employees will lose their jobs, according to state records.

via Albertsons plans local layoffs – South Florida Business Journal: .


* CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Heinz Quality Chef in Cedar Rapids plans to layoff 35 employees at its facility in southwest Cedar Rapids.

Company officials with the Pittsburgh-based company cited the poor economy for the move, which was announced on Friday.

via Heinz Quality Chef laying off 35 in Cedar Rapids —


* Brenner Tank in Fond du Lac is citing the sluggish economy for a Thursday layoff of an undisclosed number of employees.

Brenner Tank has had to adjust its operations due to the country’s financial woes.

via UPDATE: Brenner Tank, citing sluggish economy, confirms layoff | | Fond du Lac Reporter.


* Job cuts appear likely at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin, although the number probably will be small.

Wellpoint Inc., the Indianapolis-based health insurer that owns runs Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans here and in 13 other states, said Friday it will cut 600 employees and eliminate another 900 unfilled positions across 25 states. The company wouldn’t name any of the targeted states, but spokeswoman Kristin Binns said the cuts would occur in most places where Wellpoint has major operations.

via Job cuts likely at Anthem Blue Cross – JSOnline


* Sweetbay closing seven stores, opening three

Tampa-based Sweetbay Supermarket will close seven underperforming grocery stores, including three in Hillsborough County, said the company’s Belgian parent, Delhaize Group. The remaining four stores targeted for closing are in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Charlotte County.

via Sweetbay closing seven stores, opening three .


* The doors will close at seven Sweetbay supermarkets in Florida, including five in the Tampa Bay area, as the grocery store chain looks to better position some of it stores.

The closings could affect as many as 700 employees statewide, but most of them will be offered positions in other Sweetbay stores, said spokeswoman Nicole LaBeau.

via Sweetbay to close seven stores – Tampa Bay Business Journal: .


* Northeast Phoenix’s last Kmart store will close Sunday, the latest retail casualty in an economic downturn that has sunk numerous large stores and dozens of smaller shops.

For northeast Phoenix, the closures leave huge gaps on numerous corners.

via Last Kmart store in northeast Phoenix will close Sunday.


* PEMBERVILLE — Pemberville’s Modine Manufacturing Co. has confirmed it is closing its Wood County plant and permanently laying off 65 workers.

The company told local officials in April that the plant was to be closed because of dwindling demand of the copper-brass radiators and other vehicle heating and air conditioning components constructed there. It filed a required notice with the state this week saying the shutdown was occurring.

via — Modine sets closing plan for Pemberville factory.


* General Motors Corp. is laying off an unknown number of workers at its Tonawanda engine plant in response to economic conditions that have caused a decline in demand and a resulting drop in production.

Spokeswoman Nina Price said the company was still determining the production numbers for the GM Powertrain plant and evaluating how that would affect its employees. She said she could not disclose details until she has those figures and can communicate them to employees.

via GM planning layoffs for Tonawanda plant : Home: The Buffalo News.


* Communications giant AT&T intends to permanently close its wholesale operations at 220 N. Meridian St. and 240 N. Meridian St. in Indianapolis, resulting in 112 layoffs. The majority of those will involve customer service representatives. This action does not constitute a complete shutdown of all of AT&T Service operations in Downtown Indianapolis, the company said in a notice to the state.

» Kokomo-based manufacturer Haynes International said it will shed 12 percent of its worldwide work force and implement a salary freeze for its salaried employees. The company did not specify a number or locations for the cuts. Haynes employed 1,138 workers as of fall.

» Holm Industries intends to close its plastic extrusion operations in Scottsburg, laying off 71 workers by March.

via Companies in 3 Indiana cities announce planned layoffs | | The Indianapolis Star .


* Tulare District Hospital capped a busy week by announcing an undetermined amount of layoffs Friday, listing the state budget crisis as a major reason.

According to a hospital report, TDH is making the layoffs to deal with a 10 percent decrease — or $1.8 million — in money from the state.

via Tulare District Hospital announces layoffs | | Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register.


* BENNINGTON — Bennington County’s work force has been dealt another severe blow with the announcement of layoffs for more than 100 local employees.

Plasan Carbon Composites will be laying off 92 employees from its automotive division, according to Dalton Blackwell, vice president.

Meanwhile, the Orvis Co., which sells fly-fishing equipment, accessories and clothing, has laid off 39 employees between its home office in Sunderland and its “rod shop” in Manchester, according to spokesman James Hathaway

via Plasan, Orvis add to county’s layoff woes – Bennington Banner.


* COMMERCE – Banks-Jackson-Commerce Medical Center is laying off approximately 45 employees in an attempt to curb losses.

via BJC Medical Center announces layoffs | AccessNorthGa.


* The U.S. unit of Emaar Properties EMAR.DU, John Laing Homes, will cut jobs and review operations due to the credit crisis and global economic downturn, a company official said in remarks published on Saturday.

The layoffs will run across John Laing Homes’ operations, focused mainly in Southern California and Colorado, which have been hit hard by the financial meltdown, Abu Dhabi-based daily newspaper The National reported.

via UPDATE 1-Emaar U.S. unit to cut jobs due to slowdown -paper | Reuters .


* Vicor Corp. has indefinitely suspended its semi-annual dividend and is looking to cut its workforce by about 6 percent, according to regulatory filings.

The Andover, Mass., power-component manufacturer (Nasdaq: VICR) did not disclose how many of its more than 800 Massachusetts staff would be impacted. The company employs about 1,114 people worldwide.

via Vicor eliminates dividend, jobs – Boston Business Journal: .


* LENOX — For the second time in three months, Canyon Ranch has laid off a small number of employees at its Lenox resort.

via Canyon Ranch lays off 12 employees – Berkshire Eagle Online.


* TERRE HAUTE — A union spokesman confirmed Friday evening that an additional 25 layoffs have been announced at Bemis Company.

via Terre Haute News, Terre Haute, Indiana- – Bemis lays off 25 people .


* TERRE HAUTE — A union spokesman confirmed Friday evening that an additional 25 layoffs have been announced at Bemis Company.

via Terre Haute News, Terre Haute, Indiana- – Bemis lays off 25 people .


* Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld is laying off 65 staff across its offices, according to firm spokeswoman Sheila Turner. The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

via The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times : Akin Gump Lays Off 65 Staff.


* The economic slump is starting to take its toll on at least one Austin engineering company.

Bury+Partners Inc. laid off approximately 30 employees at the beginning of January, according to former employees and sources who do business with the company.

via Bury+Partners cuts about 15% of workforce – Austin Business Journal: .


* Overland Storage this week cut its workforce and implemented an across-the-board pay cut in the wake of the economic downturn.

