February 12 – 623,000 jobless claims – Record 4.81 million receiving UE benefits – Pioneer to silence 10,000 jobs – BorgWarner cuts 4,400 – Network Appliance sheds 500 – Starbucks starts serving the pink slips –

Mike: Today’s big jobs number is  Jobless Claims at 8:30 Eastern.  As you can see from the graph below, job claims have increased dramaticallyover the past few months:

* WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits eased last week but by less than expected, according to government data on Thursday that showed the labour market in the grip of a deep recession.

In addition, the number of people staying on the benefits rolls after drawing an initial week of aid the week ending January 31 was at the highest on record, the Labour Department said.

The department said initial claims for state unemployment insurance benefits slipped 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 623,000 in the week ending February 7. Analysts polled by Reuters were expecting 610,000 claims. The previous week’s claims were revised up to 631,000, the highest since the week ending October 30, 1982.

The number of people staying on the benefits rolls rose by 11,000 to 4.810 million in the week ended January 31, the latest week for which data is available.

via U.S. jobless claims dip but by less than expected | Reuters .


Jobless Claims (Bloomberg)

Jobless Claims (Bloomberg)

* Update: WASHINGTON — Nearly 5 million Americans continued to draw jobless benefits late last month, and new requests again exceeded 600,00 as companies lay off scores of workers amid a deepening recession.

The Labor Department said today that the number of initial jobless benefit claims dropped to a seasonally-adjusted 623,000, from an upwardly revised figure of 631,000 the previous week. The latest tally still was above analysts’ expectations of 610,000 claims.

And in a sign that laid-off workers are having difficulty finding new work, the number of people claiming benefits for more than one week rose to 4.81 million from 4.78 million, the highest total since records began in 1967. The continuing claims data lag new claims by a week.

via New jobless claims exceed 600,000 as companies continue layoffs – San Jose Mercury News .


Mike: Between spineless Democrats and thug, obstructionist Republicans we as a country are represented very poorly. The thieves keep their outrageous bonuses and their jobs. I’m sure the behind closed doors meeting had something to do with campaign contributions being held back if Congress demanded the Wall Street crooks repay some of the millions in bonus cash:

Congress Removes Provisions to Limit Wall Street Bonuses “Behind Closed Doors” Without Explanation *

The Democrats talk a good game, but their record of reform and renewal after winning the Congressional elections and then the Presidency is pathetic.

Nancy Pelosi is useless as House Speaker. Barney Frank is all talk and little action. The Democratic leadership should be replaced along with about half the remaining Republican congressmen.

Ok, Obama how about some transparency on this one. And better yet, can we see a single reform that improves the system, other than firedrills to shore up the status quo?

via Jesse’s Café Américain: Congress Removes Provisions to Limit Wall Street Bonuses “Behind Closed Doors” Without Explanation.



John Branch - Feb 11

John Branch - Feb 11



Mike: Today’s larger job loss announcements:




Mike: This man’s decisions have led to sickness and death, yet the punishment won’t likely fit the crime, since it was a crime of profit, not a crime of anger or passion:

WASHINGTON – The owner of a peanut company refused to testify to Congress on Wednesday amid the disclosure that he urged his workers to ship bacteria-tainted products, pleading with employees to at least “turn the raw peanuts on the floor into money.”

Stewart Parnell, owner of Peanut Corp. of America, repeatedly invoked his right not to incriminate himself before the House subcommittee holding a hearing on a national salmonella outbreak blamed on his company. The outbreak has sickened some 600 people, may be linked to nine deaths — the latest in Ohio — and has led to one of the largest product recalls, with more than 1,800 pulled.

via Peanut Co. owner refuses to testify to Congress – Yahoo! News.



Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News


* Sirius XM Radio is preparing for bankruptcy as the satellite radio operator for shock jock Howard Stern struggles to pay off $175 million in debt due next week, according to a source familiar with the company’s planning.

A bankruptcy could place in question the viability of the service for 20 million subscribers that has never turned a profit and steadily has seen subscriber growth decline with the waning economy.

via As Debt Piles Up, Sirius Prepares to Declare Bankruptcy – washingtonpost.com.


* Speaking at the Green IT event at Bangalore, Dravida Seetharam, Vice President-Government Programs, IBM told to IT Examiner that in next five to six months about 15-20 per cent of its workforce would work from home. He said, “We would provide more communication and networking facilities to the employees. It would also be a good option of providing higher salary packages in compensation of the energy–savings done on their part.”

via IBM to send employees home.


