Unemployment extension and Tier 5 updates

I haven’t updated The Layoff List in some months due to posting of unemployment extension and Tier 5 updates at my Examiner.com site. If you are looking to stay informed about unemployment extensions and Tier 5, please visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner.

Once at Rochester Unemployment Examiner you can review the latest news and information as well as comment about your unemployment situation. I hope to see you there! Mike

1 Response to “Unemployment extension and Tier 5 updates”

  1. 1 solitaryparent July 19, 2010 at 8:33 am

    ~ SolitaryParent

    Hmmmm…Where do I start? I was laid off towards the end of 2008, went on interview after interview after interview. I registered with a number of staffing agencies, when I would call the agencies they would tell me, it’s really slow right now, no jobs are coming in, this is the part that Congress pretend to be unaware of. It wasn’t until stimulus dollars were put out there before companies began hiring again, a lot of the jobs that were created are temporary jobs. I’m a single parent taking care of 3 children, I have totally and completely depleted my savings since I’ve been laid off. I worked as a contractor and was paid weekly. I was the Executive Assistant for two VP’s) prior to being laid off, my bring home pay after taxes was over $1,000 per week, when I worked overtime, I was at $1,200+ per week AND I was receiving child support in the amount of $400 per month. I wasn’t wealthy, but we were comfortable and I was holding it down for my household.

    To hear Congressmen say “let them starve”, “they’re lazy”, “they don’t want to work” is an insult to the 3rd power. Why don’t they take a 50% pay cut to help with the deficit since they care so much. My unemployment was $433 per week, doesn’t come close to what I was earning, but it helped. Currently I have NO INCOME. I received my last unemployment check Thursday, June 17, 2010. My ex-husband was laid off, I have NOT received child support payments in approximately 14 months. I am not on welfare, I do not receive food stamps and I am NOT on any housing subsidy programs. I am BARELY making it. I have depleted all of my funds, the scary thing, if Congress continue to drag their feet, my children and I will be facing homelessness, no money to pay August rent. What kind of crap is this. Oh and we do have to pay taxes on the unemployment monies we have received, either way it goes, unemployed or not we’re still paying into the system.

    This is enough to drive a person crazy. I can’t believe the situations I’m facing, it’s unreal. I may not have internet service anymore after tomorrow, no money to pay the bills. L-(

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