The moves, however, have solution providers concerned about the company’s future.

Overland on Thursday said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had decided to cut its workforce by 53 employees, or about 17 percent. This would be in addition to the employees let go last month.

via Overland Storage Cuts Workforce, Salaries – Storage – IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness.


* Portland-based Mercy Corps is laying off 22 employees, the same week that another local relief group announced staff cuts, as private donations slow with the recession.

via Mercy Corps will lay off 14 in Portland –


* WATERBURY, Conn. – Waterbury Hospital says it will cut about 10 percent of its work force, the equivalent of 160 full-time positions, by the end of September.

via Waterbury Hospital to cut 10 percent of work force —


* An international tool-making company confirmed Friday that it will likely close its West Central Street plant by June, potentially ending four decades of operations there and putting 80 employees out of work.

Rick Secor, a spokesman for Snap-on, said a final decision had not been made, but the closing was likely so the firm could maximize its productivity and efficiency.

via Natick tool plant expected to close – Taunton, MA – The Taunton Gazette.


* Ethanol producer VeraSun Energy is putting several of its ethanol plants up for auction and among those is one in Siouxland.

The plant in Albert City, Iowa is one of seven plants that will be put up for auction.

via Siouxland Ethanol Plant is Closing.


International News



* In yet another sign of Japanese automakers’ deepening distress, Toyota Motor Corp. between February and April plans to make just half the number of vehicles it produced the previous year, a major newspaper reported Saturday.


* A rail firm has sparked outrage after announcing plans to cut 480 jobs, just weeks after increasing its fares.

South West Trains, which runs services throughout southern England and into Waterloo station, said it could not rule out compulsory redundancies.

via Teletext National News .


* Honda Motor said it is cutting 3,100 jobs in Japan and reducing domestic production because of a slump in demand due to the economic downturn.

Honda will not renew contracts with 3,100 temporary workers by the end of April, a spokeswoman said.

via The Standard – Hong Kong’s First FREE English Newspaper.


* Update: Finnish telecom component company Elcoteq said on Thursday it would slash 5,000 jobs worldwide, accounting for a quarter of its staff, and would close four factories in the United States, Russia, Romania and China.

“The first measure is to close the plants in Arad, Romania, Richardson, US, and St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as to consolidate the plant in Shenzhen, China, to the plant in Beijing,” the company said in a statement.

via Finnish telecom group to cut 5,000 jobs.


* Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewer of Budweiser and Stella Artois, will open a New York office and move some managers there from its Belgian base to implement cost cuts following the $52 billion merger that formed the company.

via Europe.


* Employees at the German-owned car components company, Kostal, have been told the company is seeking 300 redundancies between its two factories at Abbeyfeale in Co Limerick and in Mallow in Co Cork.

via RTÉ Business: Kostal wants to cut 300 jobs in Limerick, Cork.


* JOHANNESBURG, Jan 16 (Reuters) – De Beers, the world’s top diamond producer, will cut production, capital spending and jobs this year as the global recession hits demand for luxury goods, officials said on Friday……

The job cuts in South Africa would be less than 1,000 out of a total work force of 3,500, Gould added.

via Business Feed Article | Business | .


* The Finnish airline Finnair has announced that it is making more than 120 employees redundant, following co-determination talks with representatives of personnel.

      “The cutbacks in different parts of the concern are coming from cargo, scheduled flights, technology, management, and catering”, says Taneli Hassinen, the airline’s spokesman on economics and investor relations.

via Helsingin Sanomat – International Edition – Business & Finance.


* Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s economy weakened in all of the country’s nine regions over the past quarter as slumping exports prompted companies to cut production and fire workers, the central bank said.

The regional economy has been “deteriorating,” the Bank of Japan said after cutting its assessment in all areas for a second quarter, according to the report released in Tokyo today.

via Japan.


* SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co. announced a major restructuring Friday, consolidating business operations into two divisions as South Korea’s most powerful and iconic corporation deals with the slowing global economy and expectations of looming red ink.

The new organization was included in an announcement of personnel changes at the company as well as at the broader Samsung Group of which it serves as flagship.

via Samsung Electronics reorganizes to fight slump – Yahoo! Finance.


* Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — WS Atkins Plc, the U.K.’s biggest engineering-design company, plans to cut 210 jobs at its Middle East operations as the region’s construction industry slows and clients defer or cancel projects.

via U.K. & Ireland.


* AROUND 70 jobs could go at the hotel which is to host next year’s Ryder Cup golf tournament, it was revealed today.

The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport is conducting a wide-ranging review to cut costs which may, a spokesman said, include a number of redundancies.

via 70 jobs under threat at Ryder Cup venue.


* AROUND 100 jobs are set to go at Johnson Matthey’s Royston plant, the company has confirmed.

The chemicals firm is to consult with employees over the possible redundancies at its Orchard Road plant.

via Cambridge News Home – Around 100 jobs face axe at chemical plant.


* HUNDREDS of workers at a distribution centre near Rugby could be facing the axe after the owners of Argos and DIY chain Homebase announced it might cut up to 350 jobs.

via Argos may axe 350 workers – Coventry Telegraph.


* MADRID, Jan 16 (Reuters) – Spain on Friday forecast what could be its worst recession in five decades for this year before a 2010 recovery many analysts judged over-optimistic given the mass destruction of jobs in a credit-starved economy.

via UPDATE 2-Spain sees worst recession in 50 years –


* Gent (Belgium), January 16 – EskoArwork ( will restructure its worldwide workforce by approximately 10%. In addition, the company will reduce its operational spending. The current economic slowdown and 2009 global outlook has led to this decision, despite profitable growth in 2008.

via EskoArtwork to cut workforce by 10% – 1/16/2009 9:58:00 AM – Converting Magazine.


* Toyota Australia’s Altona plant will be shut down for eight days in response to reduced demand in domestic and export markets.

Production of four-cylinder Camry and six-cylinder Aurion models will cease for eight days between March and May 2009, affecting 3,500 employees.

via Toyota closing Altona plant for eight days.


* THIRTY jobs were under threat last night at a courier firm’s call centre.

Workers at City Link in Splott, Cardiff, were yesterday told they would lose their posts next month.

One staff member at the Portmanmoor Industrial Estate centre, who asked not to be named, said: “We are devastated. People have been crying.

via Call centre jobs cut at City Link in Splott, Cardiff – WalesOnline.


* Colliers CRE, the property services group headed by Sir John Ritblat, is to cut a further 70 jobs after revenue fell by a third last year.

The company said yesterday that it had reduced costs by £15m in 2008 but that more jobs would be lost as it prepared for a slow start for the property sector in the new year.

via / Companies / Property – Colliers to cut more posts.