* Google’s radio advertising business has become the newest project that didn’t pass muster in Google’s new financially rigorous era, and up to 40 employees will lose jobs as a result, the company said Thursday. However, the company isn’t completely withdrawing from the market, saying it’s begun exploring ads for streaming audio instead.


General Economic News


This has been a rather quiet week for economic reports, but today there are a few that will show the state of the job market: Bloomberg.com: Economic Calendar.

Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET
* Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) — The number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits rose for a fourth straight week, reaching a record, as companies accelerated firings.

The total number of recipients rose to 4.81 million in the week ended Jan. 31 from 4.8 million the prior week, the Labor Department said today in Washington. First-time unemployment applications fell by 8,000 to 623,000 last week, a smaller drop than economists expected. 

Companies ranging from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to General Motors Corp. announced job cuts this week as a slowdown in sales deepens a recession now in its second year. President Barack Obama aims to create as many as 4 million jobs with a $789 billion stimulus plan awaiting approval in Congress.

via Bloomberg.com: Worldwide.

Retail Sales
8:30 AM ET


* WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sales at U.S. retailers unexpectedly rebounded in January, government data showed on Thursday, likely boosted by post-holiday discounts and providing a glimmer of hope for the recession-hit economy.

The Commerce Department said total retail sales rose 1 percent, advancing for the first time in seven months, after slumping by a revised 3 percent in December, previously reported as a 2.7 percent decline.

January’s increase in retail sales was the biggest since November 2007.

via U.S. retail sales unexpectedly up 1 percent – Yahoo! Finance.

* WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. businesses slashed inventories in December by the biggest amount in seven years as they coped with plunging sales in a dismal holiday season.

The Commerce Department reported Thursday that inventories fell 1.3 percent in December, far worse than the 0.9 percent decline analysts expected. It was the largest cut since the record 1.5 percent in October 2001.

via Businesses cut inventories 1.3 percent in Dec. – Yahoo! Finance.

* Stimulus bill *
* Whereas much of the sprawling $800 billion legislation consists of tax cuts and broad spending increases for existing programs, such as $27 billion on highways and $8.4 billion on public transit, the biggest outlay on new initiatives is essentially a technology industry wish list: In the Senate version, about $7 billion for expanding high-speed Internet access, about $20 billion for building a so-called smart grid power network and $20 billion for digitizing health records.

To many on K Street, the stimulus bill was the clearest guide to the new administration’s closest friends in the business world. What oil was to President George W. Bush, some say, clean energy and technology are to the Obama White House.

“We have a president who gets it,” said Dean Garfield, the president of the Information Technology Industry Council, which recently identified the Senate initiatives in a short list of its top priorities.

via Stimulus bill is laced with benefits for high-tech.


Public Works Spending *

The effects will be widespread, with individuals getting a boost from tax breaks, state governments seeing additional funding and companies benefiting from road building and other infrastructure projects in the package, Davis said. “The peak of the effects will probably occur in six to 12 months,” he said.

The package, which will be sent to the White House for Obama’s signature after final congressional approval in both chambers, amounts to the biggest burst of public works spending since the interstate highway system was started in the 1950s.

via Bloomberg.com: U.S..



Bill Day - Feb 12

Bill Day - Feb 12



* Members of the House Financial Services Committee sought promises from the bank executives that they would use the government funds they received to make loans and stimulate the economy, rather than hold onto it to bolster their balance sheets.

They also wanted assurances the money already committed from the TARP had not been wasted. The financial institutions at the hearing were the recipients of the first $125 billion in October, as the Bush administration sought to thaw frozen credit markets by lending the banks fresh capital.

“Have the funds been used to get credit flowing again, not just to financial institutions but to consumers and small businesses?” asked Rep. Judy Biggert (R-Ill.). “How do we know additional TARP money is needed? Who needs it? How much more will be used? . . . Who’s to say that we’re not putting good money after bad?”

The eight Wall Street CEOs—including the heads of bank giants Citigroup and Bank of America and investment houses Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley—said they had been lending as much as they could.

via Bank CEOs, Treasury chief Timothy Geithner grilled by Congress — chicagotribune.com.