Hiring News


* Charles Schwab Corp. said today it is adding 500 jobs to its Colorado operations, an expansion that will be aided by as much as $1 million in cash incentives from the state.

via Schwab to add 500 jobs in Douglas County – The Denver Post.


* GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Hiring has already surpassed original estimates at the Honda Aircraft Co. plant in North Carolina where a new $4 million business jet will be manufactured.

via – HondaJet hiring at NC plant ahead of estimates


* LEBANON — Hiring of up to 625 people for jobs at a new patient billing and collection center at Lebanon VA Medical Center will start in 2010, said Robert Callahan, center director. Applicants will need to apply at http://www.USAJOBS, the federal hiring Web site, Callahan said.

via Lebanon VA to hire up to 625 people in 2010 – Central PA Local News | Midstate Pennsylvania– .


* At a time when layoffs and government cutbacks dominate the daily news, there’s a glimmer of hope in the local economy.

The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting hundreds of people in central Pennsylvania to fill full- and part-time temporary jobs for the 2010 Census.

via Census Bureau seeks hundreds for jobs in Pa. – News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – The Altoona Mirror.


* JOHNSTON – Global property insurance giant FM Global added 180 full-time workers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts during 2008 and “is anticipating continued employment growth in 2009,” the company said today.

via FM Global to continue hiring in 2009 – – Providence Business News.


* Carleton Life Support Systems brought good news to the Quad-City economic scene Friday with an announcement that it will grow by 80 jobs as it moves its air-to-air refueling business from California to Davenport.


Mike: The layoff news took a turn for the worse as the day progressed. The numbers are getting larger, especially when you see 30,000 losing their jobs at one location as happened to Circuit City. The job cuts aren’t being kind to any profession, but tech, manufacturing, mining and health care seemed especially brutal today.  I’ll update this posting as needed. 


The weekend is upon us, so let’s end it with a little weekend music and humor………



Mike: This is in honor of Citi bank breaking in two today and for Bank of America securing another $20 billion for another bailout



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Tom Toles - Jan 16




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January 15 – 524,000 new jobless claims – Google sheds 100 – Sanyo cuts 1200 – 2000 less at Delta – 750 lose jobs at Autodesk – 2000 gone in TN? – DOW dumps 500 in TX – GE Aviation downs 1000 – Seagate’s total now 3000 – MeadWestvaco dumps 2000 – Roche swallows 780 – Xerox starts it’s job chop

Mike: Good day to all. Today’s big jobs report is the Jobless Claims  numbers, which is released at 8:30 Eastern. The expected results are 500,000 new claims with a range of 442,000 to 700,000. The below graph shows jobless claims over the past two years:


Jobless Claims

Jobless Claims


Mike: Here are today’s job related announcements:



Microsoft/Google/IBM News & Rumors


* Google’s Loss of Innocence: 100 Jobs Cut

The Magical Kingdom of Larry and Sergey has laid off 100 full-time recruiters, a tipster tells us. Inevitable, given the economy. But a crushing blow to Google’s self-image as a kinder-than-thou employer.

via Google’s Loss of Innocence: 100 Jobs Cut.


* Google has announced 100 layoffs and range of engineering office closures across three countries.

The 100 positions to be cut come from recruiting, and are on top of a confirmation from Google that “almost all contracts with external contractors and vendors providing recruiting services” have been cut. The layoffs are the first confirmed by Google for Google employees, after rumors of up to 10,000 contractors had been cut (others suggest the number is 4,500).

via Google Cuts 100 Jobs, Closing Engineering Offices.


* It appears that the bad economic times are catching up with Google, as the search giant has announced that it will shut down – or at least stop supporting – various of its more unpopular web based services in an effort to streamline its operations in a recessionary economy. Included among the affected services are: Google Notebooks, Google Catalogs, Dodgeball, Google Video, Google Mashup Editor and Jaiku.


* For weeks now, rumors have been circulating the Internet that Microsoft would be laying off employees on Jan. 15, tomorrow. As we approach the date, talk is intensifying.

WSJ: Microsoft Corp. is seriously exploring significant work force reductions that could be announced as early as next week, in a sign that the weak economy is prompting tough decisions even at one of the steadiest ships in the technology industry.

via Microsoft Layoffs Coming Tomorrow? (MSFT).


* SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Microsoft Corp. is considering cutting a significant number of jobs as early as next week, according to a media report late Wednesday. The online edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, reported that plans for the job cuts are still in flux and the company may yet find other ways to cut costs.

via Microsoft considering job cuts: WSJ – MarketWatch .


* Things must be really bad out there. Even one of the world’s richest men is cutting back. We’re hearing that Vulcan — the private investment firm of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen — is planning layoffs as soon as tomorrow.

“The atmosphere is very nervous, a lot of gallows humor,” said one employee who fears that his job may be lost. The employee, who asked that his name not be used, said he was told by a manager to expect job cuts tomorrow. Vulcan spokesman David Postman declined to comment on the specifics of that rumor.

via Paul Allen’s Vulcan readying for layoffs, staffer says he’s nervous – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.


* Local analyst sees job cuts of 6 to 8 percent at Microsoft, lowers earnings estimate

Posted by Benjamin J. Romano

With Microsoft’s fiscal second-quarter earnings a week away, analysts are chiming in with their expectations. In a report to investors this morning, Sid Parakh of McAdams Wright Ragen writes: “[C]hecks indicate that Microsoft is likely to reduce headcount in the near-term to the tune of 6,000 – 8,000 employees, or 6% – 8% of its ~95,000 employee workforce. Underperforming employees are the most likely targets in the expected reorganization.”

via Microsoft Pri0 | Local analyst sees job cuts of 6 to 8 percent at Microsoft, lowers earnings estimate | Seattle Times Newspaper Blog.


General Economic News


Mike: Another large number of new jobless claims that was unexpected. The increase shouldn”t be unexpected considering the ever increasing job loss announcements:

* WASHINGTON (AP) — New claims for jobless benefits increased more than expected last week, reflecting continued weakness in the labor market in the new year.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that first-time requests for unemployment insurance jumped to a seasonally adjusted 524,000 in the week ending Jan. 10, from an upwardly revised figure of 470,000 the previous week. Analysts had expected 500,000 new claims.

via New jobless claims increase more than expected – Yahoo! Finance.


Mike: Other economic reports due today are:

Producer Price Index   The December estimate is -2.0% for December.  The Producer Price Index (PPI) is a measure of the average price level for a fixed basket of capital and consumer goods received by producers.

Empire State Mfg Survey   The forecast for January is -25. The New York Fed conducts this monthly survey of manufacturers in New York State. Participants from across the state represent a variety of industries. On the first of each month, the same pool of roughly 175 manufacturing executives (usually the CEO or the president) is sent a questionnaire to report the change in an assortment of indicators from the previous month. Respondents also give their views about the likely direction of these same indicators six months ahead.



Haver Analytics

Data Source: Haver Analytics


Mike: Some minor improvement in the manufacturing index, but still contracting:

*  Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Manufacturing in New York contracted for a ninth straight month in January and a gauge of expectations for six months from now was negative for the first time on record.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s general economic index rose to minus 22.2 from a revised minus 27.9 in December that was lower than previously reported, the bank said today. Readings below zero for the Empire State index signal manufacturing activity is shrinking.

via Worldwide.


* More than 2.3 million American homeowners faced foreclosure proceedings last year, an 81 percent increase from 2007, with the worst yet to come as consumers grapple with layoffs, shrinking investment portfolios and falling home prices.

via ABC News: US Foreclosure Filings up 81 Percent in 2008.


Foreclosures Increase 81% in 2008fc1 f2Foreclosures Increase 81% in 2008




Municipal News


* The Leoni Township Board continued its efforts to eliminate a nearly $800,000 projected budget shortfall Tuesday by approving three layoffs in its Department of Public Safety.

via Leoni Township public safety director resigns; three officers laid off – Jackson News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos –


* NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Tennessee Board of Regents voted unanimously Wednesday to allow Chancellor Charles W. Manning to authorize system presidents to order layoffs, pay cuts and work time reductions.

via – Huntsville, Alabama – News Weather, Sports | Regents authorize layoffs, pay cuts.


* Gov. Phil Bredesen said over 2,000 state employees face layoffs because of the state’s budget crisis.

Bredesen told The Tennessean on Wednesday that his departments have submitted budget cut proposals that would trim the state’s payroll by over two thousand employees, although he did not give a specific number.

via Bredesen: over 2,000 state workers may be laid off | | The Tennessean.


* KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee predicts a $66 million cut in state appropriations could force the elimination of 700 jobs even with a tuition increase next year.

via UT predicts 700 lost jobs to deal with budget cuts | | The Tennessean.


* The slow drip of city layoffs announced by Mayor Eddie A. Perez three months ago continues, with five more employees losing their jobs to a slumping economy and a tightening city budget.

via Hartford Lays Off Five More Workers —


* LEESBURG — Two more city employees have been laid off, victims of a slumping building market, officials said Wednesday.

via Daily Commercial.


* First Selectman Peter Tesei will seek to cut as many as 70 jobs from the town’s non-school work force of 1,020 employees — some through layoffs and others by attrition — to make up for declining revenues.

via Tesei seeks cuts in town work force – Greenwich Time.


* SAGINAW, Mich. – Saginaw Board of Education members have approved laying off more than 100 district employees.

via Saginaw School District to lay off 118 workers —


* Macomb County commissioners reversed the layoffs of 10 employees this morning after labor negotiations took a positive turn in yet another twist in the ongoing budget crisis.

via Macomb County board reverses 10 layoffs | | Detroit Free Press.


* SEATTLE (Map, News) – The Seattle School Board has been told that in addition to closing schools it will have to lay off staff to help balance the budget.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says the board was told Wednesday about plans to cut 123 positions, including teachers, library assistants and custodians.

via Seattle schools plan to cut 123 jobs –


* Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo Jr., capping weeks of sometimes dire economic warnings, today introduced a $675 million budget that calls for the elimination of 219 positions, including 68 layoffs, in a belt-tightening that will reach into nearly every corner of county government.


US and some Canada News –

* Dow Chemical Co. will cut about 500 full-time jobs at its Texas Operations facility in Freeport as part of an effort announced last month to control costs amid the economic recession.

via Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Texas/Southwest.


* Seagate, a leading hard-drive maker, will conduct a far more drastic round of layoffs than the company had indicated earlier this week.

Close to 3,000 people, or 6 percent of Seagate’s global work force, will lose their jobs in the next couple of months, the company said Wednesday in a regulatory filing. On Monday, Seagate revealed plans to lay off about 10 percent of its United States work force, or close to 800 people. It has now expanded those plans to include the broader layoffs, which affect its workers across the globe.

via Seagate Layoffs Grow From 800 to 3,000 – Bits Blog –


* Semiconductor maker Standard Microsystems Corp (SMSC.O: Quote, Profile, Research) said it would cut 5 percent to 10 percent jobs worldwide to reduce costs as it faces weak customer demand.

via UPDATE 1-Standard Microsystems to cut jobs | Reuters .


* General Electric Co., the world’s biggest jet-engine maker, plans to eliminate more than 1,000 salaried jobs at its GE Aviation division as orders slow and it integrates the acquisition of Smiths Group PLC’s aerospace unit.


* Although Paragould Teleflora human resource manager Hal Wyatt had no comment, the Daily Press learned Tuesday morning that some employees were terminated.

In a statement released from Teleflora president Shawn Weidmann in Los Angeles, said, “Teleflora reduced a select number of positions across all business units to align costs with current and long term business priorities.

via Paragould Daily Press: Serving Greene County, Arkansas > Local News.


* The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has laid off five employees, or about 8 percent of its staff, and eliminated several positions to save $500,000 and help balance its budget.

via Baltimore Symphony Orchestra cuts jobs to sidestep deficit – Baltimore Business Journal: .


* Superior Industries International Inc., one of the San Fernando Valley’s biggest employers, said Tuesday it will close its Van Nuys wheel factory and lay off 290 workers in response to the downturn in the auto industry.

The Woodley Avenue plant, where Superior started its business more than 30 years ago, will stop manufacturing aluminum-cast wheels in late June and will complete the layoffs by September, said Erica Turner, the company’s chief financial officer.

via Superior Industries to close Van Nuys wheel factory –


* The Altec Carlisle plant on Sinclair Boulevard is closing its doors for good and putting 46 employees out of work.

The company notified the city’s economic development department Tuesday that the closing is the result of a decision by head office to close its Brantford plant and consolidate operations in the U. S., where it has closed another plant.

via City plant closing, 46 jobs lost – Brantford Expositor – Ontario, CA .


* KINSTON, N.C. — Two industrial plants in eastern North Carolina have announced a closing and a layoff because of the slumping economy.