Ben Sargent - Feb 11

Ben Sargent - Feb 11



Mike: This story is even more disturbing when you think that companies with good reputations like Microsoft and Dell are part of this slave-like labor. I guess what we don’t know won’t hurt us, but when you know, it takes on a different light……..

High Tech Misery in China *

Dongguan City, Guangdong, CHINA

Two thousand workers, mostly young women, produce computer equipment including keyboards and printer cases for Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft and IBM.

Management instructs the workers to “love the company like your home,” “continuously strive for perfection” and to spy on and “actively monitor each other.”

Workers are prohibited from talking, listening to music, raising their heads, putting their hands in their pockets.  Workers are fined for being one minute late, for not trimming their fingernails—which could impede the work, and for stepping on the grass.  Workers are searched on the way in and out of the factory.  Workers who hand out flyers or discuss factory conditions with outsiders are fired. =

The young workers sit on hard wooden stools twelve hours a day, seven days a week as 500 computer keyboards an hour move down the assembly line or one every 7.2 seconds.  Workers are allowed just 1.1 seconds to snap each key into place, repeating the same operation 3,250 times an hour, 35,750 times a day, 250,250 times a week and over one million times a month.

The workers are paid 1/50th of a cent for each operation.

via The National Labor Committee.


* It’s hard enough to lose a job. But for a growing proportion of U.S. workers, the troubles really set in when they apply for unemployment benefits.

* Challenging Unemployment Benefits *

More than a quarter of people applying for such claims have their rights to the benefit challenged as employers increasingly act to block payouts to former workers.

The proportion of claims disputed by former employers and state agencies has reached record levels in recent years, according to the Labor Department numbers tallied by the Urban Institute.

Under state and federal laws, employees who are fired for misbehavior or quit voluntarily are ineligible for unemployment compensation. When jobless claims are blocked, employers save money because their unemployment insurance rates are based on the amount of the benefits their workers collect.

via More Employers Fight Unemployment Benefits – washingtonpost.com.


Municipal News


* The Gilbert Town Council voted 6-0 Tuesday night to cut 21 full-time employees and one part-time worker from its development services department, due to a slowdown in activity that leaves them without much work to do.

via Gilbert council votes to cut 22 workers | Gilbert Arizona News – Gilbert News – Gilbert, AZ news | eastvalleytribune.com.


* Up to 250 layoff notices will be sent to teachers and administrators in the Yuba City Unified School District, although officials anticipate that far fewer jobs will actually be cut.

via Up to 250 will get layoff notices at Yuba City Unified | district, school, cuts – Breaking News – Appeal-Democrat.


* SHREWSBURY –             Superintendent Anthony Bent told the School Committee last night that 32 school employees have been notified they will lose their jobs at the end of the school year.


US and some Canada News


borgwarner1* DETROIT — Auto-parts maker BorgWarner Inc. Thursday said it has cut 4,400 jobs, or 24 per cent of its work force, as it posted a steep quarterly loss due to significant reductions in global auto production.

via reportonbusiness.com: BorgWarner auto parts maker cuts 4,400 jobs.


borgwarner4* DETROIT, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Auto-parts maker BorgWarner Inc (BWA.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday said it has cut 4,400 jobs, or 24 percent of its workforce, as it posted a steep quarterly loss due to significant reductions in global auto production.


netapp1* Network Appliance Inc. on Wednesday reported a $75 million loss in the third quarter, or 23 cents a share, and said it would cut about 6 percent — or about 500 people — from its global work force.

via NetApp cuts 500 jobs, swings to $75M Q3 loss – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .


oscient-pharmaceuticalsOscient Pharmaceuticals Corp. (OSCI: News ) said Wednesday that it would eliminate about 32% of its 305 employees across the U.S. as part of a restructuring of its commercial organization to preserve its financial resources.

via RTTNews – Breaking News, financial breaking News, Positive EPS Surprises, Stock research …. .


compuware* Compuware Corp. laid off about 250 service workers Tuesday, cutting its total workforce by 4 percent, company officials said in a statement sent to The Detroit News today.

The Detroit-based software and technical services company didn’t say which locations were affected. Compuware has about 6,000 workers globally, including 3,300 employees at its downtown headquarters in Detroit.

via Compuware lays off 250 service workers | detnews.com | The Detroit News.


* The parent company of Tustin-based Cherokee International Corp., a maker of power supply gear for electronics, has filed plans with the state to cut more than 200 local jobs.

via Orange County Business Journal Online.


staples* Staples Inc. is closing its distribution and warehouse building in Canton, Ga., eliminating 89 jobs, the company said.

via Staples to close Canton distribution center, cut 89 jobs – Triangle Business Journal: .


applied-micro-circuits* Communications chip maker Applied Micro Circuits Corp. said Wednesday it is cutting jobs and compensation in a move to reduce costs.

The company said the job cuts will effect about 100 employees. Applied Micro has about 583 workers, meaning the cuts amount to 17 percent of the workforce worldwide.

via Applied Micro Circuits cutting 100 jobs – Forbes.com.


* Telik Inc. said Wednesday it will cut about 43 jobs and reorganize to focus on its “most advanced preclinical and clinical drug development programs.”

via Telik to cut 44% of staff – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal:


toro* Toro Co., which provides turf and landscape equipment and irrigation systems for golf courses and homeowners, said Wednesday it will reduce its global salaried and office work force by about 100 employees amid the current economic slump.

via Toro to cut 100 more jobs, freeze wages – Forbes.com.


dartmouth-college* Dartmouth College announced almost 150 job cuts this week – about a third of them through layoffs – as it struggles to reduce spending by ten percent over two years.

via VPR News: Dartmouth College to cut 150 jobs.


* Kent-based outdoor gear and apparel retailer REI said today it is eliminating 61 full-time jobs, mostly at its headquarters and Sumner distribution center.

via Business & Technology | REI cuts 61 full-time jobs as profit plunges | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* This week, Honda’s staffing company, Elwood Staffing, notified state officials it is eliminating 86 jobs from the New South Express facility next to the assembly plant. Last week, Elwood filed notice that it was cutting 706 temporary jobs at the Honda plant.

via Honda supplier cuts 76 jobs as losses mount in Lincoln – Business News from The Birmingham News – al.com.


* Asante Health Systems, which provides medical services to 550,000 residents in a nine county region of Southern Oregon, said Wednesday it will cut 94 jobs and close or sell programs to contend with a growing budget shortfall.

via Asante Health Systems plans layoffs – Portland Business Journal: .


* Gregg Industries makes iron castings for trucks and heavy machinery.

Neenah Enterprises CEO Robert Ostendorf said it will inform the remaining 225 employees at the company that the plant will close by mid-May.

via Neenah Enterprises closing California plant – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: .


* The layoffs and early retirements this week will affect about 150 employees, most of whom are part of factory overhead at the Company’s Gunderson and Concarril new railcar facilities and at various Greenbrier Rail Services railcar repair and refurbishment shop locations. Staff reductions are also taking place at the Company’s corporate offices in Lake Oswego and other office locations in North America. Further cost reductions will also be implemented at the Company’s European new railcar operations.

via The Greenbrier Companies :: Greenbrier Announces Work Force Reductions and Other Cost-Cutting Measures; Company Expects $16 Million in Annualized Savings.


starbuckStarbucks slashed another 500 office jobs today and told 870 assistant store managers that their positions are being eliminated. About 300 of the office jobs are at the company’s Seattle headquarters.

via Business & Technology | Starbucks pink slips going out today to HQ workers, assistant store managers | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Sinclair Broadcast Group said yesterday that it has eliminated 200 jobs, or 7 percent of its work force, and suspended its quarterly dividend to cut costs as it expects falling advertising revenues this year amid a recession.

via Sinclair cuts 200 jobs, dividend to offset ad decline — baltimoresun.com.


* A few days before Colorado lawmakers assembled on the steps of the capitol to unveil their job-creation proposals, the global downturn made its way to Boulder. Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the largest advertising agency in the state and AdWeek’s 2008 Agency of the Year, cut 60 jobs, a lot of them here in this famously well-off, progressive and eco-friendly university town.

via Colorado Independent » Crispin layoffs reflect growing Colorado economic crisis.


* Ballanytne of Omaha Inc. said today is has cut 18 people from its Omaha operations in a cost-saving move as the economy struggles and movie theaters turn more slowly than anticipated to new digital equipment.

via Omaha.com Money Section.


* Fortunoff notified employees earlier this week that it may be forced eliminate jobs at its flagship Westbury, N.Y., store as soon as Friday and eventually close the location if the company is unable to find investors or a buyer, Newsday reports.

via Fortunoff May Close Wetsbury Flagship – 2/11/2009 10:27:00 AM – JCK-Jewelers Circular Keystone.