The Kinston Free Press reported Wednesday that Gilbarco Veeder-Root will close its facility and that the Electrolux plant will temporarily lay off 100 employees.

via Gilbarco closes Kinston site, Electrolux cuts jobs ::


* A North Bergen book manufacturer in business for more than 30 years will close its doors in March and 72 people will lose their jobs, a company official said.

via N. Bergen book plant will be closing in March –


* National Hirschfeld, one of the largest commercial printers in the region, said Tuesday that it will close its printing plant and lay off its 250 workers by the end of the month.

The century-old company let go most of its workers Tuesday but kept a few to finish jobs in progress.

via Denver’s 102-year-old Hirschfeld to stop its presses – The Denver Post.


* MARTINSBURG – This week, 35 employees at the Quad/Graphics plant in Martinsburg will be notified that they no longer have a job.

The company will eliminate both production and administrative positions as a way to keep the company going during the downturn in the economy, according to a company representative.

via Printing firm plans 35 layoffs – News, sports, jobs, community information for Martinsburg – Journal News.


* NORTH ADAMS — Citing poor holiday card sales, Crane & Co. announced on Tuesday that it has eliminated 22 jobs at a North Adams facility.

The 22 employees have been laid off from Crane’s personalized design services facility on Curran Highway. They will be able to apply for other jobs within the company during a 12-week period in which Crane will maintain their benefits, including health insurance, the firm said.

via Crane lays off 22 from card facility – Berkshire Eagle Online.


* Port Townsend Paper Corp. temporarily laid off 28 hourly employees effective Monday morning, Jan. 12, according to a union official.

Company management declined to comment on the action, due to a new policy of making no public announcements. But Jim Little, president of U.S. Steelworkers Local 175, verified that four people are laid off for one week and 24 for two weeks.

via Mill lays off 28 in temporary curtailment.


* OOLTEWAH, TN (BRAIN)—American Bicycle Group has laid off 25 percent of its Tennessee manufacturing workforce along with vice president of sales Steve Boyd.

Other employees were let go as well including independent sales reps. The company employs roughly 100 people.

via Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.


* Aberdeen’s Hub City Inc. is laying off 49 workers, a company official told the American News on Wednesday.

“The reason is simply we’ve been negatively impacted by the economy,” said Jim Campbell, vice president and general manager.



* American Express Publishing, which publishes titles such as Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure, laid off another 33 people today as part of a drive by its parent company, American Express Co., to cut its head count 10%, a company spokeswoman confirmed.

via American Express Publishing Lays Off 33 – Advertising Age – MediaWorks.


* Iron City Brewing said today it will temporarily move production of Iron City and IC Light cans outside Pittsburgh while it fixes its balky canning line, resulting in the layoff of 25 percent or more of its work force.

via Iron City Brewing to move production, lay off staff.


* FreightCar America Inc. filed notice with the state that it is laying off 120 workers from its facility in Roanoke.

via FreightCar America lays off 120 in Roanoke | WSLS 10.


* Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. announced Tuesday it will lay off assembly workers at its Atkins facility in response to lower over-the-road trailer sales. Human Resources Manager Bill Weaver said Wednesday the furlough of “about 90” would take effect at the end of this week.

via Utility Trailer to lay off about 90 from Atkins plant –


* Mid South Lumber of Meridian will soon shut down indefinitely. The president of the company, Russ York, said it’s unclear how long the temporary shutdown will last.

What is certain is that about 100 employees are losing their jobs.

via Mid South Lumber to Close Indefinitely .


* RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. — Engine part maker Mahle Inc. said it will lay off between 30 and 35 workers at its plant in Russellville.

The company said Tuesday that the layoff will be effective Jan. 26, and will leave the plant with about 210 workers. The factory produces camshafts for heavy-duty diesel engines.

via Russellville Plant Lays Off About 30 Workers – Local News Story – KHBS NW Arkansas.


* TORONTO — Novadaq Technologies Inc. (TSX:NDQ) said Wednesday it will lay off 25 employees, or approximately 30 per cent of its workforce, to reduce annual operating expenses by $1.8 million.

via The Canadian Press: Novadaq Technologies to lay off 25 employees, or about 30 per cent of its workforce.


* UST Inc., the smokeless tobacco products maker that Altria Group Inc. bought last week, announced the first 34 layoffs stemming from the total shutdown of its Stamford headquarters by year’s end.

via UST announces first layoffs – Greenwich Time.


* REXBURG – ARTCO in Rexburg announced Wednesday 45 employees will be laid off, according to a news release. The workforce reduction will become effective Friday, Jan. 16.

via Idaho Falls, Pocatello – Weather, News, Sports – Rexburg Company Cuts 45 Jobs.


* As it prepared to open its first show of 2009 Wednesday night, the Cleveland Play House announced it has laid off five senior staff members in an effort to reduce costs and maintain high-quality productions and arts-education programs.

via Cleveland Play House lays off 5 senior staffers – Cleveland Playhouse Square & Ohio Community Theater Reviews | On Stage –


* VICKSBURG, Miss. — The closing of Simpson Dura-Vent’s plant in Warren County will be completed by the end of March, sooner than the original timetable announced a year ago by the company.

About 103 production employees worked their last day Dec. 31.

via Plant closing in March – Regional Wire –


* Everyone knows that many media organizations are struggling, and now the latest evidence comes from PlanetOut, where as many as a third of the staff was laid off this week.

The first word of the reductions at the popular lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender news and entertainment network came Monday via the prolific The Media is Dying Twitter feed, which aggregates reports of layoffs and staff moves across the media industry.

via Sources: Heavy layoffs at PlanetOut | Digital Media – CNET News.


* Grey Bruce Health Services plans to layoff 20 staff as part of a plan to balance the budget.

The 20 staff are from various departments in the hospital — from nurses to clerical staff.

via Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation.


* WILKES-BARRE – Holding out as long as it could, Wyoming Valley Health Care System Wednesday announced a limited number of layoffs and curtailed internal construction projects until the economy improves.

The health care system, which operates Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, cut seven management and eight-non-management positions.

via WVHCS makes layoffs, curbs internal building | Wilkes-Barre News | The Times Leader .


* Earlier this week, KEIPER announced it will let 49 employees go, citing the U.S. automotive industry’s biggest reduction in more than a quarter century.

As an automotive supplier, KEIPER has been directly impacted by this unfortunate situation, according to a statement issued by the company. The Eldon plant mostly makes seat parts for the industry.

via More industrial layoffs announced: KEIPER cuts three shifts to one in Eldon – Camdenton, MO – Lake Sun Leader.


* In December, Delta, which has about 75,000 staff worldwide, said it would offer employees severance packages, but it didn’t say how many jobs it aimed to cut.

“We are expecting a number of around 2,000 because the capacity reduction is going to be around 6 to 8 percent,” Delta CEO Richard Anderson told reporters on the sidelines of a media briefing in Tokyo.

via Delta Eyes 2,000 Job Cuts Via Early Retirement – Business News: The Post Chronicle.


* COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department has laid off 17 workers and ordered other employees to take three days off without pay because of budget cuts.

via SC parks, tourism agency lays off 17 workers – State & Regional – Wire – The State.


* Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare plans to eliminate additional jobs in the coming weeks as the sagging economy continues to take its toll on health care.

The health care system, which employs about 12,000 people, has cut about 150 jobs in southeastern Wisconsin. It also has not filled about 100 jobs.

via Wheaton Franciscan plans additional job cuts – JSOnline.


* Acme Markets will close three Philadelphia-area stores, a spokeswoman said.

Stores in Ambler, West Chester and Collegeville, Pa., are slated for closure within two months. A fourth store, in Newton, Sussex County, N.J., will also close.

The company said employees would have the option to move to other stores. It did not say how many employees were affected.

via Acme closing three Phila.-area supermarkets – Philadelphia Business Journal: .


* New Albany plastics manufacturer Beach Mold and Tool Inc. has laid off 193 workers in response to a decline in demand.

The company, located at 999 Progress Blvd., said in a filing with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development that it began laying off people on Sept. 16 and continued laying off workers through Jan. 9.

via Beach Mold and Tool lays off 193 – Business First of Louisville: .


* The slumping housing market is taking its toll on the country’s second-largest lumber producer.

Sierra Pacific Industries eliminated the third shift at its Anderson sawmill this week, a move that means the loss of 24 jobs, company spokesman Mark Pawlicki said.

via Sierra Pacific cutbacks mean 24 workers laid off : News : Redding Record Searchlight.


* Athletic shoe and apparel maker Reebok has eliminated approximately 310 jobs, including 65 in Indianapolis, as it restructures to deal with the global economic slump.

via Reebok layoffs include 65 in Indy | | The Indianapolis Star .


* CANTON, Mass. – Athletic shoe and apparel maker Reebok has eliminated approximately 310 jobs as it restructures to deal with the global economic slump.

Reebok International President Ulrich Becker said on Tuesday that the move was designed to help the company bring its cost structure in line with its 2009 targets.

via Reebok laying off more than 300 workers —


* As part of its restructuring plan, Autodesk plans to reduce its workforce by approximately 750 employees, representing approximately 10 percent of the company’s global workforce. The company also plans to consolidate certain facilities.

via RTTNews – Latest Earnings,Upcoming Earnings, Pos Pre Announcements, Pos Pre Announcements , Positive Surprises, Negative Surprises, Hot Stocks, Stock Split Calendar, Stock Buybacks, Dividends, Negative, Positive PreAnnouncements,Surprises …. .


* MeadWestvaco Corp. said Thursday it would slash about 2,000 jobs, or 10% of its global workforce by year end as it addresses “current economic challenges.” The Richmond, Va., paper and packaging company said the cuts would result in pre-tax savings of about $125 million in 2009. By mid-2010, the company said job reductions and other related cost-cutting actions will result in annual pre-tax savings of $250 million to $300 million. MeadWestvaco said about 800 workers would be dismissed before the end of the first quarter.

via MeadWestvaco to cut 10% of its global workforce – MarketWatch .


* Minnetonka-based Opus Corp., a national real estate developer with a big operation in Minnesota, is eliminating about 200 positions nationwide due to the economic slow down.

via Developer Opus Corp. to cut 200 jobs – Triangle Business Journal: .


* Banner Health on Wednesday said that it will lay off 334 employees in Arizona as it seeks to navigate the tough economy, another sign that the recession is spilling over to health care.

The layoffs represents slightly less than 1 percent of Banner’s overall workforce of about 35,000, and the job cuts are a combination of management, administrative and clinical staff.

via Banner Health to cut jobs, costs.


* Faced with falling classified and advertising revenues, the Rutland Herald, Barre-Montpelier Times Argus and the New England Business Journals announced Wednesday the publications laid off 14 employees throughout the family-owned communications company.

via Times Argus, Herald lay off 14 employees: Rutland Herald Online.


* Thunder Bay, ON — The news from AbitibiBowater is not good. The company is idling its newsprint and kraft mill in the city, for several weeks. The reasons stated are a lack of demand for the products and expensive electricity costs.

There are an expected 700 layoffs which will happen in the newsprint operation from February 1 until February 25th. The kraft paper operation will shutdown from February 5 through to the 25th.

via – Layoffs Planned at AbitibiBowater.


* Marshall & Ilsley Corp., suffering continued losses from the recession and bad real estate loans, said it will eliminate 830 jobs, or 8 percent of its work force.

via M&I posts $400M loss, will cut 830 jobs – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


* NEW YORK, Jan 15 (Reuters) – Aladdin Capital Holdings’ chief investment officer said on Thursday he has cut 15 jobs in the company’s structured bond business as it shifts focus to investment opportunities in corporate bonds and the loan market

via Aladdin Capital cuts 15 jobs, shifts to corp bonds | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters .


* U.S. toy company RC2 Corp (RCRC.O) slashed its fourth-quarter earnings outlook as preliminary quarterly sales trailed market estimates, and said it cut about 15 percent of its full-time white collar workforce, sending its shares down as much as 11 percent.

via UPDATE 1-RC2 slashes Q4 profit outlook; cuts jobs | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* Foley Hoag has cut about 6 percent of its workforce in response to the slumping economy, the law firm confirmed on Thursday.

The layoffs equates to about 32 people, and includes both associates and staff. Foley Hoag has about 227 lawyers in Boston.

via Foley Hoag announces layoffs – Boston Business Journal: .



* PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Tigard-based charity that sends doctors and medical supplies to areas throughout the world has laid off nine people.

Medical Teams International spokeswoman Marlene Minor says the nine people, which represent 10 percent of the organization’s staff, were part of a small administrative core.

via Oregon nonprofit announces layoffs – NewsFlash –


* Roche CFO Erich Hunziker hinted at job cuts two days ago; now he’s putting a number to at least part of the layoff plan. The Swiss drugmaker plans to axe 780 positions from its production workforce over the next two to three years, Hunziker told investors today. The workforce cuts are in addition to a restructuring program that’s already set to reduce employment at Roche manufacturing facilities by 1,152.

via Roche adds 780 to planned layoffs – FiercePharma.


* Just two days after installing a new plant manager at its Benson facility, Polymer Group Inc. sent 31 area residents home without jobs Wednesday morning.

The changes are part of a larger corporate response to declining sales in the industrial sector, said Cliff Bridges, marketing and human resources communication director for PGI.

via PGI Cuts Workforce To Cope With Sales Slowdown.