* JANESVILLE — W.W. Grainger said Wednesday it will lay off as many as 400 employees—including 50 in Janesville—as a result of a 9 percent drop in January sales and a bleak outlook for the remainder of the year.

via Grainger to lay off 50 here –– GazetteXtra.


* PHOENIX (AP) – The San Carlos Apache tribe is laying off workers at its Apache Gold Casino Resort east of Globe and taking other steps to deal with falling revenue.

Cutbacks include eliminating keno games and closing the adjacent golf course; 45 workers were laid off.

via Apache casino lays off 45, cuts operations.


* The Cincinnati Reds last week laid of “a handful” of front office employees and canceled plans to hire several additional staffers to handle pre-season administrative chores.

via Cincinnati Reds cut front office staff – Dayton Business Journal: .


* GUELPH – Guelph General Hospital has announced it will cut 16 beds and lay off 30 staff members to reduce its costs.

via GuelphMercury.com – News – Guelph General to cut staff and beds .


* Nixon Peabody LLP has cut 20 attorneys and 36 staffers, citing the declining demand for legal services and the increasing cost of doing business, the law firm confirmed.

via Nixon Peabody cutting 56 lawyers, staff – Boston Business Journal: .


Six staff members at the DuPage Children’s Museum — four full-time and two part-time — have lost their jobs as the award-winning facility struggles to stay alive in Naperville.

All remaining staff have had their wages cut by 10 percent. Executive Director Sue Broad’s salary has been reduced by 18 percent. Further measures include a reduction in museum hours.

via Children’s museum pares staff, hours :: Naperville Sun :: News.


* Aehr Test Systems, a supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, said Thursday it will restructure to cut expenses and eliminate about 20 percent of its employees.

via Aehr to cut salaries, 20% of staff – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .


* HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Job cuts have hit the Alcon plant in Cabell County.

Company spokesperson, Doug MacHatton, says a “handful” of employees were laid off on Wednesday.

MacHatton declined to give the exact number of layoffs, but did say that corporate-wide, 260 people were being laid off. Half of those jobs were at the company headquarters in Fort Worth Texas.

via Handful’ of Layoffs Announced at Cabell County Plant.


Dechert is laying off 19 lawyers, a combination of associates and counsel, across its U.S. offices, according to a spokeswoman at the firm. Partners began notifying those affected earlier this morning.

via The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times : Dechert Lays Off 19.


* Taubman Centers Inc.’s profits fell in the fourth quarter and the real estate investment trust said today it cut 40 jobs in January as development of new properties has slowed along with the economy.

via Taubman Centers: 40 jobs cut in January | Freep.com | Detroit Free Press.


* Legal giant DLA Piper confirmed Thursday that it is laying off 180 employees in the U.S.

via DLA Piper laying off 180 – Baltimore Business Journal: .


* Feb. 12–Haas Automation Inc., which cut 200 jobs in January, announced Wednesday it was cutting another 200 jobs as part of a restructuring to deal with declines in demand.

The company, based in Oxnard, builds machine tool equipment.

via Haas is Cutting Another 200 Jobs: Manufacturer Supplies GM, Ford, Others .


* Wellesley College, a college for women, anticipates cutting between 75 and 85 positions as it tries to close projected budget gaps, the college’s president said in a recent letter.

via Wellesley expects to cut 75 to 85 jobs – Boston Business Journal: .


* Sega has canceled development of its role-playing game based on the Aliens franchise, causing developer Obsidian to lay off over 20 people, Kotaku reported Thursday.

via Rumor: Sega Kills Aliens Game, Layoffs Ensue | Game | Life from Wired.com.


* Capgemini Energy LP and its affiliate of Capgemini Applications Services LLC have sent a warn letter to the Texas Workforce Commission announcing 56 job cuts within the company’s Irving facility.

via Capgemini announces Irving layoffs – Dallas Business Journal: .


* In what is shaping up to be a tough day for law firms, Bryan Cave LLP is laying off 58 attorneys and 76 staff.


* HealthNow cut 17 jobs as it realigns how it operates, tightens its focus on employers and members, and strengthens its competitive posture, the company said Monday.

via HealthNow’s 17 layoffs include senior executives : Business : The Buffalo News.