* LIMA – The owner of Lucas Ford says his Greeley Chapel Road dealership remains open for business despite recent layoffs.

In an e-mail to The Lima News this morning, Lucas Ford owner Sean Gouhin said the dealership has laid off staff and hired a management company but is still in business.

via Lucas Ford owner: Dealership remains open despite layoffs | ford, lucas, business – Local News –


* A Williston drilling company official says falling oil prices have led to about 150 layoffs so far and more are likely.

Scott Reid is the district manager for Nabors Drilling USA. He says the company has 27 oil rigs running but nine are down.

via KFYR-TV North Dakota’s NBC News Leader.


* Gerdau Macsteel, a hot-rolled special bar quality producer with steelmaking facilities in Jackson and Monroe, Mich., and Fort Smith, Ark., will implement temporary layoffs at the Monroe plant, effective Jan. 18, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The move will impact 46 employees, he added.

via (AMM) Gerdau Macsteel slates 2d wave of layoffs; 46 jobs hit – Metal Bulletin .


* AAA will announce layoffs of 200 employees today in a six-state region that includes Michigan, primarily because more members are conducting their business through the Internet and avoiding the trip into branch offices, said an AAA Michigan official.

via AAA Michigan says it will lay off 146 workers – Detroit Business News and Information – Crain’s Detroit Business .


* MERIDIAN, Miss. — Mid South Lumber, of Meridian, will shut down indefinitely, leaving 100 workers without jobs.

via Meridian Sawmill Closes, Putting 100 Out Of Work – Jackson News Story – WAPT Jackson.


* CRESCO (AP) — Featherlite Trailers has laid off workers from its plant in Cresco.

Company spokesman John Hall declined to say how many workers were let go but the town’s mayor, Rhonda Hughes, says about 200 workers lost their job.

via – Waterloo and Cedar Falls Iowa News Homepage | News » Breaking News.


* Upwards of 40 workers could be laid off as one of the two paper machines at the NewPage mill in Point Tupper shuts down for a week, a union official says. Ronnie Beaton, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Local 972, said that word came from a meeting between the union and NewPage Port Hawkesbury management Tuesday (Jan. 23) morning. A more precise number of those who will be laid off during the shutdown won’t be known until later in the week, however.

via Farm Focus: Forestry | Point Tupper mill shutdown could bring 40+ layoffs .


* Emeryville, CA-based BioNovo said today that, like so many other biotech companies, it will cut costs and staff “given current market conditions and the status of the financial markets.” The company, which markets women’s health and cancer therapies, is cutting about 15 percent of its staff. BioNovo will freeze the salaries of remaining employees and recommend to the Board of Directors that execs not receive their management bonuses for 2008. In addition, the company will halt work on preclinical drug candidates so it can focus on drugs in the clinic, search for partnerships or investors as sources of capital.

via BioNovo cuts staff, exec bonuses – FierceBiotech.


* DENTON — Peterbilt Motor Co. — Denton’s largest private-sector employer — announced it will lay off a small percentage of its 2,000-employee workforce effective Jan. 26.

via Layoffs at Denton truck builder | | Local News: TV .


* Texas Youth Commission officials this afternoon announced plans to fire 100 employees and eliminate 330 vacant jobs as part of a cost-cutting move, just a day after a legislative committee voted to merge the scandal-plagued agency out of existence.

via TYC cuts 430 jobs | Postcards.


* Technology vendor CDW Corp. has laid off workers for the first time in the company’s history, letting go of about 190 employees at its Vernon Hills offices.

CDW spokesman Clark Walter said Thursday the 190 workers, who were spread across the company’s operations, account for just under 3 percent of CDW’s nearly 7,000 employees. CDW, based in Vernon Hills, has offices in other U.S. cities.

via CDW to cut 190 in company’s first layoffs —


* Domain Name Wire has confirmed that Los Angeles-based domain juggernaut is laying off employees today. From what we’ve been told it’s in the DomainSponsor division, but the layoffs may be more widespread. We are waiting on comment from the company regarding the number of effected employees. The layoffs come just two weeks before the company’s DOMAINfest conference in Los Angeles.

via Domain Name Wire » News » DomainSponsor Lays Off Staff – The Domain Industry’s News Source.


* MILWAUKEE (AP) — Even the brewing industry is starting to go flat in the worldwide economic slump.

SABMiller PLC, the London-based brewer of Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft and Peroni Nastro Azzurro lagers, said on Thursday its beer shipments fell unexpectedly in the third quarter as consumers pulled back on their demand.

Carlsberg A/S, the Copenhagen-based maker of Carslberg beer, said it was cutting 274 jobs to save on costs due to a future “where we face more uncertainties and risks,” the company said in a statement.

via The Associated Press: Beer sales falling with economy.


* Pharr Yarns in McAdenville has laid off about 25 full-time employees because of softening demand for spun carpet yarn, a company official said

via Pharr Yarns lays off 25 full-time employees |


* Hybrid electric and electric powertrains maker Azure Dynamics Corp (AZD.TO) said it would reduce its workforce by about 25 percent as part of a cost-reduction plan.

via UPDATE 1-Azure Dynamics to reduce workforce by about 25 pct | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters .


* XOMA Ltd. (Nasdaq:XOMA) announced that it will reduce its workforce by approximately 42 percent or 144 employees, a majority of which are in manufacturing.

via XOMA XOMA Announces Workforce Reduction.


* Military contractor BAE Systems said Wednesday it is laying off 114 employees and closing its Grainger County plant because the Department of Defense has postponed awarding a contract on armored vests.

via BAESF BAE Systems temporarily closes Grainger County, Tenn., plant.


* BARNWELL, SC — Darlene Creech says she”ll never forget when she heard the news that her job of 15 years would soon be gone.

“I went deaf. I couldn’t. I lost it and it still hurts because I was saying, ‘Lord, what am I going to do,'” said Darlene Creech.

After 16 years in business, the Barnwell Hanesbrand plant is closing its doors, shipping it’s work to El Salvador and leaving more than 300 people without a job come April.

via Barnwell plant closing; more than 300 out of a job .


* BELTON – The national recession hit closer to home this week.

Michigan chair manufacturing company izzydesign will close its Belton plant this year, company spokeswoman Clare Wade said on Wednesday. About 90 jobs, in both manufacturing and customer service, will be affected.

via – Temple Daily Telegram.


* LaGrange County has taken another economic hit, as Sun Valley Inc. announced it was closing its doors, the News-Sun in Kendallville reported today.