* Swiss chipmaker STMicroelectronics says in a warn letter that a three-year plan to phase out positions as the company moves towards the closing of its Carrollton plant is going forward with a staffing reduction that will impact 36 workers in the near future.

via STMicroelectronics to layoff 36 – Triangle Business Journal: .


Venezuela’s Citgo Petroleum is laying off 75 employees in the United States because of the world economic crisis.

The company says it is restructuring to better adapt to the economic downturn.

via KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: newswest9.com | Citgo announces layoffs in US amid crisis.



International News


pioneer* TOKYO (AP) — Japanese electronics company Pioneer Corp. will cut 10,000 jobs globally to cope with sinking sales of car audio equipment and flat-screen TVs. It will also withdraw from its money-losing plasma display business.

The massive job cuts, announced Thursday, are the latest from Japanese corporate giants, which are slashing their payrolls worldwide, reducing production and forecasting annual losses amid a global economic slump. Sony Corp. is shedding 8,000 workers while Nissan Motor Co. and NEC Corp. are each cutting 20,000.

via Japan’s Pioneer to cut 10,000 jobs globally – Yahoo! Finance.


pioneer1* Tokyo: The Japanese electronics maker Pioneer said Thursday it would pull the plug on its loss-making flat TV business and cut an additional 10,000 jobs as it heads for a record $1.4 billion annual loss.


ws-atkins* WS Atkins, the design and engineering group, is to cut approximately 1,000 jobs as a result of “uncertainty” in its Middle East and UK markets.

via WS Atkins to cut 1,000 jobs – Telegraph.


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* Mazars has become the latest firm to announce plans to cut jobs as it predicts flat growth for 2009.

The top 20 firm has begun to make a ‘less than 5%’ reduction in its 1,200 UK staff and partners, according to senior partner David Evans. Income in 2009 is expected to stall after record growth in 2008.

via Mazars forced to axe jobs – Accountancy Age.


* South West Meat Processors co-owners Daniel and Joanne Delaney were forced to tell their 42 employees late last week that they had lost their jobs after the business had been crippled by lower-than-expected throughput of livestock and a collapse of the world sheepskin market.

via 42 jobs lost as Waroona meat processor shuts : thewest.com.au.


* SIXTY jobs have been lost this week following an announcement that Gleneagles furniture store will close in Caernarfon.

via Sixty jobs lost with closure of Caernarfon store – Daily Post North Wales.


* The scale of the turmoil on Fleet Street was brought into focus yesterday as the parent company of the Daily Mail revealed a sharp decline in advertising revenues and News International cut 65 jobs across its four national titles.

via Fleet Street cuts jobs as advertising slump bites | Media | The Guardian .


* British high-technology-tools maker Oxford Instruments Plc (OXIG.L) said on Thursday it would cut 230 jobs, or 15 percent of its work force, amid a downturn in industrial markets.

via UPDATE 1-Oxford Instruments to cut 15 pct jobs | Reuters .


* Finance Director Nick Rose would not give any details on the restructuring but said it would be a global program covering all areas of the business.

This shouldn’t just be seen as potential to cut jobs,” he said. “We’re gong to consider everything.”

via Actualité de la bourse sur Pernod-Ricard – RI : interviews, rumeurs de marchés, analyses, dossiersEasyBourse.


terex1* Chairman and chief executive Ron DeFeo expects 2009 sales to be 30% to 35% lower than in 2008 and the company is in the process of cutting 5,000 jobs.

via Terex cuts 5,000 jobs as profit slumps – 12/02/2009 – Contract Journal.


terex* Diversified manufacturer Terex Corp. said Wednesday it fell to a $421.5 million loss in the fourth quarter and said it has already cut or will cut more than 5,000 jobs, including the majority of its temporary work force.

via The Associated Press: Terex falls to 4Q loss, plans massive job cuts.


* BSS Group Plc (BTSM.L), British plumbing and heating company, expects a flat full-year profit and plans to cut about 5 percent jobs to cut costs as it sees a “more challenging” year ahead.

The group had about 5,000 employees as of March 31, 2008, according to the company Web site.

via UPDATE 2-BSS Group sees ’09 more challenging; to cut 5 pct jobs | Reuters .