Sun Valley, a recreational-vehicle manufacturing plant, was one of the newer plants in the county. The business opened in late 2005 and at its peak employed about 100. It currently has about 20 employees at the Howe plant, with nearly half of them residents of LaGrange County and half of Michigan.

via Sun Valley will close plant.


* (Rochester, N.Y.) — According to a Xerox spokesperson, 275 Rochester-area employees will be laid off over the next month.

Currently there are 7,320 local Xerox employees in the Monroe County area, so the number accounts for just under 3 percent of the county’s workforce.

via 275 Local Xerox Employees to be Cut – .


* Layoffs that Xerox Corp. announced last fall took effect Thursday at the company’s Wilsonville plant.

via Xerox lays off 50 – Portland Business Journal: .


* SEATTLE — A Vulcan Inc. spokesman says the Seattle company owned by billionaire Paul Allen plans to lay off 50 workers.

via Vulcan Inc. to lay off 50 employees.


* Heidrick & Struggles International Inc., the Chicago executive search and consulting concern, said late Thursday that its first-quarter results will be marred by a $20 million charge to cover costs of a new restructuring initiative.

The company, which has seen demand for its services weaken as the economy erodes around the globe, said the restructuring calls for reducing its worldwide workforce by 12 percent — but didn’t specify how many jobs it plans to eliminate. At year-end 2007, the company said in a previous regulatory filing, Heidrick had 1,647 employees.

via Heidrick & Struggles to shed 12% of workforce in restructuring —


* About 325 people – nearly half the workforce – were laid off by Hatteras Yachts in New Bern on Wednesday.

It’s the most recent in string of cuts Hatteras has made in the last couple of years, forced by what the company’s chairman is calling one of the boating industry’s most difficult times ever.

via Hatteras Yachts Lays Off Nearly Half Its Workforce | WNCT.


* NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Saks Inc. (SKS) will cut about 1,100 jobs as part of a sweeping cost-cutting program after the high-end retailer’s efforts to attract customers through deep discounts during the holiday season failed to drum up much business.

via Saks Plans Major Cuts On Heels Of Plunge In Christmas Sales.


* Electronics manufacturer TTM Technologies Inc (TTMI.O) said it would cut about 14 percent of its total workforce and shut its Redmond, Washington facility due to weak demand for commercial printed circuit boards.

The company said it will transfer the production of printed circuit boards from its Redmond facility, which employs 374 full-time and 55 temporary employees, to other company sites in California, Connecticut, Utah and Wisconsin.

It also plans to cut about 140 jobs at its other plants.

via UPDATE 1-TTM Technologies to cut 14 pct jobs | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters .


* Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — PolyOne Corp., the maker of Geon vinyl compounds, plans to cut 370 jobs, close a factory and reduce production globally because of weak sales to auto and housing markets.

via Canada.


* ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. — An Adams County cabinet plant will close in March 2009, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc. announced Thursday.


International News


* International mobile provider Digicel, is preparing to cut up to 450 jobs in the Caribbean, as it offers a voluntary separation programme to employees.

via Dominica News – Breaking news and daily local news.


* The Finnish firm said it would cut around 5,000 jobs globally out of 21,000 in total, aiming for annual savings of between 80-100 million euros ($105-131 million). Elcoteq said savings would be seen from the second quarter onwards and significantly improve full-year profitability.

via UPDATE 1-Elcoteq to cut 5,000 jobs, shares soar | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters .


* TOKYO – Japan’s Sanyo Electric Co Ltd, set to be acquired by Panasonic Corp, cut its annual net profit outlook as losses climb in its chip business, and it said it would eliminate 1,200 jobs.

Sanyo, the world’s top producer of rechargeable batteries, said on Thursday that declining sales, a soaring yen and restructuring and impairment costs in its chip operations will cancel out profits.

via Business Spectator – Sanyo cuts net profit outlook to zero as chips bite.


* (TOULOUSE, France) Airbus expects orders to dip below deliveries in 2009 for the first time in six years as airlines curb spending amid the economic crisis, the planemaker’s head said Thursday.

via Airbus sees 2009 orders dipping below deliveries | Newsweek Business |


* Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Telstra Corp. is considering plans to cut thousands of extra jobs as the economy slows, the Australian Financial Review said, citing sources within the company it didn’t identify.

via Australia & New Zealand.


* Troubled music retailer Zavvi is to close a further 18 stores, administrators Ernst & Young have said.

The closures, which will cost 353 jobs, include the music and DVD chain’s flagship store in Piccadilly Circus in London.

via Zavvi To Close 18 More Music Stores – GIGWISE.


* Assa Abloy AB (ASSA-B.SK), the world’s largest lock maker by sales, Thursday became the latest Swedish company to make a swathe of job cuts in response to the economic downturn, announcing a new sweeping 1.18 billion Swedish kronor ($141.8 million) restructuring program that includes shutting down 15 productions units and laying off 1,800 employees.

via Dow Jones Deutschland: Assa Abloy To Close 15 Units, Cut 1,800 Jobs.


* Denby Pottery is in talks with union leaders over the exact number of layoffs, a spokesman said.

The firm employs 700 people at its offices, factories and shops across the UK, with 500 of them working at the headquarters in Denby, Derbyshire.

via BBC NEWS | England | Derbyshire | Pottery firm set to cut workforce.


* Punch Taverns has announced it is planning to cut 100 jobs at its head office in Staffordshire.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Staffordshire | Punch Taverns axes 100 HQ staff.


* A THOUSAND jobs are to go in Bradford at the ailing home shopping giant Grattan, the Yorkshire Post has learned.

Grattan yesterday warned its entire 3,800-strong workforce that their jobs were at risk.

via Grattan to axe 1,000 jobs – 3,800 ‘at risk’ – Yorkshire Post .


Hiring News


* IBM, the world’s largest technology services company, plans to open a new computer support center in Iowa, creating up to 1,300 new jobs and defying a trend of widespread corporate layoffs.

The Dubuque facility in a 10-story office building once occupied by now-defunct retailer Roshek’s Department Store, will create jobs for high-tech workers at a time when many technology companies are cutting staff.

via IBM to Create Up to 1,300 Jobs in Dubuque Facility – Computer Services * Technology * News * Story –


* People are scrambling to inquire about CityCenter’s 12,000 job openings, considered by some to be the largest single employment opportunity in the United States.

Among Monday’s hoards of hopefuls stood Las Vegas resident Brandy Smith-Philips, who was waiting her turn to be called for a brief starter interview at a makeshift job center set up by CityCenter.

via ABC News: Applications Roll in for 12,000 New Jobs in Las Vegas .


Mike: It’s been a brutal day for layoffs and the news just keeps coming. I’ll post any big layoffs, but let’s leave today’s bad news with a few laughs.…………….


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