* Ryanair is to cut 200 jobs based at Dublin Airport, it said today, blaming the move on “third rate facilities” at the airport, rising Dublin Airport Authority charges and the Government’s pending imposition of a €10 departure tax.

via Ryanair to cut 200 jobs at Dublin Airport – The Irish Times – Thu, Feb 12, 2009.


* Hyder Consulting is to cut around 400 jobs – the equivalent of around 8% of its 5,000-strong workforce.

via Hyder Consulting to cut 400 jobs – 12/02/2009 – Contract Journal.


Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin said it was consulting with staff about the “possibility” of slashing 600 workers from the company’s 8,500-workforce.

“We are keeping our staff fully informed and will be working closely with staff and union representatives in order to find ways to protect as many jobs as possible and avoid compulsory redundancies,” a spokesman said.

via Virgin Atlantic And Ryanair Cut Jobs As Recession Hits | Business | Sky News.


* Lenovo is understood to be making around 550 job cuts across Europe including 40 positions in the UK and has started informing those affected that their roles are at risk of redundancy.

via Lenovo cuts 550 jobs across Europe | 12 Feb 2009 | ComputerWeekly.com.


* The Hungarian unit of Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank plans to lay off 315 employees, or 8% of staff, over the next two months, Raiffeisen Banks told MTI on Thursday, confirming a report on the website of business daily Világgazdaság.

via Raiffeisen Bank plans 8% staff cut _ Budapest Business Journal _ bbjonline.hu.


* Foster & Partners has announced plans to make around a quarter of its workforce redundant and has closed two of its 17 offices around the globe.

Despite repeated denials by senior management including chief executive Mouzhan Majidi, who insisted just two weeks ago that the firm could avoid any cuts to its 1,300-strong workforce, the practice announced yesterday it is proposing redundancies – understood to number between 300 and 400 staff members – and has closed both its Istanbul office and Berlin office, home of some of its best known projects including the Reichstag.

via Foster’s to make 300 to 400 redundancies – Building Design.


* LONDON (SHARECAST) – Media firm Media Square slumped after it warned it will cut around 9% of its global staff and operating profit for the current year is likely be below market expectations.

via ShareCast – News you can use.


Up to 120 jobs are to go at Prestwick Airport as a result of the economic downturn.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Prestwick Airport to cut 120 jobs.


* Leading tyre maker, Apollo Tyres Ltd announced to start retrenchment drive, shedding about 1500 jobs, out of total headcount of 10,000, in days to come.

via Apollo Tyres to cut 1500 jobs | Top News.


* The Philippines’ Berong Nickel Corp said on Thursday it has temporarily stopped nickel production amid poor demand and falling prices and has cut more than 600 jobs.

via RP’s Berong halts nickel output, cuts 600 jobs | ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


* The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is reportedly set to axe thousands of full-time positions and boost outsourcing levels in areas including debt collection, tax refund management and business activity statements, in a bid to become more efficient.

via Business Spectator – ATO to cut jobs, boost outsourcing.


* Motorola has reportedly made around 1,000 staff redundant from its Chinese R&D facility – leaving just 100 staff at its Wangjing offices. A spokesperson for Motorola told the official China Daily newspaper that job cuts had occurred, but declined to confirm the numbers.



Hiring News


* PASADENA – Two thousand people in Pasadena and the surrounding area are expected to be hired by the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2010 population count.

via Census Bureau hiring for spring count – Pasadena Star-News .


* FEB 11, 2009 – FORT SMITH – Nearly two hundred new jobs are now available in western Arkansas as Liberty National Life Insurance expands.

via Company to Hire 200 in Western Arkansas – KFSM.


* At a time when layoffs seem to be dominating the news, a national trucking firm announced today it is adding 10 new jobs for the Wichita area.

The hirings are the result of Averitt Express expanding its services into Kansas. It had previously covered the state with partner carriers.

via Trucking firm hiring 10 drivers for Wichita | Business Updates | Kansas.com.


Mike: Another rather hectic day for layoff announcements and job reports. Friday is usually a little slower, and let’s end the day with a laugh.……………..



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Mike Luckovich - Feb 11

Mike Luckovich - Feb 11




1 Response to “February 12 – 623,000 jobless claims – Record 4.81 million receiving UE benefits – Pioneer to silence 10,000 jobs – BorgWarner cuts 4,400 – Network Appliance sheds 500 – Starbucks starts serving the pink slips –”

  1. 1 Bill Cash February 13, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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